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Mindful thoughts

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FC: Mindful Thoughts By Alexander Celetti

1: Table of Contents | Dedication-Page 2 Sites-Page 3 The Sun House- Page 4 THE DNA ON TOP- Page 5 Bump in the Night- Page 6 The Big City- Page 7 Abuse Is Not The Way- Page 8 Home Sweet Home- Page 9 A House for the Unwanted- Page 10 Hercules- Page 11 Mysterious Gift- Pages 12 & 13 Gone but not Forgotten- Pages 14 & 15

2: Dedicated to my Family. | Thank you guys for supporting me and allowing me to write about you.

3: Cites | Picture | Website | My Family Ghostbusters City Landscape Abuse Ribbon Abuse Sign House 1 House 2 Homeless Hand Homeless sign Hercules Crime Scene Mountain Bike thinking people |

4: The Sun House | Houses are something special, they can hold good and bad memories inside them. In the case of my house, tons of good memories fill the air. If you were to ever come to my house, the first thing you would notice is the color of it. Now the color is not bad at all in fact its some what relaxing. My house is the color of a faded lemon or a pale sunrise. It reminds me of a calm summer day. Now when you go inside my house it's another story. The walls are white with lots of pictures on them, kind of like an art gallery. The scent is always wonderful all thanks to the homemade food my mother cooks. On the first floor, theres always something or somebody walking around doing a chore or trying to get food. So, the sounds that you hear are the wondrous footsteps of my family or the TV blaring because my parents are "hard of hearing". For instance, I was awoken from a deep slumber because old music was playing. Like music from the 70's or 80's, but anyway I went downstairs to investigate. What I saw shocked my soul. It was my mom dancing to Richard Simons Sweating to the Oldies.

5: THE DNA ON TOP | Hair is what tells us apart from one another. It shows what are personality is like. Whether we have spiked hair or long silky hair, we all have something in common.Getting haircuts is what we all have in common. Though in my family,we all have different styles of hair. My hair (the shortest hair in the house) is like hedgehog quills bunched together to form a point. The color of my hair is as brown as the fur of a plush teddy bear. Soft and silky is what my hair feels like. Victoria (my sister) has shoulder length hair that is soft to the touch, like a new born puppy. On a good note her hair does not smell like a dog, it smells like a tropical getaway. Now my parents have interesting hair. My mom has short hair (short in girls hair not in guys) that goes just past her ears. It's a faded brown with light gray on the sides. Finally,my dad has black hair with gray on it.

6: The biggest fear that I have is the fear of ghosts. I don't know when I started fearing the see through foes, but the fear has not gone away. When I watch movies with ghosts in them, it doesn't bother me. Though, when the movie is over I get freaked out. | The type of ghost I'm scared of are the one's in horror movies. For instance, the ghosts in the movie Insidious were pretty scary to the point where I had to turn the lights on. So I could give my heart a rest from all the heart pounding suspense. | Though I guess if you don't bother ghosts, then ghosts shouldn't bother you. | Bump in the Night

7: When I go to big cities I feel overwhelmed with different feelings. For the most part the feelings are good, but there are also bad ones. Like the feeling of being worried because there is a lot of crime in a big city. Though, when I do go I act the same as I do here. There is no reason for me to change the way I would behave unless I were to go to a fancy restaurant to eat. Also, the people that I would be afraid of would be the quiet people. I would be afraid of them mostly because they don't talk to anyone. So you wouldn't know whether their nice or if they were an evil mastermind; but I would try to make a conversation with them anyway | The Big City

8: If I had to choose which character I dislike more, I would pick Sally. Now, I do feel bad for Sally because she does get beaten by her father. But, I hate how she doesn't tell anyone. I don't know anyone wouldn't tell someone that their getting abused. If I was, I would tell the police. Yet again, Sally does not. Instead, she gets married and goes off to live with another abusive person. Plus, she spends all day inside because her husband won't let her leave the house. How depressing does that sound, living your whole life alone and abused. | Abuse Is Not The Way.

9: Based on the vignette "A house of my Own" I concluded that Sandra Cisneros is a peaceful person who enjoys the little things in life. When she describes her house as being quiet and away from people. I picture her reading or writing on her front porch because she is away from society. I can also Picture her as being really clean and neat. From her childhood, her mom has taught her many things. Her mom taught her how to clean as well. So, I imagine her putting the skills she learned to use. Plus, I feel as if though she has a green thumb and takes care of nature. I don't know why I think she has a green thumb, probably because she is a caring person. Who wants to make the world a better place. | Home Sweet Home

10: Remember how Cisneros wrote that when she was an adult that she would invite bums into her attic. Well, I feel like that statement is true. I may not know Cisneros on a personal level. But, her tone and attitude throughout the book was peaceful. So, I couldn't think of her being a bad person. I also think that she would accept bums in her attic because she knows how hard it is on the street. Even though she has never been homeless, I'm pretty sure she grew up in a bad neighborhood. Therefore, she knows all the sadness and poverty that fill those kinds of | neighborhoods. Lastly, it sounds like Cisneros had her fair amount of encounters with good, honest people. Which could mean that she learned from those experiences how to treat people with hospitality. | A House for the Unwanted

11: If I could pick any fairytale character or mythological character to be, I would pick Hercules. The main reason why I would want to be Hercules is that I could fight off evil creatures. Now in real life there are no diabolical creatures to slay or damsel in distress to save (sadly). But if I was Hercules, then there would be because he is a Greek god. So, he could travel to different worlds and protect tons of people. Also if I became Hercules, then I would be able to go to the past because that is when he was suppose to be around. It would be so cool to see ancient Greece in its peak time with its marble buildings and statues standing proudly without cracks in them. Though, I guess living forever would be the only downfall because all you friends would die. Unless you make friends with other Greek gods. | Hercules

12: One time when I was hanging out with my friends, David and Joey, we found a mountain bike laying in Joey's' front lawn. Now the weird part is that the mountain bike was not owned by anyone who was standing around it. The bike was most likely placed on his lawn when we were at the skate park. Though, we started to get a little nervous because the person who rode that bike could of been in Joey's house. So we built up courage and went it. To our surprise no one was in the house (which was a good thing). Still, we didn't know who the bike belonged to. Not to long before this mysterious bike was put on Joey's lawn, his garage was broken into and his bmx bike was stolen. After we checked the house, we checked the garage to make sure his other bmx bike was there; and it was there. Since then, no one has came back to claim that bike. | Mysterious Gift

14: Since the time that I was born, there has been two deaths in my family. One death occurred when I was really young, so I can't remember how I felt. But the other happened almost two years ago. It was my grandfather on my dads side who sadly died. When I first found out he died, it was nine a.m. in the morning. I soon began to cry due to the emotions taking over my body. Though, the crying did not last long. I came to my senses and figured everyone dies; so wasting you day crying is not worth it. Yes I loved my grandfather, but I know that he is in a better place were he is not disabled. The emotions of my family members were some what similar, but my dad was hurt the most. Mrs.Snow-Redington once said,"life is like the cycle of the sun. When we are young the sun is rising, when we are adults the sun is shining, and when we are old the sun is setting." | Gone but not Forgotten

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