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McClatchy Tennis 2006-2011

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S: McClatchy Women's Tennis 2006-2011

BC: Six years... Sixty-six players... Six undefeated seasons... One terrific coach! Thank you for everything, Coach Sark!!

FC: C.K. McClatchy Women's Tennis 2006-2011

1: Thank You, Coach Sark, for Six Great Years!! It wouldn't have been the same without you!

2: Team 2006 Diane Adams Jenny Dung Jen Gee Elise Judson Emily Kawahara Kim Keating Kristi Kwan Julie Law Allison Lee Vanessa Lee Alyssa Mar Maura McGuire Jessica Nevins Stacy Pham Emily Potter Liz Shigatoshi Sydney Tanimoto Kaitlin Toyama Maggie Wilson Courtney Wong Rachel Yayasaki

3: First Trip to Fresno! | And First Championship!

4: Dear Sark, Over the past (many) years you've been a coach, mentor and friend to me. And, you've done all three of them with amazing compassion, patience, and Vics(!). Even if classes or the typical high school drama got me down, I always knew that I could look forward to a fun and tough practice (sometimes followed by snow cones). Even when we played teams that were less, shall we say, sportsmanlike, you raised our moods with a good talk or an I'm-trying-to-be-professional-but-they-are-so-rude-so-beat-the-pants-off-them remark. You have a great character that I, and the rest of the team, always respected and no matter what, it was very clear how dedicated you were to the team and to each player on it. Even after my time, whenever I speak to you, you always talk so highly of every player. It's that kind of care from a coach that makes a player want to try harder, want to come back from a 4-5 service break, and work for every point. Your support also pushed me to continue playing after high school and to become the player I am today. Even now, as I'm heading into my final college season, I think back to how close I was to giving up on college tennis and how you told me it was something I was capable of doing. Every day I'm thankful I stuck with it. There are often times when I wish I could come back and play for you at CKM again. (I think I'd be a little easier to handle with less of an attitude now!) But I'm thankful for all the memories I have. You were an amazing coach and you continue to be a wonderful mentor and friend. Thank you!, Emily

6: Metro League 2006-2009: Rosemont Hiram Johnson Burbank C.K. McClatchy = CHAMPS!

7: Coach Sark, Where do I begin? I have so many wonderful memories of my high school experience on the tennis team, almost all of them involving you! There are the little things, ice cream at Vic's and riding in your little convertible, but there are also the more important memories: winning at Fresno, going to Metros, and, most importantly, your dedication to us as our coach. I feel so lucky to have had you as my coach. We all saw some of the other coaches from the other schools during our years on the tennis team - the ones who didn't support their players in the ways you did for us. You made us feel proud of any accomplishment we made on the courts, whether it was just making a nice volley, or wining the championship game at Fresno. Unlike the typical Coach-Player relationship, the way you treated us was more like we were equals, which made us all love playing for you that much more. While I am glad that you are going to be able to have more time for yourself and your family, you need to know that McClatchy Women's Tennis will not be the same without you. I know that my love for tennis grew because of your enthusiasm for the sport, and every time I pick up a racquet, I will continue to think about my wonderful high school coach!! Thank you, Coach Sark, for making my four years at McClatchy memorable, and for ensuring my love of tennis! Love, Elise Judson

8: Team 2007 Diane Adams Jenny Dung Ariana Fong Marika Fujimoto Jen Gee Emily Kawahara Erin Keating Kim Keating Kristi Kwan Julie Law Vanessa Lee Alyssa Mar Maura McGuire Jessica Nevins Katie Oliver Emily Potter Alex Quon Liz Shigatoshi Sydney Tanimoto Kaitlin Toyama Maggie Wilson Karisa Yamamoto Rachel Yayasaki

9: Second Year as Division Champs in Fresno! (in spite of the smoke!)

10: Lion Invitational Tournament | Undefeated Metro League Champs!

11: Coach Sark, You brought stability, dignity and snow cones to our tennis team! Because of your coaching, I gained a better appreciation for the strategy of tennis. I also learned how to trust my doubles partners. I never felt like an inferior player because I played doubles and not singles and I thank you for that! You encouraged me to try out for college tennis, and because I did, I was able to expand my knowledge and skill while on that team. Thank you for being a great coach! You truly have a talent for teaching others and encouraging people to succeed. Diane Adams

12: Dear Coach Sark, I can't believe it has been six years since you started coaching! You are beginning to make me feel old! I am writing this as a thank you for your years of service to CKM and also for the ways you have helped me as a person. I joined this team in hopes of building close bonds and a community with my peers and I think I found another family of support. You did an exceptional job with Joel, Paul, and Gil to keep our group of girls to be supportive and cheerleaders through times and even today we have shared experiences and memories which will never be forgotten. One of my favorite memories is the way we introduced the line up. Every week we cheered as our players met the opponents while still remaining in unity with the line and at the end we would do our group cheer. It still remains one of my fondest memories and something I do not think any of us can forget. All this would not have been possible without you. Although time has separated us in terms of miles, our memories keep us together forever. That is something which I am forever grateful to you for. Thank you!! Love, Jule Law

13: Caring Outstanding Awesome Committed Heartening Steady Amazing Remarkable Keen Coach Sark, Thank you for making my four years of high school that much more amazing and fun. Being on the tennis team is one of the memories and life lessons I always carry with me, thanks to you. You were always so caring and kind and thoughtful. And even now, after I'm all graduated and gone, you still take the time to care for me and make sure that I'm doing okay and invite me to come back. Coach, you were always there for me on and off the courts and that is something I will never forget. Love, Jen Gee

14: Coach Sark, Thank you for being such a great tennis coach at CKM! I learned a lot over the years that I played and had a lot of fun doing it! I really appreciate all that you have done for me and for the team as well. Thanks again for everything and I hope to see you soon. ~Marika~

15: 2008 Team Zoila Cadena Serina Chung Ariana Fong Keri Fong Marika Fujimoto Sophie Games Jen Gee Erin Keating Kim Keating Kristi Kwan Alyssa Mar Maura McGuire Katie Oliver Emily Potter Alex Quon Morgan Sato Kristi Thielan Karisa Yamamoto

16: Coach Sark, Joining the team as a freshman who doesn't have much experience with tennis can be a little intimidating, but the first thing I remember was you putting me at ease with your constant support and encouragement - not to mention your fun and easy-going personality! I had an amazing time on the team, not only because tennis is the greatest sport and we had wonderful girls, but also because you reminded us to "go out there and have fun, and to do our best." Win or lose, we always had fun just being out there on the courts because you made us feel confident about ourselves. I remember the nervous feeling I would get playing in a match, and then looking behind me to see you watching behind the fence with your thumbs up. You have this calming ability that I always loved and appreciated. Most importantly, however, I want to thank you for being so patient and understanding when I had orchestra rehearsals and concerts conflicting with tennis. It was a hard time for me, going from matches to orchestra rehearsals - and sometimes having to choose one over the other. You understood, though, the pressure from my parents to do well in orchestra, but also my love and passion for tennis. I will always remember the day I quit tennis my senior year because I knew I couldn't handle it all. Your response was neither angry nor disappointed. You gave me love, encouragement, and these words: "You will always be a part of this team, no matter what." Coach, you are the greatest and the love you have shown the tennis girls of CKM is truly incomparable. We can't thank you enough for the positive impact you have had on our lives. Although it was only three years, they are three years that I will always remember, and you are a coach I will never forget. Sincerely, Ari Fong

17: Metro Champs AGAIN!!

18: Dear Coach Sark, Thank you so much for being a mentor to me in high school and the best coach a team could ask for! Being on the tennis team was such a big part of my high school years and I would not have enjoyed it as much without the endless support and inspiration you provided me throughout high school. We were all so fortunate to have such a caring, experienced coach who we could really connect with rather than a distant, drilling one that I'm sure other schools had. You were such an awesome coach, always supplied with candy and letting us listen to music. Every day at practice was not only instructive, but also fun!! I felt that our team had a really strong bond, which is part of the reason we were able to get through those difficult matches and win Metro League Championships all four years. The other reason was because of your advice on how to improve my strategy when I felt like giving up - you always seemed to know exactly what to say. I have always thought that the same skills you learn in playing sports apply to life. Because of this, you have made an immense impact by teaching me the importance of practicing, not giving up, and believing in yourself - principles I still practice today. I hope all is well with you and your family and that we can have a team reunion soon! Best, Kristi Kwan | 3rd Year As Division Champs at Fresno's Tennis Classic!

20: 2009 Team Jessica Burroughs Zoila Cadena Serina Chung Tiffany Dinkins Ariana Fong Keri Fong Marika Fujimoto Jen Gee Courtney Jacobson Erin Keating Kristi Kwan Megan Kwong Katie Oliver Alex Quon Kae Saechaeo Morgan Sato Kristi Thielan Cynthia Tom Mai Vang Sami Wang Allison Yamamoto Karisa Yamamoto

22: 4th Year in a Row! Division Champs in Fresno!

24: Dear Coach Sark, Going to practice every day after school was more than a team training to get better. It was time for friends to gossip about our lives, to make deep relationships with people we had just met, and to play a sport we all enjoyed and loved to work hard at. But, none of that would have made such a deep impact on our lives without you. Although I was awful at tennis, I had so much fun and felt included. Even when I hit the ball clear over the fence, you were always positive and laughing and then gracefully swooped in to fix my error. It's the little things I remember, like the licorice tubs and my nickname, and singing in the car. That was one fun road trip! I don't think anyone will forget Coach Sark and his Parent Trap soundtrack! You were the glue that kept us together, the smile that told us we were loved, and the encouraging voice that cheered us on even through a losing streak (not that we lost very often!). I appreciate all that you have done for me, the crazy fun times we shared, and the victories we fought for. Thank you so much for making tennis more than a sport; thank you for making it special! Always, Katie Oliver

25: Dear Coach Sark, My three years having you as my tennis coach for the McClatchy girls tennis team was an amazing opportunity. I learned so much from your outstanding coaching pointers and I really don't know what I would have done without you. I'll always remember your phrase "Next Point" and the image you put in my head to keep me motivated in even the toughest matches. Your faith and support in me as a person and a team player has taught me a lot and I am so grateful that I had you as my coach. Playing tennis those three years made my high school experience twice as fun. I'll never forget that trip to Fresno during my senior year and our annual invitational tournaments. I had such a blast and every summer I would look forward to a new season of bonding with current and new team members, having our coaches help improve our game, countless laughs as you made Snooki jokes, and an overall feeling of character building. Having you as my coach has inspired me to never give up on anything in life and to work at the things that I want to achieve. I truly miss playing for the team now that I have graduated but it definitely brings back some of my best memories in high school. You have truly been not only an awesome coach, but also an inspiring mentor to me and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you have taught me. You are a great man! Sincerely, Keri Fong

26: Thank you so much for everything, Coach Sark! I started tennis my freshman year as something new and you made it so much more than that. Your sense of humor helped make tennis my favorite memories from high school. Your coaching also allowed us to have fun while still being competitive, which is a lesson that I will remember for the rest of my life. Love, Morgan Sato

27: Dear Coach Sark, You made playing tennis for CKM so much fun! It was the complete opposite of volleyball practice - no one got mad, everyone was having a complete blast. I really enjoyed going to tennis practice. You made it fun and exciting. I'm happy that I played for you. I'll always have those CKM tennis memories, and it's all thanks to you! Thank you so much for letting me play and for being such a wonderful coach! Love, Courtney Jacobson

28: 2010 Team Zoila Cadena Serina Chung Heather David Keri Fong Taylor Fong Hannah Keane Amy Keating Erin Keating Megan Kwong Annie Maliguine Leigh Martin Alex Quon Morgan Sato Laura Ter Schiphorst Juliann Wang Sami Wang Allison Yamamoto Karisa Yamamoto

29: Coach Sark, Thanks to you, I had the chance to join the team last year. Even if it was just for a season, I had a great experience and I enjoyed myself. You are a great coach, and you had a great team! The first day in the team was hard for me because I didn't know anybody and I didn't speak English that well, but you were all so friendly. I won't ever forget the year, the people I met, and my tennis season as a CKM player! Thanks a lot for everything! My best thoughts, Laura the Frenchie!

30: Dear Coach Sark, Being a McClatchy tennis player would not have been the same if you weren't the coach! No matter how i was playing, you always were there to keep my spirits up and calm me down in times when I started doubting myself. You always made tennis so fun and relaxed and I will never forget all the experiences and fond memories you brought to our team. Fresno will always be the highlight of the year but just having you there with us everyday to give us all a good laugh at practice and matches in itself will always bring great memories to me! Thank you so much for everything. I know I'll be seeing you soon on the courts! Love, Alex

31: It was an incredible season! | Metro League 2010-2011 McClatchy Rosemont Kennedy Valley Burbank Johnson Florin

32: Tennis in a Nutshell Dear Coach Sark, my tennis coach for four years, Four fall seasons of games, wins, and cheers, I'll never forget how we took down Rosemont, Though the championships were nice, it was always a good time we'd want. And good times we sure did know, From Fresno to the doubles tournaments, the Lions put on a show. As for sisters on the teams, we've had quite a few, From the Keatings and Yamamotos to the Fongs and Wangs too. With Tootsie Pops, Smarties, and granola bars galore, You pumped us up with energy for, Playing our hardest with our happy feet, Making sure that we did not skip a beat. And in the end, my fondest high school memories have been, Those from tennis, which in my head I repeat over and over again. So thank you Coach, for some of the best four years, Four fall season of games, wins, and cheers. Love, Karisa

34: 2011 Varsity Team Maddy Brown Zoila Cadena Taylor Chan Serina Chung Amy Dao Heather David Jessica Escobar Taylor Fong Amy Keating Megan Kwong Olivia Lok Annie Maliguine Leigh Martin Carmen Nguyen Hannah Riley Morgan Sato Juliann Wang Samantha Wang Allison Yamamoto (Jane Wagner) | For the 5th time (out of six years), CMK won their division at the California Tennis Classic in Fresno!

35: 2011 Junior Varsity Team Nia Brown Karli Ching Jennifer Jamilosa Anabella Luna Janelle Mora Gina Schanz Lee Thao Nancy Vang Tayler Wood Amanda Yehya | JV Coach Mat Cusick

36: Dear Coach Sark, You have been a great influence on me throughout the two years that I have been on the team. You have taught me so many lifelong lessons that apply to both tennis and life. You never cease to impress me or inspire me. You always amaze me with the dedication you put into McClatchy's tennis team. You create a whole new definition for what it means to never give up and to always persevere. You have had multiple surgeries but never gave up on anything. You came to practice the day after your surgery rather than staying home and resting. You always help me through challenges and obstacles. You are the true reason why I came to McClatchy. I was considering other high schools but seeing what it was like on the tennis team for Sam and the strong bond between the coaches and players, especially with you, convinced me completely to go to CKM. You are an amazing coach. Scratch that...amazing is an understatement. You are PHENOMENAL! Thank you for all that you have done for me. Love, Juliann Wang (Wang 2) P.S. Got any grapes?? Waddle Waddle...

37: Dear Coach Sark, My past two years playing on the McClatchy Tennis Team have been two of the best years of my life. I am so glad that I took up tennis! Out of all the sports at McClatchy, I think that the tennis team has the strongest bond. I love that we are all so close! You are such an amazing coach and I appreciate all the hard work and time that put into this team. You are so easy going and flexible whenever you have to work around our busy schedules. Your funny jokes always make me laugh and I will always cherish all the memories I have had with you and the players on the team. I have so much fun everyday we have tennis and playing tennis is always what I look forward to at the end of a long school day. Thank you so much for always being the greatest coach and I do hope that you stay with us until I graduate! Love, Tay-Tay Fong

38: Dear Coach Sark, It has only been a few months since I first got to meet you, but let me tell you that it feels as though I've known you for years! When I first tried out for tennis, I was so nervous and worried, but after meeting you and seeing how nice (and also very funny) you were, you made me feel right at home. I feel truly lucky to have you as my coach, and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do for us. I'm looking forward to more years with you and the team because the best part of my day is always the time that I get to spend with you guys. You and the team are already like another family to me, so I hope that even after my high school years, we will still be in contact with each other! So, once again, thank you Coach Sark! You are the best!! Got any grapes? Amy Dao-Dao

39: Thanks for letting me share in the excitement, joy, competition, and fun of the last six years! You have been a great friend and an inspiration not only to the girls, but to me as well. I feel blessed to have been a small part of it all. Thank you for everything! Fondly, Kate | 6th Straight Year as Metro Champs!

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