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Michelle's 50th

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S: 50 Memories for 50 Years

FC: 50 Memories for 50 Years!

1: For Michelle on your 50th birthday With lots of love from all of your family & friends!

3: Michelle, Happy 50th Birthday!!! There are certain things that will always remind me of you! The term of endearment, "Honey", Pooh!, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Dale Earnhardt, Joe Montana, Target (pronounced Tar-zhay), fleecy thong slippers, of course Cresties, but also Labs. Oh yeah, blue and white, and the phrase, "Gentlemen, start your engines"...should I go on?? When I think of you and our friendship, did you know that I have always looked at you as though you were my big sister? Always looking after me, making sure I was 'okay'. I'm betting I am one of many of your friends who feel this way! You are so many beautiful things wrapped into one lovely, gracious person. I have missed the fun times we shared while working together...I will never forget those days. A tough period in my life where you lifted me up or walked right beside me. I remember times we laughed so hard there were tears. You are precious to me and I pray we have days to come that will be spent in lawn chairs or rocking chairs(!)...lounge chairs on the beach would be my choice! I hope you have one awesome day today! I love you, Rose | December 1998... I went to a sister's 40th birthday party and Michelle babysat - which is like having your favorite aunt come to visit. My younger child had just turned 4...and it's bedtime, Michelle tucks them in and says good-night, turns off the light. I don't know if she was even down the steps, she would have to tell you, but the bedroom light is turned back on. Michelle returns to the room and asks what's the matter...my son, Nick, says he wants the light on and Michelle says, no honey, etc. It may have been turned on and off a few times here. Nick is standing on the bed, in reach of the switch, insisting his mom lets them leave the light on and with his hands on his hips announces, "I'm telling my mom on you!!!" To this day we laugh at the image... Somewhere in the same years... Because I work for a man who is from Pittsburgh and roots for the Steelers and Pitt, Michelle and he tease each other. One of our favorite memories is decorating David's yard and office with Joe Paterno and all kinds of blue and white fan gear. Which says a lot about friendship, because I have roots in Pittsburgh too!!! I'm pretty sure the cardboard image of JoePa will never be forgotten.....

4: I wish that we could have stayed closer as we grew up. Until Lynda’s wedding I think the last time we had spent any time together was at Aunt Eleanor & Uncle Joe’s wedding. Remember going to the beauty school and getting our hair done? The bouffant style with the ends flipping up – I sure wish I had a decent picture of all us girls together. The white dresses with the purple sashes? Well it took another wedding to bring us all back together again all grown up. We picked up where we left off – well almost – you with a grown family and me with more gray hair than brown, thank goodness for Clairol. During the prep for Lynda’s wedding we got to talk and catch up. What struck me most was your generous attitude and loving heart. I look forward to the next 50 years of friendship and family. Love, Tammy

5: "La Vie Parfum Sampu" "Bon Ton Soy Sauce" "Baby Want More Sauce" Happy 50th Birthday! Love, Chad

6: " Grandmother -- a wonderful mother with lots of practice." ~Unknown

7: In January of 2009 Michelle came to visit me, well I guess Todd too. We went to a bridal show in downtown Chicago. Jeff and Megan were to get married that fall as well as my husband and I. It was a great opportunity for Michelle to get ideas for the wedding, and take them back to Megan and Jeff. We had champagne, cake, and encountered many bridezillas. Yikes. At the end there was a fashion show. The group of girls and I were all saying "ooh and ahh", "I like that dress." | But then all of a sudden there were men walking that runway! Hot men to say the least! One in particular Michelle had the hots for. I don't exactly remember the words that came out of Michelle's mouth so I'm going to ad-lib here. "Oh me likey." "I'll be your wifey." "Yum." And then by around the fifth time this "hunk" took the stage Michelle got wild! I believe the words "take it off!" even came out of her mouth. | Maybe it's just me but I'm 100% sure she had a good time, I know I always do when I'm with her. Todd is older than me, and Jeff and Kayla are right behind me, but she never treated me like a kid. To her I was her cousin, not the bratty teenager she had to see once a year at Thanksgiving. Thank you Michelle, especially for teaching me how to be a strong independent woman, and not to take anybody's shit. Love, Amanda

8: Many people know that I have a love of Saturday Night Live and horror movies. I attribute this to my sister, Michelle. One of my earliest memories of SNL is watching the original cast with my sister. I remember us laughing at Bill Murray's Landshark and almost peeing our pants at Roseanna Roseanna Dana and the teeny tiny sweat ball at the tip of her nose. I have no idea how old I was when Greg and Michelle were in charge of watching Chad and I one night. I was allowed to stay up late. They watched Lizzie Bordon and when it got to the scary parts I was supposed to cover my eyes with the arm chair cover from the sofa. Michelle would say, "Cover your eyes, Page." | My sister has always been there for me as long as I can remember. From the bedroom we shared in the trailer, to our bedroom at the house. She makes me laugh, cheers me up, we share secrets and dreams. I have many many wonderful memories of us; riding in her red Mazda listening to The Logical Song by Supertramp, sharing her canopy bed, me scaring her and grandma by hiding under the bed. Spending many college weekends with Michelle and the kids. We've had scary moments too, when Jeff bashed his head on the toy box, our car accident. Thankfully, there hasn't been too much of those. Happy 50th Birthday! Here's to 50 fun filled more. Love, Pagie

9: "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ~Roger Caras

10: We have had a lot of laughs over the years, mostly at my expense. But I have always appreciated being included in family holidays and celebrations. I am sure we will have plenty more to come! ~Satchmo

12: Grammy - We love when you come take care of us and give us belly rubs. We get so excited to see you. You are such a good Grammy! Love, Tex & Lacye | I remember living in the same neighborhood back in the day and sort of fighting over boys, haha. Kevin Mountain comes to mind, I think that was his name, he was the grandson of a neighbor. We always hung out at your house because your parents were cool and the boys were at that end of the neighborhood. You are such a great person and we are all so lucky to have you! Love, Brenda

14: I love the way Michelle snorts when she thinks something is really funny. She is also a great wall dancer!! Love, Alecia | Mom, I really appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for me. I hope you have a great 50th birthday! You are a rockin' mom and deserve it! Love you, Kayla

15: " The family -- that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to." ~Dodie Smith

16: " A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be." ~Douglas Pagels

17: I could probably write a book about Michelle but will try to keep it short. We met while we were in high school, I know that is going back awhile, but anyhow, I may be one of her oldest friends. I remember going to her house either after school or sometimes on weekends and just hanging out as we called it back then. We would listen to music or just sit around and talk about what boy we thought was the cutest, I see where that got us, nowhere! Sometimes I really miss just hanging out and wish we lived closer. I think the world of Michelle and wouldn't miss this day! Happy Birthday! Love, Lin

18: Mom/Michelle/Grammy, You mean so much to the three of us. It is crazy to think how fast we came into your life and you had no problem opening your arms and heart to us. We are so blessed to have given you such a wonderful little granddaughter and even more blessed to be able to parent her through your examples. We look forward to many more years of memories! Love, Todd, Allison, & Mia | Some people have the gift of making others feel good about themselves. It was obvious from the first day we met, you possess that quality. With your warm voice, beautiful smile, and genuine laugh every time we meet, I appreciate you and the way you make me feel. As you celebrate your life today and look toward fulfilling future dreams and aspirations, I would like to share an inspirational quote with you, "Whatever you would do, begin it. Boldness has courage, genius, and magic in it." ~Goethe Have the most wonderful birthday ever Michelle. All my love, Enrique | Momma, ever the saint, the perfect mother. There is no way I could repay you for all the times you were there for me, You were there when times were good and when times were bad like through broken bones, broken hearts, or even just a bad day, Who else could teach me all the things you did, from teaching me how to walk, how to talk, even how to drive. Most importantly you taught me how to be the man I am today. The only way I can think to repay you for all you've done is to be just half the parent and teacher you were to me! Thank you for everything! Happy 50th! Love You Momma Jeff

19: Michelle and I met through our children. They graduated high school together and dated a few years later. Through our conversations, I learned that our interests were similar so I invited her to join me in ushering at the Fulton Theatre. Since then, we have enjoyed our times chatting about our families, issues, and catching a movie or dinner now and then. Michelle is caring and thoughtful and I value her friendship. Happy 50th Michelle!!! Love ya, Maria

20: I love that you have accepted me not as a daughter-in-law, but as one of your children. I love that you always have a bottle of Bailey's in the fridge. I love that you will break out into Sweet Caroline, Penn State style, no matter where you are! I love that you would do anything you could for the four of us. Here's to another 50 years, now the fun begins! Love, Megan | Some of my favorite memories of Michelle are of her eating spaghetti by herself as a child and getting it all over her face and when her and Greg decided to try to smoke their Dad's pipes. Michelle was always a good child and as an adult she puts everyone first, even at her own expense. Love you! Mom

21: Michelle: Where do I begin to start with how much you mean to me? No one could have a truer friend than you have been to me. Our lives have intertwined over the years all starting from two little boys who shared the same type of connection that we did. As you celebrate this milestone in your life, I am blessed and honored to be here and to have shared it with you. You and I share a connection that is underlying. I truly feel that we are sisters by heart. We know when the other needs that phone call or recharge visit. We can go for weeks without talking but you are always in my thoughts and when we do catch up it's like no time has passed. You have always been the one person I can count on to understand my unspoken thoughts. You have always been a support to any who need you, many times at the expense of yourself and your own happiness. The world is a better, richer place because you are in it. Your devotion to the "kids" both two and four-legged is remarkable. Your two-legged kids have grown into fantastic adults because of your love and care for them, and your strong example of the human spirit. Your four-legged kids have been rescued into a loving home with a devoted "mama" to care for them. Their world is changed because of your love. Dan will always remember your visits to Hershey Medical Center (as I'm sure you will too!) Your visits when I could not travel there were a comfort to both of us. You again were there during a difficult time for us. I thank you dear friend for the blessing and gift of your friendship. I look forward to the years ahead with all the laughter, tears, and joys. The journey continues... Love always, Ann (and Dan)

22: Memories from the Andricaks... Greg -- Remember when we were boxing and I hit you in the face without boxing gloves on? Kim -- "Get the wire out from between my toes!" Josh -- Remember the year we went to Watkins Glen to see the nascar race? I had a broken arm. It was raining out and you wrapped it up so it wouldn't get wet. That weekend was fun! Kyle -- I will always remember the kissing bandits...Aunt Michelle and Aunt Pagie. Happy Birthday! Greg, Kim, Josh, & Kyle

24: The first time we met Michelle was sometime before her wedding, when our oldest son brought her home to meet us. We heartily approved of his choice, and have loved her ever since. Michelle, you have been a wonderful addition to our family, and in spite of unfortunate choices on our son's part, you will always be part of the family. We love you and you will always be one of our daughters. One morning while Michelle was living in Williamsport, I received a call from her, telling me that her toddler, Todd, was very sick, and she had not been able to get him to eat for several days, and as I recall, he was not sleeping either. Being a new mother, being worn to a frazzle and not knowing what else to do, she needed help! I drove from the Wilkes Barre area and committed to giving her some relief. When I arrived, I sized up the situation, took command, and sent her down to Turbotville to her mother's for the day for some "downtime". I gave her orders to get some rest before returning later in the day. At lunchtime, I made some chicken noodle soup and tried to get Todd to eat some of it. Lo and behold, he must have been famished, for he ate a whole bowl of it! It took some coaxing at first, but down it went! In the afternoon I put him down in his crib for a nap, but he was restless. A light bulb went off in my head! Todd's daddy reacted the same way as a baby and couldn't sleep in his crib. Could it be that like daddy, Todd had some allergies to something in his surroundings? I questioned Michelle when she returned about several possibilities, and together we decided that the carpeting in the house, which was wool, was the likely culprit. Soon after that the family moved to New York, end of problem with the wool carpeting. While living in the Elmira area, two more babies arrived -- Jeff and Kayla. Jeff was the family clown and Kayla became mom's little helper. Michelle's like has been committed to her little ones, and seeing that they had all the love that a mom could give them, and more to spare. By the time they reached high school, she was team mom for the entire football team, including many times having them at her table for meals. While going down the basement steps in Elmira one day, Michelle fell and broke her ankle. Still surrounded by her little brood, she was able to function and take care of her family. She taught Kayla to run the vacuum cleaner, and the boys pitched in too. She taught them early to be her helpers and kept them busy. Later came the move to State College and then to Elizabethtown. Living near the high school, her door was always open to her kid's friends. It was like a revolving door, and she never knew just who among their friends would show up for meals. She organized birthday parties, family gatherings, Christmas and Easter celebrations, all while maintaining either a full or part-time job! Her back yard often had the volleyball net set-up at celebrations and a good competitive game going. Graduation parties eventually took over, and the day came when the last of the brood was finally out of high school. Kayla was last to graduate, and it was always a family affair after the ceremonies, with families from both sides included. We all gravitated back to the house for snacks and visiting. The first of her "little ones" to leave home was Jeff, whose marriage to Megan was a new milestone in the life of the family -- her little brood was now all grown up! Next came Todd's move to Indiana to a new job, and then Kayla off to college and an apartment of her own. Then a new title was added to Michelle's name -- GRANDMOTHER! And so, life goes on in the lives of her children and now grandchildren. She will be a wonderful Grandmother to however many make up her little brood. She is dearly loved by her children, as well as many friends who know her. That smile of hers is always a bright ray of sunshine. We love you, Michelle. You will ALWAYS be part of our family, and we are proud to call you our daughter! Mom and Dad Horst | A Tribute to Michelle

27: I have so many good memories of Michelle. Eleanor and I looked forward to her and Greg's visits. Though there was one visit I remember very vividly. In our breakfast nook we had a trestle table and two benches that came with the house when we bought it. They were quite old and painted bright ugly green. Not my favorite color! After we had supper, Michelle and Eleanor were sitting on one side of the bench, I was on the other. I decided to "stretch out" and the next thing I knew the bench had tipped over and my feet were sticking straight in the air. Needless to say, Michelle and Eleanor began laughing hysterically. Finally after I got back up and returned the bench to its normal position, I looked at Michelle and Eleanor and said very calmly, "There is nothing funny about seeing a BRIDGE fall down", and of course their response was more laughter. Love ~Aunt Eleanor & Uncle Joe

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