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Memories - Page Text Content

S: M.J. S - Memories - 1971-2011

BC: Compiled at Peacethwaite, South Carolina for August 8th, 2011

FC: M. J. S. | MEMORIES | 1971 - 2011

1: Happy Birthday Michael with all our love from Mom and Dad Our prayer is that the years ahead will hold as many wonderful memories for you as the past 40 years have done. We loved the growing up years we were a part of and we are enjoying watching your own family grow and make their special memories. Take time to browse through this album every now and then and remember the times, places and faces that brought you such blessings in your life. We realise that the 40 years have not all been happiness and smiles but even the sad and difficult times have added to the tapestry of your life making it bold, strong and stable. We love you, we're proud of you as our son, as a man,as a husband and father.God bless you and your precious family and keep you in His care. Forty years of memories stored up and saved to savour and enjoy.

2: The Star of the show !! Michael Jonathon Slack Born August 8th, 1971 at 5:44 a.m. 3lb. 3oz. Ottawa Civic Hospital | Forty years later... with Andria, Cate at 18th months and Thomas at 5 months.

3: Somewhere between 2 and 4 months | A nice smile for my mom | Good pals right from the start

4: You want me to do what? | I'm almost as good a bouncer as Tigger. | Ready to start my day.. | I get one Smartie for a splash and two Smarties for a push. Neat eh?!

5: This is my Granny and Grandad Binns visiting from England. We're off to church. | Will somebody please get this ball off my butt! | Love those picnics at Picton Beach! Splashing in the waves was the best!

6: Happy first birthday! | But .. it's my birthday - why can't I open it? | I'm looking for another door stopper to "twang"

7: At Bobcaygeon with mom and Helen | Learning to walk with mom and Granny B | All dressed up in our Sunday best!

8: 1973 - My first trip to England just before I was two. | In the garden at Granny & Grandad Slack's | A week in Brighton with Auntie Dorothy and the boys. Not much sand here but we shovelled lots of pebbles. | With Uncle Alan,Granny and Grandad Slack Helen and mom

9: On the edge of the fountains in Greenhead Park with Granny & Grandad Binns | Taking a little stroll | with Helen in Greenhead Park | Making a sand speed boat at Filey Beach with Grandad Binns

10: From 2 years to 4 years old... | From left to right: At Cordukes Falls #2 Birthday Tobogganing down dad's snow hill Picton Beach in March Picton Beach in July A cool down in the pool | Our first birthday party

11: Good Friends

12: On October 2nd, 1975 at 10:14 a.m. we got a new sister - Melanie Fiona | The day she was born | Ready for bed | We all love her a lot!

13: Background - Cordukes Falls in Spring Top two- ready for Saturday night special dinner Getting used to the lake at Picton Beach Is this what bathtime is all about?

14: Going up | through the years | to Twelve

15: On the ice | School project | The family at Lemoine's Point | Yeah! Helen caught a frog! Yuk!?!? | An ice treat under the trees at Niagara in winter

16: Family pictures on other trips to England

17: Already a Steeler's fan! | No more "girly muscles"! | Summer at Fairhavens Bible Camp | Bike trips with the boys from school | Suzuki recital in City Hall

18: MY SCHOOL DAYS 1974 - 1983 | Kindergarten at Bayridge Public School | Grade One | Preschool at Kingston Y.M.C.A.

19: Grade Two | Grade Three | Grade Four

20: Grade 5 | Grade 6 | Grade 7 | Grade 8

21: Grade 8 Graduation Day | Ready for the school ceremony | Receiving the Citizenship Award | With classmates at the Formal Dance

22: Putting in the pool. Sides and concrete First dip - I won! First slide- Helen won! First landscaping First winterizing.

23: Thanksgiving stroll in Lemoine's Point | New Years Eve party after a meal at Tom's Place | Birthday #13

24: Young People's Groups | Barn Night at Auntie Gill and Uncle Dean's Farm | Ready for a man hunt at the Mall | Joy Bible Camp Leaders | Y.P. Weekend at Huskilsons Theme: "Needed - a Friend" | Falcon's Football Team won the Championship!

25: Fort Henry Days | Cadet of the Year | Granny & Grandad are apparently blown away! | In the "drums" now -so why is he playing a piccolo?

26: Adding to our house - One Music Studio | First we have to drill out dad's "rock of Gibraltar" step! | and - 3 days later- we're done - really! | Pouring concrete sure is better thandrilling it out! | Taking shape - the rain came soon after we had finished the roof. | Sounds like a music room, but needs a little decorating!

27: Finished and looking good | Moving in day | Before | After

28: Grade 9 thru 13 | Frontenac High School | Grade 9 | Grade 10 | Grade 11 | Grade 12 | Graduating Year June 1990 Grade 13 | High School's Over!

29: On to McMaster University - Hamilton | Granny & Grandad saw me settled in before they went back to England. | In residence the first year | 44 Oldfield Road

30: Thanksgiving 1990 - The Bomb Shell! Mom, Dad and Melanie moving South | From Hudson Drive Kingston, Ont. | To Deer Spring Lane Charlotte, N.C.

31: Our last Christmas at Hudson Dr.

32: 1991 - 2004 | Celebrating Melanie's 16th, Michael's 20th Helen & Doug's 21st - Canadian Thanksgiving 1991 | Hot Air Balloon Ride over Charlotte | One of my first trips down south - brought Zack with me too A relaxing moment

33: On to Christmas morning... the first in Charlotte | Treasure Hunt for the last present

34: Top right - Mikes 20th Bottom - Mike's 21st at Tom's Place Bottom Right - Mom's turn Don't know how many!!!

35: Helen & Doug's Wedding Day July 16th, 1994 | Please note, my hair does not look like a toilet brush!

36: Graduation Day from McMaster | Bagpipe Processional - Great Pomp and Circumstance! | After the ceremony

37: I'm an Uncle! | Alyssa Danielle, 1996 thru 2011 | Amanda Shaye, 1999 thru 2011 | Alivia Nadean, 2001 thru 2011

38: McCormac trips to Canada

39: Melanie's Graduation University of North Carolina, Greensboro, May 1997

40: 1997-2005 | Santa's ChristmasTrain, 2002 | Visiting home with Pete while Christine was there | Christmas 1997 - First in Glynwater Dr. | Andria is on the scene... 2004

41: Poker night with the Harveys | At Pam Carter's Wedding to Chris. | Wrestling in the back garden at Helen and Doug's

42: Engagement pictures and Wedding Invitation

43: Preparations for the Big Day | Ready to go...

44: Rehearsal Dinner February 3rd, 2006

45: Wedding Day, February 4th, 2006 | At Andria's home and then on to the formal pictures and wedding party dinner

46: A perfect day

47: A Trip to England - part of our Honeymoon, Donald & Hazel's 50th, Granny B's 100th and Granny & Grandad's Slack's 69th wedding anniversary | Arriving at Manchester Airport | Ashes Farm Barn where we stayed | Reunion with the Gilman family | The two newly-weds on Castle Hill

48: A quick trip to Gretna Green,Scotland and on to Donald and Hazel's 50th Anniversary celebration at Ravenstone, Bassenthwaite

49: Celebrating Granny's 100th at home and at the restaurant | Birthday card from the Queen | Last kiss goodbye

50: A trip to York and a picnic on Castle Hill | Three generations of Slack men

51: The Pub Crawl

52: Celebrating Granny and Grandad's 69th, a visit to their apartment and then a last, fond farewell

53: Honeymooning in Cornwall and surrounding area

54: A trip to the Canadian Vineyards and a birthday celebration lunch and supper. August 2008 | A new house in 2009! Ready for little ones now! | 174 East 43rd Street | A McCormac visit just before Cate was born

55: The Hamilton Slacks 2009 ....... | Cate Angeline born September 8th, 2009

56: and here comes.... Thomas Drew Born on February 28th 2011 .

57: The Happy Family June 2011

58: Hey Mikey!!! We can't believe you're turning 40!! Our children are of course so much younger than you that we remain eternally young. If only......I (Anne) have such great memories of you at Joy Bible Camp both in the summer and then at the winter reunion. Do I remember correctly that you and I followed each other down Highway 62 after a huge snowstorm and no plowing had been done?? Or were you in my car and someone else followed? Either way it was quite the trip.Bob and I both remember the dinner we had here with the Bartletts, Harbournes and your family before you all moved south, and suddenly we hear, "Mrs C your tablecloth is on fire!" Melted candles!! So Happy Birthday Mike. We miss having you in our lives on a regular basis. Lots of love, Bob and Anne | Memories from Joy Bible Camp

59: Michael, Congratulations! We can hardly believe you are 40 years old. We remember a young man with an exuberant sense of humor, an infectious smile and skillfully playing the flute. We wish you every happiness and God's blessing in every thing you do. Psalm 118:24 - This the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Hugs and handshakes from all of us. Lexa, Clarence, David, Anna and Leslie and Beverley. | Dear Michael Happy Birthday! What a pleasure it is to be part of your fortieth birthday celebration. I have watched you grow from the smallest baby I had ever seen into a very special man. I am proud to be your Auntie and have many fond memories of your growing up years and the caring adult you have become. I look forward to watching you to grow as a husband, dad and friend. You are loved, Mike. Auntie Sheila | Happy Birthday Mike Chris.

60: My first memory of Michael is the day theSlack family arrived at LaSallePark Baptist Church one morning in the fall of 1971. Michael was in a Moses basket and he was handed over to the nursery staff to be cared for during the morning service. I was part of the nursery staff that day. My first impressions was "this is one tiny baby"! I was about 4 months pregnant at the time and that "baby" turned out to be two little boys who were born the following March. Jeremy, Matt and Mike went through Boys Brigade, Sunday School and youth group together. Their relationship was firm, cemented by activities at the church and through baseball and could I forget swimming in the Slack's pool? We are thankful for the man you are today Michael. May God continue to bless you and Andria, and your dear little children. Love, Mr. & Mrs. B. | Happy 40th Birthday, Mike! We probably met you for the first time when you were around 9 or 10 years old, so that's quite a few years ago now! I remember this polite young boy with a mischievous grin, a semi-British/semi-Canadian accent, who always liked to wear summer shorts - no matter the weather! I also remember you playing the flute amazingly well, with your Mum accompanying you on the piano and you being a part of that pretty big contingent of "young people" at Bay Park who were all born in 1971! Now you're married with children of your own - where does the time go?? God Bless you, Michael and we wish you many more Happy Birthdays. Lynda and Dave Harbourne

61: We remember Mike as being friendly, respectful, fun-loving, always smiling, cheerful, goal oriented and talented musically. Congratulations on your 40th birthday, Mike. Nancy adds: Never mean spirited. | The picture is of the Ontario Menary's. Paul is at the back. His wife, Terri, is on the left with their 2 children. Leona is holding Nancy's youngest, Lauren. Nancy & Rob are on the right and their 2 older children are down front - Melanie and Emma

62: England and I didn't know what to do with all your muddy clothes after your football games at Frontenac! Just a few special memories! Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you all again soon. May God continue to bless you richly in the years to come. Lots of love. Auntie Gill | Hi Mike: Just sending you a message to wish you a very Happy 40th birthday and wish that I could see you and give you a big hug!! I can't believe I have known you for that long and reemember the day your Mom brought you into the nursery at LaSalle Park Church in your car bed, you were tiny then,but premies do make up for lost weeks in utero and you never looked back. Thank you for all the happy times Uncle Dean and I enjoyed with you and the rest of the family. Especially for the day he got you painting everything red and you all got more paint on yourselves than on the items to be painted!! Also for the time we stayed with you when your parents went to

63: Bonne fete a toi, bonne fete a toi, bonne fete a Mike, bonne fete a toi! Jeremy and Val, Meg and Mia | Dear Mike - I was so bummed to have missed you last weekend - I heard it was amazing! I have so many great memories of you, Mike. Actually, most of my high school memories involve you in some way! We had soooo much fun in youth group, but I have a particularly fond memory of going to a prom with you- your girlfriend at the time lived too far away and so you took me as a date- great times! I was so flattered and honored to get to go with you - and I was only in Grade 11. Have a fantastic birthday. Love Andrea Crawford

64: Mike - how the heck did we get here? 40 .... used to be just a slow speed limit or failing grade but now it apparently describes our age (well not me yet as I am much younger than you of course!) You were such an integral part of my growing up years. I appreciated your friendship at youth group and high school so much. You were always fun to hang out with and share a good laugh with and you still are. It's been so neat to reconnect with you over the past few years while we have been at Cobourg. One funny memory I have of you is the first Sunday I saw you at BPB either after you had been away or my family had been over in England. You greeted me in your usual manner, however your voice was about 6 octaves lower than I was used to as you had obviously gone through puberty while we were apart! Thankfully, although your voice changed, your friendship and sense of humour didn't. Here's to 40! And to at least 40 more. Happy Birthday big guy! Love and God Bless Andrea | A few of the old young people's group at a reunion in July 2011

65: Hi Mikey! Welcome to the 40 Club! Glad to have you aboard! :) It is hard to believe that we are now this "old." I really don't know where the time has gone as it seems just like yesterday we were in Youth Group (playing yet another game of volleyball...wonder if Randy still likes to play it???). We sure had some good times. Of course, I didn't go to the same school...I was the odd ball who attended the "Institute," (I believe you used to tease me about weekend passes?!) Because you were good buddies with Matt and Jer, you became part of our "clan" which meant that you started teasing me like the boys. I guess I was an easy target being a cousin to the boys, not to mention that I was a bit clumsy at times and let us not forgot about my "fro!" And, it seemed like "Al" turned into "Big Al" at some point during youth group days and you all had some fun with that one....a quick aside....when Andrew and I met, I mentioned to him that my family and close friends often called me "Al." Well, he thought about it and decided that he just couldn't call me that as he worked with a big guy named Al who had facial hair!!!!!! Back to the nostalgia.....I remember my first skiing trip was with you and a girlfriend (someone you met at Joy, I think???) and we were supposed to pick up Mark and then go out to the Bartlett's house and travel in tandem to Perth....well, I guess the Bartlett's forgot to tell you which Mark you were to bring along and we went to the Connelly's house instead of the Tysick's house....the poor Connelly family had an early wake up call (6 a.m.?!) that Saturday morning....oops....the wrong Mark house! I remember lots of games of dodge ball and man could you throw hard! We won two "championships" in baseball with Coach Bartlett at the helm, and of course lots of good swims at your house afterwards. We sure did have fun and although in my "old age" I can't remember absolutely everything, I remember laughing lots and having so many happy times with you and the gang. And now that we are supposedly all grown up, our lives are much different. You and I were the slow pokes when it came to getting hitched, but as I say....better late than never. And now, we have families. We are blessed (although, I just walked in to our play room and what a pig sty!!!!! Tidy up time!!!!). God has blessed us in so many ways.....a strong Christian heritage is at the top of my list and I'm sure you would agree on that one too! We have spouses that we can depend on and love, we have children to love, teach, "direct" in the right way!!!! We live in a country with such freedom, safety....we have a Saviour who died for us and who is risen! Awesome. Well, I think I have probably written far too much. Mikey, have a great birthday! Enjoy! Eat lots of cake and ice cream! May your next 40 years be a blessing much like the first 40 have been! Take care, love you, and I'll see you soon! Love, Alisoon P.S. My prayer is that my Erin and my Claire will grow up to have great Christian friends to hang out with, to laugh with, to grow with, much like I did with you and all of the others! Cheers!

66: Hi Mike - I have lots of fond memories of times at your house swimming, and playing baseball and volleyball with Bay Park youth. You always had a smile and a kind word to everyone - even little sisters! Love Amy

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