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Mckenzie Bauaman Monomyth Project

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FC: The Hobbit The Enchanted Prelude to "The Lord of The Rings" and the Monomyth by Kenzie Bauman

2: I’ll give you what you asked for.”, said Gandalf. “I beg your pardon I have not asked for anything?” said Bilbo. “Yes you have! Twice now. My pardon. I give it you. In fact I will go so far as to send you on this adventure.” said Gandalf. (Tolkien 19). After their talk Bilbo thinks that there will be no adventure but he has no idea what he has agreed to. | The Call The Call in the Hobbit is when Mr. Bilbo Baggins goes to his door and to his surprise sees Gandalf, the wizard. Gandalf reminds Bilbo about their previous knowledge of each other and tells the hobbit, Bilbo, of the adventure he is going to take part in. Bilbo is confused because he has not asked for any adventure; he is kind of forced upon it without question.

5: The Refusal of the Call happened right after the call in the Hobbit. When Bilbo is talking to Gandalf, Gandalf tells Bilbo that he is going on an adventure. Bilbo automatically says no right away and hurries off. While he is walking away he does invite Gandalf back to his house for tea. “Sorry I don’t want any adventures. Thank you! Not today. Good morning! But please come to tea anytime you like. Why not tomorrow? Come tomorrow! Good bye!” (Tolkien 19). Gandalf does go to tea at the hobbits house and he brings 13 other dwarves to make plans about the adventure they plan to go on. However Bilbo still refuses to go on the adventure and decides to wake up late the next day to see if they forget about him. | The Refusal

7: Supernatural Aid | The Supernatural Aid is the wizard Gandalf. Gandalf has told Thorin and Company that Bilbo will sooner or later be of great service to them which is helpful later on in the book. The first encounter they come to are the trolls. They send Bilbo to go see what they are doing and see if they have any food or drink. They all get caught by the trolls and are about to be cooked for supper when Gandalf soon appears and thinks of a plan. He pretends to be a troll by changing his voice and hiding in the bushes so they can't see him. Trolls turn to stone if they are in the light so Gandalf makes they argue until the sun comes up.(Tolkien 50-51). He had saved Bilbo and Thorin and Company and without him they might not have made it.

8: Crossing the Threshold | The Crossing of the first Threshold happens after they escape the trolls. They find shelter where the trolls that turned to stone used to live but after that night they had to travel to a place they have never been. Gandalf tells them that they will eventually find a house that is expecting their company soon. On the way there they have to sleep under the stars and they always felt that danger was all around them. The horses they had started to have more food to eat than they did and they started to get weak and hungry. They did not expect the journey to be this rigorous but in fact it is. Gandalf comes again and ensure them that things should be okay if they follow the path.

9: "We must not miss the road or we shall be done for. We need food, for one thing, and rest in reasonable safety-it is necessary to tackle the Misty Mountains on the right path or else you will get lost in them, and start back at the beginning (that is if you ever get back at all). (Tolkien 56). The first threshold is usually the hardest thing to get through so they have to be smart about everything they do.

10: The Belly of the Whale is usually the point of no return. Bilbo and Thorin and Company run into goblins when they enter the Misty Mountains. They are captured and have to kill the Great Goblin to escape without being killed. Thorin and Company get out but Bilbo was knocked out in all the fighting and darkness. He is all alone and has no idea where to go. He travels the dark confusing tunnels until he reaches water. A creature named Gollum sees Bilbo across the dark lake he has run into.

11: Belly of the Whale | Gollum was a "a small slimy creature," He was "dark as darkness, except for two big round pale eyes in his thin face." (Tolkien 79) Bilbo has to try and defeat him by making up riddles so that Golllum won't eat him. Bilbo runs as fast as he can to get away from Gollum but it is so hard for him to see. Eventually he finds his way out and ends up on the other side of the mountain. Luckily he finds the other dwarves and they have to continue because there is no way back that is safe.

12: Road of Trials | In the Hobbit there are three things that could be in the part of the journey. Two of the three times were in the Mirkwood forest. The first encounter they come to is when they all have to get over the river that flows through the forest. If they touch the water then they will become very sleepy and not be able to continue on the journey. The second time is when they stray off the path and Bilbo has to fight off all the spiders to save the dwarfs. The major encounter that they come to is when they are captures by the elves. Bilbo however did not get caught. Earlier he had found a ring that makes him invisable.

13: Since he is not captured he comes up with a plan to get everyone out of the elf castle. All of the dwarfs were so glad to get out of the castle when Biblo came to get them ," Gandalf spoke true as usual! A pretty fine burglar you make,it seems, when the time comes. I am sure we are all forever at your service whatever happens after this." (Tolkien 174) Bilbo had but them all in barrels and pushed them down the river so that they would end up in Lake-town where they could keep on with their adventure.

14: The God that Bilbo and the other dwarfs meet on there journey is a skin-changer. He lets them come into his house and rest and eat until they are content. They all met him and they told him the story of their journey. Beron knows the land very well she he tells them a way they can go to cut down on the time it takes. It is through the Mirkwood Forest. Beron says " Mirkwood is dark, dangerous and, difficult. Water is not easy to find there, nor food. The time is not yet come for nuts, and nuts are about all that grows there fit for food. In there are wild things that are dark, queer, and savage." (Tolkien 133)

15: Meeting the Goddess | Beron scares the dwarfs and Bilbo and they aren't sure if they want to go on anymore. Beron gives that one very important piece of advice, "do not stray from the path, you MUST NOT do this for any reason at all."(Tolkien 133) Beron gives them things that they need in order for them to survive if the trip goes as planned.

16: Temptation | Bilbo and Thorin and Company had to overcome a lot of things in the forest. The one thing that they let overcome them was temptation. They were all getting very tired and hungry as their days in the forest grew and grew. Bilbo decided to climb a tree to see how much farther the forest went. When he got to the top he was shocked, "The forest goes on for ever and ever and ever in all directions!" (Tolkien 148). He climbed back down to break the news the the other dwarfs.

17: At this point they all just wanted to give up and sleep forever. All of the sudden Balin one of the dwarfs yells, " What was that? I thought i saw a twinkle of light in the forest." (Tolkien 150). They all rushed off of the path and into the forest without even thinking of what Beron had told them. When they got to the fire it disappeared, it had been a trap. Now they were lost in the forest and couldn't find their way back to the path.

18: Atonement

19: Bilbo and Thorin get into a fight when Biblo takes the Arkenstone of Thorin from his treasure. He did this because he wanted to try and make peace with everyone fighting about the treasure. Instead it caused war. Thorin gets wounded in the war for the treasure and on his death bed he says some last words to Bilbo that kind of make up for the fight they had. "I wish to part in friendship from you and i would take back my words and deeds at the Gate." (Tolkien 272). Bilbo and him talk more and right before Thorin passes away, "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold it would be a merrier world. But sad or merry i must leave it now. Farwell!" (Tolkien 273). Bilbo then laid the stone on Thorin's chest and knew he was in peace now.

21: Apotheosis | After the treasure is split everyone begins to go home. Bilbo is ready to go home but is in a way sad to be leaving the adventure he has completed. The journey home is long but he is ready to make it. They stop and rest for a couple nights before the big journey home. "There is a long road yet," said Gandalf. "But it is the last road," said Bilbo. (Tolkien 282) On the way home, every time they passed a place that something on their adventure had taken place Bilbo would stop and replay that memory in his mind.

23: Master of 2 Worlds | When Bilbo "masters the two worlds" he finally realizes that he is not just another hobbit. He knows all the things he did on that adventure changed him! Even Gandalf realizes it. "My dear Bilbo, something is the matter with you! You are not the hobbit that you were!" (Tolkien 284). Bilbo has a new confidence about him that won't leave him. He is confident and knows he is capable of making big decisions and making a difference, but at the same time he can be a regular guy, sit back in his favorite arm chair and smoke his tabacco jar. He now has two different sides to him and that will stay with him forever just because of the journey he has overcome.

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