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micah thomas to kill a mockingbird

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FC: To Kill a Mockingbird | by: MICAH THOMAS

1: Setting pg 2-5 Point of View pg 6-7 Conflict pg 8-9 Character pg 10-11 Symbols pg 12 Mockingbirds pg 13-14 Themes pg 15-16 | Table of Contents

2: "As we walked up the sidewalk we saw a solitary light burning in the distance" (Lee 201). "In ones and twos, men got out of the cars. Shadows became substance as lights revealed solid shapes moving toward the jail door. Atticus remained where he was. The men hid from view." This quotes set up the picture for the darkness that is about to happen at the jail while Atticus is protecting Tom Robertson from the lynch mob. | "The house was low, was once white with a deep front porch and green shutters but long ago darkened to the color of the slate-green yard around it ." This quote shows us what the Radley house looks like, and it helps the reader understand why the kids think it is a haunted house. | setting

3: "There was no room at the public hitching rail for another animal, mules and wagons were parked under every available tree the courthouse was square was covered with picnic party's" (Lee 214). This setting quote depicts how the small town appears to have a friendly atmosphere. When really there is lots of turmoil, like how the blacks and whites sit on separate sides of the courthouse lawn. | .

4: Setting | Understanding the context of the setting is so important because the setting gives the mood and shows us how the characters live. The setting shows how Scout sees what she thought what a nice quiet southern town turn into a raciest and prejudice atmosphere when its true colors were shown.

5: To Kill A Mockingbird alludes to the Scottsboro Boys because just like Tom Robinson was convicted of rape of a white woman the Scottsboro Boys were convicted of rape even though they did not do it. However, unlike Tom Robinson the Scottsboro Boys were set free after many years. | Tom and the Scottsboro Boys fought the same battle against racism. The Scottsboro Boys and Tom were only convicted of rape just because they were black. There was no evidence against them to prove that they were guilty.

6: point of view | The point of view used is first person because it is told from Scout's point of view who is a young girl. We know it is first person because Scout says "When I was almost six and Jem Was nearly ten" (Lee 1).

7: Harper Lee chose to tell her story from Scout's point of view because she is very innocent and through this we can see the events of the South from a different point of view then we are more use to. By seeing this through a child's eyes it takes away the the deep racism of the South that we would see through an adults eyes. | Being a young girl Scout has not gotten to really experience the world like Atticus, Cal, or even Jem so the events that are happening with the Tom Robinson trial are a shock. Scout doesn't know what racism really is at the beginning of the book so through her point of view we really get to see what happens in the South and learn with her.

8: conflicts | Tom Robinson is convicted of rape. This type of conflict is man vs society and this is external. Before Tom was accused of rape he was a good man who worked hard and was well respected by many people. Tom is convicted and he goes to jail where he is shot and killed when he tried to escape. | Jem, Scout and Dill try to see Boo Radley but then they get shot at by Nathan Radley. This conflict is man vs character external. At the end of the book the conflict wasn't really resolved for Jem and Dill. The only kid that gets to really to see Boo is Scout because Jem wasn't awake when Boo carried him to the house after the fight with Bob Ewell. When Scout gets to meet Boo she finally realizes that he is a kind man, he just doesn't like to be in the public eye.

9: The most outstanding conflict in the book is when Scout tries to understand why the white men and black men don't get along. This conflict is man vs self internally inside Scout, but also society vs society externally between the whites and blacks. | The conflict between the whites and blacks doesn't get resolved in the book, the conflict seems to grow stronger. Scout's internal conflict does gets almost resolved, she understands why there is hatred but still doesn't understand why they can't see each other as equal. The reason why it seems like this doesn't get resolved is because the book leaves many loose ends.

10: Characterization | Scout- Scout is a dynamic character. Scout is a young girl who is just starting to figure out the world. She is dynamic because she changed from the beginning of the story to the end, she matured. | Jem- Jem is a young boy and Scout's brother. He is considered a dynamic character because he grows more mature during the story. Jem grows closer to Scout by being more understanding of her.

11: characterization | Aunt Alexandria is Atticus's sister and she is a static character because she does not change at all during the story she just stays the same and never approves of the black folks in Maycomb County | Calpurnia is the hired help for the Finch family. She is a static character because she does not change in the story because throughout the book she stays the same loving nurturing woman.

12: Symbols | The Mockingbird is the main symbol in To Kill a Mockingbird. The mockingbird symbolizes innocence and something that does no harm. | The reason the book is named To Kill a Mockingbird is because its wrong to kill a mockingbird when they cause no harm and only make music for us to enjoy.

13: "Mockingbirds" | Scout Finch is a mockingbird because she does not cause any harm. Scout is very caring towards her brother Jem, Atticus, Tom Robinson, all the black folks in Maycomb and even Dolphus Raymond. | Tom Robinson is a mockingbird because he is a caring, helping, and hardworking man who doesn't expect a reward. Tom helps out Meyella Ewell and does not take money when she tried to pay him, he also feels sorry for her because he knows she is lonely.

14: Boo Radley is a mockingbird because he helped out the kids when they were in danger of Bob Ewell. Boo put himself in danger just to save the kids and this also could have put him in the public eye.

15: Themes | Innocents- "Mockingbirds don't do nothing but make music for us to enjoy". | This quote proves the theme of innocents because the mockingbird does no harm. | This theme can be applied to the real world because small children are full of innocence and just like mockingbirds they do no harm.

16: Racism- "folks are just folks" "Nigger lover is just one of those terms that don't mean anything like snot-nose. Its hard to explain ignorant, trashy people use it". | This quote proves that racism is bad and that racism was starting to become a thing of the past during this time. | This theme can be compared to the real world because racism is not acceptable and all people should be equal.

17: Poor education- Did you ever go to school" asked Atticus "read'n' write good as papa younder" said Mayella. | This proves the education was poor in Maycomb County and not many people went to school. | This theme can be seen in the real world because our education system is much better than it was, but it is still not perfect because some people still do not graduate high school.

18: the end

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