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Michal's 50th birthday memory book

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Michal's 50th birthday memory book - Page Text Content

S: Michal's Big Birthday Book

BC: lookin' good at 50!

FC: BIG | Michal's | Birthday | Book | 50

1: life | Nothing but LOVE and LAUGHTER ahead... | is | good at 50

2: life is not | measured by the number | of breathes we take | but by the moments | that | breath away...... | THIS BOOK | ANOTHER | YEAR MORE | take our | honors | you as you turn | incrediblerer!!

5: As I recall hearing the story, Michal told me that he really liked Uncle Burley. That one time Michal was in Metz' grocery store and there was something he really wanted to buy, but didn't have enough money. Uncle Burley happened to be there and I guess he asked what Michal was doing and when he told him about the item, Uncle Burley bought it for Michal. - Aunt Shirley | I have so many fond memories of Michal. I am sure the sisters will agree what a devil he was as a baby boy – we would put cherios on his tray of highchair and he would scape them off on the floor before we turned. when he was old enough to play cards and I would come for a visit he would follow me around with a deck of cards in his hands. when he had sports in school his Mom went to every game. and then he just got cuter and cuter. when he was going thru separation from old whats her name he would call me at night and we would chat about his kids and how he just couldn’t leave the house yet!!!!! and he does have beautiful kids, doesn’t he!!!!! I did have a lot of pictures of the whole Elvidge clan including Mike –and then moved into my latest home (a one room apartment) I had to leave a huge box of pictures that I couldn’t lift and I had no where to store them - - this - -boy was one boy that was worth waiting for after 6 girls and I am sure glad you found him all the way across our continent. tell him Happy 50th from me. Luv Aunt Gloria

7: Michal and I spinning around super fast in the rocking chair. Also calling dibs on this chair if one of us got up and left the room. Going to church choir practice, wearing the choir robes, singing our little hearts out, then sitting in the choir loft for what seemed like an eternity Hours of playing at McElroy Park next to our house. This often included friends like Norman, Rodney or any of the Lloyd boys and usually involved climbing, running, and swinging. Playing in our two story fort in the backyard. Wyc build it for us and we spent a lot of time clambering around inside and on top of this structure. One time we thought we'd create our own elevator ( a pallet and some rope) to raise and lower people from the top to the ground. We were unsuccessful. Rope burns hurt. Michal didn't have the same sleep cycle as I did. This wouldn't have been a big deal if it weren't for the fact that we shared a bedroom for a few years and my face was inches from the ceiling light. I will forever have the sound of wooden blocks tumbling onto the terrazzo floor etched into my brain. (this goes along with his limited need for sleep) Going to Michal's little league baseball games. Michal always having a candy stash in his dresser drawer. I believe he still does this. Playing cops and robbers (or was it cowboys and Indians) on our bikes around the neighborhood Riding bikes full blast down the Lloyds driveway. It seemed much longer and steeper then. Trick or Treating around the neighborhood and getting bags full of candy Michal asking me to splash a glass of water in his face to wake him up so he could surf Michal's love and devotion to our mom. He was always so kind and affectionate to her and took advantage of every moment to let her know he loved her. Grandma greeting Michal when we arrived in Arkansas to celebrate her 80th birthday then turning to me and saying, "who are you." Michal laughed for days. She loved him the most. | Sheila

8: May 1964, the end of my freshman year of high school, I get the amazing news that we finally have a baby brother! Dad announces that Michal Howard has arrived. He has light blonde hair and a stocky little body and even though he’s just a tiny baby, his little face really does look like a boy’s. Everywhere we go, especially at church, people gather around to admire this miracle -- an Elvidge boy! We hear comments like, “Oh boy, I bet he’s going to be spoiled with six older sisters!” or “Oh boy, he won’t be able to get away with anything, not with six older sisters!” My favorite memories of Michal were the times he was able to visit us in Miami. It was always so exciting for me when Mom was able to make a trip south bringing Mike and Sheila. He was only 4 when we got married and moved there, so any time I was able to spend with him was very special. Michal loved playing all kinds of games. I remember playing Monopoly for hours... long after the thrill was gone! - Shirley and Don | Miami 1976 - in the pool with Kevin, Sheila and Don | Miami 1979 - a visit with Sue and Melissa

9: Miami 1971 - went fishing with Don (wearing his National Airlines helmet) | Notice the “playpen”. This was a wooden cage mothers used to use for their toddlers. Along the sides are (lead?) painted wooden beads meant to entertain the captured child. It didn’t take Michal long to figure out how to lift the floor up in the middle and belly crawl under to freedom!

10: Unbeknownst to Wyc, Michal was not fond to say the least, of his black hornrim glasses. So Michal plotted a secret plan in order to "lose" them and thus, getting a new pair more to his liking! He often fished across the street at a neighbors. And he decided to "lose" them into the river. When he got home, I believe Wyc heard my mom sad that he had "lost" his glasses, and concerned for Mom (and remember - - not knowing Michal didn't want them found) it was Wyc to the rescue! He jumped in, felt around in the water around the deck area where he thought Michal would have been fishing and Whalla! he found them. Mom was so happy...... Michal was not! ha ha. they still refer to this as the "glasses" story. | 50 | It was always hard for me to understand, being a female, but it appeared that males enjoyed surprise attacking each other! Michal and Wyc both shared their love of "tussling" and as years went by, they would try to get each other to the ground (I know - - Wyc was bigger - - BUT) Michal always said - Some day I'll get you to the ground first. And as Michal grew older and stronger, it happened (maybe this isn't Wyc's memory, but it is my observation!!) that Michal was able to overpower Wyc. From that point on, whenever he would visit us or come in to town and Wyc was sleeping or napping, Michal would run in to the room, jump on the bed and pretend they were beating each other up!!! I loved the playfulness of it and of my brother.

11: Best Babysitter Award Michal was a teen when I was having Jennifer and then Jamie. He loved them so much and it showed. Fortunately for us, he lived next door and became our ever constant babysitter. He never balked at this task, but he would Never, ever accept money from us and i believe the interest on what we still owe him is in the millions by now!! ahead! Papers for School: When I worked as a transcriber, typing for court reporters from home, Michael was going to DBCC. Don't tell him, but it always flattered me that he would come over and say "Hey, Sis - can you type up my paper for school?" and proceed to hand me a one or two line paper he had written that was supposed to be at least 500 words! ha ha. I would always ask when it was due and almost always it was due in an hour or two. Needless to say, I learned a lot of what Michal was studying at that time and somehow (without internet to help me) I always seemed to get it done. It was the least I could do for my awesome babysitter! Down in the Boondocks! It was so fun having a baby brother. I still remember the day Mom told me she was pregnant. We were at least made to feel it was our choice of name when we discovered it was a brother. Though everyone at church expected a Sam, a Steve or such, it would not do. I remember feeling that all "S" names were reserved for girls. Michal was picked and the spelling was Mom's choice. he was absolutely beautiful, and so full of energy . He was everything I thought a boy was supposed to be like. We all had our jobs to do, being from a huge family. One of mine was to babysit Sheila and Michal. I used to sit on the dresser in our room and play the big Ukelele, singing "If I had a Hammer", "Down in the boondocks", "House of the Rising Sun" - not all kid friendly, but all I knew how to play and I would change up the words if I could think to. Many times through the years, once Mike moved away, I'd get a call and he'd say, "Hey, Sis - listen.... and then let me hear the song on the radio "Down in the Boondocks". It always lets me know he loved me singing to him then. | Giving Respect As Dad grew more and more ill, I couldn't have been more proud of Michal taking over and helping with so many parts of his care - whether it be l sitting and talking to Dad for hours, fixing things up around the house to help, which kept our minds on things other than his poor health, taking him places that he wanted to see. He stayed and stayed and there was such love and comfort in that. | Wyc and Sharon

12: "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage." - Lao Tzu

13: My second grade (actually my second year of second grade, but that’s another story) and I was called to the office during class. Sharon and I walked to the office together, her coming from her class, and went to the office and told we had a BROTHER!! Back then you didn’t know ahead of time if it was a boy or girl, so this was BIG news for the Elvidge family of all girls! So having an addition to the family warranted a trip to the office, especially since it was a boy!! I would have been eight Next memory: Don’t know how old Michal was, but whenever that song was popular and somebody gave him a 45 record of the song, he played it night and day, over and over and over..so that we ALL knew all the words.can you guess it? My name is Michal, I’ve got a nickel, I’ve got a nickel shiny and new. I’m going to buy you all kinds of candy, that’s what I’m going to do! Well, we all know how Michal is with money.. not sure he doesn’t still have that shiny nickel somewhereand he put the candy in his pocket at the store when nobody was looking.. Oh, did I say that? Next memory: Can’t remember the timing of this one exactly, but Michal was obviously old enough to drive. He offered to drive over to Krystals which used to be in South Daytona and get Krystals for lunch for us. Can’t remember who the “us” is exactly. Well, you can imagine our surprise when he returned with a sack full of Krystals that were 100% plain! None of the usual onions, mustard and pickles that comes on Krystals.. why, you ask? Because Michal didn’t like any of that so we weren’t getting any of those things on ours either! So all 24 or so Krystals were absolutely plain. Susyn

14: I have some fond memories of Michal when he was about 9, 10 years old playing little league baseball at city island. I was the assistant coach of team and Michal was a great player. The team played for the championship several times in the few years that Michal played. Great memories on the old ball field. Got my car window broken one night with a foul ball!!! Didn't park there no more...ha ha. We had an incident in one game between the parents of the two teams got so heated that referee made all parents leave stands and go to their cars till game was over!!! I bet Michal remembers that. | Another fond memory I have of Michal is when I was dating Sandy, I would go over and hang out at the house till she go through with her chores and Mike would be at the dinning room table eating cereal!! That kid could put away some bowls of cereal!!!! | Danny

15: I have warm memories of Mom rocking Michal. He was a very active toddler, but once Mom began to rock him, and sometimes sing, he would just melt into her arms and peacefully drift off to sleep. It was truly magical! | If there was a symbol for Michal as a little boy, it would be the Rocking Horse! I can remember that it was moved from the house to the garage because he could REALLY RIDE THAT HORSE! Then, when things got really crazy, and the rocking horse began hopping across the floor!, it was transported to the back yard! Ride em cowboy! Of course I remember the surfing years! Sun bleached hair, suntanned skin, eating everything in the house upon return from a surfing excursion and finally, "missing" class when the waves were good. HAHA Mark and I went to Michagan for Michal's graduation. Then we brought that southern surfer boy back to the beach and waves! This was a priceless time for me with Michal. While Mark was working so many hours and had out of town trips quite often, Michal was such a blessing for me with Aaron Michal, his namesake! I will never forget those times!!! One of the happiest memories I have recently was when Michal called and told me that he was in LOVE! Thank you Nicole... | Sally

16: He will forever be Ella Kate's silly boy. She loves him and the way she giggles when he is around is music to my ears. That same summer he found a baby snake at mom and papa's pool and she was proud to have her picture with it. It takes a special brother to make an amazing uncle, and he sure fits that part. Love you all and miss you greatly!!! | He had a huge part in Ethan loosing a tooth that summer...he kicked it out. He was trying to get Ethan to grab his feet so he could do a dive off the diving board and he kicked Ethan in the mouth and out came his tooth. He and Ethan also played 100 games of UNO that summer. They would spend a lot of quality time on the side porch and play and play and play. They played 21 games and I believe Ethan won more than he did. And then there is his silly girl. | He and Emilie took a day trip to Abingdon, VA and took some pictures along the way. I know that meant a lot to Em because often times the younger ones get the attention, but he wanted her and only her to go with him that day. | I've been thinking about my memories of Michal and the ones that stand out the most are the ones with him and my kiddos. The few months he was with us before Papa passed away were filled with wonderful memories. | Jennifer

17: Michal is all i could ask for in a brother: Loves sports and games, is a family man, fits right into our family, very generous, is a great Uncle, and most importantly loves my sister! We've had some great memories already like driving across the state for the Apple Cup, meeting all your family in Florida during your wedding, and the time we shared at Ocean Shores. You are a terrific man and one I am proud to be associated with. I can't wait to make new memories with you and Nicole as we all continue to grow older and closer. I hope you have a most memorable 50th birthday! Happy Birthday, Bro!! Love, Tony | I always remember all of the times that Michal and I play Wiffle Ball together! It is always fun getting the bats out and having a little home run derby, even though he cheats and uses a one arm swing!!! We always have a lot of fun and me winning makes it all the better! It’s a good thing that he always schooled me at racquet ball though; I have never won a single game out of 100! There was also the trip to Pullman, where we watched the Huskies lose to Tony’s exact prediction! That began the “Michal Curse”, which seems like less and less of a curse as time goes on! Putting games aside, Michal is awesome! We love him so much and are so happy that he is a part of the family! Happy 50th!!!! -Vinnie

18: Possibly October '93. Some of the "Elvidge" men at the time. Wyc, Michal, Tyler, Mark, Aaron, Dan, Ryan and Don | This is probably around the fall of 1983. It's me, David, Melissa, Pam, Deanna and Michal. We had joined our church that morning and the girls were baptized and Mom and Michal came and then we went to lunch after. Mom's apparently taking the picture and judging by what's on the table, we're at a Wendy's. | Michal the skateboarder? no clue on the year. I've always liked this picture... | February '74, not sure whose candy that is....that is the year I graduated and got married, so...hmm...

19: Mike was such a sweet baby boy. We loved to play. He loved to swim but sometimes to far out at the beach. I went in fully clothed to get him one time. He teases me about my cutting his hair like a bowl cut. We would snuggle n read books. When I had Kevin he was so excited it was a boy. Wanted him to hurry up n get bigger so they could play. Good at hide n seek and loved tent building. He loved mom so much. He couldn't wait for her to come home from work. He was so funny in how he would wear his clothes just a curtain way. We would try to fix him but he would put it right back. - Sandy

20: Skyler memory: She went to South Carolina with Kev's folks a couple of years ago to spend time with Michal's dad and family. Thanks to Uncle Michal she came home with a turtle! | I remember walking with Michal and Sheila to Longstreet Elementary for a fair - Kevin We were at Susyn's town home for a family get together in the mid 90's. I was still going to Embry Riddle. Michal came up to me with so much enthusiasm about my career goal. It was nice to talk to someone who shared the same passion for aerospace as i do! XO Patricia

21: Our favorite memories were when he was here in GA still and came to the hospital and visited when the twins were born! Such a special time in our lives and we were so glad he was a part of that and other fun memories during the early years of their lives. Love you HB Uncle Michal xo - Devinn and Matt

22: December 29, 2012 I often think back on this day. You, Nicole, Jennifer Jill, Emilee, Ella Kate, Jordyn, and myself went to Disney World! I always think of you and Nicole as being so spontaneous, and that’s just what this trip was. I was just a poor, college student on Christmas break who did NOT think a trip to Disney was going to happen. But since I have the sweetest, most generous, kind-hearted Uncle Mikey and new Auntie Nicole J, I had a ticket to Disney. I had so much fun that day laughing, eating, and exploring with everyone. I feel truly blessed to have you as an uncle and can’t wait to make new memories! I love you, Kaley

23: June 24, 2013 This trip to Seattle was everything I imagined and more! Due to the graciousness of you and Nicole, I was able to fly out to Washington. I even convinced my mom and dad to join, which was not hard at all! Tyler was there too: bonus! We had so much fun hiking, going to the space needle, and eating our way around the city. In my opinion some of the best things in life are traveling and being surrounded by the people you love. This vacation was a combination of the two and it is one that I will never forget!

24: We stayed the night in Tallahassee at Aunt Carroll & Uncle Rod's "Back-Forty". We were up early for breakfast from our hosts and out the door to make it to Doak Campbell. USF vs FUS and SOMEHOW USF won! Push Up Contests: He always finds a way to win...Whether he is cheating someow or just beating me flat out...Haha...I see it as his way of giving me the ol' "say uncle" line. Never have I won. - Ryan

25: "Tickle Monster!!! His nickname for me was Moe :) " - Melissa

26: We are so lucky to have you, Uncle Michal!!!! I have so many fun childhood memories with you....I always knew that I could count on you to PLAY :). You are constantly having a blast...playing games, running around, doing cannon balls into the pool...you make everyone else around you have a blast, too! As an adult, I have even more fun memories. Now, you are not only an amazing Uncle to Danny and I, but also to Dylan and Declan. You always love to "mash" on my babies...and I'm pretty sure they love it too. Now that Dylan is getting older, he has started to realize that he can always count on you to PLAY with him too :). I love seeing how excited he gets when he knows you are coming into town...it reminds me of how excited Aaron and I used to get when you would come over! You are such a fun, caring, wonderful Uncle! We love you sooo much! Happy Birthday! Love, Natalie

27: I remember when i was a little guy and you took me to Disney all day and it was the best day ever. I was so excited the day i inherited the log and it's now my go to surfboard for a fun day. I'm glad to have your name as my middle name. You're the best and i wish you a happy birthday! - Aaron | I was his princess oddball and princess sweetie pie and i loved having a nickname from my uncle. Also other memories are being able to walk next door whenever I wanted to play with Uncle Michal. I felt like the luckiest niece having him right next door to us! - Jamie

28: He nicknamed me as a kid Jennifer joe uncle mike was good about giving talks over the years too. Talks about how I shouldn't take my diaper off and spread it on the walls when he was babysitting....wait for when it's Sheila's turn...how to kill a catfish on Rodney's dock with a hammer....talks later in life about my faith and him wanting to make sure Jesus Christ was my savior.... Talks about how proud he was of Tyler and Lyndsey...and then when I was older making sure Chris was a good guy....then making sure Chris and I were saving and spending wisely.....and then talks about how awesome Jordyn was all we need to do is love her and he said Tyler and Lyndsey have been made him so happy and proud and finally how happy is was to find his soul mate.... | Jordyn would say when she was little uncle mike would always take her to toys r us and let her pick out something. Including one year they brought home a bike!

29: My best memory was when Uncle Michal met Joy, my husband, for the first time. He had been skeptical at first because Joey is 5 years older than me and we met when i was 14. LOL Anyway, Joey and Uncle Michal talked for hours and afterward he told me how much he liked Joye and felt like he could be the one to take care of me. It was such a great joyful feeling that Uncle Michal liked him. This helped me be ok with how my life was going at the time. Uncle Michal's opinion has always meant the world to me!!!! Love him soooo very much. - Pamela | Memories

30: Michal, I hope you have a very happy birthday! so glad you have found marital bliss with Nicole. Cheers to us all for living happily ever after! Here is one of my favorite BellSouth memories. Enjoy! Everything goes terribly wrong when Mary Ann goes on vacation We end up working until Midnight for several nights on some project. Then later that week, everything seems fine and we all go home at 5:00. Apparently, at 5:01 a crisis hit and Cathy came out of her office and no one was to be found. The next morning, we are called into Cathy’s office. We are foolishly thinking that we are going to be getting some praise for working the late nights.but NOOOOOOOOooooo! We get blasted for daring to leave at 5pm when there was a crisis looming. Hence, yet another BellSouth acronym was created: AWIC. Are We In Crisis? Lele

31: Happy year to you Michal! I am just putting on 4 racks of ribs on my smoker! I remember fondly your preference for Ribs at Williamson Bros BBQ. Mind are far better! Come have your fill at Katie Lou's Cafe! Happy Birthday and have a great year! - Bill and Claudia | To Michal - It takes a real special friend to travel half way across the country to be the photographer at a middle school cheer competition!! N..E..W..R..O!!! Great memories - all the lunch wagon trips with "Crazy Ivan" behind the wheel - taking us all to exotic dining experiences. And what does Michal order? Brown. Anything Brown. No other color can be involved. Just Brown. And let's not forget the great discussions where we could relate anything in life to baseball!! But most importantly, the many deep, heartfelt discussions around our Faith, our Friendship and our Famiies. We are both blessed in our lives and our relationships because of the investment we have made over the years. God Bless You on this special milestone birthday! - Bill

32: Tyler | Flashlight Tag: The endless nights chasing each other in the neighbors yards trying to find the best hiding places. Night Swimming: Going swimming at night because no one else was there and we had the pool to ourselves. Kickball Games: Playing game after game of kickball with the neighborhood kids. We could never be on the same team because we were both so good. Palmer band trip: Getting to ride anything we wanted and getting fast passes at Disney World. All the years of baseball: All the car rides and hotel nights for travel baseball. Not to mention the countless seasons at Mount Paran and Kennesaw. The little league World Series we were robbed of is something we'll never forget. Staying up late watching tv and playing video games even when mom said we couldn't.

33: Every year dad and i would go to Six Flags. One summer we would go out on the company boat a lot with my friends and he would blast the rap music louder than even we could handle. He really liked Dead and Gone. But would always put on I'm at War or Sugar for me. - Lindsey

34: Dominic, Mari, and Laurie | 50! 50! | I like playing treasure hunts at your hours. I like to see him and play with him. i remember all the fun we had at Disneyland and Disney World. happy birthday to Uncle Michal! I love you. - Dominic | I love to have sleepovers with Uncle Michal. I like to play with him. I like to play with money and eat snakes with him.Hehehe!! I like to go see movies at the movie theaters with him. I love you Uncle Michal and happy birthday. - Mari

35: Happy Birthday | I remember the first day we met you as we were meeting up with Nicole all suited up for the Warrior Dash in North Bend. As Tony and I walked past you, having not know you afterall, i looked at Tony and said, "Hey! That guy is holding a dog that looks just like Frito!" A little later, as we were standing in line several people behind you, i told Tony again, "Hey! I don't think that's Frito, i know that's Frito!" and up walked Nicole to meet you in line. After getting you know you that day and subsequent days after, i was excited to welcome you as our friend, just as Frito tad...and that's quite a feat! :) After fun family trips to places as simple as our houses for dinner to as grand as Disneyland, my kids began to love you and we quickly grew to love you too. Now we are happy to to call you family. and...by the way, thank goodness you two made it official so i can continue to tease and torment you as my brother you were always meant to be. I love you, Michal, my brother. Happy 50th birthday!

36: My One true love, | It's impossible to say how much love and happiness, you bring me i don't know where I'd be without you. you are so very loved, by so many people and as i was gathering all the stories from all those who love you (not quite as much as me) I was overwhelmed by how many people you have touched and encouraged just by being you. My favorite memory will always be you stopping to take a picture for Paul, it was the first of many times I would see your kind heart. You are everything i could ever hope to be, and want, and more. I love you so much, happy birthday to my best friend, my partner in crime, my handsome, wonderful, amazing husband. YOU! i love you - Nicole


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