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Me Jalen & Paris Mixbook

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BC: TKAM mixbook by: Jalen A., Alexia J. and Paris C.

1: 2 Scouts Favorite Clothes 3 All About Me 4 First Day Of School 5 Radley's Place 6 Summer Pictures 7 Snow Days 8 Finch Landing 9 Aunt Alexandra 10 Dill Runs Away 11 The Trial 12 Boo Saves My Life 13 Heck Tate Helps Out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2FrcfVNeQA&feature=youtu.be | Table of Contents

2: All About Me | Scout is a very unusual little girl.She learn to read before beginning school she fight boys with no far. She is a unusual for being a tomboy while all the girls were dresses she wears overalls and sneakers.She learn how to climb trees with Jem and Dill

3: Favorite Clothes | Scout Favorite Clothes To Wear Are Overalls And Sneakers

4: Snow Day | I was scared at first I even thought that the world was coming to an end to it was snowing. They said this was the first time it snowed in Maycomb since 1885. I guess winter came early this year since we were still in autumn. The my big brother Jem came up with a great idea, to make a snowman. We went and gathered all the snow we could in our and Miss Maudie's yards. Then the result we got was great. I said "He looks like Stephanie Crawford with her hands on her hips. Fat in the middle and little-bitty arms,".

5: Summer Photos | This is Dill saying his goodbyes till next summer. We were waiting on Miss Rachel's porch since it was his last night in Maycomb. He said "Tell him (Atticus) so long for me, and we'll see him next summer. | Well since Jem and Dill weren't playing with me anymore I spent most of my summer with Miss Maudie. She was good friends with my uncle Jack Finch. When people talk about her I say "That ain't right, Miss Maudie. You're the best lady I know,".

6: My first day of School | This is my teacher Miss Caroline. "She had bright auburn hair, pink cheeks and wore crimson fingernail polish". Miss Caroline and I don't get along very well. She tells me that I can't read with my dad anymore. She thinks that I'm lying when I told her he didn't tell me to read. So now Atticus and I read but I cant tell Miss Caroline that. | Also on my first day I get to see Burris Ewell. He comes the first day then they don't come for the rest of the year. "He's one of the Ewells ma'am". Is the explanation for this.

7: Radley's place | This place was the scariest in the neighborhood. This was just made the mysterious Boo Radley even scarier. Then we went looking around in his yard inside his house. "The back of the Radley house was less inviting than the front,".

8: Finch's Landing | When Atticus gave us our air rifles he didn't teach us how to shoot, Uncle Jack did. Then one day Atticus said to Jem "I'd rather you shot tin cans in the back yard, but I know you'll go after birds. Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." | Finch's Landing is Aunt Alexandra's house she's Atticus' sister and always talks about how I'm not acting like a young lady.For Christmas Jem and I got air rifles. Jem even got a football for Christmas as well. Jem loves football.

9: Aunt Alexandra | I didn't like when Aunt Alexandra came to stay with us. She makes me wear dresses and most of the time she arguing with Atticus. She argues with Atticus about everything like about Cal, how I need to act like a lady and if he should defend Tom Robinson in the trial. She always trying to make me act more like a lady. She said the reason she came to Maycome was that "We decided it would be best for you to have some feminine influence. It won't be many years, Jean Louise, before you become interested in clothes and boys."

10: Dill runs away | This is when my friend that comes every summer, Charles Baker Harris better known as Dill runs away to maycomb. I thought there was an animal under m bed until Jem said "God Almighty". Then Dill revealed himself from under the bed. He had left because his new parents weren't giving him much attention at home.

11: Mayella Ewell | Mayell Ewell is the girl that is supposedly raped by Tom Robinson. She is very disrespectful to Atticus, She says stuff like "Your Ma'am'in' and your Miss Mayellarin' - it don't come to nothin', Mr. Finch." She is very aggressive towards my dad and is very rude.

12: The Trial | This trial was against Tom Robinson. The Ewells were charging him with rape. They say he raped her and that when they saw her she had been beaten by someone. Atticus was defending Tom Robinson who was black against "white trash" the Ewells. Tom was obviously innocent of the crime. Then Judge Taylor polled the jury one by one they said "guilty...guilty...guilty...guilty." The verdict was reached and Tom was convicted.

13: Tom is shot | "They shot him" that was said by Atticus. He said this when Tom Robinson was killed when he tried to escape from prison. They tell Helen, Tom's wife, and she's in grief. They killed an innocent man trying to escape prison

14: Boo saves my life | Well after leaving the pageant we were walking home. After being scared by Cecil Jacobs earlier we thought he was doing it again. After a little bit we found it wasn't him then it got serious. Jem screamed "Run, Scout! Run! Run!" Then after calling Jem's name over and over I found out that Boo Radley had fought Bob Ewell and saved me and Jem's lives.

15: Heck Tate helps out | Atticus always said that it was a sin to kill a mockingbird, a wonder if thats why Heck Tate said that Boo or Jem didn't kill Bob Ewell. Heck said "Bob fell on his knife. He killed himself." This kept anyone to have to go through a trial and prove their innocence against a man who tried to kill innocent children.

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