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Midnite Rambler

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S: Chronicles of the "MIDNITE RAMBLER"

BC: Sincerely, Roy Rogers Roy Rogers Museum, Victorville, CA | Written by Ed Renner Illustrated by Karin Renner

FC: 2008 Ed Renner 12/1/2008 | Chronicles of the “MIDNITE RAMBLER” whilst fleeing from relentless pursuit of the Villain Sir Can..

1: These are the Chronicles of one man’s journey through chemotherapy. During his trip this man chose to share his midnight thoughts by writing them down as he took a look at where his life had led him. As he traveled back to a happier safer time he learned some truths about himself and his life’s journey. This exceptional man is my husband and I hope you enjoy his “Midnight Chronicles” as I have. He has given us the great gift of a peek into his journey and the lessons learned in life. He is a fine Christian a wonderful husband, father and friend. He has been on this trip of being pursued by “Sir Can(cer)” many times before, with his father, his brother, his son, and always he has been the courageous guide and gentle leader through this great tribulation. He has been the comforter for those around him and now when it has been him in this situation, he has continued as the courage giver, the strength holder and the constant positive light, looking not at his own problems, but with compassion for others who are suffering. He has always approached this disease as he has faced other events in his life not only as a challenge but as an adventure. There is much each of us can learn from him about living our lives. Enjoy his wonderful story with me as you travel the journey through his eyes. With love from your wife, Karin | FORWARD

2: THE SIMPLE PURITY OF THE COWBOY” | I love to hear the rubbing of the leather saddle, the gentle slap of the reins There always seems to be something pure about riding across the open range The cowboy has what we all long for, although he has no earthly goods, no window pane Freedom from the daily burdens that must to him always seem so strange When evening comes the cowboy tends to his faithful horse at dusk It’s getting dark, he starts the campfire and makes the famous cowboy stew In his bedroll he looks up at the stars and heaven looks down, he knows his maker is watching o’er him When the dawn breaks, he’s up and stirring the fire, coffee’s on, the grass is covered with dew Time to move the herd another few miles while daylight holds and then again turns dim “MIDNITE RAMBLER”

3: Writings and notes from the Chronicles of the “MIDNITE RAMBLER” whilst fleeing from relentless pursuit of the Villain Sir Can.. | STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT WRITINGS FROM THE “MIDNITE RAMBLER” | Well here I am again, alone and lonely on the East Texas Trail just barely keeping ahead of the Villain Sir Can. Sitting here under the stars by my campfire I’m not really afraid, just getting weary of looking over my shoulder to see where he is.always lurking out there somewhere I know for sure! I have my faithful horse tied up to that small the oak tree and the saddle under my head now, ready to throw on should I hear the footsteps of Can’s tireless steed pounding in the distance.I’ll be at the sanctuary for a brief stay in a couple of days, then, back on my own volition to fend for myself. I’m always looking for a kind word or friendly glance from a stranger as I pass through this part of Texas as I start to veer north to my destination and hopefully far from the clutches of the ruthless Sir Can I’ll need to put my pen away now, I see the sun starting to blink through the gently rustling leaves. got to catch just a little shut-eye, then back in the saddle and push on..

4: After a much needed rest, I am back onboard and headed northwest, guess I’ll move up through Central Texas and then west and see if I can camouflage my movements some.Can is extremely intuitive and seems to read my mind. I know he is intent on destroying me if at all possible but with my strong desire for survival I continue the drive to my destination where I think I can shake him forever. I thank the Lord that I am in good shape physically and mentally, and have a strong horse to keep me moving. In the back of my mind I keep thinking, I am far ahead of him and he will never catch up..but many brave souls have thought the same when suddenly he appears right in front of them and without much warning he kills them....a rather chilling thought. but one I must deal with always. | Writings and notes from the Chronicles of the “MIDNITE RAMBLER” whilst fleeing from relentless pursuit of the Villain Sir Can..

5: My spirits are high as I ride into the late afternoon sun. I like the feel of the warm sun, always have, guess I got that from being raised in the cold Montana winters. Not much of the time, am I thinking negative thoughts, seems as though all that really matters is the final result and I think I have the power to win this race(and yes, I know, the Lord has the final say in this, and that’s the way I want it). Seems as though lately I have been riding more at night and resting in the day, don’t know if there is any reason for this, maybe just to avoid the people and get to some sense of a normal life when I finally arrive at my destination.a long way off..

6: Champ is the finest horse any cowboy ever owned and the accident wasn’t his fault it was mine! I’ve been desperately focused on reaching the Sanctuary and didn’t notice how close we were to the edge of thedraw when the ground suddenly began to crumble beneath his feet. It must have been quite a sight, both horse and rider tumbling down the steep slope head over heels in a cloud of dust with shale flying everywhere. Being an experienced rider I should have been more careful, I know the Hill Country of Central Texas can be treacherous for even the best of horsemen. The whole event could have been a disaster..I guess I got everything back together, Champ seems finegot the saddle recinched and saddlebags tied back on where they belong..and oh, there’s my hat crushed under a couple of rocks guess we’re no worse for wear, but no small miracle!

7: STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT WRITINGS FROM THE “MIDNITE RAMBLER” | Back on the trail, I need to reach the Sanctuary today, they always take good care of those fleeing from the Villain. Unfortunately some reach the Sanctuary too late, Sir Can had caught up with them earlier and had no mercy.make no mistake.he is always ruthless and can never be trusted! I’m sure I’m beginning to show signs of wear and tear, partly due to the elements and partly due to Can nipping at my tail for the last few weeks. a minor inconvenience, not entering a beauty contest, just trying to stay alive! A few days rest and I’ll move on, I think a little further west then turn north again just west of the Texas- New Mexico border..I have renewed visions of reaching my destination in the next couple of months, I guess it has become obvious I’m relentlessly driven to win this battle over the Villain Sir Can. | Partially hidden in the tall pines I can see the Sanctuary just up ahead, always a welcome sight..so long for now.

8: Looks like an open wagon with a team of horses up ahead. I recognize the couple from the Sanctuary; he’s also trying to reach his destination ahead of the Villain. Like me, he has a chance to survive if he has the strength and will power to keep moving forward. I hope he does have the strength, and never gives up. Looks like they’re camping here for the night guess I’ll join them, getting dark now. I tell them I’m riding due north and have many miles to go to reach the point where I think I’ll be safe from Can. He, like me, seems to think if he can return to the point where he lived long ago, before he ever heard of the Villain Sir Can, he will be safe from him forever I know this may just be foolish thinking but seems like we all need to hold on to some kind of hope, and that hope may be better times years ago..before the unbelievable happens | New Mexico is wide open country and easy riding.. should be able to make good time here. Feels good to lope across the open prairie with the warm afternoon breeze blowing at your back. | Writings and notes from the Chronicles of the “MIDNITE RAMBLER” whilst fleeing from relentless pursuit of the Villain Sir Can..

9: One thing that continues to amaze me about fighting back against Sir Can, even from the beginning, I have never felt panicked or had fear of losing the battle, maybe my age or maybe previous battles with others he pursued that I was a part of, some won, some lost. I feel strong, although sometimes wondering what my life will be like if I reach my destination. So far my will is steadfast in this battle, guess if I win or lose, I’ll go down swingin’. | Dawn approaches and the rising sun turns the prairie grass to a golden yellow, the couple in the wagon are up and anxious to get moving, I tell them, I’ll take care of the camp, get moving. | STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT WRITINGS FROM THE “MIDNITE RAMBLER”

10: Heading North I finally reach familiar ground, having left New Mexico, I’m now in terrain I know, people I know. Champ seems to be holding up well through the semi-arid desert and hard riding. Looking forward to maybe tying up with some old friends, maybe a hot meal and warm bed for the night. Something seems strange to me though as I travel through this part of the country in which I lived years ago. People are friendly, but, they seem a little distant to me, surely my imagination. | Writings and notes from the Chronicles of the “MIDNITE RAMBLER” whilst fleeing from relentless pursuit of the Villain Sir Can..

11: After some deep thought and a few distant encounters, I’m.. kinda guessing, even old friends sometimes don’t want to get too close to someone that is being pursed by the Villain, I guess they think the he may start to pursue them if they provide too much aid or he maybe he’ll make eye contact with them or maybe theiy're just busy with their own lives! Most are friendly and don’t hold back, others are sorta.well, standoffish and seem afraid (I understand). Then, I suddenly had a very strange thought occur to me, I wonder. over the years, what kind of a friend have I been to those being pursued by the villain riding across the rolling plains?

12: Then, I suddenly had a very strange thought occur to me, I wonder. over the years, what kind of a friend have I been to those being pursued by the villain riding across the rolling plains?

13: I’m still, thinking almost constantly of reaching my destination. I also think, once Can has been following you, you will always have that stigma attached. Deep in the back of my mind I also know that as long as I live the Villain Sir Can will never stop trying to find me again. Well, I’ve been in the saddle for many hours and think I better get a fire going, gets cold out here on the front range at night. Champ is tied up to a small pine and I have my wool blanket for warmth.goodnight. | STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT WRITINGS FROM THE “MIDNITE RAMBLER”

14: Writings and notes from the Chronicles of the “MIDNITE RAMBLER” whilst fleeing from relentless pursuit of the Villain Sir Can.. | I know, I know, you haven’t heard from me for a long time, I am getting closer to my destination and as you probably know by now I’m actually moving forward to my past. Champ and I have been traveling north to Montana, now in Wyoming, not far to go. I now remember the nights in late September can get pretty cold in this part of the country, we try to make it to a town or at least a ranch to stay for the night.

15: For some people reaching the goal is the most thrilling part of life for me it’s always the journey Once I reached those goals, they were just finished goals, and then I would find a new challenge and a new journey, (afraid there’s something out there I would miss). I’ve always planned the next step and have been careful to have a contingency plan in case that didn’t work out, as an old pilot friend of mine used to say “always be looking for a place to land”. | So far that strategy has worked well. This time seems as though the Lord decided he would give me the journey and with Sir Can involved it put a quite a twist in my plans, but the good Lord has decided to let me live for awhile longer, and for now I haven’t figured out what’s next. Very strange for a person like me that always knows what to do with their life and is always able to make that plan work.

16: Well I continue to ride to my home town, not sure what I’ll find there they say “you can’t go home”, but this is not really going home, more like starting over in better times, (just a fantasy, bear with me). I now realize the best part of life is the part is when you’re young and don’t know what’s coming next and you have no security. Once you’ve arrived, I find out the most thrilling part is over. My greatest challenge in life will be to appreciate every minute of the present and not to live in the future.(although still not sure there was anything wrong with living in the future)!

17: STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT WRITINGS FROM THE “MIDNITE RAMBLER” | Kinda of a cool day but good for riding across the grass covered prairie, I can see a small town up ahead on the horizon, better plan to stay there for the night, some of those old hotels serve a great steak dinner and that sounds good to a starving cowboy. So long for now.

18: Writings and notes from the Chronicles of the “MIDNITE RAMBLER” whilst fleeing from relentless pursuit of the Villain Sir Can.. | Well here we are.. finally, at the edge of Baker, after more than 100 days of hard riding, the year is 1973. We’ve ridden back in time 35 years. Champ and I are just a ghost but I wanted to see what life was like when we were young and lived from day to day. I ride up by our old house. the reason I picked 1973, all three of our sons have been born. There they are, playing out in the yard, Joel gets knocked down in the scuffle but thinks he’s having fun with his brothers, Pete and Matt, he’s almost 2. Karin comes out on the porch and calls them in to get ready for supper, “Dad will be home from work soon”.

19: Back then we thought life was hard, but as I look around, it was a good life, friends and family are close by, don’t think we always appreciated them as much as we should have, (and by the way, just a note here, I’ve always had the uncanny ability to create my own stress and problems out of nothing, sure hope that will change now!). I ride down to the shop where all the guys I work with are getting ready to go home for the day, some go down to the bar for a beer, some go home, some go to the coffee shop to talk about their day. Vern and I get in the pickup and he drops me off at my house, he’s well respected at work and has been my best friend and ally there. I begin to realize those years are what make us what we are today..I decide I really don’t want to go back and do any of that over, but now understand in many ways life is better today, and each part of life builds on the next. I’ve had a great life and wouldn’t trade with anyone else, (except maybe one of my old cowboy hero’s, Gene Autry.. just kidding).

20: Sir Can has put a different light on life for me, although I don’t feel threatened, just need to go back to the future now and deal with reality, most of time I don’t think about the cancer, just get through the treatments and buy a few more years..anyway, I know its really up to the Lord to make the decision about longevity. I’m so much more fortunate than many of the people I meet at the Sanctuary, not all go into remission and sometimes they don’t see an end to their cancer but continue the battle for years.

21: There are many times when I see people I know are hurting I wish I could take some of their pain and suffering and give them a few moments of peace and hope. (I will try not to complain too much in the future and be more appreciative thank you Lord for the quick remission)! Now that the treatments are over and I’m leaving the Sanctuary, I feel I’m out on my own and without the help of anyone but my own immune system, its kind of a scary thought but I have no choice.a strange phenomenon, I began to feel safer taking the treatments and knowing that the cancer wouldn’t come back during this time. | STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT WRITINGS FROM THE “MIDNITE RAMBLER”

22: As I start to leave the edge of Baker, Champ and I begin to fade as we ride slowly away, and within a mile we no longer exist.. I feel better after exploring the past and hope I can keep focused on the “here and now” and not the “what if it comes back”.

23: it was a wonderful journey riding across the country and into the past, and I’m glad you were with me, it wouldn’t have been fun without you for sure So long for now.. | WRITINGS FROM THE “MIDNITE RAMBLER”

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