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Military Heroes

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FC: Jerry Wilson's thoughts on WWI and its events by Jerry Wilson

1: entry 1 Autobiography entry 2 M.A.I.N causes entry 3 assassination of Franz Ferdinand entry 4 Lusitania sinking entry 5 Zimmerman telegram entry 6 battle of the Somme entry 7 Russian Revolution entry 8 Treaty of Versailles entry 9 Wilson's 14 point plan entry 10 League of Nations entry 11 Aftermath

2: august 12, 1914 My name is jerry Wilson i live in clover south Carolina. Iam a citizen in the united states. i live by my self in my 6 story mansion with my three tigers and 5 maids an buttlers. Don't get me wrong I'm as country as an old cow bell but I'm loaded. i think this war thing is a load of male cow patties. if these leaders weren't so childish maybe they wouldn't be in this mess. im studying politics but its pretty hard i want to get a say in this Govt. hopefully i can become a member of congress so if the war comes to us i wont have to go. any way my tigers names are malcom billy an Clemed after my cousin I'm working on getting a Liger. Ill write soon bye.

3: July 28, 1914 I think these Secret alliances were one of the main causes of the war. An alliance is when to or more countries agree to help each other if needed. In this war every country had an alliance and each alliance would push another country into the war. And so literally ever country was is in war that’s why it was called the war to end all wars. The two sides in the war were the allies that’s us and the central powers the enemy. The allies are the United States, Russia, France, Great Britain, Belgium, and japan. The central powers are Germany, Austria Hungary, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria. Because Germany and France got in war, all the other country’s that they made alliances with joined the fight including us. See if one secret alliance was stronger than the other than they would have the upper hand. The reason alliances were so important is because when a country got in war they would have other countries to have their back.

4: June 29, 1914 hey its me jerry , When I heard about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand I knew it meant trouble for our country. I just knew at some point we would get involved with all the alliances and what not. It’s actually pretty scary to me it’s a good thing I ain’t going cause of my feet problems. My cousin Clem is going I’m afraid for him that he might get shot or something. They said franz was shot and his wife was to by this guy named gavrilo princip. Gavrilo was a member of the black hand group he had made up a big plan with these other guys to kill franz. Franz were going to inspect his armed forces and was almost killed there. when they drove off the driver took a wrong turn an gavrilo was right there too kill franz. Gavrilo tried too kill him self but was tackled before he could. Shows you that there are bad men every where.

5: May 1, 1915 The sinking of the Lusitania When I heard of the sinking of the Lusitania shocked America and forced us into war. On May 1, 1915 a German U- boat sunk the British RMS ocean liner. The ship left liver pool New York to make their 202nd trip across the Atlantic. On board the ship were 1,959 people 159 were American. Since the outbreak of ww1 ocean voyage had become dangerous. Each side hoped to blockade thus preventing any war materials from getting through. German U boats stalked British waters looking for ships to sink. All ships headed to Great Britain were told to be on the look for German U boats. They were told to take precautionary measures like full speed and to make zig zag movements. But the captain of the Lusitania decided to go in one straight predictable line which ultimately led to his demise and many others I’m glad I wasn’t one of them.

6: April 8, 1917 I heard the British found this telegram that was supposed to go to Germany. It was called the Zimmerman telegram. It came from Germany to Mexico it said if Mexico joined the side of the central powers they would help Mexico take some of our lower states back. I don’t know about ya’ll but I live in Texas I don’t want no Mexicans trying to take my state that makes me wanna go upstairs an get my rifle. I hope Mexico never gets that telegram because I think they would take the deal. That telegram helped push us into war even more. If this keeps going on I might have to go over there myself and kill some people. They say the telegram was the most secretive secret they’ve ever seen they even waited a month letter to tell our president! They said the letter was full of codes and riddles and it was complicated and hard to figure out. If I was Woodrow I would go over there and give them a piece of my mind.

7: July 1, 1916 I read on the newspaper The battle of the Somme was the 1 of the bloodiest battles in the war. It took place between July 1 and November 18. The countries involved in the battle were Great Britain and France against Germany. Germany already had a large part of northern France covered. The battle of the Somme was one of the largest battles in the war. By the time the fighting had paused in august 1916 all sides together suffered over 1 million casualties. Making it one of the bloodiest battles ever recorded. A plan for an offensive chaired by the general joseph Joffre the leader of the French army. Allied representatives agreed on the offensive against the central powers in 1916 by the French, British, Italian, and Russian. The point of ww1 was to wear down the enemy and the battle of the Somme showed that which makes it one of the bloodiest longest battles in the war.

8: November 15, 1917 I heard listening to the news on my radio, that Russia is going it’s this revolution kind of thing where centuries of imperial rule came to an end. Setting in political and social charges that would led to Russia being called the Soviet Union. In March growing civil unrest, coupled with chronic food shortages, erupted into an open revolt. This forced the abdication of Nicholas II, the last Russian czar. Then just months later even the new provisional government they had was over thrown by MORE radical Bolshevik. The Bolsheviks were are by Vladimir Lenin. The first phase of the Russian revolution was the disastrous movement. The Russian Imperial military is no match for industrial Germany. That’s why Russia is having way more casualties than any other nation in any previous war. Now the Russian economy is hopelessly disrupted by this costly war effort and moderates are joining Russian radical elements so now there are calling for the overthrow of the czar. These Russians are very confusing.

9: may 9, 1919 a couple days ago the allies made Germany sign the treaty of Versailles. the treaty was a peace settlement forced on Germany by the allies. it was signed at the vast Versailles palace near Paris. the Versailles palace was considered the most appropriate venue just because of its size. hundreds of people were involved in the final signing ceremony.the ceremony was in the hall of mirrors.the hall had about 5 hundred dignitaries. the treaty of Versailles made peace between the two sides which was good for a while. we wouldn't need a treaty if these leaders weren't so petty.I will right soon jerry.

10: February 20, 1918 There is this thing called the League of Nations, which I don’t think is working is a international organization in Geneva, Switzerland that supposed to solve international disputes. It was first purposed by Woodrow Wilson as a part of his fourteen point plan. The united states were arent involved in the league of nations which I think is a bad thing. If we were involved in it maybe we could help with problems in other countries. With frances exhausted population cause of war this league will help. This league of nations is wildly popular I wish we could join it. Its much much less effective without are help though we have knowledge we should be in it. Im tired of America not taking part in much of anything if we are so great lets help lets make a difference. This war has damaged us anyway maybe we should build ourselves back up. It would help way more than sitting and watching our men die.

11: January 9, 1918 I heard our president Woodrow Wilson gave his 14 points speech. He is gave his speech out yesterday it was a pretty boring speech if u ask me. The speech said there were supposed to be no more secret agreements which are a good thing. Everyone has navigation of all seas an end to all economic barriers between countries. All decisions regarding countries are to be impartial whatever that means. The German troops are gonna be removed from Russia. Russia should be left to develop there on political setup. all countries have to take away weapon numbers, good so no one can start anything. Belgium has to stay independent like before the war. Belgium has to be fully liberated and get the territory back that Germany took why does Germany feel they are better than everyone else I guess that’s nationalism for you. I think these countries should stop fighting over the tiny things cause their ending lives for no reason.

12: economy s | November 13, 1918 This war is FINALLY over all the fighting and killing is over. That’s the good thing but now are economy is in shambles are men are dead and we all are forced to live with it. Our economy should get better after Germany pays for all this mess. Next time our military wont be so nice hopefully there is no next time though. This war will not be forgotten with all the death and stuff. Germany is going into inflation because they printing out all this paper money, dummy’s don’t know that’s a bad thing. 1 in five people have already died from this war everyone in my family that went into the war is dead except clem thank the lord. Wilson thinks his 14 point plan is gonna make everlasting peace he is dumb the way these guys fight he’s lucky if it last for a day. This war is gave me time to think I want to be in politics to show these dumbos who knows a thing or two. I will be sure to write on a later date about my up coming goals.

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