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Max's Memories

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Max's Memories - Page Text Content

S: Max's Memories - Birth through age 1

BC: Made especially for you with love from Mommy

FC: Ten tiny little fingers that always want to play, That never stop exploring the wonder of today. Ten tiny little fingers that from the very start, Will reach out for tomorrow yet always hold your heart. -- Author Unknown | Max's | October 4, 2010 - October 4, 2011

1: Dear Max, This is your story.....

2: The pregnancy was very hard for Mamma. I was sick from 8 weeks to the end. I did lose a lot of weight and my blood sugar was very good. Even so, after 20 weeks you seemed to grow exponentially. We saw you on ultrasound 1x a month or more. It was awesome to be able to see your sweet face and know you just a little. You were more round and stuck out more than the girls. All 4 of us felt you move often. You were very active in the womb. Once you moved for an hour non-stop and I was very worried! I had placenta previa until 38 weeks. You were breach until 37 weeks. Everything pointed to a c-section, and at the last minute everything changed, I had many painful contractions and it seemed like you could come anytime, but nothing ever happened. So we scheduled an induction for one week before your due date of 10/10/10.

3: October 4, 2010 3:23 pm 22 Inches 11 lbs | Caleb Maxwell Secor | Max

4: Mom and Dad went to the Hospital at 7:00 Sunday the 3rd. Mom was already dilated so they skipped cervadil and started low pitocin. Overnight I was so still and sleepy that they gave mom oxygen. In the morning they increased pitocin and things progressed. At 1:00 mom's water broke & all thought that it was time. But I couldn't find my way out. Mom was worn out and asked for an epidural. She pushed a while longer and then all decided I needed to be born by csection | It was a Monday. Izzy was at the end of her school day, and Alex was hanging out with Grandma Secor. We hoped you'd come in time that we could call the school so they could tell Izzy over the loud speaker, but, no luck. | The Day I Was Born

6: Coming Home | My first nap at home in Mamma's arms My welcome home by my sweet sissies Izzy and Alex Cute me - all bundled and waking up

7: My Family

8: My Sisters

9: My beautiful sisters so fun so silly and they love each other and they love me so much too! | Alex | Izzy

10: My Daddy and Mamma

11: My Family Information Mother: Rebecca Lynn (Hastings) Secor 10.31.74 Father: Matthew John Secor 11.18.73 Izzy: Cara Isabel Secor 4.22.03 Alex: Lauren Alexandra Secor 9.4.05 Me: Caleb Maxwell Secor 10.4.10

12: Me and My Dad I am just a couple days old here. We are still in the hospital. My swelling has gone down and I am looking like myself - a sweet, beautiful, precious little guy. How I wish I could reach into this picture and hold you, touch you, kiss you, love you. My baby.

13: Well, sighed the lonely grumpysaurus, what is a girl to do? Grumpysaurus looked all around the dark and lonely hospital. Not a kind or friendly nurse in sight! No children anywhere to make a ruckus. No husbands anywhere to be hungry. Maybe I could play with the soap dispensers, or push all the buttons on the elevators, or turn the sweet pictures of babies wearing fruit upside down, she thought. But, that didn't sound like fun, not really. So, with a heave, and a sigh, and a couple of grunts, groans, moans, an ouch and a long.......... deep breath, the little Grumpysaurus climbed out of her bed and looked around. | As she considered the candy stash that sat waiting beside the balloons and flowers on the shelf a light popped on in her head. Suddenly she envisioned soft skin, with a little layer of peach fuzz and warm fat, a silly complaining squeak and sweet tiny blue eyes. Ahhh she said. As she realized that she was not all alone. After all, there was Max and he was her family now. So little grumpysaurus put on her best hospital slippers and matching robe and rushed out the door at the wild and unruly pace of an injured handicapped snail - to see her little Max. A little skin to skin, the smell of fresh formula, the sound of a breast pump beating in the background.... little grumpysaurus just knew that everything would be right again. And, as soon as Max nestled his tiny petal soft skinned head into her chest, it was. Now if I can just find that Daddy Saurus..... zzzzzzz. | Grumpysaurus

14: One | This was my first Sunday at Church at approx 5 weeks old. | Month

16: My Blessing Day | Two Months

17: To my sweet baby and to everyone who supported me through my consternation in having a boy the first time I saw you... held up by a be-scrubbed medical person whom I didn't know across a cold and sterile room your cry sad and weak ... it was all a blur. Pictures tell me I saw you 2 more times but many many hours passed before my heart woke in a panic and thought my baby! Where are you | when you grew inside me safe and warm i worried... would i have enough love to go around? can i really handle all the things that you being a boy will mean to my life? would you be so big that i would feel sad, missing the baby i thought you would be? | All this worry, was for naught. I loved you from the start. All 11 lbs of you. So long and tall. Daddy says linebacker and volleyball star I say you are just perfect. Your soft head and cheeks the way you snuggle in tight to me how just being close to me you fell right to sleep even after giving the nurses a hard time. You have the sweetest face I think that I have already loved you forever.

18: Three Months

19: My first time in the snow Toys on my high chair Sitting Big with Alex Asleep on the floor - mom was taking to long

20: My First Christ mas | 12/25/10

22: February 4, 2011 Irresistable Blue Eyes, Soft Puckery Lips, Little Nose, Warm Head, Soft skin, Fuzzy Hair. Mmmmm. You are delightful. And out of all the sweetness, you smile and I melt.

24: 5 Months

25: How is it possibly, possible that 5 months have gone by? I look across the waiting room at the pediatricians office and see the newborn, so sweet and tiny, just like you! And then, you lurch from my lap trying to get to the big toy block on the floor just like all the big boys. O.k., so not so much like you anymore. Your sweet innocent face, and passive eyes are replaced with wonder and curiosity and delight. You hold your self straight and tall and can turn from sitting facing out to see if I'm still there and smile at me. I look at YOU with wonder and curiosity and delight. Gone is the recovering, gone is the sleeplessness that like a raccoon in a Mallards nest, robs thought and reason and pounds mercilessly on thin skinned eyelids and heavy bones. Knowing that we need to look to the future and help you to learn the sleep skills you need to have, we still relish the 1am feeding. Blissful it is, that a handful of kisses and a head massage from mamma's lips, doesn't ruin you, and you go right to sleep when we lay you back in your crib. Bittersweet, the feel of your body lying against my chest, the limp needfulness of the early weeks replaced with the choice to lay yourself close to me, and I treasure it. I lay you down and sometimes you roll to your side and go fast asleep. One night you got yourself turned just right that you could finally reach the monitor with your feet and boy did you kick that little tiny light until we had to cover it with painters tape. Others will ask me kindly, "how are you, what have you been up too?" and I wonder if I should tell them: that I watch you all day, that I hold you, and feed you, and read to you and kiss you, and snuggle you and walk with you, and kiss you, and play with you, and kiss you, and remind myself that I have other children, and a house, and that I should dress myself, and then I kiss you just a little more. You, being the last, are very much like a Yours, Mine and Ours baby. We bring you into bed in the mornings before the girls are up and we stare at you and laugh with you and snuggle. We hold you and talk about how sweet you are as the three of us snuggle together on the sofa. Together, Daddy and I marvel over the wonder that is you. Together, we ALL marvel over the sweetness of you. I could go on gushing a roaring yummy chocolate fountain of mush. Already my heart aches for my baby, just as it skips an excited beat for each new milestone we meet. Slow down Father time, hold back those ticking hands with boldness. Let me snuggle, watch and kiss him a little longer, just a little longer.

26: Spring Break

27: Grandma & Grandpa came to visit for a few days. Then we left for our Spring Break -1st Family Mini Vacation with you. We went to Lunch at McGurks in Soulard (by the Arch) then walked at City Garden and the Arch and took a Carriage ride along the Mississippi river. Stayed 2 nights in a hotel, went swimming, then saw Tornado Alley! Fun Times!

29: 6 Months

30: My House - My Room

31: Seven Month's | The day you turned 7 months old, we looked over and saw that you had pulled yourself up to play with your toy. You take your toys so seriously. It is cool to see how determined you are to figure things out!

32: You have 2 teeth on the bottom - and the two middle on top are almost all the way in. THEN you have 2 on either side on top working their way in AND another one on either side on the bottom, so in another month or so you will have 10 teeth! Crazy! You are tired of bottles and baby food and loving real green beans, macaroni, cheese, baked beans and graham crackers. You can hold your sippy cup and drink with your paci in your mouth. Now if we can just get you to feed yourself - you're like a baby bird with your mouth wide open and waiting :)

33: Month Eight has been rather interesting. Your cold turned into Pnemonia - but it was mild and antibiotics got you back to your sweet self quickly. Mom and Dad went away for the first time ever - 2 nights for our 15th anniversary. It was SO HARD to leave you but you did very well! You are speed crawling, crusing around everything, climbing the stairs, opening & closing things, playing peek a boo and eating normal food! You're trying to roll the ball and you LOVE chasing the girls around!

34: Hey Ma Look what I can do ! | Just one of the "guys"

35: Eight Month's

36: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks | 9 Months Today! | Today I learned to say Ba Blah Blah Blah and Grrrrrowwwll! I stayed up for fireworks on the 26th so tonight Mom and Dad let me sleep. I am such a sweet boy.

38: Such a Handsome Little Man | 10 Months

41: My Little Man

44: laughter is an instant vacation | 11 Months

45: "Even though you are in my home for a short time You are in my heart forever."

46: My Kitties | Nacho | Sebastian | Elmo

47: My New House | We moved to a new house in Aug 2011 - it has been a great adventure!

48: Hip Hip Hooray, It's My Birthday Today

49: Today you turned One! We are sad ti say goodbye to all of the baby things - snuggles, being carried, bottles, late night feedings... the world is so different now that you are so busy and happy. You have been the most wonderful sweet little baby and now you are growing up. We love you so very very much. How did we ever know a world with out you.

50: Max's 1st Birthday

51: You were in the midst of a bad cold and you had not slept well - so by Party time you were SO TIRED! You tried your best and you loved the icing on your cupcake and your popcorn popper - but presents overwhelmed you. Poor guy had to cry yourself to sleep on your birthday because you would not be consoled. Heartbreaking :(

52: This is Megan Tilton. The Tiltons are our good friends from the Missouri River Ward in O'Fallon. Megan was Mamma's Doula during my labor. You spent the day playing with her boys (and had battle scars to prove it) then their family joined us for your party.

53: October 4th 2011

54: "Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all." - Stanley Horowitz

55: "Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn." - Elizabeth Lawrence

56: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” ~Dr Seuss | My Books

57: My Favorite Things | I love to put lids on & off things. Cats, Dogs, Birds make me squeal! Wheels, bikes, wagons, scooters are the best! Climbing, stairs, sofa's, slide's, playgrounds, you name it I will climb it! Thomas the Tank Engine | Plungers, the bowl brush, swords, long handles! I can walk and climb anywhere I want to go and I sure do try to go! I have 4 teeth on top, 4 on bottom and my 1 year molars coming in, ouch! I can bang things, I can clap, wave bye-bye, I can drink through a straw! I wiggle wiggle wiggle - A LOT! | About Me

58: Happy Haunting! | You were the worlds CUTEST Superman - You didn't quite get the whole candy thing - but you did want to go inside everyones houses! Cute Cute.... In November we went to Utah to see our Cousins- just you and me. I LOVED that I got to be with just you. We gave you your 1st hair cut - well sorta! You are the sweetest

59: Aunt Lisa | Hayden | Alyssa, Hayden, Me, Brandon | My 1st Haircut

60: Arizona Nov 2012 Uncle Mike the Christus Grandma H & Grandpa H at the Mesa, AZ Temple

62: A Christmas To Remember...

65: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days | The Tilton's dog GRIFFIN stayed with us for 17 days of Christmas Break - so sweet!

66: We wished for snow - but Christmas day was so WARM so we played in the yard with our sleds anyway!

67: 2 Days Later we got our wish!

68: 2011 | Ellie Greene Izzy's BFF

69: I love to remember so many things about you... you've changed so fast, like a blink. Just tonight Alex was looking at pictures of you as a baby and began to cry, because she missed baby you! I miss laying you down for sleep when you couldn't roll over. You always wanted to hold our fingers and play with them on your chest. It seemed to soothe you. I miss swaddling you. - On the flip side - You've been walking for 3 1/2 months now, and you are a pro. Walking opened up the world to you. We began to see that you are a thinker. It started with lids - and moved on to well, everything! You study, watch, think ... we've seen you 100 times lay down on your tummy and look under a door frame or a table to figure out whats going on. At 15 mo you have a lot of chatter and a few words: dada, more, wawa, that. You use a few ASL signs, you reach, point, push, grab. You stay still now to get changed and dressed, our days of pinning you still or 2 people to change a diaper are over. You snuggle again & will even sit now to watch tv too! You love the animals, you love being one of the gang, following the girls around. You are so smart and sweet and so very cute and handsome. We all adore you and can't wait to get to know all of you. We love you Max! Here's to 2012 | 2012

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