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Military Heroes

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FC: Alex Johnson | Jon Herberger

1: I'm Alex Johnson, I grew up in the U.S.A in Clover, South Carolina. I lived on a farm in the country. We had livestock and grew crops. I have one brother and one sister, they are both older than me. My brother's name is Mike, and my sisters is Tori. When I was little I liked to play the guitar. I used to play it so much my fingers would get blisters. When I was about 15, I got my first gun. I would shoot at targets, to show off my skills. When I turned 18 I decided I wanted to be in the Army. I wanted to defend my country, and people's freedom.

2: June 28, 1914 | I have great news! We were just informed that Franz Ferdinand of Austria has been assassinated. Here are the details we were told. He was killed in Sarajevo, by a 19 year old Serbian. The Serbian was part of an assassin group. The group was called the Black Hand. Ferdinand was in his car with his wife, when his driver took a wrong turn. While trying to back up, a Serbian had caught up and

3: Alex Johnson 5583 | Alex Johnson | shot Franz and his wife in the car. The Serbians targeted Ferdinand because he was persecuting Serbians, and they wanted it to stop. Today is a wonderful day! Sincerely, Alex

4: May 8, 1915 It's been a long year! I will catch you up on what happened yesterday. The British Lusitania was transporting military goods from America to Britain over the Atlantic. But Germany set up a “exclusion zone,” which meant they weren't allowed to go into that area, or else the Germans would attack. Germany and Britain are enemies so they don't want each other getting any supplies. When the ship was coming back,

5: German u-boats targeted the Lusitania. In these situations you should travel at full speed and move in zig-zags, but there was fog. So the captain moved slow and in a straight line, making them an easy target. The ship was shot at and sunk. 1,198 people died.

6: December 18, 1916 It's a miracle! The French won against Germany in the battle of Verdun. Verdun has no outside protection, so Germany thought it would be easy. France also only had 34 troops, when Germany had 75 troops. America never thought France could win this battle with such a little amount of troops. The battle consisted of mostly counterattacks between the French and the Germans. By the time France had planned their last counterattack, Germany had already taken over Verdun.

7: So the French took matters into their own hands. The French took their giant artillery and launched at the fort. The Germans slowly evacuated the fort, and France won.

8: Jan. 20, 1917 Yesterday was a good day and a bad day! Yesterday a telegram was sent out from Germany to Mexico. This telegram was sent 3 ways, radio, and two different trans-Atlantic cables. Britain got this telegram and deciphered it. After that they didn't like the sounds of it. It stated that on Feb. 1 Germany would begin submarine warfare. The telegram also said the Mexico should declare war on the United States. Mexico was

9: promised land if they declared war on us. They were promised Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. That was when America decided to join the war! Sincerely, Alex

10: March 11, 1917 Today the Tsar of Russia ordered his army to stop rioting in Russia. Russian citizens are very upset because of the unfair working conditions. They have overcrowded houses with very unsanitary conditions. Also long hours at work, usually six

11: days a week and 11-12 hours a day. Russia was in the period of industrialization. Because of this there was a overcrowding in urban areas. In the beginning of February is when workers first started going on strike. On International Women’s Day, women workers marched the streets. They gathered over 50,000 workers to join the strike. By now the Tsar was very upset. That’s why he sent 180,000 troops to stop the strikes. Although it was difficult because so many of them were women.

12: Jan. 8, 1918 | Today Woodrow Wilson gave a speech. The speech assures America that the war was being fought for a moral cause. Also the speech included that America will have post war peace, or peace after the war. Here are some of the things that were included in the speech. It opened free trade with everyone in the country, so we could trade with anyone. Also it removed all economic barriers, so we wouldn't have to force our way into any territory.

13: Another thing Wilson included was free navigation upon the seas. We can now roam the seas freely without “crossing boundaries.” France will be restored and be protected from whoever harmed them. Also Poland gained independence, as well as free access to the sea. This could help America out of the war and into the post war!

14: June 28, 1919 I have wonderful news! Today the Treaty of Versailles was signed. This treaty could end the war! Germany, France, Britain, Italy, and Japan signed it. We did not sign the treaty, and I don't know why. The treaty stated

15: that Germany had to accept the responsibility for causing the war. Also Germany had to repair any countries that formed the Entente Powers. It has now been 5 years since the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. All of the Allied Powers are very happy to know the war is coming to an end. Hopefully we will never have a war like this again. Sincerely, Alex

16: Jan. 10, 1920 Today a league for world peace was created. The league is called the League of Nations. They are trying to keep the world going without starting wars. All 63 countries in the league meet and discuss problems throughout their countries. Then they will figure out how to solve these problems without violence. The U.S.A didn't join the league, because we are the strongest nation out there. Another nation that didn't join was Germany.

17: Germany actually started the war so they weren't allowed to join the league. The league stopped many outbreaks and riots throughout Europe. But the league also allowed many more to slip past them and continue on into battles. Remember Wilson's 14 points? And how one of the points was world peace? The League of Nations is an addition on to Wilson's 14 points, on trying to make sure war never broke out again.

18: November 11, 1920 The war is over! It ended at 11 o’clock AM. Now that the war is officially over, hopefully the post war peace will kick in. I’m going to tell you what happed during this war. Four empires collapsed due to the war, but we do not know which empires they were. Also old countries vanished and new countries formed. Boundaries were redrawn in countries that were captured. Many nations lost territory due to nations being stronger than others.

19: Some nations that lost territory were Germany, China, and Russia. Also there were successful nations that gained territory. Some of the nations that gained territory were France, Italy, and Spain. Everyone one around the world is either happy or sad because they either did good or bad in the war. They either gained territory, or got territory taken away from them. This is my last journal entry, so farewell.

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