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Matson Memories

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Matson Memories - Page Text Content

FC: Papa, Remember when? We Do !

1: Papa, This book is presented to you on your 90th birthday , November 30, 2011 not necessarily as a work of "art" but as a work of "heart." We Love You!

2: Is there an adult in this picture?

3: Mason City | Shell Knob 1992 | Mason City | Shell Knob 1990

4: Can you spot the future engineer?? MNE | Sprigging Zoysia grass! I still think we could have done it with seeds. MNE | When you were working on your PhD, I got to be the recording secretary when you counted the blooms and seed pods on your soybean plots. The best part was getting a WHOLE 16oz Whistle Orange Soda for lunch. MNE

5: And time goes on

6: Westin's house in Gideon. I remember when you raised cute little white rabbits for meat but then just didn't have the heart to butcher them . MNE | I remember taking a bath out in the side yard in the washtub after the water warmed up in the sun. | This is the old Hudson. I remember when you turned the corner at Little Walnut and Mother's door flew open. She hung on to the the door to keep from being thrown out of the car. All were safe.

7: Going to Oklahoma City to visit Granddaddy and Grandmother McGee was always an adventure. We played "Zip", the Alphabet game, and sang songs because radios were considered luxury items in a car. We didn't do luxury. | We took Mammy to Branson to meet Granddaddy and Grandmother so Mammy could go home. A trip through the Ozarks was "just like riding a roller coaster" Right. Papa? | The car only stopped when we needed gas,and then only if the gas station was the cheapest AND located on our side of the road. Bathroom breaks were taken along the side of the road in covered areas. | Remember when we left Corky at a stop and when we went back to find her she was running ofter us down the road? | MNE

8: Not many pictures from this era, but lots of memories. | *Homemade beds in an unheated bedroom (dressing in the bathroom) *New shelf over one bed replacing a hole in the wall of unknown origin. *Mouse up the pants while blocking the doorway to Martha's room while Dad tried to catch it. *Learning to play chess to avoid washing dishes. *Bee hives *Martha's birthday party *Water gun fights (only guns allowed) *Cotton picking. *Walking to church three times a week. | Riding to bed on Daddy's shoulders after little Racoon'ie or Little Mousey stories | Roses

9: Remember faculty housing? Roaches and more roaches. We would wake up to the pounding on the kitchen wall as you turned on the lights and used your shoe to smash the roaches on the wall. | Chores through the week meant you didn't have to do Sunday dishes... Until Larry spoiled it. | Long walks on Sunday afternoons that ended up at the Dairy Barn. Races to wear us out. | Faculty Housing

10: Papa, You are so special in many ways! | Thank You!

11: Sold! | Our first and only auction we got to go to together. Art was out of town, I was pregnant. But what a wonderful opportunity! When I didn't know where to begin to get the house ready to move into you grabbed a mop and started mopping. That's all I needed to get started.

12: Who else in this family can de-bone a turkey like you can?

13: Ever the creative father, do you remember making this cartoon for me when I wanted to go steady with Mark? It is very precious to me. That's why I kept it these 50 years. Some day I may pass it to another family member who needs it. | MNE

14: Hey Sitter! You forgot the Mustard! | Arnold Matson, My Friend and Brother What can I say about Arnold Lawrence Matson? The first thing is he is the best brother I ever had! Of course you could say he's the only brother I ever had but doesn't diminish the compliment one bit! He's also the best brother I could ever ask for! When we were little, mother taught us to say “brother” and “sister” – this soon developed into “bubber” and “sitter” and to this day I can remember Arnold yelling across the room where we were eating our respective lunches (which I had prepared – and I don't know why because I distinctly remember mother always fixing our lunches while we dilly-dallied over our breakfast while she was telling us to “hurry up and eat your breakfast; the bus is coming”! Back to my story, the message was “Sitter, you forgot the mustard!!!” on his sandwich. Talk about being mortified!! | Arnold was always protective of me, actually, we were protective of each other. We might squabble with each other but be fiercely protective if anyone else tried to pick on either one of us! This didn't apply to game time; it was every many for himself in that field! I could beat him in anagrams because he couldn't spell but anything that involved math or actual thinking, count me out! We pretty much held our own on croquet but Aunt Fern could beat anyone on horseshoes!!! When Arnold was in high school he tried Golden Gloves boxing, I think it was called. I was devastated; I couldn't stand to watch those guys hurting my brother!! I have no idea or remembrance of his boxing ability; I only remember how anxious I was for his safety! One thing I remember from high school, Arnold played my husband in one of the plays our “drama department”(?) put on. I don't remember if we were blackfaced – I know our characters were!! I also remember when we were quite small we had a little children's storybook with a song, “God Is Love” and mother thought we were so cute we should sing it at church. No problem for Arnold but I burst out in tears and wouldn't sing! Can you believe that? Me shy? We did make it the next Sunday!

15: Arnold was always very tenderhearted. One time I must have made a smart aleck answer to mother and Arnold said, “Shame on you, Sitter, what if mama would die?” My answer, which has been quoted to me many times, was “She won't, don't you worry!” And by golly, she didn't until she was 87 years old!!! Another time mother was in great pain with a stomach ache so severe we sent for our good friend and neighbor, Mrs. Burdge. She was a version of the early day nurse practitioner. After reviewing the symptoms and the patient's condition she decided she would give her a dose of oil of peppermint, saying it would “kill or cure”. Arnold, with tears in his eyes, said, “Well, we don't WANT to kill her!” It didn't!!! As I recall this was the time we had eaten raw sauerkraut for supper and mother had made the statement, which we never let her forget, “Raw kraut’s best; easiest to digest!” Thank goodness for Mrs. Burdge and her oil of peppermint! | always tried to forget to take it; we prayed that the jar wouldn't break as we sat them on the floor in the front of the bus. Some of the time mother would bake a cake for Mrs. Hoy; mother was an excellent cake baker!!! Back to our music lessons, I do remember that one time (and probably only once) Arnold and I tried to play a duet!! My counting ability drove him crazy!!!! “Count, Sitter, Count”, he would say but I was never very good at it!! Recitals were not high on our list of favorite activities!!! I remember when the girls got “sweet” on Arnold! He'll probably deny it but you'd be amazed at how many girls became my best friend so they could come home with us on Sundays so they could climb trees, ride the mule and show off to impress Arnold!! I don't remember Martha resorting to that trick; I think he did the pursuing in that case! I remember one time he took Martha to a movie (rare treat); mother probably made him take me along but I had to wait outside the theater while he took Martha home!!! I thoroughly approved of Martha but it wouldn't have done any good not to; they were in love!! Jump a few years ahead; there was this terrible war but Arnold got safely through it. Of course he had attended Missouri U and got thrown in the pond as any good Ag student did (made me mad when I heard about it - that was my brother)!!! He and Martha had Larry and Martha Nelle before he went overseas; he always said the gap between Martha Nelle and Charley was explained by the war; he was overseas for a year but he never explained the gap between the other two, Kevin and Karen. Ken and I were way behind in our production of offspring so I dearly loved all of Martha and Arnold’s kids, even the ones who came after we had our own!!! I still do!!!! | Arnold and I both took piano lessons from Mrs. Hoy, our high school superintendent’s wife. The lessons didn’t actually “take”; I know I can still play “Jesus Loves Me’ and I don’t know what Arnold can still play. This was depression time and to pay for our lessons we took a quart fruit jar of milk on the school bus and over to the Hoy’s house. Quite embarrassing for us; we

16: Ken and Arnold were very congenial even though they were quite different in personalities. We always enjoyed our times together; we had fishing vacations – “Come on in, the water's fine!”; vacations in the motorhome, trips to California to see Jon and Julie. Both Jon and Garry and their families always enjoyed times with Uncle Arnold and Aunt Martha and their kids! I think the Matson genes showed up in many ways, especially in their love of their families and their love of games!!! The loss of Ken and Martha probably pulled Arnold and me closer together; we both felt so lucky to find someone, not to take their place but to find a new place in our lives. Harold and Lou were accepted and loved and now Clara is equally loved by all of us!! Arnold, my brother and best friend, I love you so much and thank you for just being you!!! | Arnold and Nelle at Miramar Beach, Montecito, CA | Nelle and Ken Williams, on far left, with Arnold and Martha, far right

17: Arnold Nelle and Harold Everitt | Arnold and Martha at Hemingway's home in Key West Florida | Matsons young and younger at play in Ohio

18: Matson Farm | The Farm in winter and with the Flooding Levern and Carlee Moore and Johny

19: The Falmily Farm - Lots of memories

20: Times at the Lake | Swimming across the cove with Papa was a daily ritual | Getting to spend a couple weeks with Meme and Papa's was a treat. Fishing and catching the really big one on the trot line was braggin' rights...Learned a lot, Drum fish have rattlin bones in their heads.

21: We all have our 4th of July stories and most of them include RAIN, Lightning. and lots concern (FEAR) But we kept coming back for more. | I think this one speaks for itself.

22: Shellknob where the kids learn to swim. To get to stay with Grand Daddy, you had to be potty trained. You had to be able to swim and be able to sit through a show at Branson Swimming was under Winne's watchful eye. | Shell Knob where the fish were almost as big as the fisherman (person) and no one celebrated more than Grand Daddy. These were caught on poles but we all remember the trot lines

23: Gretchen's Birthday at the Lake | Shell Knob Lookut

24: Howdy, howdy, howdy! | Of course that's how I remember being greeted whenever we'd roll up to Arnold and Martha's door, whether it was in Gideon, Portage-ville or Mason City. "Well, well, well, well, well...Miggy! Where'd she go? Come on inside, she's here somewhere! It's hard to imagine an uncle more loving, more welcoming, more out and out friendly - no pretense of adult and child, we were all family and all equals, so long as we could fish, play croquet and sing in church on Sunday. | Somehow we always associate Uncle Arnold with water... Whether it was tossing a line off the bridge and into the ditch on Mimi and Granddaddy's farm, lantern fishing from an aluminum boat at Bull Shoals, Lake of the Ozarks, up in one of the northern states going after muskie, or the whole bunch of us zooming across the waves to watch fireworks on Table Rock Lake, water always played a part in Matson/Williams family fun. | "Uncle Arnold" with Julie Green Williams and Emily Rose (Emro) Williams

25: And did we mention games? Dominoes and anagrams around the farmhouse dining table. Julie, new to the family and not yet 25, besting him at Dealer's Choice, much to his consternation. And there's no one he won't happily play chess with, witness two members of the Williams clan, engrossed in the challenge. | The Matson clan's Swedish genes are strong ones, as three grand-daughters and a great niece can attest. Miramar Beach in Montecito, CA 1999 | Garry Nelson Williams | Christy Tipple, Gretchen Matson, Astrid Matson, Emily Rose Williams | Emily Rose Williams | We love you, Uncle Arnold!

26: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Winnie Dog!is a Lap dog. | B-E-E-R? With our matching Jeff Foxworthy Redneck t-Shirts on, I am sure Lou thought we walked all the way to her house needing a "Budweiser" for the Roast...sure.

27: And a good time was had by all! | How can you beat this collection of smiling faces? So much love and joy was shared in that lake house.

28: Jon W. John M. Nels and Dani enjoy a spin 7//4/90 | Some days of fishing are better than others

29: Samuel age 4, Benjamin age 7 (Sharon's boys) Summer 2010

30: The kids have grown up on the lake. Each has a fish tail to tell. | Granddaddy, You have taught me so many things in life. So many right there from the dock- from baiting a hook to diving in- I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. Love you! Christy

31: Papa's Special - Biscuits & Gravy; Blueberry Pancakes

32: Can I interest you in a game of Hearts? | Dani is always ready for a game | You've passed on that important life skill... Playing Games!! | Any where, Any Time | Something about good conversation, good eats, and good games.

33: No card playing at grandmother's but the croquet was played by all ages. Sorry Karen, based on your play at the Lake Charles gathering, this must have been before your time. | Can't say that no card playing is allowed at Charley's

34: Games, Games . . . | It is not a Matson get-together unless there are games!

35: & More Games! | The day you beat Granddaddy in chess is indeed a milestone in a grandson's life. Particularly when that Granddaddy is his hero!

36: ... Real gamers play all night, or until they win!

37: He will play any where, any time. Even in Hawaii! | Does anyone remember Atari?

38: Adaptation is the name of this game! MNE | About time for a double. | Whose turn is it?

39: Meeting Granddad at Branson was a vacation | Vacations

40: Our First Real Vacation! Fisherman Joe's | We were so excited about going on a real vacation. Fishing, swimming and boating & skiing with 5 and 10 hp motor. But with Charley along to use as bait, we did get to ride in a big ski boat. MNE

41: Camp out at Kentucky Lake 1972 | Wasaga Beach Canada 1979 | World's Fair Knoxville 1982 | Bull Shoals 1966

43: Arnold Schwartznegger has nothing over this Arnold at Lunker Landing!

44: "The Speed Limit is not the recommended speed it is the Maximum Speed!"MNE | I loved our trip out west. I think we made great traveling partners

45: What at trip! Muleing the Grand Canyon! We sang, we sweated, we shifted, we watched for the rim. We got into the van and drove, stinking like mules and sweat, until we reached Albuquerque! Been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. MNE

46: CRUISING | North to Alaska | August 1999 | Charley Sally Larry Martha Arnold

47: Glacier viewing requires LOTS of HOT chocolate

48: We wished upon a star and it took us cruising with Mickey September 2000 | John & Melissa | Charley & Tim | Debbie Melissa & Tim | Granddaddy&Melissa

49: They DO Clean up nicely

50: Just like Superman, Batman and the Green Hornet; in the blink of and eye he can change from DAPPER DAD to DAREDEVIL DAD

51: Off to Panama December 2009 | Dorothy Charley Arnold Clara Judy Karen Dave

52: Exploring the Jungle

53: So Suave | and Debonair

54: We had a wonderful time visiting in Florida, chasing frogs, exploring the Savanna, and blowing out candles! (July 2011) | The boys love spending time with their "Grandpa the Great"

55: Remember our WILD African Safari? (Well, ok it was at Disney Wild Kingdom) And YES, the animals were all real!!

56: Charley and Dad enjoy fireworks at Disney the night before cruising with Mickey

57: Gatherings

58: Mason City 1967 | Shell Knob 1987 | Florida 2006 | Shell Knob 1992

59: California 2000 | Shell Knob 2008 | Macon 2000

60: Music

61: Music was alway important and this group knows how to ham it up. The DJ at Gretchen's wedding said it is obvious you enjoy each other - even without alcohol

62: I Love Love LOVE having my own personal gardener.!And it's unbelievably fantastic when he also shops, cooks and picks up your cleaning.!! It makes the neighbors positively green.

63: Daddy, please daddy, can we dance tonight? And with a twinkle in your eye you'd smile and say alright. You'd put a record on to play, yes I remember those. Then gently grab my little hands as I stood upon your toes. One, two, three, one, two we tried to keep the beat but we would giggle oh so hard each time you'd lift your feet. You're the one that taught me to dance. You gave me my first twirl. forever you will have my heart. With Love, Your Little Girl!

64: Birthdays and Thanksgiving with Grandaddy were full of joy ... | ...and always fun!!!

65: There is always love in Grandaddy's arms!!

66: Turkeyday 2010 | Turkeyday 2003

67: Easter 1967 | Matson Reunion, Indiana | Future Thespians

68: Shell Knob | Shell Knob 2001 | Shell Knob 1990 | Shell Knob 2008

69: A 50 year Milestone!

70: G R A N D K I D S

71: I can't believe 41 years have gone by... I remember you gave me my first taste of green peppers and sweet potatoes. I thought mom and dad were holding out on me! | I can remember one special fishing trip we left the house at o'dark thirty in the morning, didn't catch a thing, but on the way back we saw a bunch of gar, rolling in the water. I wanted to catch one so bad! You let me try and try; we must have sat there for another half hour or more watching those gar roll and swim right under our boat, still never caught a thing! Brian will never forget the time we came to the house and you gave him a red hot jalapeño, and you told him to take a bite out of it!!! and he did!!! Or when we tried to make stuffed jalapeños, they were so hot the fumes from the peppers made the folks in the other room tear up! I never did learn to ski. I loved swimming across the cove while Winnie swam circles around us. One can of gas should take us to the bridge...

72: In addition to being a Great father and Grand Daddy and Great Grand Daddy you have been a great mentor | You have taught me all I know of soybean breeding and maybe produce a third and who knows maybe a fourth generation of breeders

73: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | You have given us the confidence to try anything | And usually succeed

74: Graduations were an important milestone and worth the trip to celebrate!

75: Another Doc North Texas State University 2010 | Sharon The Ohio State University 1993 | Jennifer Marshall University 1997 | Rebecca University of Houston 1991

76: Education is very important - Matson Family Trust formed from the proceeds of the farm Nels and Gretchen were first 2 privileged with this assistance. | Nels Iowa State 2006 | Gretchen University of Missouri 2006

77: Are Matsons competitive? Nels wrestles for Iowa State against Iowa | Gretchen Swims for Minnesota State - Long distances like the mile. Swimming the Bermuda triangle pays off | Iowa State /Mizzou Game Not that there would be any rivalry between Iowa State and Missouri. Mizzou did eventually win the game.

78: Always good eats at Granddaddy's!! I know where Mom and I got our sweet tooths! | There is nothing more special than having the family together for those special occasions! | I'm making this just for you! (Silver Dollar City) | Galveston Elder Hostel | Thanks for helping celebrate my 26th!

79: Grandaddy, thanks for being an awesome example, and for the $10 at Silver Dollar City! | Silver Dollar City Deep Sea Fishing

80: June 11, 1995 | FUN | FUN | FUN | Mark and Debbie

81: EPCOT 2011

82: Christmas is for families. | Thanks for sharing our day | Great fun at the lake summer of 2010

83: You have always been there for me! I love you Grandaddy!! Remember when the "A" team was there for you? | Som

84: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

85: You drove all the way to Ft. Lee, VA to help with Gabe when the twins were born. Thank You! | Great Grandkids | Benjamin 2003

86: February 1998 7 week old Melissa with her Great Grandmother & Great Granddaddy! | """Great Granddaddy...... a professional at getting babies to go to sleep (even when the parents have failed)

87: Summer 2000 California Great Granddaddy, Nana J &Tim | Debbie, John and Melissa | Great Granddaddy, Tim, and Melissa celebrate the New Year 2001

88: I remember when I helped you in your garden. It was a whole lot of fun helping you plant those rows and rows and rows of all different kinds of peppers. Bringing the water was fun too. But my most favorite part was the greenhouse with some of your plants in it. - Benjamin 2011 (Sharon's eldest) memory from 2007

89: Goodnight Gorilla will always be A favorite bedtime story for me Summer 2011

90: Summer 2008 and 2009, JJ and Pappa

91: Summer 2010 Zoe's first trip to the lake

92: Obviously Christian has never heard of the Red-eyed & Green-eyed Dragon. A book story is next best, I guess. MNE | We don't get to see Great Granddaddy Matson enough

93: Lou

94: High Fasion with a touch of skin

95: Creative use of colors

96: I’ve been going through my mental Rolodex, trying to decide which of the many Uncle Arnold stories I was going to tell. There are so many, and they usually begin with a "Howdy, howdy!" and end with a good-natured thumping in some game or another. The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that the memory that most defines Uncle Arnold in my mind is not a story at all. It’s not even a single moment in time. It was the nights that he and I spent in a hospital room in Berryville, Arkansas. Uncle Denny had driven to Shell Knob, Uncle Arnold and Aunt Martha were living just across the lake, and Jon and Julie came in from California. Mom and the ladies sat with Dad during the days, and the guys took turns spending the nights in Dad’s room in pairs. I remember driving the long and winding road from Shell Knob to Berryville with Uncle Arnold, hearing family stories I’d never heard before. He’d tell me about growing up on the farm, about the sharecroppers and their kids, about the aunts and uncles and cousins scattered around southeast Missouri. He’d talk about the old work mules and the family pets. And as we sat quietly by my dad’s bed, I realized that not only was my mom losing a husband and Jon and I were losing a father – Uncle Arnold was losing a brother. He was a quiet source of strength and inspiration during those long nights.

97: And then, when he whupped me in our very next game of chess, I knew that everything was going to be okay. Life would indeed go on. Thanks so much for being you, Uncle Arnold! You are very loved! Garry, Julie, Jennie, Wyatt and Matthew | The love and acceptance that I saw in him were both a comfort and a life lesson. He didn’t have to talk about his faith, he just lived it. I don’t know how the Williams contingent would have gotten through that time without him. | Julie, Emily Rose "Emro" and Jon Williams | Julie, Matthew, Wyatt, Jennie and Garry Williams | Nelle and Arnold

98: It doesn't matter if we're in the will | or | out of the will... | We know we're ALWAYS in your heart

99: Amen!

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