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Matts Story

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FC: Matt's Story

1: He loved to laugh; he loved to make us laugh. We celebrate the depth of his faith and the quality of his character, generosity of his heart and the love of his family and friends and his countless contributions to the human spirit. See I keep lookin up to the clouds, and hope that I could find you. I know you're somewhere up there. Imagine I could fly too. Miss that big ol smile. Oh why. Lord. No. I don't mean why. I guess you need another angel in sky. Memories of a warm heart One of the sweetest I'm confident that's what most thought. And all the people he touched are left with their own part Of the kids story. So the spirits gonna float on. Damn Guess we lost one down here. Another angel in coffin down here. And as the pain grows I lay praying to god the news is all wrong. But really that's just false hope. No, I don't want to think about it. But I feel irresponsible if I don't. So what. Am I supposed to stay depressed now No. No I'm supposed to be strong And I got a big cup full of good times. Cheers to the life. Toast to the good times Tears when I write. Wishing I can I could bring a life back. Hard not to cry when lose one like Matt. Rest in peace. The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose, make the most of every moment. Be the best you can be at what you choose to do.

2: This past summer, because Matt worked in the city I got to see him a lot. We often went to the movies; and me being obsessed with collecting scene points made Matt play TimePlay and send em the points. This became a regular thing; but it wasn't just when we were at the movies, he would send them when he went with his friends too. That's just the kind of guy Matt was, always willing to play along and do everything possible to put a smile on someone's face. -Hunter | Matt was the greatest brother one could ask for, many people thought of Matt as a brother and that was just the kind of guy he was he felt like family to everyone. Growing up with Matt as an older brother is the greatest thing I could ask for, when we were younger he was always happy to have me tag along to hang out with him and his friends. As we both grew up and became closer having similar interests I always looked up to him. Anything he did I wanted to do better, because of him I strived for excellence. He inadvertently pushed me to do better things. I could always count on him for advice or a 2-4. In the past few years I got to really appreciate his ridiculous personality, he always said the most random things "Partying with falafel and Gatorade", This bus is packed but so human in scale", "I don't want a slice, I want the whole pie you swimming salmon". Last year for New Years I headed up with Matt and his friends to Trent for the night. We had just stopped at the Beer stop and Matt and asked if I needed anything. Trying to be all tough I said no; and got denied. Having a brother who has been buying beer since he was 16, I figured I would be just like him, but it takes more than one night to be as awesome as Matt. The after party just got that much better I hope the trickily trout line isn't too long and they have falafel and Gatorade. - Connor The first time I smoked Weed: The summer had just ended and I had just started high school; and wanted to start being crazy and wild like teenagers are supposed to be. One night I get a call from none other than Matthew Jack Scott Peebles asking if mom was home. He said Connor want to smoke weed? I got all riled up about being able to smoke for the first time with my brother of all people. First thing he does when he walks in in start cooking beef shish kebabs. I'm sitting there being like I'm going to fall asleep and you're cooking? I know why we started cooking before hand.

3: I truly believe that Matthew touched more lives in his 22 years then the average person will in their lifespan. I could ask anyone to describe Matty and without a doubt I believe all would say he was an amazing person with a heart of gold. He never had anything negative to say about anyone and he always approached everything with an amazing attitude and a smile on his face. He could always rally a group to turn a boring night into an amazing party. His attitude, his kind heart, his laugh, and his spirit were just a few things that made him an inspiration. Every time I get in a sailboat , see a mullet wig, or see someone wearing a dress shirt with out sleeves I will think of him. The drives up to the cottage won't be the same without him muttering non-sense from the backseat. He will forever be in my heart. -Claire | Matt meant the world to me. It was kind of a running joke that I wasn’t part of the family because I was never around, but what people don’t see are the memories. I will remember all the wonderful times we’ve had together. They may not be pictures, or things, or a physical presence. They’re memories that will always be in my heart. Matthew was like my older brother in so many ways, maybe it was just the beard, but he always seemed to be wise beyond his years. He was the best at keeping a secret, and finding just the right words of wisdom to make a terrifying situation seem like a cakewalk. As I continue to face difficulties in my life I will continuously remember his words, and remember that everything is only as difficult as you make it. Matthew made many moments in my life easy, and I can’t thank him enough for doing so, and I hope as I continue on that I will be able to have half the strength that Matthew seemed to have on any given day, nothing to hard or unachievable just the unknown waiting to be discovered and concurred. - Miranda

4: Matt was a better person than I could ever hope to be; compassionate, understanding, reliable and would do anything for the people he loved. I was extremely privileged to be able to spend the majority of my time at university with Matthew by my side; if I was to be completely truthful he was a big, if not the biggest factor when I chose to go to school on the east coast. He was always there; when I needed to get out of my tiny res room and insane European roommate, when I wanted a home cooked meal and realized I had no idea how, or if I just wanted to meet up for a drink. Matthew was always there with a smile on his face. We had some insane adventures, whether it be road-tripping to Boston , surfing the Atlantic, heading south for possibly too many drinks on the beach, or just creating mayham around town, having Matthew around meant we were bound to have an unbelievable adventure. I do not know how I could properly depict the impact he had on my life, He was and still is a huge, tremendous , colossal chunk of my life and who I am. I could possibly go on forever describing what he means to me, however I will leave with this; life is crazy, wild, beautiful, devastating and unpredictable but whatever life threw at Matthew he embraced it with a smile, a full heart and a sense of adventure. Matthew Jack Scott Peebles, you are one of a kind! - Marshall

5: Peebisms: | "Sometime you eat the apple and sometimes the orange peels you." | "so packed and god dam human in scale" | "I could offer you milk and cookies but if the ovens broken all your gonna get is milk." | "alright, sick things of wings; just a saying I invented" | "Mines fancey cheeses and seedless grapes" - In reference to life | "I trimmed it once the sides by the ears but its pretty much all gone now. the quest has come to an end and this noble knight is now faced with a decision at a fork in his life and that is to choose a life of clean shaven obscurity or tame that wild mustang that we call susan and ride her off into a sunset on beard growing glory." - In reference to the legendary beard | "ya and I'm not even gonna bother trying to make 10 louder because this here amp can be cranked to 11" | "God dam sleepy. The only way to discover the mysteries of the universe is to get out there and look" | I ware it under everything just incase anyone says anything about bowling and I can just bust it open like superman - In reference to the bowling shirt | "have a good new years my fellow freedom fighter" The One and Only P

6: Such a special guy! You were a role model, a friend, and a huge part of the LBSC family. I'll miss your constant humor and the way you captured everyone's attention. I'll miss your unreal beard, your cooking, your playful attitude. - Drew Blair (LBSC) | It seems so unreal, I lost a great cousin and most of all a great friend. You will be forever missed Matthew, keep smiling. I love you big guy. -Brayden Simpson (Cousin) | Hilarious and kindhearted person; missed by many. Heaven is damn lucky to have you kid. Xx -Lisa Christmas (OSC) | A good friend, a good brother, a good son and a good person. I will remember how your smile would light up a room. - Scott Clarke (LBSC) | Beauty. The most kind hearted, fun loving, down to earth friend anyone could ask for. - Becky Cooney (LBSC) | Confident yet humble, hilarious to be around, and a great friend through thick and thin. - Brent MacKay | The world isn't as funny as it used to be! The king of making people laugh and being an amazing friend. No one will ever be as creative at the art of ICING as you. He smuggled in a cooler to the toothy moose, convinced me that I would look good in his jacket and while I was wearing it had me reach into the pocket and pull out a cooler. - Benjamin Morris (Halifax) | I will always remember my first time at The Moose - JM Nicomedez (OSC) | The best friend anyone could ask for! - Meredith McLean (LBSC)

7: A great moment- a guy who was a huge part of some of the best times of my life. - Jeff Gibson (LBSC) | Matt was the funniest cousin, always stirring up trouble, making everyone smile, and making family events fun. One time he decided we should make a fort in the kitchen with straws and connects. He thought it would be fun to sleep in this fort, he put my night light and teddy and made it all cozy for bed time. I stayed in the fort for about 10 minutes before stomping out like a diva! After all his hardwork he didn't even get mad, he just laughed. He use to take me tubbing, taught me how to kneeboard, would go exploring in the forest, put me up on his shoulders, or stay behind with me at Bingamans and ever gave me my first jello shot, even though I was only 12 years old. He always made me feel included. - Vienna VanVeen (cousin) | One time Matt and I bought 4 tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we knew we were going to invite Spencer Schiralli and Cameron Dailey. Our long history with Cam let us know he was a die hard fan. We told him that we had gotten him a ticket, then given it away because we didn't think he would want it. We kept toying with him Matt saying how much fun we were going to have. This went on for months, until about a week before the concert when we let him know he was coming. This prank represented the longest running scheme we did together, as well as Matt's great sense of humour. Matt was so many things to so many people. To me, he was calculated anarchy. There were no rules, but you always knew that he knew exactly what he was doing when he flashed that smile. Matt was always a man in a lot of ways. Notwithstanding his legendary facial hair, he always did things with authority and I know a lot of us in our circle of friends would look to him as an example of someone who always had all the answers. I never once saw Matt stressed or upset and that always allowed him to turn any situation from good to great. We always saw Bonnie as the supermom and I hope that she enjoys these stories as we enjoyed making them. - Nick Lymer (Bliss Carmen/Hockey)

8: Matt's endless sense of humour, kind heart and hope in those around you made him one of those rare incredible individuals loved by all. - Melinda Smythe (LBSC) | One of the nicest and funniest guys I've ever met and always able to make people smile. - Hillary Newediuk | Thank you; for showing everyone around you how to be a better person. The best sailing buddy anyone could ask for. -Kristi Waring (LBSC) | An awesome dude! A lot of fun to be around. I'll always remember the epics times in Halifax. - Jason Timmins (Halifax) | Cheers to the kid that kept a smile on not only his face, but everyone around him -Dante Leon (LBSC) | Always had an incredible ability to make me smile and people around him laugh. -Genna Smith (LBSC) | Such a great friend. Always in my heart - Taryn Campbell (LBSC) | Showed everyone how to be a great human being and to truly love life -Alex Zimin

9: We had the pleasure of spending summers with Matt...Dante lived at Matt's, coming back only at my insistence (or more likely Bonnie running out of food)... Most of my memories include Matt showing his usual warmth and ability to make people feel like part of a special community...One stand out memory is of Matt and Dante playing tennis...complete chaos. I saw that their opponents were two much smaller boys...I see them high fiving, chest bumping from afar...The younger boys had won, and they were celebrating the few points they did win...Craig and I felt that Matt always looked out for Dante, Charlotte, and Christian; it gave us a sense of comfort. I can only imagine how he looked out for his siblings...He will forever be in our hearts - Natalie Leon (LBSC) | Matt was possible the only 15 yr old that would spend hours playing Disney Scene It...I would ask him to play; and he always said yes. He was such a good sport...He'd never admit it, but he kept losing to a 7 yr old. - Charlotte Leon (LBSC) | (Random recaps of texts) SARAH: Today I was driving to Kingston in my van, and put on a CD made by you called the GOODLIFE, it included Big Pimpin, Damn it Feels good to be a Gangsta, Encore, and California Love. It was amazing! MATT: I'm glad that past Matt could provide some entertainment for you. I totally remember making that and thinking it would stand the test of time. SARAH: You already make fairly large hand gestures when you speak....after a couple glasses of wine they're outrageous. MATT: Well the key is to not pass 4 glasses, after 4 I've been known to captivate the crowds with my speeches of liberty and justice; but after 5 I'll be out back playing flip cup. Matt was wise ahead of the times and absolutely one of the most captivating people I've known. Every story that involves him is one to remember. -Sarah Gibson (LBSC) | I first met Matt in gr.9 math class, everyone else had transfered out and it was too late. We toughed out the semester together while being barked at everyday that we should quite down while giggling in our tiny classroom. If I can someday be half as loyal a friend and fearless an adventure as Matty. I'll count myself lucky indeed. I know I'll remember and miss that faux-disappointed head shake breaking into an enormous smile for the rest of my life. - Sarah Findlay (R.H.King) | Matt and I signed up for the LBTC men's doubles. We had no idea what were in for, we had only played once or twice before. Bonnie standing on the sidelines trying to give us tips. I remember Matt being so carefree and chill, even when we were down a few games. He would shake hands with a smile and with out fail laugh off any mistakes with a grin. He was such a confident, chill, and goodhearted person. - James Tonogai (LBSC)

10: Had the great pleasure of going on a canoe trip with Matt this past summer. Was absolutely the kind of trip that every one of us along on the trip will never forget - and Matt was perhaps more responsible for that than anyone. When putting the trip together the one thing I could count on was that like many other past ridiculous plans (see: bowling team, frigid thanksgiving windsurfing trip to New Brunswick, costumed flip cup teams - Matt was in. On the trip there are too many memories and hilarious stories but to me there's one that stands out. We found some dead trees hanging over the water, and the water beneath really was quite deep - so naturally we started climbing up the trees and jumping into the water. Matt would fearlessly climb as high as anyone and do all sorts of hilarious jumps into the water. One time, he climbed right near the top and slipped. While falling he ripped his bathing suit and caught himself with his hands. Rather than yelling or panicking - the guy just hung there laughing his head off at the ridiculousness of the situation, smiling ear to ear. Many of us probably would have been worried for a second, but when he reacted like that, we couldn't help but do the same. If a picture is worth a thousand words, pretty sure this ones worth a thousand laughs. Anyways, just one of the many many great memories of a great guy and a great friend, who clearly will never be forgotten. - Devin Jones (LBSC/Halifax) | Confident yet humble, hilarious to be around, and a great friend through thick and thin. Always up for an adventure. - Brent MacKay | A man of words, wisdom and laughs. The Man, The Beauty, The Legend Matthew Peebles. - Brett Jones (LBSC) | 2 summers ago, Charlotte and I would drive up 10 min late (even though we lived down the rd...Matt was always there with a huge smile heckling us for driving...He always made everything fun at the club, and he will always have a special place in my heart - Christian Williamson (LBSC)

11: We have so many wonderful memories...Bonnie of course was super Mom!! Although we had 10 kids between us, Matthew stood out as the one that got along with everyone. He always included everyone in whatever was going on...March break, New Years, Summer...Matthew was no wallflower. He knew how to have fun and had a truly infectious laugh. - Brenda and the Cassiday Family (Family) | New Years Eve '99 | Even though I was younger, Matt never failed to include me in whatever was taking place around "the next doors". Winters with Matt were the best; whether it was Matt teaching me how to do a 180 on my snowboard,using the Peebles drive way as a high speed luge track, jumping off the roof into snowpiles or playing pokemon stadium when it got to cold. Matt never failed to put a huge smile on the faces around him. - Chris Zytaruk (Cottage Neighbour) | Growing up with two sisters and then having the joy of two nieces, boys really weren't part of my world until Matthew. To say he was a "Mommy's Boy" would be an understatement; as he cried constantly for the first year if Bonnie was out of the room. His transition into that adorable little blonde haired boy melted hearts, as he grew he had a smile that could turn anyone to mush. What a responsible considerate adult he turned out to be. - Brenda Simpson (Aunt) | When I think of Matt I think of him with either a huge smile or a mischievous grin. He was always up to something, creating fun for himself and everyone around him. He brought so much life to the club and he has touched so many people over the years. - Sarah Orr (LBSC) | I remember spending countless sleepovers at the Peebles residence, I think Matt thought we were crazy at some points. I remember when we all painted the deck one summer, and being ridiculous on the trampoline. Such a tight knit family; I was and am grateful to have been part of it. especially growing up. - Shannon Ingram (G.P.Mackie)

12: I love this picture! The look on Matt's face seems to say...don't blame me...Just the beginning of many moments in Matt's life where fun was to be had. He was certainly never shy. My final memory starts like so many; at the cottage. I only get to see Matt twice a year so I made sure to have a good chat with him, really catch up. He had told me about his summer job and plans to hopefully get his C.A designation. I was impressed with his ability to be "almost there". Now I'm so glad that I had that chat with Matt...It was our last conversation, and I will cherish it forever. - Sharon VanVeen (aunt) | I have had the privilege of watching Matt grow from a baby to an energetic young man. I will always remember Matt as being easy going, very accepting, and always up for a good time. One weekend him and his cousin Brayden thought it would be a good idea to do some male bonding. Some highlights include: a 600 lb boar showing the boys the door at the farm (boy could they hurry!), afternoon of driving in the loser cruiser (lumina van), go kart racing, and what would be male bonding without a couple beers. Matt and Brayden after getting over the shock of rural life in ON were not hesitant about pushing the envelope. We experienced an enjoyable August evening. I will never forget. - Paul VanVeen (Uncle) | I really did think Matt was the cutest kid. He was cute beyond belief. -Sharon VanVeen (Aunt) | I remember the day Matthew came home from the hospital. I had never taken care of a new born and was scared to make mistakes. When he got home all you could see was his wee little facewith those clear blue eyes, as I looked into those eyes my heart simple melted. "What a wonderful loveable child to come into this family" was all I could think. Matthew turned out to be the most beautiful loveable baby. He was always smiling...years later during a trip to Toronto Matthew had grown into a young man and hadn't lost any of his amazing positive aura. He started talking to my son right away and even took him outside to play hockey. Again I thought to myself "What a wonderful loveable child to have in this family". There are simple people that glow in life and you can tell at a young age they are going to be special. Matthew was one of them. - Silvia Hofmann (Nanny) | Matt was one of those guys who could make you day so much better in just seconds. Anything Matt did made me smile. He was a one of a kind type of guy who had such an outgoing personality. I will never forget is laugh, smile, sense of humour, and of course is unbelievable beard. I could go on forever; but simply said Matt was the best instructor and I will miss him so much! - Julia Stock (LBSC)

13: I had a very hard time coming up with just one story about Matt. I have been very lucky to have shared so many adventures with him. Spending our summers a couple of doors away knowing we could always walk down the road for an adventure is a gift I will always cherish. I look back when we were younger, building forts, tobogganing down his driveway, fixing bikes to jump into the water and even exploring the abandoned cabins on Langmaids, driving to Disney World in a motor home with the Peebles, sailing Cork in a 29er, drinking and a little golfing of course at BSMGT with cut-off green jackets. It is impossible for me to express on paper how Matt influenced my life but I will try to summarize the moments I hold on to most. When I first started sailing I did not always have a good time. It was not until about White Sail Three that I started having a great time and that was entirely due to having Matt in my class. Whenever we sailed together there was always an adventure ahead. I will always remember the day when there was a race to the Point Ideal mark. As we approached the mark, still in first, it dawned on us that we did not know how to slow down. Still flying along we tried to grab our prize and in doing so managed to hook our sail to the mark. With no way to let out our sail the wind blew us and the mark right over, as we struggled to head back, the instructors tried to right the mark to no avail. As I look back on this memory I realize that was my first truly great day of sailing. Halifax has had a pull on many of us sailors. Matt and I first went to visit Devin and Brett. Peebs has never had trouble getting into the bar. He looked 25 by the time he was 17. I on the other hand was a nervous wreck. They quickly kicked me to the curb and went in to find Matt realizing his ID was probably fake as well. The great part is that as Matt was asked to leave he somehow managed to talk his way to getting the manager to apologize to him and even going so far as to refund him his cover. I have had a very hard time accepting that there will be no new adventures with Matt. I will, however, always take comfort knowing that his greatness rubbed off on all of us who knew and loved him. It is truly amazing how many people he touched in his short time with us. -Jason Earle (LBSC/ Cottage Neighbour) | For years I never liked sailing; I was really shy and didn't make any friends, When I got into bronze 4 Matt was my instructor and he made sailing fun. He noticed my 360 in attitude and gave me the Brian Schall Memorial Award. He was my favorite instructor; and I miss him. - Maddie Martin (LBSC) | I loved his ponocho and sunglasses, and being on his team for activity night. He would always write on my arms with dry erase marker. He always made everything fun for us at the club and he will always have a special place in my heart. - Will Francis (LBSC)

14: One weekend the VanVeens came up to the cottage and Claire directed this play for us. If I remember right it was about a prince (Marshall) who wanted to run away with a princess (Ivory) but wasn't allowed because of the evil stepmother (Claire). I was the dog and Connor was the servent. Claire was "directing" our ballroom scene and was completely serious when Matt would come in with funny goggles on and trying to ruin it. It was funny because Claire would flip out, and Matt would just keep bugging her. Matthew was always stirring up trouble or having fun. I will always remember his sense of humor and loving personality - Justine VanVeen (cousin) | I was able to really get to know Matt during our trip to Egypt. I best remember the last day of our trip. The group was at a street market and Matt and I quickly found that the thrill of the bargin was much more fun than the actual purchase. We walked around challenging each other to see who could get the best deal. The story doesn't do the moment justice, but it just goes to show that its the little moments from being around Matt that have really stuck and will be cherished forever. - Tim Bourne (R.H.King) | I have so many memories of Matt: Scott Christmas, snowball fights, sledding, teaming up to push him off the floaty dock. I think overall I think Matt had the best sense of humour. In many ways he was just like grandpa, he would bug you almost to the point of annoyance. For some reason Matt thought because I was going to Australia that people would call me "Avery". Oh how I hate that name! I don't know how he knew, but he called me Avery all day. What a little bugger! - Ivory VanVeen (cousin) | One night a few summers ago we were all hanging out at Chrissy's cottage. Jono, Matt, Sarah, and I spent hours listening to music and talking about life. We stayed up the whole night, and needless to say we were all tired the next day at work, but of course it was worth it - Carley Williamson (LBSC)

15: My relationship with Matt started where most relationships start in Halifax; the dance floor of Bubbles. Matt quickly became what I would call a good friend. While our mutual friends and interests were what brought us to be chums, like our passion for taking bowling to seriously, an unorthodox relationship to the Mighty Ducks, as well as never quite making it to Split Crow on Saturday. It was is honest and positive demeanor that continuously made me want to friends with him. Matthew aka "Coach Bombay" was simply one of those people you could have an instant connection with, down to earth and ready for a laugh. - Brendan Parsley (Halifax) | Wish you were here. Love your soul sister and lake fammo. 45.233845,-79.03278 - Chrissy Carinci (LBSC) | I had the privilege of spending many amazing times with Matt, Whether it w as in Boston, Cuba, Thanksgiving dinner, or just hanging out. He was a crucial part of our adventures. Once I walked into his and Marshall's room to find him cured up like a burrrito on the bed because they couldn't turn off the A.C. I'm really going to miss the guy and our adventures won't be the same with out him. - Kayla Shoshanna (Halifax) | Matt became a great wakesurfing buddy. He was always the one willing to try the 360 again and again. Everytime I came back to pick him up he would have that gigantic smile saying "Onnnne more time!", and get back uyp and try again. This past summer I got to drive him down to Kingston for CORK. He had just finishe da round of golf (I remember teasing him about being a corporate sell out). Matt was the type of guy that everybody liked and everybody liked well. He will be missed dearly - Carolyn Goettler (LBSC) | Some of my favorite memories of Matt are from Halifax. Deborah Howse's flip cup; we were Mighty Ducks Matt was Coach Bombay, Wimbledrunk, split crow Saturdays, or just sitting on the couch watching scary movies for 12 hrs straight. I will never forget family dinenrs and his smile. He was the best cook! Matt's attitude towards like and smile were contagious to everyone he met. - Meredith McLean (LBSC/Halifax)

16: After a long drive with all the other "city folk" we arrived at the cottage. It was the first time I had met Bonnie, and got to see everyone together. I remember thinking "wow, what a beautiful loving family" That thought went through my head countless times that weekend. - Gillian Florence (R.H.King)

17: I'll treasure may memories of Matt, he quickly grew to become one of my best friends. He was always good for a laugh, or a good time, but would also always come through for a friend in need. The past summer Matt joined us on a instructor road trip to Kingston. From the trip home: MATT: Doug I would like to table an initial pre-trail apology for my actions this past weekend. What I did was despicable and un-befitting of a many of my quality and balance. I just wanted you to know it will not happen again until the earth makes 5 turn motions around the sun...I am thrilled and privileged to have a shinning Shepard such as yourself to lead me through the storms that lay ahead. DOUG: I love you man MATT: I love you like a man loving another man in a completely heterosexual way. Kinda like two stray dogs helping each other survive. I don't think this message will ever fail to put a smile on my face. - Doug Fenton (LBSC) | Sitting around at the Peebles house after school and over the weekends always felt like a treat because you felt like you were being welcomed not only into their home; but also the family. - Justine Walker (R.H.King) | Going to Europe; sitting on the top upper deck of a cruise ship in the middle of the night and having a long conversation about life. He was such a positive person with a great out look on life. - Emily Anna (R.H.King) | I found an email Matt had sent me when suggestiosn for instructor gear came up. His suggestions: Hawian shirt, grills, goldf chains, MJ leather jacket, bowties, pinky rings, top hats, cut off jean shorts, fishnet stockings; but seriously I say we just get fleece jackets for everyone - Matt - Jess Pedan (LBSC) | The first time I got a sense of Matt's hilarity occurred during an August LBSC work week; we were all dreading the work load, but Matt made sure it didn't feel like work. It was one adventure after another. Matt's energy and warmth are contagious and a beautiful gift. - Katie Orr (LBSC) | At Marion's funeral Matt and Connor took the time to strike up a conversation with Michael (only 7 at the time). The three quickly bonded over hockey. Not all young adults take the time , or make the effort to connect with young children, but it really meant alot to Michael. It's not the what people say that is remembered, its how you feel. - Charlotte McCallum (Family)

18: Matt quickly grew to become one of my closets friends, from our long phone conversations (Miranda would often answer first and describe his "hearty" hockey smell. I could always appreciate her sense of humor), traveling to Egypt, and working at Metro (He would often tease me about not being able to lift boxes for him while he had a broken back.)...While I cannot capture every memory, I can't express how much he meant to me. He was one of my very best friends...He was such a kind soul, I could always count on him whenever I needed a friend. He will forever be in my heart. - Katie Balzer (R.H.King) | When Peebs suggests raft cup; we play raft ciup!! - Rachel Howes (LBSC) | I spent a lot of time over at the cottage every summer growing up. I was at the door at 10am sharp when the "next doors" were supposed to wake up. I will never forget teasing Matt and Zach regularly and always trying to tag along. The Peebles family are family to me and always will be. - Kassie Summerhayes (Cottage Neighbour) | Matt was one of a kind - an amazing friend, wonderful son, fantastic sailing instructor and a guy who knew how to have fun and make fun. Who else could manage to get Jono, James, and Doug into costumes for their initiation into the Fenton garage, Everyone in our family has a memory with Matt whether its Tom chatting about CA (the firm they worked at together), Alexa and Caela being taught by Matt, Doug with too many memories to list, or me always looking forward to that enormous smile greeting all of us as we headed into the sailing club. - Susan Fenton (LBSC/Lake Neighbour) | I didn't know Matt that long, but I remember the first time I met him. We were working at the Olympia Waterfront and a bunch of guys had started to play a game of rugby in the shallow end. I see Matt charging at me holding the ball; and maybe looking to impress I bent low and started charging. Up until that point I don't think I'd ever been hit by anything so hard. Lying in the wet sand slightly dazed I look up to see long haired bearded guy (at 22 I still can't grow anything like he could at 17) grinning holding his hand out. "I'm Matt; Miranda's brother. Did I hurt you?" We spend alot of time together that summer and became good friends. He was always holding out a hand to a friend. - Kenny Glass (OSC)

19: Matt was my sailing instructor for 3 years, he taught me to sail and helped give me my love for sailing, the club, and the lake; a priceless gift. Him and Shawn helped give me and my brother the nickname Shostack. They use to yell is to get our attention, or just because. - Cameron Shostak (LBSC) | I was teaching Miranda, Claire, and Matt in W3. It was one of those super crazy wind days where all the kids are scared, and boats are dumping everywhere. I pulled up to Matt's boat and expect him to be sacred because he was so young, but instead he has this huge smile on his face. He had found a bucket used as a bailer and had made a helmet with it. I loved teaching Matt! Thank you Matt for all your work around our cottage. You were such a pleasure to be around....always!! - Lara Lever (LBSC) | It's very tough to pick just one favorite memory. I first met Matt in grade 7, but we had different interests, so we merely exchanged a few words in the hall; between grade 9 and the present we have formed quite the friendship. We've gone on 3 school trips, Jamaica with my family, 2 proms, graduated, countless parties, played countless sports, and shared to many laughs to count. To be honest, every memory of Matt is a favorite. He was one of those guys who made the best out of every situation, and no matter how dull the moment he always managed to brighten it in his own way. One weekend in grade 9 Matt invited Nick, Paul, and I to sleepover at what we referred to as the "Peebles Mansion" The night started off playing video games, and quickly moved to us whipping the shuffleboard pucks a little too hard. Matt got the bright idea to sleep outside on the trampoline. (It was mid Oct) With in 5 minutes it started to drizzle, then pour! We all frantically ran to the side door only to find out that I had closed it and it automatically locked. We ran to the from Matt knocking on the door, the rest of us tapping on Marshall and Connor's window.. This quickly turned into Matt ringing the doorbell, and us banging on the window in the hopes someone would wake up. We eventually gave up and moved to the garage which was wet and cold; and we were all soaked head to toe. In the morning we all had various complaints about the quality of our sleep when Matt rolls over and says " That sucks, I had a great sleep!" Matt is was what I like to refer to as a "super kid" someone who not only excels but does it effortlessly. Matt was good looking, intelligent, athletic, , witty, and optimistic. He was someone that I personally looked up to. Even though we were the same age, I always viewed him as somewhat of a big brother, maybe I was deceived by the beard. We will all miss him and his ridiculous beard. Bonnie raised one hell of a kid! - Taylor Comek

20: Matt was always someone you could count on for a smile, good laugh, and incredible sense of humour. Although I only worked with him for one summerI will always remember his kindness and warm personality. More than that- it was how similar I found him and Miranda...Everytime I spoke to Matt is was if I was speaking to Miranda. Their similar sense of humour, passive personalities, and joy of sailing was unbelievably replicable. I have always been in awe of just how tight knit the Peebles family is, my summer with them just shows how much love exists in your family. -Kailee Deacon (OSC) | Miranda and I had been driving one afternoon; when we finally got to her house I was starving. Bonnie told me to look through the fridge, and help myself. I decided on a sandwich, and had pulled out all the necessary items when Matt says "Is that how you make a sandwich?"...ummm ya?....He then proceed to pull out a panini press with the biggest grin, "This is how you make a sandwich!" To this day if there isn't a panini press around I have to toast the bread. - Michelle Stockstill (OSC) | The first time I heard about Matt was from my cousin Katie (Balzer), because she kept going on and on about the great and funny guy in all her classes. I never really understood until I met him in grade 9. Right off the beat Matt was one of the most genuine people I'd ever met. I had the great pleasure of playing hockey, rugby, and traveling to Egypt with him. Through out every experience he had a great demeanor and positive outlook. In Egypt he managed to get everyone riled up for New Years even though we had a long day of tours the next day. I never had so much fun watching the sun rise. Matt was one of those guys that made you want to be a better person, and I consider it a privilege that I got to call him a friend. -Zach Draxler (R.H.King) | Matt touched my life, as did the whole Peebles family. I spent most of my middle school years at Bonnie's, after school, weekend sleepovers, and many trips to the cottage. I also have great memories of Tuesday night dinners with Greg where he would bug Matthew about having a crush on me. Matt would just sit quietly with a big smile on his face. He had such a wonderful sense of humour, and truly made me feel like one of the family. - Alison MacKay-Fisher | Matt was a fine boy, a young man who was one of the few that always greeted and talked to the older people. I remember the last family night at the club when he came up to me and spoke, he talked to me about going to Halifax and how much he loved the city. I mentioned I had been there with the navy in WW2, and was there the night the famous Halifax riot. Matt was very interested and we talked about it for 20 min. He surely had other friends to see, but was engaged in the conversation with me. You can be very proud. Matt was a gentleman. He will be missed at our cottage. - Betty and John Truscott (LBSC/Lake Neighbours)

21: I remember Bonnie pulling up at the docks with not1,2 or 3; but 5 children. Her docking might have been a little rough that first day, but out jumped a lad and made it alright- I was introduced to Matt. He had a smile and way about him...he would always take the time to speak to the parents and grandparents. He was the voice at 12:30am during dock parties saying "Sorry, we'll be quieter. He alway took the time to seek us out and say thank you for the over-nighter. When he and Devin spent their first Thanksgiving together in Halifax, and did a road tip I will never forget despite the fact that they were staying in a rustic cabin they called multiple times for tips on how to cook their first turkey. It spoke volumes about their spirit, spunk, and courage. Matt was simply a wonderful person and we will miss his presence at our cottage, but will always treasure his spirit. - Susan Truscott | One night we all head from the cottage to the bar. Connor had to make two boat trips. It started out as any typical night, but when we got to the bar I found myself on a small dance floor with a bunch of ceiling fans in a too low ceiling. I look up and Matt had convinced a bunch of cottagers to toss him in the air as high as they could. Tim and I stared in amazement. I remember thinking this wasn't any typical bat night. Matt sure showed Tim and I one heck of a night. -Jesse McNalley (R.H.King) | One day I walked into the kitchen and all I could hear was the song "sail away" Matt and Zac were singing it and it was all you could hear, over and over again. To this day that song reminds me of the Olympia Kitchen. He was always in such a good mood and fun to be around. -Andrew Cunning (OSC) | Matt was like a 3rd son. He shared many of the same characteristics of Jason and Jono- He would drink beer, hang out, laugh at my lame attempts at humour and wreck the furniture, but there was one characteristic that always surprised me - he would a;ways ask if I needed help, and would help with anything. He always did it with a big grin on his face like he was genuinely happy to help. I remember once when he was younger He was helping his grandfather fix the old boat. His grandfather had the distributor cap off and was pouring straight gas down the carburetor, while trying to start the engine. Matt sat there patiently watching, and holding various parts. All of a sudden flames started shooting out the top of the carburetor. For the first time ever I saw Lorne actually look panicked as he tried to find the appropriate swear word and smother the flames all at the same time. Matt was watching and was pretty excited. While we all learn our lessons in different ways I was pretty sure that was not the lesson his grandfather planned to teach him. I was never sure which came first, Matt's maturity or the beard. I interviewed him twice two years apart for the role of Head Instructor. Somewhere in that time frame he grew up and grew up well. He was articulate and thoughtful and just way more focused. While I had the pleasure of knowing Matt for a long time I got to watch him grow up to become a man and even though it seems like he had been a man for a long time - it was just way too short. - Steve Earle (LBSC/Cottage Neighbour) | For lack of a better word, Matthew Peebles was the best. He was funny, charismatic and kind. Over the years I would attend various sailing club parties and events with my sister Carley. I recall the anxiety I felt before attending some of these parties. I'm not an instructor..why am I here?...I'm so random, do any of these people even like me. Matt was always one of the first people to come up to me and give me a hug and make me feel comfortable. Even thought Matt and I weren't that close I never felt like an outsider when he was around. - Alex Williamson (LBSC)

22: Grandparents aren't supposed to loose a grandchild, but life doesn't always deal the cards in the right order. We are so proud of the person that Matthew had become. When Matthew was small he was Grandpa's little helper when building or fixing something at the cottage. When he was older, he was the one that Grandpa called on first for help as he was strong and willing. I called Matthew my big teddy bear. He would give me a big hug, and with that beard, that is just what it felt like. He was such a great cook and I told him he should become a chef, his butter tarts were the greatest!. Thanks for the memories Matthew, we love you and will never forget you. -Grandma and Grandpa Scott | I vividly remember Matt as such a happy laid back kid. Always smiling. I remember his laugh and trying to make him laugh just so I could hear it again. I always loved spending time with the Peebles family -Victoria Bergin (babysitter) | I met Matthew in grade 7, although we didn't have any classes together we shared an interest in hockey. He would invited me over for skates on his backyard rink with Taylor and the boys. I came to live at the Peebles' those two years. The best memories were developed during our 5th yr. He got us hooked on crossword scratch cards; it was an extreme addiction. We would study the words, and chirp each other on scratch techniques. Finally, no one will forget the annual trip to Parry Sound, and the infectious mosquito hat he bought up the road. It was impossible to ever be mad, sad or dissapointed with Matthew around. He had a genuine soul that I hold dear to my heart and I'm so thankful for what he gave me. - Lisa Sloan (R.H.King) | Your Matt and my Matt were best friends growing up. Needless to say, yours was extremely important to mine. It was always a pleasure to have him around. He was always positive and that was contagious to the people around him. - Andrew Woodbury (G.P.Mackie)

23: One very late August night the gang was partying at the Peebles cottage. Matt suggested that we all go down to the lake for a late night dip. Everyone declined and so he headed down by himself. I was on my way home and decided to join him for the walk. That night we had a conversation I'll never forget. Matt: What a deliciously gorgeous night on the lake. It's crazy how much I miss it up here. Dunc: Ya, she's a nice one tonight; the other night I went out and just stared at the starts. Matt: See!! how neat is that. That's exactly what I miss. Nothing beats being up at the lake...Nothing beats the club, if I can tell you one thing dunkaroo it's never quit that job. If I could stay up here every summer from here on out I would....I've probably had the best times of my life up here. I'll never forget this place....I need to get into my night gear and catch some serious zzz's. Stay golden pony boy; and watch out for the alligators in the channel. Their endangered. Dunc: oh jeez! I'll keep an eye out. It was great to party with you; the summer isn't the same with out you. Sitting on the Peebles dock under the stars with Matt and letting him make me laugh so hard I got cramps is the way I'll always remember Matt. He continues to live on in our hearts; and the memory of him inspires me to be a better person. - Duncan O'Brien (LBSC) | Matt always turned the most ordinary times into something amazing! One story that stands out is during a sleepover at my house (It must have been just after Halloween as I had a smorgasbord of candy) Matt thought he could eat a whole bowl of chocolate bars; and me not wanting to lose my stash with out reward bet him that he couldn't. If he failed we all got to punch him 25 times. Being boys we all thought this was a great idea. To Matt's credit he put forth a massive effort, but eventually gave up. We all got to punch him, showing no mercy Matt just smiled and never complained. He made that night a blast for all of us. I will always remember Matt as someone who could turn everything into a good time and probably the only other guy that I've ever known who appreciated a bargain as much as myself. - Paul Quarter (R.H.King) | I have so many memories of Matt, I remember long bike rides down the Bluffs, him taking us wakeboarding at the cottage, Blue Jays games on Tuesdays, hockey in his backyard, and hanging out on the beaches of Jamaica. One thing that all my memories of Matt habe in common is he way always happy, fun to be around, and an overall good time. He made the best out of every situation and projected his confident personality on everyone he met. I looked up to him because of this. - Sam Dies (Hockey) | Kassie, Zach and I have known Matt our entire lives. There are so many stories that could be told about our childhood adventures but what I remember most is the way he made a person feel welcome. Whether I was a guest at a sailing club event or on a bus to Bush Co. I didn't know that many people but with Matt around it made it easy to feel comfortable in a room of strangers. and for that I couldn't thank him enough. The lake will always remind me of some of the greatest times of my life thanks to Matt's ability to make any situation fun. - Lucas Summerhayes (Cottage Neighbor

24: Matt was the type of person who made every situation into something memorable. He made everyone around him part of the group and feel involved. I will always remember our drive back from Kingston with Seas. We set out to make the most ballin' trip ever and Matt took it to heart. Starting by creating some CDs with amazing itles such as "Big City Balln'" (a collection of rap songs about the ability to rise through urban struggle) "G's to Gents" (a musical tour from the hardships of street life to the celebration of being a rock star. He also brought a wide variety of snacks including a bowl for salsa. Matt was like that, he would roll hard with any idea you had and brought it to another level you didn't even think possible. I will miss my great friend dearly and I know he's looking down on me to make sure I fulfill our gentlemen's agreement. This rye's is for you buddy. - Max Fincham (LBSC) | My favorite day off was spent with Matt and Rachel Smith. We went down to Canada's Wonderland and Rachel and I had the pleasure of traveling with Matt. We were right near the cottage so we took a break there; and Matt found a box of fireworks in the closet so we got to end the day with a fireworks display. This was the first day that I really got to know how special Matt was and how kind and warm-hearted he was. - Lindsay Matthews (OSC) | People gravitated towards Matt and it's no surprise why; his laughter was infectious and his optimism contagious. - Ashley Hassard (OSC) | We are honoured to have known such a great guy and amazing sailing instructor for our girls. - Janet, Sadie, Anna and Ron Gosney (LBSC) | Matt and I had a blast on the canoe trip during spring one year I really got to know Matt and I wish that I had met him earlier. - Marc Drake (OSC) | One day we convinced Matt and CHrissy to let us sail together; we spent most of the day in the water; and rarely on the course. Once we came in to de-brief they said we had to have a meet. They were so straight faced and got mad at us for not being serious. We looked over at Matt who hadn't said anything. He was trying not to laugh and keep a straight face; he started laughing hysterically. They just wanted to tell us we passed our level. That may have been the meanest thing Matt ever failed at doing. - Lesli Ransom and Laura Thompson (LBSC) | One day of bronze 4 Matt asked me of I was ready to sail. It was super weird, and I got worried and said no! I kept complaining because they had but Will and I together, and were so light, we dumped the whole day....When we got in Matt asked if I had had a good day, and I said yes. One thing about Matt is he always makes other people smile. I will always remember him as the happiest guy I ever knew. - Eric O'Brien (LBSC) | Matt was one of the most fun loving and happy guys, there wasn't a time that he wasn't laughing or putting a smile on your face. My brother Andrew had Matt as an instructor while in Bronze 4; it was the summer that he began to love sailing. He is an inspirational man who had the amazing talent of bringing happiness to anyone and everyone he came in contact with. - Richard Court (LBSC)

25: The first time I met Matt was on the backfield at RH King. I coached Matt for 3 seasons; he was always interested in having a good time. Matt always called me Mr. Callingham. I remember showing up to a party at the lake and who do I hear none other than Matt Peebles, calling me out by my first name, he proceeded to call me chicken for about half an hour. We had a couple beer races that night. I got to see the Matt Peebles Lake of Bays guy, rather than the school uniform Matt. - Jamie Callingham (Lake Neighbour) | When we were younger my brother and I would wait and wait for the Peebles boys to wake up; pushing each other to knock on the door first and bare the wrath of Bonnie. I have so many memories that I will cherish forever- epic battle tubing, knee boarding, skiing, wakeboarding, bush expeditions, cliff jumping, day trips up the Oxtounge, boat rides to dorset. I will always remember the sound of the screendoor banging the door frame as it closed. Matt was always such a great friend to me, when we were younger I didn't always have the easiest time getting along with others, but no matter because he was always my rock. He always empowered me in our relationship by letting me feel like I could kind of be the leader. This past summer we were at the Dorset cliffs, and he of course went straight to the top, I however only went up half way. A month later I notice on Facebook that he has uploaded the photo of us in our respective cliffs, but has not tagged himself because he didn't want to out me to shame. What a beauty! Your legacy inspires living. love you buddy! - Zach Summerhayes (Cottage Neighbour) | I always looked up to Matt as a sailing instructor. He always made sure his class was smiling even though the most daunting task of lifting out the lasers. His great charisma, energy and good heart will forever be missed. -Sara Tonogai (LBSC) | Peebles was one of the coolest guys I met in Halifax. To me he represented everything an awesome Canadian would; friendly, aproachable, fun, and almost always heavily bearded. He's one of those guys who had an immediate positive effect on you. - Suvir Pursnani (Halifax) | Matt was always acting goofy; making people smile - Sara MacLellan (LBSC) | Matt has been in the majority of my life growing up. Having Peebs just a couple doors down is why my summer was so enjoyable. I recently realized that he was my longest and closest friend, whether it was filling in my sandbox and splashing around or sharing at beer at Maxwell's in Halifax. Matt always knew how to put a smile on my face. This past summer we went to a Tragically Hip concert, it''s where Matt taught us the art of "blasting off" After a few drink in the beer garden and an incident that involved a fence and climbing we made it to the stage. I remember how every time I got stuck in the crowd he would be right there pulling me out. Matt was also an amazing cook in Halifax over Thanksgiving I arrived at Marshall's where Matt had been cooking for most of the day. He had managed to cook a perfect turkey dinner for about 6 people; and if that wasn't enough he whipped out 2 homemade pies for dessert. It was just like Matt he always knew how to bring people together. He was a true shining shepherd! -Jonathan Earle (LBSC/Cottage Neighbour)

26: I am very grateful to have known Matt since he was a baby. The "next doors" simply means family to me. Our kids shared so many adventures on the lake; both in the water and in the bush. It was definitely that smile on Matt's face that kept them out of trouble alot of the time. Always laughing ; always happy, thats how I remember Matt. -Kelly Summerhayes (Cottage Neighbour) | Matt was one of my first friends in University. He lived on the same floor as me in residence and I couldn't be more thankful to have known someone as special as Matt. Whether is was knocking on my door at 8am to get breakfast or jumping over fences on Alexander Keith's birthday, it was never a dull moment with Matt. - Karina Antonizio (Halifax) | Matt always knew how to have fun and make you laugh. - Max Wiseman (LBSC) | I remember the first time I met Matthew here in Halifax, through Marshall. He of course had a huge smile on his face, which never seemed to leave in all the time I knew him. He genuinely was one of the sweetest , fun, and inclusive people I have ever met. One thing that always stuck out about Matt to me was his ability for conversation. I find it happens far to often that in the middle of speaking people seem to interrupt or leave. However Matthew was always willing to talk to me, and listened intently even over the noise of Maxwell's pr Cheer's. Another thing that always made me happy was watching his and Marshall's relationship in Halifax. Seeing them together always made me feel comfortable when I missed my sister who was so far away. - Mary-Kate Doyle (Halifax) | A memory that makes me laugh the most is when we went on our grade 8 French trip. Matthew, myself and 2 other found a way to get left downtown. Not realizing the urgency to leave, Matthew and I went to go buy pretzels, after we got back we realized that our class was missing. Instead of freaking out, we just laughed. Matthew was always smiling and thinking positively and I'm sure if it weren't for him, we would still be stuck downtown - Samantha Cadeau (Bliss Carmen) | Matt was a great friend and role model. He always made sure that everyone had a smile on there face. He was always making people laugh and always having fun. I vividly remember Matt picking me up and running off the dock with me on his shoulders. I had a blast every time. - Jack Shields (LBSC)

27: Matt always brightened my day, with his enthusiastic smile, his huge embrace, and his caring heart. He was so much fun, friendly, and full of life. I have so many wonderful memories of Matt, from the Lake to Halifax- he was such a special part of my children's lives. Matt's first night in Halifax, when he arrived to start university. It was a perfect Halifax late summer evening and Matt, Meredith, John and I were all out for dinner watching the boats come back into the harbour as the sun set. The next day Meredith and Devin introduced him, John, and I to Split Crow! They formed a special "family" in Halifax and it was wonderful to enjoy this time with them. Matt holds a special place in my heart and I will treasure his memory always. - Valarie Scott (LBSC/Lake Neighbour) | I can't think of anyone else with such a nice and positive demeanor,easy going attitude, and zest for life. He was a master of linguistics and possessed the ability to transform seemingly uncool words into the epitome of coolness. We used to have text message banter sessions that might have seemed like nonsensical jargon to the average person. His use of metaphors was unmatchable "Well until we two salmon meet at base camp before the swim upstream I bid you adieu." He managed to get along with every and any body and was always willing to lend a hand. When I tried to recount every time that we interacted over the years, I can't picture his face with out a smile. The years that we had together will always be in my heart. Matthew was one of the few people that could pull on a mullet and make it look like it was naturally cool. He was outgoing and knew how to be a great friend. No list of words can sum up what Matthew meant to us all. He had such a positive impact on my life and I'm going to miss him dearly, and I feel privileged to call him my friend. - Scott McLean | I remember when Sarah first moved up to Bronze IV and I asked her who was in her class the first day. She said she couldn't remember the names, but that they were all Peebles and Earle's It has been many years of Peebles and Earle's coming and going from our dock and driveway since then. When I think of Matt the image that comes to mind is the awards night at the end of summer 2009 when Matt and Sarah presented johnny Cool with his White III. The three of them stood at the front of the room with HUGE ear-to-ear grins, their white teeth framed by tanned faces. That was Matt totally authentic and living completely in the moment - Wendy Gibson (LBSC/Lake Neighbour)

28: I first met Matt when we were 9 years old on the sabers hockey tea,. We played many years of hockey together and were always competing to see who could score the most goals. I remember way in the day when Matt and I would go up to hockey opportunity camp, we would stay at the Peebles cottage before and go wakeboarding, skiing, and tubing. I remember everything from intense basketball games in the driveway to late night skates on the backyard rink or snowboarding off the deck. There isn't one time where there wasn't laughs, smiles, or jokes being shared. He always had something new to bring to the table. I'm glad I had the chance to spend the time I did with Matt, it will never be forgotten. - Brandon Hardy | Matthews first fishing trip with his Dad, Uncle Brian, Uncle Ivor and cousin Steve. Uncle Brian caught a large pike, it fell off the hook into the bottom of the boat. Matthew was so startled he jumped onto the seat of the boat. This story has been repeated many times on the annual fishing trip, and always bring a laugh to those that were there. The next year Matthew and Connor both had the experience of catching their own big pickerels! - Aunt Monica McCallum | Matt was such a happy, fun loving guys, it was nearly impossible to not enjoy your time with him or catch him in a bad mood. He was even so good at being a nuisance, that you couldn't help but smile at the nonsense coming out of his mouth. A good example of this would be when him and Marshall would make jokes that they were going to steal my wallet; then my identity, they even left a very funny voicemail explaining the details of their plans; which I will cherish forever. I'm probably one of the luckiest people, having being able to spend so much time with Matt. We had so many common interests and our conversations would just flow for hours. Our friends would often joke that we were like an old married couple and would be able to read the others mind. Instructing together the element of fun and excitement was always a top priority. One particularly windless day we took our class on an adventure to "Egypt" sand dunes where everyone wanted to be like Matt, copying him as he jumped and rode the sand waves. Some of my dearest memories with Matt are from this past summer. Matt decided to be a slave to the man and I was frequently traveling back and forth and would always try and convince him to ditch the city and find a ride up north. The best night of the summer was one of the first parties of the summer I had just arrived and see Matt running across the dock to give me the biggest bear hug ever!. Near the end of the summer I was trying to convince him to come to Kingston, he was very hesitant, but caved at the last minute. He asked me to keep it a secret from the others, and when he hopped out of the car I've never seen the others so excited or happy to see him. It was the best decision I've ever made convincing him to come. Matt use to refer to me as his soul sister; something that I find very humbling. I hope that one day I can adopt more of his inspiring and positive outlook and apply it to my own life. Words cannot articulate how much I will miss him (my partner in crime) - Chrissy Carinci

29: Editor's Note: I’ve been editing these stories for over two months; trying to decide which stories were truly meaningful, and which ones I could edit. In the end it was very difficult to keep this book as short as it is. People have sent me pages upon pages of memories about how much Matthew meant to them, and the many ways that he touched their lives. I’ve edited though tears and laughter as I looked back on past memories. One thing I know for sure is that my brother was an exceptional human being with a heart of gold, and a sense of humour that could change even the darkest of days. Each and every one of these stories makes me proud to have called him not only my brother, but also one of my best friends. I hope that in reading these stories you as well can look back on a life cut too short, but lived to the absolute fullest. I think Matthew would want us all to remember that every moment is one to be caught - not passed up. In quoting Mark Twain “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Rest in Peace Matthew; you truly were a legend.

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