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Memories of Mom

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S: Memories of a Beautiful Life

FC: Memories of a Beautiful Life | Janet Lea Fox "Nanet"

1: Not only a mother but a best friend. Not only a wife but a true companion. Not only a friend but a mentor. This book is a memoir of the life that Janet Lea Fox lived. | All of the memories of this book have been contributed by Janet's husband, children, grandchildren sister, and friends. This book gives you a mere glimpse at the truly beautiful, loving, and fun person that Janet was!

2: One of my favorite memories of Mom was my 16th birthday party. Somebody had started a cake fight and I got some in my ear. Instead of worrying about the chocolatey mess she was worried about the cake in my ear giving me an ear infection. So she took a bunch of us girls into the kitchen and washed us off with the sink hose..making an even BIGGER mess!- Desiree She came to our church and sat in front of me and we talked for quite a while. She was one of the sweetest women I think I've ever talked to. At the end of the sermon she thanked God for her wonderful family and told us all how much you all meant to her. I only met her that one time but she seemed like she was one of a kind.- Casey Humes | I will always remember when she would come and pick us up from our dorm and take us to Ryan's for dinner and then shopping! Also when she told my mom that "we will ...make sure she gets there safe" when my mom didn't know I was coming home for Thanksgiving. Janet was a very wonderful woman. Her humor, love, and thoughtfulness will always be remembered!- Dana Torp I will always remember the time that she drove down the strip looking for us! She was asking everyone if they had seen her "twins" and then people thought we were twins which was hilarious! She LOVED to embarrass us!- Chastity Bennett Dial I only met her 1 time that day at Wal-mart. But what a precious conversation we had about Desiree and God and prayer. Her memory will live on in everyone's heart. I really admired her spirit.- Cindy Sturgeon I remember when we were waiting for Rachel to have Abbi & Janet kept trying to go back there when they told us we had to go to the waiting room. She kept sneaking down the hallway to stand outside of the door to make sure Rachel was ok. - Angela Kerr

3: One of my most favorite memories of Mom would be when me and Mom would just be alone the two of us and she would look at me really blank and say “I love you” and I would say “Well I love you” and she would say “No I REALLY love you” and that would go on and on for a while! I loved that!- Danny | Nanet loved Wal-Mart! She would take me there all the time. And she always bought me candy and let me play in the toys for a really long time.- Connor Nanet would let me play in the rain when it wasn't lightening. Because lightening could kill you. And Nanet would let us go outside in the rain and get really wet. And one time she played in the pool with us when it was raining.- Joseph I liked to catch fire flies and have sleep overs at Nanet's. She would let us stay up all night and eat junk food. And I liked to play the play station with her. But she wasn't very good. And I liked to go to Wal-Mart with Nanet. She would buy me a lot of candy!- Logan

4: When I was about 5, daddy had a copper colored Dodge Charger. Mom, Jenni & I were going somewhere when the carburetor caught fire! Mom puled over and made us go sit on top of a hill. I was dragging my "Tammy Doll" (That's what I called her) and my little blanky. I guess I took those 2 everywhere with me. Anyway..Mom needed to put the fire out, so what did she grab?? My blanky!! :( Yep, she had to use my blanky to put out the fire. It's funny now, but man I loved that thing.- Amber | It always cracked me up how Janet would always give me a hug and a kiss when I came in and 5 seconds later she'd ask, "Do you love me? You don't really like me do you?"- Chris Baxter

5: When Janet had to go to Chemo one day I went to the hospital and sat with her and played cards. She was so funny! Everything she said made me laugh! -JD Wisdom | Mom had so much fun helping me plan my wedding! She was with me every step of the way...and she didn't care to share her opinion about the things she didn't like. And when I was signing the contract for the convention center I had Noelle and Avery with me and she kept making comments about getting married and then having babies. The directer of the center was giving me the dirtiest looks, but Mom thought she was hilarious! - Desiree

6: One day Momma was sick and Christian, Desiree, and I were home alone with her. So we all got the big idea to make her soup to make her feel better. So we made her pickle soup! LOL we cut the pickles up and poured some juice in it, and seasoned it with salt and pepper. When we took it to her she tasted of it and made a horrible face, but she said that it tasted really good, that she just wasn't hungry then that she would eat it later. I remember that i felt so proud that we made her feel better! I now know that she thought it was awful.- Rachel | Mom was babysitting Logan and Connor while I worked, I came home early and walked in the house, and Connor was drinking his milk bottle and Logan had a PEPSI bottle (Logan wasn't supposed to have a bottle but evidently Nanet gave him one every time he went down there!!)- Jenni | I love my Nanet! She always acted so silly! - Logan | I remember how happy Janet was on Desiree's wedding day, and how she thought Matt was such a cutie!- Amanda Fessinger | When I was a teenager she would ride behind our school bus in that white station wagon & she would put cigarettes in her mouth, nose, & ears a wave to everyone. She would follow us long enough for me to get embarrassed! Everyone thought she was the coolest & funniest mom Looking back it was pretty hilarious. At the time though it was very embarrassing!- Amber

7: Nanet would let us make cookies. And she would let us wipe our hand on our clothes and eat the food before we cooked it!- Connor | The day that my horse, Belle, died comes to mind. When Janet found out, she sent money up for someone to buy my supper and bring it to me just because she knew how precious Belle was and how much she meant to me. I sat here crying all weekend and when she did that, I cried more but because someone other than my family felt how I must be hurting and cared enough to do something. - Karen Deweese | I remember how she would wake me up and me and her would sneak out of the house really early to go to yard sales while the rest of you all were sleeping!- Jenni | Mom would say "i'll give you a dollar", and sometimes just a quarter, if we could tell her who was singing the song and the name of the song! LOL i don't think i ever won that game!- Rachel | I LOVED seeing her ride on the back of the fourwheelers with the boys! HILARIOUS they would go fast enough to make her squeal (which wasn't very fast) LOL but she got back on every time.- Amber

8: Christmas Eve when we would open our draw gifts, and at the beginning it was always "you can only open up 1 tonight", and then before it was all said and done, Momma was saying "just one more, just one more"! LOL she was as bad as all the kids were!- Rachel | I remember the time that Momma took us to Nashville for our Conference! We were running late and she was so mad at us! She played Pink Floyd the whole way down there and the whole way back! And we made comments about her music the whole entire time!- Elder Lamb | I loved to camp with Janet! We would be sitting around the house and would get a notion to go camping. We would throw the kids and the gear in the car and just go camping!- Danny

9: I loved Janet's cooking! She was a great cooked! She was never scared to experiment and make new foods! I loved that!- Danny | I loved when Mom would take care of me when I was sick! She would lay me on the couch, rub my hair, fix me soup, and treat me like a baby- even if it was just a little cold!- Desiree | I remember one day when we were in high school- we had split days. I always laid my clothes out the night before. Janet went to school before me. I got up to get dressed and all of my clothes for the day were gone..even my underwear. So I got in Janet's closet and wore one of her outfits. When she saw me at school she cornered me and tried to make me take the clothes off!- Nancy

10: I remember the first time Dennis and I came over to spend the weekend with you all. Janet kept teasing Dennis about how cute he was! She LOVED to pick at people!- Regina Jones | I will never forget the day that Mom dropped me off at college. It was pouring down rain and she didn't care. She helped to move everything in! And then when it was time to leave she hugged me and kissed me and told me she was ALWAYS only a phone call away! And then after they drove off she called me about 5 times within 5 minutes to see if I wanted her to come back to get me!- Desiree | I loved it when she had her open house for Christmas! She worked very hard to make it perfect! It was a perfect memory!- Danny | Janet called me "Happy". I liked that! She was a beautiful women- both inside and out!- Anita Greenlee | I liked to color eggs at Nanet's and egg hunt. And Nanet and Daddy Pa gave us presents from the Easter Bunny- Quentin Grieshop

11: When I was 5. We lived in E-town. Mom would get us up and we would get hot chocolate and an afgan blanket and go outside and watch the sun come up together. I thought it was amazing! This is one of the best memories I have of her as a small child.- Amber | When I was in the hospital with Mono Mom didn't leave my side! She laid in the bed with me and slept with me. She even fussed at the nurses when they would wake me up! The one time she did leave to get coffee she gave the nurse her cell phone number and told her to call her if I woke up. I woke up and she came running back in the room just to let me know she was still there!!! I wouldn't have made it through that without her!- Desiree | The last time we went camping, it was Dad, Mom, and Me. Mom got mad at Dad for wanting to take a break from putting the tent up and they argued like little kids. Then we went fishing until 1 in the morning and none of us caught anything!- Christian | I remember the first time I talked to Janet on the phone! She took the phone from Desiree so she could talk to me about Rock-N-Roll music!- Brian | I liked going to Nanet's and eating lots of candy and chips!- Avery Grieshop

12: I have never been as proud as the time I walked Mom down the isle at her wedding! She looked so pretty!- Christian | This one time when I first got my license she let me drive her to Glasgow and a mustang pulled up next to us at the light and revved it up and she was like dust the little ole car.so I tried and she started yelling at me to slow down. Needless to say we did not beat it,but it was fun.- Christian | Janet came over one day to play XBOX kinect with me! She kept forgetting how to play and I had to teach her again and again! It was a lot of fun!- JD Wisdom | Nanet always made me laugh. She gave me a hard time because I always said, "You're too funny." But she was. :) And so thoughtful; like how she brought everybody, even me (who didn't go to the movies with y'all) M&Ms to sneak in to the show. Ha!- Jennifer Grieshop

13: I liked to go to Nanet's and do Easter egg hunts! She would put money in the eggs and she would give us more money and more candy after we found the eggs- Joseph | One time I had my friends over and we got bored so we all (even mom) decided to do something crazy. We went mudding and got stuck in the river bottom,and had to walk back to the house and wait till the next morning to get the trucks un-stuck.- Christian | Janet showed her thoughtfulness and encouragements to others even when she didn't feel well. She made a special effort to send her thanks to us and tell Emily how the timing and words of her cards where just what she needed!- Margaret Frizzell | I loved all of the family get-togethers we had! You can't beat getting all of our crazy family together! Christmas, family cookouts, Mother's Days, birthdays! They were all great!- Christian

14: I loved Janet's smile and her heart! She loved everyone and she never knew a stranger. She ALWAYS put others ahead of herself. She was a beautiful women!- Danny | Nanananana- Abbigail | Nanet! Love- Maylea | When I was 16 Mom HATED mine, Laura, and Rhiannon's boyfriends. So as a ploy to get us to break up with them she offered us each a shopping trip to Nashville. It turned out to be the best shopping trip ever!!!- Desiree

15: We used to have bonfires and everyone would get really crazy. Mom would turn up the rock 'n' roll really loud and make us virgin drinks to drink around the fire!- Rachel | I loved how Janet could hold the kids and grandkids and read every little whimper and whine and know exactly what they needed! It was so neat to just see her care for and love all the kids over the years. -Danny | I loved Janet’s spontaneity. We would be sitting there and she would say let’s go camping and I would suggest for the weekend and she would say, “no let’s go now” and we would pack up right then and go! And of course it rained on us every time.- Danny | Nanet would bring me M&Ms and she would bring me chicken Nuggets from Ol' McDonalds and play pinchy fingers- Avery Grieshop

16: What a sweet, sweet women Janet was. She was always bragging on her children and talking about how much she loved them. Her family really did make her world go 'round.- Robin Garmon | Mom use to always collect key chains. She loved them. She would have a set of keys with maybe 5 keys and at least 10 key chains! Her favs were the ones talking about she was a B!@#$ or ones that were putting men down! haha I still remember one that she had for a long time : PMS~ Putting up with men's S!@#. She had an unusual sense of humor sometimes but that's what kept things interesting :) Amber | I LOVED junk food nights! Anytime any of us were having friends over...or anytime we would rent a movie Mom would take us to the grocery store and buy as much junk food as we could fit into the cart! And we would stay up all night eating junk food and talking. Mom always had tons of "wisdom" to share! Hehe- Desiree | I remember that momma always wanted me to cook the ham and mashed potatoes for thanksgiving because she said not one else knew how to do it right...lol- Jenni | When someone mentions Nanet Maylea will say "My Nanet". And when we visit her grave she always kisses her stone.- Jenni

17: I remember when we use to go to Nanet's and catch lightening bugs and put them in a glass. We'd put foil over the top you know like what you put over the Lasagna? Then we'd poke holes in the top. Joseph | Janet was a truly beautiful women! She loved to make other people laugh and smile, even when she was feeling her worst!- Margaret Wisdom | Mom was the best Mom. When we were little her and Dad would take us camping all the time. And she used to take us fishing a lot. I loved that she was my boy scout leader. She made everything fun!- Christian | Every year at Thanksgiving Janet would always say, I'm not doing it this year. And as soon as it would get close she would start planning a huge meal. And of course she always made too much food!- Danny | When we were teenagers everyone loved to go to Janet's house because she always made everyone feel so welcomed and we always had so much fun! She was like a second Mom to everyone she met!- Rhiannon Garmon

18: I remember when we were little momma used to keep covers and camping stuff in the trunk and she would just randomly decide that we were going camping without any notice.- Jenni | Mom and I were out yard selling one day and on the radio they were telling blond jokes. They told a joke about a blond in an M&M factory throwing away the Ws. I didn't get it. So Mom called the radio station and told them the story and then told them my name! I was so embarrassed!- Jenni | I loved how when I was having a bad day or a bad week Moms answer was always "SHOPPING"! When I lived in my dorm I would call her after a bad day and she would come pick me up and we would go shopping and spend all the money in our pockets! She always said shopping made everything better..and it really does!- Desiree | I absolutely LOVED watching her ride four wheelers and dirt bikes. That time she rode Christians was hilarious! Legs straight out to the side, mouth wide open screaming, holding the gas. Too funny! But even tho it scared her, the boys could always talk her in to getting on with them! Knowing full well they were gonna scare her. - Amber

19: I remember when I was maybe 3, mom was combing my hair and it was knotted up. She said I had rats nest in my hair & I freaked out! I really thought I had rats in my hair....It wasn't funny then!- Amber | When my wisdom teeth were cut out, momma came and took care of me. She cleaned my house and fed me. She even pureed pizza and fed it to me.- Jenni | I loved Janet’s personality! She never knew a stranger! NEVER! We could go to the grocery store and 90% of the time it would take 2 hours because she would bump into somebody and we would be there for hours talking! - Danny | On Christmas Eve Momma would always say "only One gift" and as soon as that one was opened she would beg for just one more! She was worse than the kids.- Danny

20: Mom used to say that she didn't like "prayer" because often when people prayed they didn't pray with their hearts they prayed with their minds. So she had "conversations" with God. When I still lived at home I would hear her in her room talking out loud to God. - Desiree | When we were children Mother would leave the keys in the car. One day after school I found the keys and started driving the car up and down the driveway. Janet saw me and threatened to tell Mother if I didn't give her the keys. So I gave them to her. She opened the trunk and told me to get in just to see if I would fit. So I did. She drove around the block for 30 minutes with me in there!- Nancy | When Maylea was born Mom was really worried that Maylea was retarded because of the way she held her head side ways all of the time. She even made me take her to the doctor to ask them about it! - Jenni | When we were younger Janet would always take us to Ponderosa and to the park and stuff. We always looked forward to going to her house for the weekends and long visits. She always made sure we had fun!- Danielle Fox | I will never forget how Momma was always so sweet to everyone and was always there for everyone when we needed her. She was a Momma to everyone!- Regina Jones

21: Mom would get us all into our pajamas and we would go to the store and buy a ton of junk food. We would load it all up in the car and go to the drive in. We'd lay out blankets and lounge in our pjs! Good Times- Rachel | When we were kids Mom would teach Bible class to us every Wednesday night at home. I remember we weren't allowed to go anywhere on Wednesday nights because she wanted us in Bible class! But she ALWAYS made it fun and I looked forward to it!- Desiree | When me and Jenni were little we lived way out in the country. So since it was to far to drive to church every Sunday Mom would get us all dressed up and would have her own Bible study for us!- Amber | I loved sleepovers at Janet's because she always made things interesting. She would tell us about her teenage years and would make us laugh all night long.- Rachel Nance | Janet would always tell me that I was her favorite son-in-law! She would tell all of the son-in-laws that and then tell them (really you're my favorite!) - Brian

22: A Wonderful Mother! | World's Greatest Nanet! | One of a Kind

23: An Amazing Wife! | A heart of Gold | Sweetest Smile

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