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Master Leora's 10th Anniversary Book

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FC: 10 Years of Light, Life, & Love Master Leora Bernard | October 4, 2012

1: I am so grateful to you for coming into the service of our Masters Jesus and Mary. You bring such love, joy and cheerful strength to everything you do. I welcome you into the sister and brotherhood of Teachers and send blessings to you on this day of celebration of your tenth anniversary of your priesthood in this life. May each year bring deeper and deeper blessings and graces as you pour your soul out in love for people. In Christ, Father Peter | What a wonderful day that was 10 years ago when you gave your eternal life into God's Service! It has been such a joy to have you serving with us this entire decade. What growth! What love you both took in and gave forth! What miracles have come to you and through you! Thank you for loving God enough and trusting us enough to serve with us so faithfully, so genuinely. May your next decade be even more fruitful, more on fire with love and even more deepening into God who is all Love. With great love and respect, Mother Clare

2: "I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done unto Me according to your word." --Mother Mary

3: "No one has greater love than this: than to lay down one's life for one's friends." --Jesus Christ

4: You have meant so much to many in so many different ways. You were my sister when we were new and opening to the path. You were my sister in ministry and then in priesthood. You have been my best friend and partner in the work of the youth program. And now you are my Teacher. In every kind of relationship we have shared you have been full of love, kindness and wisdom. We are so lucky to have you as a Teacher. I love you and pray that the rest of you life in service be fruitful bright and radiant. Much love, Rev Lucille | Your Love has been such an integral part of my experience on this path and how grateful I am to know you and to love you and be loved by you. Your kindness and steadfastness is always an inspiration and I am sure it will continue to be for many people in all your lifetimes. I am wishing you blessings of the highest purity and love and am thankful for your sacrifice and your devotion. Happy birthday, Happy Mastery Ordination, Happy life in Christ and Sophia. Thank you for being our Teacher! With deep love, Gabrielle

5: Thank you for your constancy in loving, giving and serving. Words fall short of expressing my deep gratitude for you. Thank you. I love you. Rev Isabelle | Blessings to you on your 10 year anniversary. I still remember our time together in priest training class with many fond memories. I wish you much love and joy in this year, and may God's light shine upon you. In Love, Rev William

6: As I was searching for something to share with you, revisiting memories, I was finding so many of them but none particularly standing out as 'the one'. In looking at each one, though, I see/feel a consistent energy and theme, which is of you being tall (literally, yes, but also in essence) and graceful and cheerful and sturdy, and supportive. All of these things have helped me time and again to see differently, which then allowed me to move and take on new things. Like riding in the car on the way to camping in New Hampshire, you were reading Valtorta to us, and you commented that speaking out doesn't tire you, but gives you energy. This was obviously true for you, and it was new to me. In this, and many, many more instances, you were sharing or showing what you had come to know, and it has helped me to grow in a new way and know more. I am grateful to have had this experience of knowing you and being lifted. Thank you. Love and blessings, Rev. Johanna | I am lifted up in joy for being able to walk with you and follow you along the way. Thank you for loving with abandon and shining brightly in your great love for God. You are in my heart all the days of my life and I thank you wholeheartedly for your service, devotion and courage. With love, Rev Marcella God bless you on your anniversary. I am so grateful for your love, light and wisdom. Louise

7: Every time I sing the song "I am nothing before the Lord", I think of you and how much you love singing that song. I could feel your joy of "being nothing before the Lord" and living it. Your example continues to help me to thrive to be nothing before the Lord and inspire others like you do. And this song is now one of my favorite songs too. Many thanks and blessings, Rev. Christine I am so grateful to have 'grown up' with you on Boston, being nourished by your love and raised up by your consciousness. The tenderness of your heart has always struck me so sweetly and has eased me toward grace in ever deepening ways. You have been as minister, an example, a friend, a sister and a Teacher to me and I am deeply grateful. In Their Love, Mary Francis | I am grateful for all the rays of sun you have shown on me. Your Word many times has seeped into my heart and anchored me in Love and Faith. Thank you for your dedication to God, Jesus and Mary and to all those that say yes to God. I am glad to be in your mantle of sunshine. Simone I will always be so grateful to you for loving me through my first retreat. You were my priest and so very instrumental in calming the raging seas of anxiety. You have always been a shining star of love and a beautiful example to follow. Thank you for opening your heart and allowing God to move so beautifully! In love, Rev Bernadette

8: "Faithfulness is the key to long term love." - Master Leora | You've known me since the beginning of my journey on this path, baptising me into this Body of Christ. Thank you for always seeing me through God's eyes, for always shining your brilliant Leo-Sun-Love on every little shoot in my personal garden. Thank you for allowing yourself to be raised up to mastery, for giving your eternal yes to our Great Teachers and to God. May you be blessed in your service all the days of your many lives. Gratefully yours, in the Love of Jesus and Mary, Elaine

9: My deep gratitude for the loving way you have literally held me by the hand as you take me deeper into my service to God. Thank you for your love for each one of us, and your devotion to God. In gratitude, Selena | I am so grateful to you for your love for me when I was a new novice in Boston. You really got me and I hung on to you scared and angry. Without your love , I don't know that I would have stayed. May you be blessed, Master Leora, for your loving service. Rev Lela

10: God bless you on your anniversary. I am so grateful for your love, light and wisdom. Louise | Thank you for always being a generous, shining light for me through my joys, challenges and life with the Masters. In Christ, Timothy | I am in awe of how your warm shiny love misses no detail and melts every heart it touches. I feel so seen and loved in your presence. Thank you for your constant, "Yes," to God and our beloved Masters. Your example of love and devotion inspire me. Many blessings to you in your years of service ahead. May many be blessed and brought home to God through the Radiant Love pouring through you. In Love, Rev. Anna

11: I am eternally grateful for your generous radiant love. It has touched places in my being with such grace and ease. Being a Taurus I have been so touched by the physicality of your love. I remember specifically a time at deacon retreat where I just had to grab your hand out of love!! You received me with such warmth and acceptance. I felt how it opened me to giving and receiving love in a new way. Thank you for your service. Thank you for persevering in the Love of Jesus and Mary. May you be blessed with more and more of God. In Christ Sophia, Rev Constance | I am so grateful for the abundance of your love, patience, and acceptance you have shown me. Your tireless service is an inspiration. Much Love, Meira

12: Master Leora was the first real priest I met this lifetime. I was awed by her presence and the sparkle in her eye and I remember thinking that she was so brave for wearing clerics all the time. I remember her telling me in all her knowing that I could know God. I felt like I had finally met someone who KNEW something for real and my heart leapt for joy. Thank you Master Leora for your service and love throughout these years. So many blessings and much love to you on your anniversary. Sr. Veronica | You were my first teacher and introduction to my spiritual life. You have been solid ground to stand on as I unfolded and shed my most precious facets of my life. Thank you for listening and loving me so perfectly. You continue to gracefully share your example with us. I cherish our relationship, from the birth of me spiritually and the birth of my new son. Thank you for your service and Blessings to many more years! Br Christopher

13: The day I met you with Mother Clare in New Haven my soul cried out, “This is it”! At your invitation I left my beloved N. Haven Center to start a new life in Boston, where you helped me see and learn so much about myself and how to relate to others. I am eternally grateful for your patience and kindness. Love, Sr. Teresa | My favorite quote: Remember to smile to one another and connect with love every chance you get (there will be many!) --Master Leora at the 2012 Inner Peace Festival Thanks and blessings, Alana

14: When I was new to the Center a group us went to see the Christmas decorations at the Mormon Temple. While we were there you started walking with me. I was steeped in fear at that time, and you started singing "Be Not Afraid." I never forgot it. I know now that I was really being seen. Helen | I have been blessed to have been in your small groups several times over the years. I am moved by your love, depth of perception, humor, strong teaching, and joy. Boundless blessings for your faith and commitment. Sr. Rose

15: For the past 12 years I have always looked up to you and been grateful that you have shown me the way. I feel blessed to have such a shining and beautiful example in front of me of purity and humility. Thank you and blessings on your 10 year anniversary. With love, Christa

16: After your Mastery Ordination, I came up to you at the retreat center dining room and felt a wave of love and light pouring from your, I felt your gift to this Order. Thank you for giving your bold, expansive heart. Thank you for 10 years of services and blessings on many more. Sister Leah

17: Thank you for loving me so consistently and helping to unlock my heart. With love in my heart, Sr. Sarah

18: Thank you for the grace you exemplify, the peace you teach, and the process Jesus and Mary puts us through with so much of your help. What a blessed planet this is to have you here. May your ministry reach far, wide and deep. In Christ, Stephen | You made it possible for me to feel and to accept love from a person ever since I hugged you at your Mastery Ordination on the front porch. I feel this more nowadays for and from others. Thank you. In Christ, John

19: Dear Master Leora: Thank you Thank you Thank you. With deep love: Jasmine

20: I feel so grateful for your service, your love, your selflessness, and your devotion. You have taught me a lot and I feel so grateful for you and I miss you. Thank you for seeing the true me and for challenging me, loving me, and helping me be joy. Thank you for bringing me closer to Mary, Jesus and to God inside. I think of you a lot and feel so grateful for my time as a novice. With love and gratitude always, Joy | You are such a blessing to me in my life, you are so full of love and I am deeply grateful for how much you have loved me throughout my life. When I was a little girl I remember sitting on your lap holding onto your hands, we were buddies :). You have continued to see the purest, truest part of me, looking back on how much you have believed in me breaks my heart open. There are really no words that can describe how grateful I am to God to have had you as my buddy, as a youth minister, and to have you now as my teacher. Happy 10th Anniversary! Zoe

21: Thank you for teaching me a new way of Being and Loving that I couldn't even imagine in my wildest dream. I'll forever be grateful to your Love and Gentleness.” Thomas | My Teacher and my Mentor, the feelings are hard to put into words. Having a teacher that really cares and devotes their life to help me is so much. It's an honor and privilege to have moments with you, helping me accept myself for who I am and who I am not. Loving me, motivating me and believing in me is the only way I have and will be able to receive and give love to others and myself. My heart is healing and starting to give back. I want to thank you and want you to know how much I appreciate your patience with me and devotion to God, Jesus and Mother Mary. Thank you, Master Leora, for all you have loved me for. I wish blessings your way and see God and the Mediators loving you. Matthew

22: Thank you for sharing your love

23: Master Leora's welcoming spirit and constancy has always melted and brought happiness and healing to my heart. Master Leora, I am grateful for your loving service and celebrate this anniversary of love with you! In Their Love, Lilian | "One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child." --Carl Jung Thank you for being the warmth on my soul, helping me grow into a child of God. Blessings and Thanks. I Love you. Sister Helen Marie

24: I will never forget how much love you gave me when I was in high school and stuck in the darkness. I felt rebellious and depressed and you loved me so completely no matter where I was or what I was doing. I cannot express to you how much that love saved my life during those years and I am so grateful to have met you when I did, and to have had a relationship with you during that time. Thank you for teaching me values about relationships and about my body, and for teaching me to hold myself to a higher standard in life. Since I have begun adulthood I have felt your teachings reach me in a deeper way but that love and the expectation that I can always better myself is still there, and I am forever grateful for that. Blessings on your 10th Anniversary as a Priest Love, Tamara | One memory I have with you was three years ago at the summer retreat. It had been a couple months since my dad had left the order and I was feeling so angry and overwhelmed with feelings. You came over to Zoe and I and wrapped your long arms around us and said that you could feel the loads of garbage we had been carrying with us. I felt like all my feelings had been acknowledged for the first time and I just started crying. Thank your for your huge warm heart and your understanding words. I love you Master Leora and I am so grateful to you. Love, Stephanie

25: Thank you for teaching me everything from the regular to the divine and for your dedication to what is good. I learn from you and I love you. Blessings on this anniversary and on your life. Joan | I am so blessed to know you and have you as a teacher. You have always felt to me like an older sister in the highest sense and you have taught me and loved me so much, and I am thankful. When I think of you, I feel your integrity and your love and joy and enthusiasm. I am so grateful that you said "YES" to God at every step, and because of that so many can learn from you. Blessings and gratitude to you on your 10th anniversary of service, Nadia

26: Dearest and Beloved Master Leora, Thank you for allowing me to express my love for you. I am overflowing with gratitude for your service to me as a soul. Thank you for never letting go of me, even when I was screaming for you to do so. Without your service, I would still be a rock, with no hands to give. Thank you for letting me live in your heart and for living in mine. What a happy anniversary this is. In your grace, Gloria | With Heart Felt love and gratitude, I want to share with you that the love you gave me - and continue to give me - are rooted into my soul. I love and admire your devotion, strength and courage to be firmly and truly who you are and how God made you. Thank you for your unending and unfailing love and service. Your service and live are a true Glory to God and I feel so honored and blessed to know you. I know it hasn't always shown, to say the least, but I have loved you since meeting you and love to be around you. I am glad that it shows more now! Glory to God for that as well. Blessings, Sister Mira

27: I feel honored and blessed to be under your wing flying towards God inside. Benjamin | “I sensed that my Guru knew God, and would lead me to Him.” ~Autobiography of a Yogi Master Leora, thank you for showing me the way, however falteringly and awkwardly I follow. Abigail

28: I want to thank you for so many things. For seeing, loving, and teaching me how to serve and love. For all the times you’ve seen so clearly and held me to the Truth. I am so grateful to have you in my life and as my Teacher. Your purity, wisdom, and joyful love brings out the best in everyone. Thank you for holding me in your heart. You are also in mine. God bless you, Cora | I have so many fond and inspiring memories of your love and your "Leo-ness". Most prominent is the one of you driving me from my apartment to the Novice House in Newton on the spur of the moment. I remember that as the best drive of my life. When I was going into labor, I wanted to call you for an inspiring Leo pep talk because I had remembered you sharing how you inspired and loved the people in your birth classes back in Boston. I feel grateful for your love and example. Blessings, Sr Camille

29: Early in 2008 I found myself with some time on my hands. I went on the Internet to find Meetup groups. A meditation Meetup caught my eye. It was from Rev. Rachel Gonzalez, a Christian mystic group in East Oakland. I thought, hmmm, a woman priest and a Latina and the church in an iffy part of East Oakland. They must be okay. I came on a Friday. Master Leora, then Rev. Rachel, greeted us all warmly, explained the meditation and proceeded to read from Paramahansa Yogananda, my absolute favorite. Well, a Christian church that honors a realized Hindu yogi, I liked that and promptly took the six week Introduction to Christian Mysticism course. I attended classes regularly, went through my Introspection and was baptized in September of 2008. As I was kneeling and Master Leora named me “Philip,” I almost jumped up. Phillip was the first Christian name I heard in my life, when I was four or five and my mother and sister took me to St. Phillip’s School in Rangoon, Burma to enroll me. My baptism was not a conversion but an affirmation, as I had been a devotee of Jesus since I heard his message of forgiveness when I was thirteen in India. --Philip Ghosh | l so appreciated having you as a teacher when I was a DIT. Although it was for a short period, I felt really seen and held. I am so grateful to your example of giving all of yourself for God and thank you for holding this pattern for us. Blessings and love, Br. Gabriel

30: Blessings on your 10th anniversary in loving service. I am so grateful for you. I looked up to you from the time I met you in Boston in 1999. I feel blessed to know you and to serve under your love and guidance. Thank you for helping me and for your constant love - it is so deep and I am so grateful for it. Sr Andrea | I feel so grateful to have you as a Teacher; for your example of selfless, radiant love; for your integrity; for making me aspire to be purer, to give more, to serve more graciously. I pray that you will be blessed richly on this, your tenth anniversary as a priest, and always. With love and gratitude, in Their Names, Esther

31: Holy, Holy, Holy | Only Thou Art Holy

32: On this path which God hath laid, He/She gave it Holy praise. Patience, kindness and joy are only words, but from the core only truth emerge. Laid upon this grain of sand is enough to build another Holy Land. Thank you for being a part of my life and I know the best is yet to come. Blessings and Joy on your anniversary. In Christ, Michael

33: I feel so blessed to have you in my life. You show us all what unconditional love is with your every word, gesture, and grace incarnate. Thank you for your service and the joy you bring to it and everyone you meet. Where you go I will follow. With much love, Carline | I feel so blessed and loved by God to have the chance to learn from you and to grow under your tutelage. Your simplicity in teaching and commonsense approach continues to invite me to relax and open more and more. Thank you for your service and your guiding love. In Christ, Francesca

34: On my first retreat you sat with me at the campfire as I told you about my desire for a deeper spiritual life. I felt vulnerable and silly, afraid of being laughed at. You heard my budding desire to serve gave me hope. I treasured our conversation. Later, when self-critical voices told me I couldn't "do" the path, I thought of our talk and felt stronger. Thank you for seeing me as I really am. In Love, Sister Margaret Arney

35: You are a blessing to us, to life, to the earth - thank you for each moment of your love, your devotion, your compassion, your teaching. I remember autumn in Massachusetts nine years ago, a few months before I was a student, exclaiming to you as we hugged after Communion, "It feels like Christmas!" And you held me in your arms and smiled, saying, "Every day is Christmas!" Thank you, thank you for revealing in so many ways, over these years, the power of simplicity and giving. It is a joy to serve God and Jesus and Mary, a blessing to witness others letting go and opening to true love and new life available to them. May your service continue to transform hearts and minds in deeper and wider circles of community on the planet. Blessings to you always. Love, Suzanna

37: Thank you, Beloveds

38: Thank you for your service to God. I have am inspired by your depth of honesty and lightness of heart. The most moving experience I have had with you was when you lead us in a group meditation on the labyrinth blessing the world with light and love. I was drawn into a real and humbling experience of helping Jesus and Mary heal the world. I feel blessed to be part if this community and to learn from you. Thank you for everything. Nicole | Thank you for being an example of how to love like Jesus and Mary. Thank you for saying yes to God. Thank you for holding that perfect image of me for me until I can do it myself. Love and Gratitude. Jonathan

39: You were one of the first priests I ever had at retreat. I remember so clearly our first meeting. It was only a few minutes long, because you cut it short saying: "Go to the Mary shrine! Just go to the Mary shrine!" It was the best advice I ever got, and one I always remember, to this day hearing it with your voice. Thank you for giving all of yourself to Them, so you can serve all of us with Their immense love. Sister Linda

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