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Milton Peters College YEARBOOK

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S: Milton Peters College class of 2014

BC: Made By: Denica Daniel | YEARBOOK 2014

FC: Milton Peters | College School | 2014

2: Mr.Wim de Visser General Director MPC & Sundial School | Championship | With the ultimate goal in view: | Dear students, As I sit to write this speech, the world cup championship games are some distance down the road. Nevertheless, all the competing teams are training vigorously and are playing preliminary matches.Judging from the interviews in the media, every single team is heading to Brazil with one goal in mind: to become the 2014 world cup champion. That's a good cause: as player on a national team, aspire to win the cup that embodies the world's best in that field of sports. Unfortunately, only one country can and will become the world champion. We'll have to wait in suspense for the outcome. Of the 32 countries competing, 31 will certainly be disappointed. I am happy to say that it's a different story where our students are concerned. Each and every student can achieve his or her ultimate goal and become a champion, that is: get his or her prized and valuable diploma. And just as in the case of the soccer players, it starts with having a crystal-clear view and firm determination to achieve your goal. Knowing precisely where you want to land, knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, knowing what and how much effort you must put into it, how hard you must work for it and, last but not least, knowing that with your diploma in hand you can achieve much more beyond that. A secondary school diploma doesn't blow in with the wind and land in your lap; not even one of the hurricanes that we are so well-acquainted with can do that for you. A diploma is a sign of recognition. It is a valuable sign of recognition of your knowledge, your skills, your insight, your personality and your ability to strive for a goal.At times it demands a lot of sacrifice. The burden of that sacrifice becomes lighter the more you get support from the school, your family, friends and other people who are in your corner. It is crucial to share your goals with your fellowmen at all times. They are your teammates on your way to the finishing line. They are your supporters that will always stand by you in good times and in bad times; with their support you won’t give up but rather drive on with increased strength towards your goal. And guess what: this diploma is just the beginning! This diploma is a splendid acknowledgment of what you have accomplished up to this point. You deserve to be very proud of it. However, it does not represent the ultimate achievement that you ought to be proud of. In essence it is a sign from the school and your fellowmen that we acknowledge the fact that, with this proof of competence, you are qualified to take further steps in the course of your development. The goal that you wanted to achieve has now created new goals, new horizons, new challenges that beckon you. With the end in sight, new panoramas loom, enticing and beautiful; but also tough and intimidating. Much will be demanded of you; sometimes you’ll even feel it’s too much. But, a world cup champion will always want to relive that moment of glory. Spain won the world cup in 2010 (the Dutch team lost the final match against Spain). At this point in time Spain is a likely candidate to win the world cup again. I’ve placed my bet on Spain. They will become the 2014 world cup champions. I also place my bet on you, MPC and Sundial students. You are my champions. Go on and embrace the success that beckons you. I wish you Godspeed.

3: This year we went on a class trip to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. We walked around the area a bit to take in the wonderful view and we saw art from the Victorian age. We also went on a nature retreat to the Muir Woods. Here we learned about our delicate ecosystem and how global warming has affected our local wildlife. We learned more about recycling and how to do our part to help the world. | VSBO-PBL/PKL | _______________________________________ | Dear students, When you have a goal, a dream, a motivation you have the end in mind. You have a reason for doing what you are doing. The challenge you meet only strengthens your will power, all because you have an end in mind. The road blocks you encounter just make you add another skill to the arsenal that you have acquired all because you have an end in mind. The refusals you hear make you a fighter , all because you have an end in mind. The late nights and early mornings studying weren't an issue, all because you had an end in mind. Having to work with the difficult situations and even more challenging circumstances were all worth it, all because you had an end in mind.... Now you have successfully arrived to the end of this goal with your diploma in hand... It's time to set another goal, dream another dream, and focus on another motivation and no matter what this world holds, you will succeed, all because you have an end in mind.... Management PKL/PBL Mr. V. Carty Mr. S. Blomont Mr. R. Garrin

4: EACB4 | Abel Adams | Shyan Anthony | Mark Beaubrun | Chris Carbon | Kernelle Casseres | Simon Cypre | Brian Emannuel | Marvin Duggins | Tracy Fuentes | Kerbie Joe Joseph

5: Dashiki Jones | Shontonia Lake | Chanella Lambert | Genesis Nicasio | Jan-nery Rossis | Rebekah Singh | Mc Kinzy de Windt | Jeroom York | EACB4 Kadisha Bradshaw Alberto Helliger Cristina Hyman Cheraisha Kensenhuis Chaiwattie Ramijt | EACP4 Jermien Daal Chevaughn Elias Tobias Elsinga Michael Flanders Tatiana Halley Daysi Mcdowall Fermin Berthany Orne Anil Rambarose Tishary Rombley

6: EACP4A | Masieli Brooks | Kema Daal | Geral Dominique | Gabriela Garcia | Edna Penthiere | Bienvenido Remou | Luciano de Weever | Jaquan Roumou | Juliette Saint Jacques | Maria Singh

7: Mykysha Hyman | Tiffany van Gurp | Myson Dorzier | Mckean Dobson | Valeska Celestine | Anique Brooks | Esley Jaime | Desling Kook | Lena Laguerre | Shanika Ellis | EACP4B

8: Manuel Morel | Danielita Muzo | Abda Nuel | Gina Pochette | Shaquira Radjouki | Mikel Reid | Afia Richardson | Akeeshma Richardson | Juangelo Roberts | Fanny St. Jaques | Micheal Walters | Rashad Webster | Shyhiem Wilson | TBWB4 Sharina Haddocks

9: T BWB4 | Byron Arndell | Brian Campbell | Rolando Carty | Leonardo Chayadi | Johnell Davis | Efisio Giordanelli | Jermaine Heemstadt | Denroy Gumbs | Xavier Philipps | Jonathan Richardson | Delano Williams | Tevin Rombley | Randy Richardson | Condawna Laing | Jordy Jano

10: T BWP4 | Vanessa van der Ree | Eugene Richardson | T i E B4 | Ishmael Augusma | Alexander Benjamin | Gilton Brooks | Reginald Bryan | TBWP4 Shemaar Williams | TieP4 Le Quan Brooks Jurien Brown Diane Mardenbrough | TieB4 Juan Blijden

11: Brian Clair | Mitchell Peterson | Paul Brown | Rily Brown | Joanna Herbert | George Woodley | Joel Williams | Hassan Violenus | T i E P4 | Ishmael Augusma | Alexander Benjamin | Gilton Brooks | Reginald Bryan

12: Mahlik Cannegieter | Fedner Dominique | Josiah Harris | Kevin Jerome | Mareel Louison | Don Landefort | Manuel Raphael | Travis Richardson | Alton Trotman | James Whittter

13: T M T B4 | Edgar Chayadi | Trevor Gario | Abraham Lall | T M T P4 | Shyron Simmons | Lucien Stephane | Brayan Barnes | Shemmar Grifiths | Leonard Niles | Frantz Plaisir | Shawn Pantophlet

14: We Got This!

15: Mr. Sergio Blomont Coordinator VSBO-PKL/PBL | Ms. J. Bute EACP4B | Ms. N. Penijn EACP4A | Mr. S. Philander EACB4 | Mr. P. Cocks TieB4 | Mr. K. Tjon-tan-pau TieP4 | Mr. R. Heestermans TBWP4 & TMTB4 | Mr.N.Henry EACP4B | Mr. Vital Carty Head of VSBO-PKL/PBL

16: PATRICK HANSON | EMILY SMITH | Dear Graduates, On behalf of all the teachers of the TKL department, we congratulate you on this special day. We are all extremely proud of you. Today marks the end of your school days here at MPC-TKL department. But graduation is not the end; it is a new beginning. Be always encouraged, make sure you find something that makes you happy and give it your all. Be a good listener and learn from each person that crosses your path; young and old. We wish you love, happiness and success and all the best with your future endeavors Once again our heartfelt Congratulations. Sincerely Yours, Mrs. Ivette Franca Head of VSBO-TKL | VSBO-TKL | _______________________________________

17: “Begin with the end in mind”. When we begin with the end in mind, we have a personal direction to guide our daily activities, without which we will accomplish little toward our own goals. Beginning with the end in mind is part of the process of personal leadership, taking control of our own lives. There are two questions I would like to ask: What is “the end” for you? What do you hope to be doing ten years from now? "Always remember, see the end goal and then make a plan to get there. Make sure you do your best in studies and the best results will come to you effortlessly. I send all the best wishes for your bright future ahead." - Raymond Romney | Mr. Raymond Romney Coordinator VSBO-TKL | Ms. C. Walraven VT4A | Ms. W.Sedney VT4B | Ms. S. Kidjo VT4D | Mr. R. Benjamin VT4E | Mr. A. v/d Gugten VT4F | Ms. J. Hanson VT4C

18: Letitia Cocks | Akira Daniel | Aschlyn Cornes | Dafny Dimanche | Joella Felis | Odessa Ashby | Sophonie Augusma | Dioscari A. Gerardo | Sandra Cetoute | Sandrine Cetoute | V T 4 A

19: Yadiska van Putten | Sudienne Gumbs | Elicia Morris | Holy Hyman | Jian Nie | Sashin Reid | Safi Rojo | Chelsea Richardson | Karen Salomons | If you don't like the road you are walking, start paving another one. | Makeel Violenus

20: Jameesha Mills | Celina Monsanto | Leann Molina | Kristal Griffiths | Ashley v' Heyningen | Roshmira Hassell | Alma Arrendell | Jastellah Gibbs | Shamariah Laville | Alexandra Krozendijk | V T 4 B

21: Uriano Raymond | Lydienne Schoop | Kalisha Trotman | V T 4 C | Akira Flanders | Daniel Lucas | Cedrick Kerindongo | Mervil Lupson | Julius Milton | Janita Clarke Ashley Richardson Kimberly Warner

22: Shaquille Naarendorp | Shaquille Peterson | Idrissa Peters | Ohmar Phelipa | Renny Pompier | Kendra Priest | Liandro Rombley | Michael Rammessar | Omeo Tauze | Troy Toney | Deseana U. Jacobs | Amy W. Hamstra | Emmanuel Villareal

23: Dimitri Halley | Steve Harnaraine | Kwame Hanson | Tanisha Harregan | Audy Hassell | Jeanille Gibs | Nicole Dompig | Arshani Charles | Jamal Constance | Ashlon Cicilia | V T 4 D

24: Cairon Herbert | Isiaah Lacroes | Shanel Hughes | Mitchel Nathaniel | Daniel Philips | Anamaria Ortega | Shamar Medas | Diana Maccow | Alfred Thomas | Trevian Smith | Genercy T. Fulgencio | "In order to succeed, your desire should be greater than your fear of failure." | Richard Boekhold

25: Joanelle Damier | Caryl Jones | Jean-Ronnie Gabriel | Lennica Frederick | Kendy Hippolyte | Malcolm Conner | Jordan Antoine | Trishiana Arrundell | Ruben Arrindell | Jeanida Bloeiman | V T 4 E

26: John Osias | Lareine Pinard | Ronar Peterson | Dawn Verleg | V T 4 F | Joshua Abraham | Sandy Arnaud | Xiomi Lak | Sjahrya Laplante | Isaiah Lake | Landa Louis Jean | Chaquan Marlin Virginia

27: Meshach Gumbs | Sam Hootsman | Ania Monto Sosa | Bart van Vliet | Lorene Hodge | Theodosia Hawley | Hakeem Holaman | Shannen Shamdeo | Lennox Jeffers | Siobhan Mitchell | Aurelia Krozendijk | Denzeline Balborda | Miguel Boekhold | Naeem Dupersoy | Mitcherline Dublin | Chantal Eugenio | Ryan Fong | Malcolm Arrindell | Shamira Benjamin

28: WORK HARD and DREAM BIG. | We Got Balance

29: Starving! | Quieres Bailar?

30: PATRICK HANSON | EMILY SMITH | Begin with the end in mind Graduating class 2013-2014, On this your graduation day, the journey which began 5 to 6 years ago have come to end. Along this path you were faced with many obstacles, triumphs and a whole lot of self searching. You have been successful, congratulations. As a learning institution we planted the seeds of knowledge and today those trees are in full bloom. Spreading their branches like the flamboyant tree in its entire splendor, what a sense of fulfillment, pride and joy. Continue to strive for excellence. Sincerely Yours, Mrs. Naomi Richardson-Christian Head of HAVO/VWO | HAVO/VWO | _______________________________________

31: Beste geslaagden, Een aantal jaren geleden zijn jullie het MPC binnengekomen als kleine brugklassertjes en langzaam zijn jullie uitgegroeid tot sympathieke jongvolwassenen. In jullie examenjaar hebben jullie extra hard gewerkt en het resultaat is nu te zien. Jullie hebben je diploma verdiend! Een groot deel van jullie heeft een duidelijke toekomst voor ogen en gaat zich storten op een opleiding in een ander land. De komende jaren moet je een nieuwe balans gaan zoeken tussen nieuwe vrijheden en groeiende verantwoordelijkheden. Net als op de middelbare school krijg je momenten waarop je er even geen zin meer in hebt, maar gooi dan niet direct de handdoek in de ring, wees sterk en zet door. Dankzij jullie humor en enthousiasme heb ik jullie de afgelopen jaren met heel veel plezier ondersteund en les gegeven, maar nu is het tijd om afscheid te nemen. Ik wens jullie allemaal het allerbeste toe, geniet van de studentenjaren en zet je in voor een positieve toekomst waar dan ook ter wereld. Bert van Driel Coordinator HAVO/VWO | Mr. P. v/d Hoogen VWO 6 | Ms. M. Allewart VWO 6 | Ms. C. York HAVO 5A | Mr. B. van Driel HAVO 5 B | Mr. M. Brown HAVO 5 C

32: H A V O 5 A | Rasheed Ellis | Rocheline Barbij | Michael Chan Moon | Aijman Baroud | Jair Conner | Faricka Merrick | Nuralia Singodikromo | Chantal Fleming | Shakila Hodge | Raeann Ford | Raul Jacobs | Tarik Pantophlet | Naomi Peterson | Letitia Peterson | Rumari Rogers | Tia Thompson | Tashiana Webster | "Th e only person you are destined to be is the person you decide to be."

33: H A V O 5 B | Kyanna Baly | Shanikwa Baptist Jno | Melissa Cloose | Lithianne Brooks | Jerrel Christian | Murielle Jean-Michel | Mary-Lee Gumbs | Alain v' Isle | Tasha Jose | Alvin Martin | Jonathan Philips | Geraldine Nicourt | Lenifa Priest | Chanella Romney | Natalia Richardson | Joanne Victor | Keneisha White | Aisha Thomas | "Don't let yesterday take up to much of today."

34: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” - Marianne Williamson | DESIRE TO INSPIRE! | H A V O 5 C

35: Armani Aventurin | Moesje Berry | Fanny Baez Perez | Sjarmen Dompig | Arianny Espinosa | Olivia Louison | Larissa Theodore | Timothy van Vliet | Ariel de Weever | Ketiskia Hodge | Kimberley King | Chantal Jones | Joline Koster | Jason Merrick | Danielle Phillips | Tyrell Pantophlet | Christian Semeler



38: Ricardo Arnell | Tessa Bok | Sophia Brans | Denica Daniel | Karina Carty | Sakir de Castro | Christel Chin-ten-koei | Shanella Cairo | VWO 6

39: Rehema Fleming | Daniel Halman | Geness v/d Heuvel | Brendan Webster | Marie Louissant | Imani Marlin | Bor Scholten | Maike v't Laar

40: . | SQUATS! | Chemistry = Confused | No Face | Motivated!

41: 10th EXTREME SURVIVAL | 10th Extreme Survival Winners! | The Dragon Wrestlers

42: MPC dominated the sports realm as they placed 1st in baseball, football and volleyball this school year. | Girls Volleyball Team | MPC Baseball Team | Boys Volleyball Team | MPC Football Team

43: Fund-raising events


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