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McConnells 2013

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McConnells 2013 - Page Text Content

S: McConnells 2013

FC: McConnells 2013

1: Sherry, Stella, Grandma J., and Kelly attended a production of "Beauty and the Beast" at the LaCrosse Center. Stella was not afraid, and she sang along with the music she knew from the movie. She even got some confetti that flew out of the set during "Be Our Guest"!

2: In March I took a trip to visit Barbara Buss in Florida. We had a great time hiking, kayaking, swimming in the pool, biking, visiting, going to movies, and exploring the area around Pensacola. | Barb and I ate at the Oar House, which has the best crab cakes ever! | Fish Market

3: Barb and Fritz have a beautiful home in Gulf Breeze. We swam each night in the salt water pool.

4: Barb and I figured out how to attach the kayaks to the trailer and then to drive it to the beach (without backing up). | We saw remnants of the BP oil spill still washing up on the shores.

5: We had a cookout with Barb's sister, Marianne. | This is the fishing pier in Pensacola We saw a sea turtle swimming off the pier. | fishing boat | Pensacola skyline

6: Coloring Easter eggs with Stella

7: New Easter dresses for Brynn and Stella | E A S T E R

8: Easter in Eau Claire | a dance party! | Lucy | Mack

10: 2013 was a great maple syrup season for Craig. He bottled almost 300 gallons of maple syrup. | Pat took many, many loads of firewood to Craig this year so that he could keep boiling the sap to make syrup. The evaporator on the left is where the sap is pumped and the box on the bottom holds the firewood. In the picture on the right, Craig is hauling buckets of sap at his neighbor's sugar bush.

11: Stella especially loved helping her dad. She liked to drink the sap, too. | Kelly, Stella, and Brynn roasted hotdogs and made s'mores in the syrup room. | Some nights Stella slept in the syrup room. | Brynn

12: On April 28, Mack, Julia, and Grandma went to "The Lion King" in Appleton. We stayed in a motel and ate out. Julia and Mack had HUGE kiddie cocktails! | When Mack saw this picture he said, "That's when we went to 'The Lion King' and I was so happy!"

13: One day in May, we took out the raspberry bushes at Julia and Scott's house. Mack and Lucy helped, and we found LOTS of worms.

14: We celebrated Mothers Day at Drugans. (Mom, Greg, Karen, Stella, Sherry, Brynn, Kelly...and Pat took the picture.)

15: We had a family weekend in the Cities and spent the first day at the Minnesota Zoo. | Mack, Lucy, and Stella liked the fish tank. Lucy fell into the coral reef! There was a section where kids could pet the sharks and rays. She leaned over too far. | Stella and Mack watched a seal turn somersaults.

16: There was a petting farm at the zoo. Stella thought the goats smelled funny. She liked feeding them though. | Lucy and Stella liked to play on the playground equipment at the zoo. | Lucy and Scott

17: The farm was a hit with the kids. Stella and Lucy and Mack fed the goats and petted the cows. | a kimodo dragon

18: We spent the evening and next morning swimming at the motel. Lucy fell and scrubbed her face, but, even so, we had a lot of fun! | Claire was pregnant and had a bad cold so she relaxed by the poolside. No hot tub for her!

19: We spent day 2 at the MOA amusement park.

20: Mack had his face painted--Spiderman!

21: Brett's graduation from UWL We celebrated at Huck Finns on French Island. | Deb, Brett, Danielle, Pat, Kent, Kaley, Mom, Sherry (took picture)

22: A new wood floor for Mom's kitchen | Before | After

23: Mack graduated from 4K at Genesis! | Mack and Lucy | Julia and Mack

24: S O C C E R | M I N K S

25: A baby shower for Claire! Lots of gifts, guests, and food

26: Fishing at Lake Arbutus with Grandpa Stella helped catch a big carp!

27: Pat and I took a golf trip on the way to Tulsa. We drove through St. Louis. | We ate at the Whole Hog Cafe in Springfield, MO

28: In Tulsa we celebrated Sophia's graduation from TU in speech pathology and Carrie's graduation from Colorado College. We also watched the premier of Jakob's latest movie, "Dark Souls". | There were many people at the party and at the show. Karen is helping herself to popcorn of various flavors. Jakob is setting the stage for his movie.

29: 4 sisters performing in the new dance studio | Joan and two of her dance partners did a little tap dance. | Judy, Joan, Sherry, and Karen went for a walk. | Greg, Sophia, Kim, Kirsten, Carrie, and Anders

31: We took a tour of Mark's new clinic which was prepared to open in less than a week. | Tulsa Cancer Institute

32: On the way home from Tulsa, Pat, Mom, Judy and I stopped in Kansas City at a Barbecue joint we had seen featured on "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives." It was called Johnny's BBQ, and we even got our picture taken with Johnny. | Mack and Lucy had a birthday party! Water games were a hit!

33: It was a hot day so everyone enjoyed the water balloons and the slip and slide. Bubbles were Lucy's favorite part! | Brynn liked the sandbox. | Mack and Lucy got a new tandem lawn chair set.

34: Mack turned 5 | Lucy turned 2

35: Stevie Elizabeth Brown was born on July 26 to Claire and Greg Brown. She weighed 6 lb. 7 oz. and was 20 inches long.

36: Lucy loved to hold baby Stevie... | and so did Mack.

37: Stevie Elizabeth

38: Since the Hixton parade was cancelled this year, we celebrated the 4th with a picnic at HIlma's. | Great-grandma and Stevie | Marianne | Joan and Stevie | Brynn, Grandma, and Stella

39: Everyone loved to hold Stevie. | Jakob and Stevie

40: Julia took a week off work in July and we spent some time in Eau Claire, at home, and at the lake. | Mack | Lucy

41: We built a fire at the lake and made s'mores. Pat and Mack caught a carp. Lucy swam in the lake.

42: Stella | This was a summer of MANY bears. | Stella took swimming lessons.

43: We had so much rain this spring that farmers, of all kinds, had trouble getting crops in.

44: Carp Fest 2013 | Sophia and Stevie | Pat and Jakob | Lucy | The cheering section

45: We teamed together with Kaufmans and Lubkes and caught 66 carp. | Our crew caught 15 carp! | J o h n and Stevie | Kim and Stevie

46: Baseball! | Mack played T-ball in Altoona | Greg played Legion Ball in Holmen

47: Taking down a tree at the lake (Michael, John, and Mark) | John and Michael were stung by bees before it was over!

48: A big branch from a birch tree had fallen down on Kerry and Mona's front yard. They were in Peru, so there was work to do for the rest of us. We had lots of help and cut up several dead trees. | Mom hauled branches. | Pat used his chain saw. | Pat | Julia hauled branches and did a lot of raking.

49: Michael hauled firewood. | Jakob liked the axe. | Lucy worked, too! | John | Mom

50: Joan did a lot of raking. | Mark used a chain saw. | Even Reggie tried to help, but was eventually banished to the car for excessive barking. | Julia showed Mack how to do it.

52: Elise, Sophia, and Michael on the pontoon. | Marianne, Jim and Joyce Davis, and Mom on the porch. | Jan, Michael, Jinny, John, and Bernard | John, Julia, and Lucy on the pontoon

53: Joan and Mark spent 3 weeks at the lake this summer, so we had lots of fun parties there. (John, Michael, John T., Jinny, Elise, Joan, Jan)

54: Stella and Brynn love to spend time down by the river. They throw rocks in and watch for fish.

55: More fun at the lake! | Stella | Mack

56: My canoeing partners (Sherry, Kelly, and Stella) | Stella and Craig | Canoeing/kayaking the Kickapoo

57: Grandma had a pizza party to get all the cousins together. Jenny had baby Steven, and Claire had baby Stevie. Kelly is helping Brynn meet Steven. | Jenny, Laura, and Emily

58: Claire and Stevie | Grandma with some of her grandchildren

59: We tried to take some pictures. The bottom one shows how cooperative the great-grandchildren were with that. | 4 generations | Annie, Maren, Elizabeth, Brynn, Stevie, Great-grandma, Stella, and Steven

60: and Brynn likes her spaghetti! | Stevie likes bath time! | Grandma, Lucy, and Stevie

61: Craig's sister and family came for a week. This picture is pre-Noah's Ark day. | Stella on a fishing day | Craig is fishing in the Black River.

62: Stevie's baptism Erik and Becky Brown were sponsors. Lucy, Stella, and Mack watch as Stevie is baptized by Pastor Judy.

63: Claire and Greg had a party at their house after Stevie's baptism. We took some family photos at church.

64: Pat and Sherry with all five grand-children: Brynn(who wants her mother), Lucy, Stella, Mack, and Stevie | The "Oldest Cousins"--Lucy (2) Stella (3) Mack (5)

65: Stevie's first apple picking excursion. She wasn't too fond of it yet. | Sept. 15, after a Packer victory, Claire, Greg, Stevie, Pat, and I went apple picking at Cain's Orchard in Hixton.

66: Mack plays soccer. His team is called the Pumpkins! In the top left, Claire, Lucy, and Stevie are there for a windy game.

67: Claire, Greg, Stevie, and I took a hike around Wildcat Mound Park. Oh, and Callie went, too.

68: Happy Birthday, Stella and Craig! | Becky, Brea, Kelly, Brynn, Lyndsey, Emyrson, and Stella celebrated.

69: Stella (4 years old) | Brynn (1 year old)

70: Kelly and Brynn | Stella and Brynn | Craig | D u n e k s

71: Celebrating Pat's 60th birthday | Lucy decorating and eating cookies. | Stella likes blue frosting. | Grandpa!

73: We were trying to get a picture of Grandma and Grandpa and the grandchildren for our Christmas card when the branch we were perched on broke off! | Mack got a kick out of it. | Lucy cried, but no one was hurt.

74: Stevie enjoyed the fall photo shoot.

75: Greg, Claire, and Stevie | Grandpa sings Stevie to sleep. | We had a cat wander through the woods to our house. He loved being in the pictures. Julia's family adopted him, and his name is Sammy.

76: In October, Mom and I took a trip to Montana to visit Judy, Mike, Charlie, and Matthew. | We drove to Helena and had dinner with Ron and Marian. Matthew and his friend, Hermes, played in the Helena Symphony. | Matt also played his cello at the Ten Spoons Winery.

77: Garden of 1,000 Buddhas (outside of Missoula)

78: Judy and I at the Mission Mountain Range

79: St. Ignatius Mission | Built in 1891

80: Mom and I went to the Elk Country Visitor's Center. Matthew, Prince, and I went for a hike.

81: From Missoula, Mom and I flew to Minneapolis and on to Plymouth, Mass. for Aunt Carol's memorial service. | We had a day to drive down Cape Cod and meet other relatives for dinner near the motel. | Peggy, Sherry, Hilma,John, Alice, Mary, Twila, and Betty

82: Andrew and Anna Flowers | Cousin Ellie with her great-grandmother's doll. | Cousin Tom reading historical letters. | Kira and Gretchen | Cousin Susan

83: Listening to letters and looking at pictures. | Aunt Mary | Aunts Hilma and Alice | Mary, Hilma, Betty, Alice, Twila

84: Relatives at Ellie and Craig's home following Aunt Carol's memorial service

85: Lucy was Raggedy Ann. Mack was Batman. Stevie was an elephant. And the kitty, Sammy, wanted to get out. | Halloween 2013

86: Greg had a great football season with the Holmen Vikings. They won the conference, and he was selected to the all-state team. | Kim, Greg, Kelly, and Stella after a victory at the UW-LaCrosse stadium | Stella with Greg

87: Sherry | Sherry's 60th birthday party(s)!

88: Thanksgiving at Hilma's farm fed a big crew this year (28)! The Packers got beat handily by the Detroit Lions. | It was pretty cold out, but we walked "around the block" anyway. | Claire and Stevie | Thanksgiving

89: Brett, Amy, Bo, Kevin, Kent Jens Jakob, Kate, Deb (Sherry took picture)

90: Photo shots of the Diggins's and "4 babes in a row!" | Julia and Lucy | Julia, Lucy, Mack, Scott | Kelly, Brynn, Stevie, and baby doll | Julia and Scott

91: Christmas 2013 | Christmas started with Lucy's program at Genesis. She had a sparkly dress! | Emily Krug's family spent Christmas in the Children's Hospital with little Eliana. | Kirsten decorated some Toms for Carrie. | Sophia made a Baby Board for Claire.

92: Joan and Mark had a Christmas party at the lake house on December 23. Some of the homemade gifts were handed out. | Judy had sent a picture and movie to Sophia. | I got a plate and cake balls from Carrie. | Bernard and Marianne came, and Kerry and Mona were home from Peru. Roger, Audrey and Andrea Olsen were there. Debbie and Beranrd had a toast.

93: Jen and Stevie | Kimmy played out the Christmas story with the kids.

94: Christmas Eve at the lake Bob Twesme, Pearl Peterson, Kim Twesme, Mom, Pat, Kent John, Kaley, Michael, Sherrry (Deb took pictures)

95: Mom prepared food for 39 people! Greg helped entertain Mack. | Lucy met her hero, John (from JJump) | Kimmy and Stevie | Greg and Mack | Christmas Day in Holmen

96: a facebook memoir from Julia | Maple syrup and black garlic for Kate | Lucy and Annie study the ipad. | original art from Kate to Karen | SOME of the shoes in the entryway | Stevie got a new hat!

97: more homemade gifts

98: and MORE homemade gifts

99: We tried to get a picture of Great-Grandma with all 9 of her great-grandchildren.

100: JJump with Uncle John!

102: Christmas party in Osseo | Lucy sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus". Kirsten and Jens sang "White Christmas" since Kent and Brett were in Florida. | Brenna played her sax, and John led the kids in a song from "JJump".

103: After a bout of the flu, we finally got to have Christmas in Neillsville! | Lucy still loves to hold Stevie. | Brynn | Greg and Claire in a game of chess

104: Brynn worked on a project. | Mack got what he wanted--an aquascope. | Stevie liked chewing on the wrapping paper. | Mack got some magnetic blocks.

105: Lucy got a camera. | Grandma got a beautiful wreath from Stella.

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