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Micaiah Fraction

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FC: Paranormal Halloween | By:Micaiah Fraction

1: Dedications | I would like to dedicate this book to my family.

2: It was October 31st, 2010, Halloween night. It was very cold and brisk outside.Kids were trick-or-treating,and having lots of fun. It was about 8:30 at the time.Some kids went trick-or-treating by themselves,others went with their parents,because some parents were a little suspicious of things that could happen on Halloween night.

3: Many children were having competitions to see who can get the most candy. Including a boy named Jimmy,a girl named Olivia,and many other people that were part of their group. Everything was going well until,the poor children rang Mr. Sullivan's doorbell.

4: Mr. Sullivan wasn't just an ordinary old man. Mr. Sullivan was an evil,mean,grouchy,stingy, and miserable old man. He also hated Halloween and trick-or-treaters. He was sitting down in his living room when he heard a ring on his door. When he opened the door, he heard the 3 words he hated the most,"trick-or-treat"! He began to yell,scream,and throw things at the children.

5: Nobody knows why Mr. Sullivan hates Halloween so much,and nobody wanted to ask him.Later on that night Mr. Sullivan was tired, so he decided to go to bed early. While he was getting ready for bed,he began to hear a lot of noises downstairs.

6: He went downstairs to check what was going on. He did not see anything so he went back upstairs and fell asleep. He did not hear anymore noises that night. The next day when he woke up everything else was normal.

7: Until that night,when Mr. Sullivan was reading a book,he began to hear a lot of strange noises again,but this time it sounded like someone was calling his name. he screamed "leave me alone" to whoever or whatever was doing these things to him. He is becoming a little scared now.

8: The next night the same thing starts to occur.He hears ghostly noises and screams, so he decides to do something about it.He calls his cousin and asks can he stay with him for a little while. He does not tell him why, for fear of his cousin calling him crazy.

9: So he moves in with his cousin for about a month. Every time his cousin asks why he decided to move in, he avoids the subject as much as he can, so that eventually he will just stop asking about it. He hopes that when he gets back home the strange things that have been happening will be gone.

10: Mr. Sullivan gets back to his house at around 5:30. He steps into his house carefully. He puts his right foot in and says..."Hello"? It is silent. He thinks he is safe from now on.Until that night...

11: After Mr. Sullivan ate dinner he began to grow very tired.So he shuts all the doors and turns out all the lights, before he goes to sleep. After he does that he gets into the bed and falls fast asleep.

12: It was about 10 o'clock when he fell asleep. He has been sleeping for about 2 hours. Everything was just fine until he heard a loud thump. He wakes up in hurry to see whats going on. He yells "leave me alone"! He hears someone or something call his name.

13: He is terrified. He can not fall back asleep. All he can think about is the strange things that have been happening to him lately. He began to think to himself why me?

14: Everything settles down after a while and he falls asleep and wakes up at about 9:30 in the morning. He went downstairs to eat breakfast. When he notices that the door is wide open. He remembers shutting all the doors before he went to bed.He thinks maybe it was the wind, since he had the windows open.

15: Time goes by very quickly. Before he goes to bed this time he shuts all the doors,and makes sure he locks them. He does not want any of these things to happen to him again.

16: It takes him a while to fall asleep this time because he is becoming paranoid. Eventually time passed and Mr. Sullivan was sleeping as usual. It was 3 o'clock in the morning when he hears something break downstairs. It sounded like a glass from the cabinet.

17: He goes downstairs to see the doors being opened and closed, dishes flying out his cabinet onto the floor being broken. He runs up stairs into his bed and hides under the covers. Mr Sullivan is terrified. This time Mr. Sullivan decides he will take action in the morning.

18: Mr. Sullivan asks for someone to look at the house,and tell him what is going on and why this is happening.As Soon as he steps into the house the man looks had a look on his face like he just saw a ghost.He looks at the man and then looks at the house and says "you have an evil spirit haunting you".

19: Mr. Sullivan looks very scared and confused. Mr. Sullivan asked what did it want from him and how can he get rid of it. The man took a second, looked at the house and said "It seems as if the spirit is mad at you for something you did to someone. The Man asked Mr. Sullivan, "have you been mean or did anything harmful happen to anybody lately"?

20: Mr. Sullivan told the man that he has been a little mean to some trick-or-treaters a couple days ago. The man looked at Mr. Sullivan and told him that is the reason that this evil spirit has come back to haunt you.

21: The man tells Mr. Sullivan that the only way he can get the evil spirit to stop doing these things to him is to be nice to the trick-or-treaters. At this point Mr.Sullivan was willing to do anything to get rid of this "spirit", although he realized that Halloween was a whole year away. He could not deal with another year of this spirit.

22: So Mr. Sullivan thought of an idea. He went to the store and bought a lot of candy. He was going to put a bag of candy on each trick-or- treater's door step. He also wrote a note attached to the bag. The note read.."Hello kid,I am very sorry for the way I have treated you on Halloween.Next year, be sure to come and visit so you can get extra candy!" Sincerely Mr. Sullivan

23: When the kids read the note they were shocked and thought that this was a trick. So the kids decided that they were going to wait until next year and see what Mr. Sullivan had in store for them.

24: One year went by.It was October 31st,2011 Halloween night.Kids were trick or treating and having a lot of fun. One of them remembered the note that Mr. Sullivan had gave out last year. So they decided to go and see if it was a trick or not.

25: As they approached the house they felt horrified and they thought Mr. Sullivan would do something crazy. One girl took a deep breathe and knocked on the door. There was no answer. The kids yelled lets get out of here and ran away.As soon as they started running Mr. Sullivan opened the door and said "where are you going?"Come and get your candy.

26: The kids looked at him and approached him carefully and got their candy. Mr. Sullivan said "don't be afraid.Come back next year,alright"?The kids looked at him with a smile and said "okay Mr. Sullivan."Everybody lived happily ever after.The End.

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