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Meg Seaford's monomyth project

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FC: The Alchemist | Monomyth by Meg Seaford

1: Stage 1 Departure

2: The Call to Adventure | Santiago, a shepherd, was called to adventure when he had the same dream twice. He traveled into the nearby town and met with a gypsy who interpreted his dream. In his dream he was at the Egyptian pyramids with a child who told him "If you come here, you will find a hidden treasure"(Coelho 13).

4: Refusal of the Call | Santiago had just met with the king and went to the ticket window to see how much the tickets to get to Africa were. "If he sold just one of his sheep, he'd have enough money to get to the other shore of the strait"(Coelho 26). Remembering his sheep he decided to return to his flock and continue being a shepherd. This was when Santiago refused to go look for his treasure.

6: Supernatural Aid | Santiago's supernatural aid is the king of Salem. The king told the boy about personal legends and how omens help each person to meet their personal legends. The king told him " In order to find the treasure, you will have to follow the omens" (Coelho 29). The king gave Santiago two stones, Urim and Thummim, these stones were to help him read the omens if he had trouble.

8: Crossing the First Threshold | Santiago sold all of his sheep and gave one-tenth of them to the king of Salem. By doing this he made enough money to take a boat across the strait to Africa. This separated him from the world he has always known.

10: Belly of the Whale | Santiago got his money stolen in Africa and was left in a market place. "The marketplace was empty, and he was far from his home" (Coelho 39). He had nothing but a jacket and a book. Santiago was left with no money so he could not buy a ticket to return home, he was "a stranger in a strange land" (Coelho 38).

12: Stage 2:

13: Initiation

14: Road of Trials | Santiago faced a series of obstacles that tempted him to quit searching for his treasure. He was tempted to stop looking when the boy at the port stole his money "and he had nothing, not even the money to return and start everything over" (Coelho 39). He also faced three obstacles after him and the alchemist left the oasis. The first time "three armed tribesmen approached, and asked what the boy and the alchemist were doing there" (Coelho 133). The second time two horseman appeared and told them "you can't go any

15: farther" (Coelho 136). The third time they were surrounded by tribesman and " The two | were taken to a nearby military camp" (Coelho 139).

16: Meeting with a Goddess | Santiago met a girl at the well of the oasis, her name was Fatima. He met her at the well everyday. She encouraged him to continue his quest even when he wanted to quit. Fatima told him that she was a women of the desert and the women of the desert assume they will have to wait on their man to return. Fatima told him "go on in pursuit of your dream" (Coelho 97).

18: Temptation away from the True Path | Santiago met a girl at the oasis, named Fatima. He started meeting her at the well everyday and spent time getting to know her. Santiago fell in love with Fatima. When it came time for Santiago to finish his quest he didn't want to leave her. "I want to stay at the oasis," the boy told the alchemist (Coelho 118). She and the alchemist encouraged him to continue his journey. He contemplates staying for a while until they convinced him to go.

20: Atonement with the Father | An alchemist is someone who knows the nature of the world (Coelho 140). Santiago turned himself into the wind and by doing this he began to understand how an alchemist could do practically anything. It was at this moment that Santiago realized that he knew the "Language of the World" (Coelho 153). When he realized this the alchemist and Santiago began to see things the same way and had a better understanding for each other.

22: Apotheosis | Santiago and the alchemist were surrounded by tribesmen in the desert. They were captured and taken to a military base. Here the alchemist told the chief that they were both alchemists. Alchemy is knowing the language of the world (Coelho 140). If a person knows the language of the world he can do practically anything. The chief of the tribe told Santiago if he could turn himself into the wind he would let him continue his journey through the desert. It was when Santiago turned himself in the wind that he truly believed he could do anything. At this time he became godlike.

24: Stage 3:

25: The Return

26: Refusal of the Return | Santiago had been walking in the desert for so long that he fell down and cried. The boy started to dig, until a group of men came and stopped at the boy. They were looking for money. They beat the boy until they were sure they had all of his money (Coelho 162). It was then the boy told the men about his treasure. One of the men told him he had a dream about a treasure once but he wasn't stupid enough to believe it was real. Santiago realized that one man's mistake is another man's treasure.

27: dreamed the treasure was and there in the church, where Santiago once took his sheep, lied the treasure. | The boy went to where the man had said he

28: Master of Two Worlds | Santiago finds his treasure at the old abandoned church (Coelho 163). He completed his personal legend and he returned to Fatima at the oasis. This shows that he had learned how to balance both worlds. He knew the language of the world and how he could do anything if he communicated with the earth, but he also knew the life in which he had with Fatima.

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33: The End

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