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Mirror Image Yearbook 2010-2011

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BC: MIRROR IMAGE Laugh.Live.Love.Dance ALLSTAR*ELITE 2010-2011

FC: MIRROR IMAGE Laugh.Live.Love.Dance ALLSTAR*ELITE 2010-2011

1: MIRROR IMAGE COACH Marlaina Schroeder | What an amazing first year for Mirror Image! I would first like to thank each and every dancer for dedicating your lives to this team! You are all absolutely phenomenal and I could not have done this without you. Forming competitive dance teams has always been my dream and you made it happen. I would also like to thank all of the parents for volunteering hundreds of hours for driving, hosting, and supporting the teams at each competition. A huge thanks to Cara Rains for believing that I could form successful dance teams. Finally I would like to thank my boyfriend, Ibraheem, for all the support and nights he spent listening to my concerns and joys. This year has been one of the best in my life and I hope it continues forever! I love you all. xoxo Mar


4: Dancer’s Birthday: April 4th 1997 How many years have you danced? 4 years Favorite something: My favorite place is Sun River, Oregon | CAPTAIN: KINSEY NELSON | Kinsey Nelson is 13 years old and has been dancing for about four years. Before dancing she did gymnastics for eight years. Kinsey's favorite things to do are hang out with friends, sing, play volleyball and of course dance!!!

5: Kinsey you are absolutely amazing. I still remember the first time you walked into the studio and watched class- we were trying on costumes, and your mom said ‘we’re in!’ You have been nothing but a pleasure to teach. Your willingness to try new tricks and your ability to give 100% effort constantly will take you far both in dance and life. I love you so much! Oh- and pigs are awesome! (not better than elephants though...!) xoxo Mar You're an amazing dancer and such a trouper!! I love getting to watch you dance! You make dancing look so easy! Kinsey is a great team captain, and a great dancer! Kinsey is such a great dancer! I always wanted to be as good as her ever since she first came to dance with Marlaina. She’s a really good friend and I’m always laughing when I’m around her. You’re such an amazing dancer and an awesome captain! I love hanging out with you and watching you perform. I hope your toe gets better soon! Kinsey is an awesome captain! She is so flexible! Strong dancer who is versatile in her styles, she makes every little move look so easy. Kinsey has picked up dancing faster than I have seen anyone else. She is a great dancer as well as a very hard worker. She is really good at turning and jumping! Super responsible and works really hard and always knows the counts. I just love you in general you’re a great captain and an INCREDIBLE dancer I would never guess that you haven’t been dancing for that long! I like how Kinsey completely stands out on stage and how she is always willing to try different tricks out. I like how she never has a mean thing to say and she is super nice. Kinsey is so strong and will try anything you ask her to do. Aside from being an amazing dancer, she is a wonderful friend to have and is so trustworthy and nice! Kinsey is so awesome. I'm glad she’s our captain. Shes really nice and a really good dancer Kinsey has such a fun personality and is a really great captain. She always keeps us in good spirits. Kinsey always smiles when she dances and works hard as captain. You are defiantly the best all star captain candidate, I love your leadership and dancing! You’re so amazing! I really loved watching you at The Experience. Great captain and helps everyone when they need it. Amazing dancer! Beautiful, strong dancer! Great job as captain!

6: Dancer’s Birthday: 6/8/1998 How many years have you danced? 10 years Favorite something: My favorite colors are pink and purple | DAKOTA COSGROVE | Hi, my name is Dakota, I am twelve years old, and I am in seventh grade at Harper Jr. High School. I was born on June 8, 1998. I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. I first started out doing ballet, and then I started taking dance team and hip hop as well. I love dancing, and without dance I wouldn't be me. It was always my dream to be on a dance team and we didn't have one in Davis until now. My favorite colors are pink and purple. Besides dance, I also enjoy baking and hanging out with friends. When I grow up I want to be a dancer and a doctor of some sort.

7: Kota! I love you so much. I remember the first set of classes you took- it was so fun to watch you shine. I remember you asking ‘you mean we smile in here?’ it was adorable. I remember so many times making the class watch you because you can just ‘turn on the charm’. I have had so much fun with you- babysitting and getting your nails done! You are so fun to watch on stage and I cannot wait to see how you grow over the years. Xoxo Mar You're a beautiful dancer with so much passion! I love getting to watch you dance! So pretty and amazing dancer! Dakota has amazing c jumps!! Your such an amazing dancer and teammate. I always look forward to dancing and spending with you. Dakota is really nice and is great at dancing! A dedicated dancer who works hard. Dakota never misses a beat Dakota- we've been friends for a while and you are so much fun to be around. You're silly and also a great dancer! She is so graceful and a beautiful dancer. An amazing dancer that always tries hard! You are so fun to be with in class and such an amazing dancer. I like how Dakota is super pretty and she is the boss at doing makeup. Dakota is an awesome friend to have. She is funny, nice, strong, and an amazing dancer. Dakotas really funny, nice, and also pretty. She also like amazing at doing hair and makeup Dakota makes me laugh, really good dancer and so much fun on the team. Dakota is an adorable dancer. You were absolutely amazing at the Experience; I knew you were going to do well but you totally rocked the weekend! Always works hard. Great technique! Beautiful dancer! Super cute and sweet!

8: Dancer’s Birthday: 8/22/1997 How many years have you danced? 10 years Favorite something: My favorite something is flowers! | NORIKO SMALLWOOD | Noriko has been dancing for 10 years. She has trained in many studios in different styles of dance including ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, tap, and modern. Currently, she dances at Applegate dance studio with Marlaina Schroeder and Cara Rains and is on Mirror Image dance team. Noriko has one brother, a pet bunny and a bird. Aside from dance she loves flowers and cooking.

9: Noriko, you are such a special person! I remember your first hip hop class you took- it was so much fun. You are always smiling and laughing- it makes me so happy. Some of my greatest memories I have of you are of you doing petite allegro and when you are tired, falling, and laughing on the ground. I am so so so happy you tried out for the team and I cannot wait for you to continue to get stronger! Remember- we both have bum ankles! Xoxo Mar Noriko is fun and always dances full out. You're a great dancer and so much fun to watch! You always look so good on stage I love how funny you are! Noriko is funny and flexible! Noriko is so funny. I’m always laughing when I’m around her. She’s a beautiful dancer. You’re so fun to be around and laugh with. I can’t wait to do more competitions with you. Noriko is one of the funniest people I have ever met! A fun personality with something funny to say. Noriko can make anybody feel better. Noriko you are a really good dancer and my favorite person to go to Togos with! Haha! Noriko is a very hard worker! Absolutely hilarious and a great dancer who is always willing to help someone out! I love your enthusiasm and energy! I like how Noriko is really friendly and always has a cute smile on stage. Noriko is so funny. Whenever I'm around her I'm like almost always laughing. She fun to be with Noriko is my favorite spaz ever. She’s a really good friend of mine and never stops making me laugh. Noriko is fun and always dances full out. You can totally work the stage and you’re such a delight to be around. I couldn’t stop watching you at the Experience, you totally stood out as the stronger dancers! Always excited at competitions and works hard. Great facials! Super funny! Great dancer!

10: Dancer’s Birthday: 9/2/1999 How many years have you danced? 3 years Favorite something: My favorite color is sparkles | HALLIE PERLMAN | Hey, my name is Hallie Perlman. I have been dancing for 3 years and I love it. I go to Willett Elemantary School, and I am in the fifth grade. I love sparkles, the color pink, and animals. I love all of my team mates, and Marlaina. I hope we bring it to all of our competitions!

11: Hallie! You are amazing. I remember the first class you took with me- you were so excited! I cannot believe how talented you already are. You are going to go far in dance, I know it! I remember your first performance with me- you were so nervous you said that you weren’t going on stage. And now look at you- performing all the time. I wish I had a quarter of your energy- you always walk into and out of practice bouncing off the walls no matter how much conditioning we do. Never change that. I love you with all my heart. Xoxo Mar Hallie is always full of energy and positivity. You are so sweet and have the cutest personality! You're also such a great dancer (especially for your age)!! I love your dancing and you make me laugh so much! Hallie is an amazing dancer, and is really funny!! Hallie is so much fun. She’s such a great dancer and she’s only in fifth grade. She’s really kind and funny. I love dancing watching you dance because you’re always happy and full of energy. A charming and spunky girl who has worked hard for her talent at such a young age. Hallie is the cutest girl and is very brave to be on a team with all older girls. you are such a great dancer and I love the way you and Brooke always dance around and have fun! She is adorable and lights up the stage with her smile Really great facials during performances. I love how your amazingly awesome and super nice and an amazing dancer especially for your age! I like how Hallie is super gangster and the funniest little girl I have ever met. And she is an amazing at turns. Hallie is also an awesome dancer for her age and size, and hilarious! Hallie is really fun to watch dance. She’s also very funny. Hallie is always full of energy and positivity. I absolutely love you! I never would’ve imagined a person so sweet and small could be such a feisty being! Oh and I can’t wait for our trio ;) Little bundle of joy :) Great turner! So cute! Great dancer!

12: Dancer’s Birthday: 1/22/2000 How many years have you danced? 2 years Favorite something: My favorite color is pink | BROOKE LEE | Hi, my name is Brooke, and I am 10 years old. I love dance because I can be with my friends and get exercise while doing something I really love all at the same time. I am in fifth grade and I have one older sister who is in 7th grade, a mom, and a dad. Some of my other hobbies besides dance are shopping, running, cooking, drawing, texting and admiring my favorite color: pink, any pink really. I also do Jazz (lyrical) and Ballet. I really look foward to competitions and I hope we do well! Mirror Image All Star Dance Team Rules!

13: Brooke what can I say- you are the cutest little one ever! It amazes me every time I watch you dance. Only two years with me and you are already so talented! You always have the power to make me smile (and we know that that is something special!). Your wonderful personality and your ability to stay positive are remarkable. I can’t wait to work with you for years to come! And by the way, you are officially PEANUT xoxo Mar You are so cute and such a good dancer for your age!! I only wish I was as good as you are now when I was in fifth grade! Little ball of energy you never look like you get tired while you’re dancing! Brooke is such a great dancer! I love her so much. She’s always smiling and happy, she’s never mean to anyone, and she makes you feel happy when you’re around her. I really like to watch you dance because you always look like your having fun. Brooke is a very cool and athletic girl. She is awesome! She is the cutest little ball of energy with a bright smile and a cheery attitude. Brooke's smile can make anybody smile. Brookie you are amazing and so cute! You are a really great dancer and I love you! She is soo adorable. Despite being one of the youngest people on the team, she keeps up really well. Always full of energy and willing to work and make the dances look awesome. I love to watch you dance you look like you are enjoy it and you SPARKLE. I like how Brooke is so young but can keep up with all the older girls on her team. I like how she is always so happy and she is the sweetest little girl I have ever met. And she is super flexible. Brooke is SUCH a good dancer for her age and size. She also is so sweet and is never ever mean. She’s so cute and has the best smile. shes a really good dancer even tho shes only in 5th grade. I love Brooke! She’s so much fun to watch dance and always brings some happiness and smiles to the team. Brooke is always full of energy and is enthusiastic about dancing. I love you “peanut”! Girl, you’re sassy, sweet, and a joy to watch dance. She is the smallest one and always has the most energy. Great turns & fast learner! So cute and sweet! Greater dancer!

14: Dancer’s Birthday: 5/10/1997 How many years have you danced? 5 years Favorite something: My favorite color is Pink | SARAH GARRETT | I started dancing a little when I was about 8, and then took a lot more dance when I was 10. I started ballet, jazz modern, and dance team with Marlaina. I love dancing, and have so much fun competing. Performing is the best thing about dancing in my opinion, but I still enjoy just dancing. I take ballet, pointe, and Mirror Image.

15: Sarah, I remember the first time I saw you perform- it was the summer performance for Beauty and the Beast. Your grace is un-teachable. This year you have grown so much! You are able to do so much more than last year, and you have truly come into your own this year. I know you will continue to get better and better! I can’t wait for next season. Keep up the hard work- and by the way, your hair is ridiculously gorgeous! Xoxo Mar Sarah has gotten so much better at fouettes and has worked really hard to get them. A great dancer and lovely hair! You're so much fun to watch! I wish I had your long hair! You’re a great dancer! Sarah has really pretty hair, and is a awesome dancer!! Sarah’s so nice. She’s really funny too. I love having her on the team and she’s a really good dancer! Your extension is amazing and you’re such a great dancer. Sarah is a great dancer! Long strong lines and a sweet personality. Sarah's hair is the most elegant long hair I have ever seen. You are a really good dancer and also a good friend! She has beautiful hair and is a really good turner Gorgeous and her dancing has also improved over the year. I love your hair and your great extention! I like how Sarah has the perfect dancer body and her hair is amazing. Sarah is so beautiful and a great friend who will never let you down. Sarah is so tall and flexible and her hair is just amazing. Also, I like her leo. You’re super sweet and easy to be around at rehearsal, I really appreciate your awesome attitude. You’re a wonderful dancer! Everyone’s happy to be around her. Good facials! Beautiful dancer! Your hair is gorgeous!

16: Dancer’s Birthday: 12/10/1997 How many years have you danced? 4 years Favorite something: My favorite fruit is cherries | SALLY LI | My name is Sally Li, I was born on December 10th, 1997 and I'm in 7th grade. Cherries are my favorite fruit and I think its fun to keep the pits in my mouth and then spit them out all at the same time. I've been dancing for almost four years (since I was eight). Right now it’s my favorite thing to do!

17: Sally I am so happy that you made the team! You are so fun to be around and you have such a presence on stage. I hope you have enjoyed the team as much as I have, and I cannot wait for you to perform on pointe next year! Even though you are extremely quiet and shy, your facial expressions during practice are hilarious. Keep up all the hard work and I love you! Xoxo Mar Sally is a terrific dancer and always dances full out and is happy to be at class. A great dancer! You've improved so much this year! I love watching you dance! You are so cute and an amazing dancer! Sally is really nice, and a really good dancer!! Sally is quiet but really nice! She’s really kind and she’s an awesome dancer! I really like dancing with you because you’re always so focused in class. It always looks like you really enjoy dancing. Sally is really quiet and very good at dancing! Beautiful smile and an awful sweet dancer. I have been very impressed with Sally taking the hardest ballet classes at Applegate Studio. She is also a hard worker. you are a great dancer and I'm so glad you're on our team! I love you! She has good timing when she dances Super sweet, great dancer, and willing to help you in anyway. I love how cute you are and you have perfect hair. I love to watch you dance! I like how sally is so sweet and always smiles! Sally is a great dancer and has amazing feet!!!!!!!! She is also very nice and respectful. It’s fun seeing Sally in a lot more ballet classes and I’ve gotten to know how nice she is. You’re so sweet and I love that you are always smiling! It totally puts me in a good mood :D You are also such a delight to watch dance Nice to everyone. Great turns! Awesome dancer! Super sweet!

18: Dancer’s Birthday: 5/26/1996 How many years have you danced? 9 years Favorite something: My favorite color is yellow! | ELIE KUPPERMANN | My name is Elie Kuppermann and I am 12 years old. I have been dancing for 9 years training in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, and dance team. I also used to do gymnastics until I was 10.Outside of dancing I really like to sing and act. I’m really excited to be part of Mirror Image, it’s really fun to compete with all my teammates.

19: Elie! I love you so much. You always make me smile. Your abilities to jump and turn are crazy- if you keep it up, there is no stopping you! I have such wonderful memories of you: including your first class and getting your nails done. Your smile lights up a room, and the Kuppermann speak is hilarious. Never stop being who you are and I cannot wait for you to be a part of the team for a whole year! Xoxo Mar Such a good dancer! I love how you always try your hardest even when your tired and you try to keep smiling through the whole dance! You are an AMAZING dancer! Elie is an amazing fuete-er! Elie has been one of my best friends since we were in second grade. She’s such a good dancer! I love her so much and I miss her a lot. It’s not the same without her. Elie is really funny and an amazing dancer! A sweet girl with amazing lines and strong moves. Ellie is a fantastic dancer and I cannot wait to see how amazing she becomes. elie you are sooo amazing and funny and I'm so sad you had to move for a while but I can't wait until you're back! She has a cute personality and is a great jumper Elie has gotten way better over the past year, and her tricks always look really good. Its so amazing how you can do 4 turns just like that and I love the little back bend thingy you do in fireflies. I like how Elie is so hyper and always tries her hardest at class. Elie is probably the best turner and jumper I know. Not only is she a great dancer she is a great friend and so pretty! I miss Elie a ton. Shes such a good dancer and I’m so jealous of the tricks she can do. I miss Elie!! I loved having her on the team and she always made me laugh and I can’t wait to have her back next year! Elie always danced full out and smiled. She always dances like she's on stage. You’re such a talented dancer! Puts a smile on everyones face. Amazing turner! Such a sweetheart! Awesome dancer!


22: Dancer’s Birthday: 8/27/1994 How many years have you danced? 13 years Favorite something: My favorite things are: dance, hang out with friends, read, movies, music | CAPTAIN: JACLYN FRANTZ | I started dancing when I was 3 years old. My mom enrolled me in a dance class at my pre- school and I loved it. I then joined a dance studio and studied jazz, hip hop, ballet, lyrical and tap. I have been dancing now for almost 14 years and it is my life. When I moved to CA 4 years ago, I was nervous that I wouldn’t find a studio that I liked. I met many dance friends and a teacher who I love and dancing has been great in CA also! I love to be challenged by new dances, tough choreography and different styles. I hope to go to a college with a great dance program so that I can get a degree in dance and teach others to love dance too!

23: Jaclyn you are the most amazing person. I have never seen anyone so genuinely nice to everyone- no matter what! I remember your first class with Lauren I was amazed! That day I remember being inspired to try new tricks and new combinations. You asked about a team and I said someday I will have one and now we do. I trust you and love you so much! You are truly amazing and the tricks you can do are great! Stretch those splits because you are going to make it and dance forever. I have decided. If you ever need anything let me know! I LOVE you. Thanks for always being there for me. Xoxo Mar Jaclyn is a wonderful captain. She takes care of everyone and really takes her role as captain. A beautiful dancer and a great teem captain!! I don't know how I would've gotten by without all of your reminder texts. Also an amazing fouette turner! You make everything look so easy and you’re an awesome captain! really good team captain, and good at toe touch jumps! Jaclyn is one of the best dancers on the team. I have always looked up to her. She’s really nice and friendly too. You are an incredible dancer and captain. I really like watching you jump and turn because it’s always so amazing. Jaclyn is a very good dancer with neat handwriting! A lovely leader that exemplifies a strong and balanced dancer. Fun and open. Jaclyn can make anybody feel comfortable and welcome. you are sooooo amazing and I love you! You're an AWESOME dancer and I hope I will be as good as you! She is a quick learner and very precise. She is easy to talk to. The best captain ever, always works really hard and an amazing dancer and leader. Jaclyn you are such a great captain and an amazing dancer I don’t think there is anything you cant do! I like how Jaclyn is an amazing team captian and she has the best toe touches. Jaclyn is SSSSSSOOOOOO good at dance. Every move she does is so clean and perfect. She is also really nice and honest. Shes so nice and shes a really really good dancer. Shes also a good captain Jaclyn is such a good dancer. She’s really nice and did a great job being in charge of the competition! I can’t even begin to describe how much I love you! You’re not only brilliant, sweet, hilarious, and understanding, you’re an incredible dancer! I can’t get over it, you are effortless and chill yet spunky. I loved getting the opportunity to dance with you in not only one dance team but two! I’m so thankful to have someone share the same concerns or frustrations at times! What would I do with out you? Amazing dancer! Great captain and dancer! Amazing jumps! I loved being able to dance on the team with you!

24: Dancer’s Birthday: 4/25/1994 How many years have you danced? 16 years Favorite something: My favorite color is purple | HANNA HERRERA | Hanna started dancing when she was two years old with Katie Heil. She continued to dance with Applegate Dance Company at the age of 10. Hanna then became a company dancer and danced with the company for 5 years. Hanna also danced at the Sacramento Ballet Company with their summer camps and yearly seasons. She also spent one summer with the California Ballet Company in San Diego and another summer in Berkeley with BBT.

25: Hanna! When Cara first changed studios she told me that I ‘should really meet Hanna. You will love her! She is like you’ and you know what? She was right! We are really similar- right down to the lazy tendencies and amazing stage presence in dance :) You have so much natural talent. You can be so graceful for lyrical and yet super saucy for diamonds- truly inspirational. I am so happy I found you this year. Let’s make your senior year the best! Xoxo Mar A great dancer! I love all of your facial expressions and how good you are a portraying types of characters! You inspire me to try to do more with my face when I'm dancing! You are amazing and never fail at making everyone laugh! Hanna H. is a really good dancer, and is really nice! Hanna is such a good dancer and she’s really good at ballet too. She’s really nice. I love your stage presents. I really like watching you dance in dance team and ballet. Hanna is so nice! She is a great dancer! is one of the most amazing dancers I have seen. Not only with ballet technique, but with her passion. I have yet to see Hanna do a single different type of dance she does not do beautifully. you are an awesome dancer and Im so glad your on our team She is a beautiful dancer and is hilarious Amazing facials for shows and a great dancer. I love your facial expressions when you dance it makes you SOOOO much fun to watch. I like how Hanna has such good stage presence and how she is super funny. Hanna is a beautiful dancer and person. She adds even more beauty to a dance. Hanna has a nice smile. Its so bright and not-fake-looking Hanna’s really pretty and funny. Herrera is a great member of the team and makes practice fun. I absolutely love you. We have been so many places and so many rough times together. I’m thankful for having you as one of my great friends. You’re confidence always lifts me up and your spunk gets me out of bad moods. I cant wait to continue our friendship throughout high school and travel together. Stays positive about everything. Amazing facials & technique! Beautiful dancer! Such a cutie! Great stage presence!

26: Dancer’s Birthday: 12/26/1993 How many years have you danced? 4 years Favorite something: My favorite band is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros | SIANNA DE LA CRUZ | My name is Sianna and I've been dancing for 4 years. I love my pointe shoes and I dislike petite allegro. Before I started dancing, I did gymnastics for 13 years. I am vegetarian and I love to bake. I play bass in the symphony at my school and my dream is to backpack the Pacific Crest Trail with my three best friends.

27: Sianna, you are crazy strong! I admire your work ethic and determination so much. I love how you stay out of dance problems and come to practice willing to work. I have never met any other dancer who has the unique talents you do. I remember watching you on pointe, doing pirouettes, and that’s when your mom told me you just got your pointe shoes a month before! You are truly remarkable and I love you! Xoxo Mar I love all of your gymnastics tricks and of course your dancing! You also have amazing leaps! Gorgeous and an amazing dancer! Sianna is really flexible, and a amazing dancer!! Sianna is a beautiful dancer and she was a great gymnast too. I love all of the tricks that she can do. Your flexibility and jumps are amazing. I hope your knee gets better! Sianna is nice! And she is a very good dancer! A really nice girl who has the strongest lines and sweetest smile. Laid back, sweet, and easy to talk to. Sianna is a great friend super fun to be with. you are a really good dancer and it's cool to know someone else who did gym like me! She has amazing leaps An amazing gymnast who turned in to a even better dancer. She always works really hard even though she has janky knees I love how amazing you are at jumps. I like how Sianna has amazing leaps and is insanely sweet. Sianna is by far the strongest dancer I know. She has the best jumps ever! She is also super pretty and nice! Its crazy how flexible Sianna is. She’s a really good dancer and does amazing leaps. You’re so talented! I loved being able to dance with you this year :) Does anything she is told to do. Amazing jumper! Beautiful, strong dancer! Great leaps! So sweet and funny!

28: Dancer’s Birthday: 11/18/1994 How many years have you danced? 5 years Favorite something: My favorite place is the beach. | LEAH BENCI-WOODWARD | Leah has been dancing ballet, jazz, and lyrical for five years after playing soccer for 10 years. Leah is originally from Ojai, where she was born and raised and lived before she moved to Davis in 7th grade. In her spare time, Leah enjoys playing with her pet pig and not spraining her ankle.

29: Leah! You are the funniest person. When I met you, you were SO quiet and shy. In fact I thought I scared you or you hated me haha Once I got to know you, your personality came out. You are fun-loving and super sarcastic- and I love it. I am very impressed with the amount you have grown in such a short time- keep it up! Well, as long as your ankle agrees- I know the feeling seeming as we both role our ankles regularly I LOVE YOU xoxo Mar You are a beautiful dancer! I couldn't believe that you haven't been dancing you whole life because you're so good! You always make me laugh! Leah is a great dancer and is really good at curling hair!! Leah’s really funny and nice. She’s an amazing dancer! You are a really pretty dancer and i really enjoy dancing with you. Leah is really nice! A wonderful person who works hard and dances beautifully. Leah has been very strong with all of the changes going on around her. She has made friends with everybody from the different studios/teams/company quickly and stood strong to what she believes in. you are a really good dancer and I'm glad you could be on the team this year!! She is really nice and upbeat. I admire how she dances through her injury. I love how funny and nice you are and fuetes! I like how Leah is so much fun and really funny. Leah is so nice and has a great personality and will always help you when you need help. Leah is the nicest person ever. I bet shes nice to like everybody in the whole world. Leah’s really funny and is just fun to talk to. Leah has improved so much during the year and really fun to dance with. Girl, you’re hilarious. I absolutely love you and am so happy we got to get to hang out this year. THANK GOD YOU ARE AT DHS Works hard to get what she wants. Good technique! Super funny and nice! Great dancer!

30: Dancer’s Birthday: 1/29/1996 How many years have you danced? 12 years Favorite something: My favorite food is Oreo ice cream | MAYA KUPPERMANN | Hi my name is Maya Kuppermann I was born and have grown up in Davis, California, Dance is what I live for. I have studied many types of dance including jazz, ballet, dance team, lyrical, tap, musical theater, African, salsa and since I am now living in Argentina for six months, I will be learning tango! Besides dancing I love traveling, spending time with friends and shopping! Dancing with Mirror Image is the highlight of my week!

31: Maya, what can I say? You were my first dancer in Davis! I love you as much as I can love anything. You always take my yelling like a champ, and I do not think you have ever even gotten mad or annoyed that I yell. In fact, you just smile and ‘okay Marlaina’ and keep going. And then there is Kuppermann speak- you have ALWAYS done that, ever since I have known you. The fact that there are two of you (well and now three!) makes me that much more happy. I am so thrilled that you were able to be on the team and I cannot wait for next season so you can be part of it for the whole year. You mean so much to me love! Xoxo Mar An amazing dancer! I love how well you pick up choreography and then retain it really well also! You always put everything into your dancing emotionally which is also very good! You are so funny and always so happy! Maya is really nice, and an amazing dancer! Maya has always been a big sister to me. She’s a really great dancer. I love her!! I love our face when you perform and your bubbly personality Maya is a hilarious person! A fun and sweet girl who always makes you laugh and keeps you smiling. Maya has the most entertaining bubbly personality. She was a great contribution to the team and I will definitely miss her a ton. everyone misses you and we can't wait to have you back! She has good stage presence and is a hard worker. She is also very generous Super fun and energetic and a terrific dancer. I like how Maya has the best layouts and too much energy. Maya is an awesome dancer and never gives up! She is also super nice, trustworthy, and pretty! Maya is so pretty. And shes really good at doing fouettes and like turns. She’s really funny and was a good turner. Maya will be missed while she is in Argentina, and was a terrific part of the team. You’re sweet, gorgeous, and an amazing dancer! Makes everyone have a good time. Really really good technique! Super funny and nice! I loved dancing with you this year! Great dancer!

32: Dancer’s Birthday: 5/26/1996 How many years have you danced? 9 years Favorite something: My favorite animal is flamingos | MEGHAN BALDERAMA | I began dancing at the age of 2 in Mommy-and-Me dance classes. Between the ages of 6 and 13, I was in a ballet program and have taken over 3 years of Dance Team Prep classes. I love performing and have been in many productions of the Davis Art Center’s Nutcracker, as well as several other full-length ballets. Besides dance, I love to play soccer and have played on teams since I was 5. In my free time, I love to go to the beach, shopping, and spend time with friends. I am really excited to be able to combine my love of dance with the ability to compete with other dance teams.

33: Meghan, what can I say, you are probably the funniest dancer I have. No matter what I say or how intense things get, I can always count on you to brush it off and smile. I can honestly say, you are truly one of a kind. Your raw talent is un-matched. As soon as you can take more classes (and take more ballet!), I cannot wait to see what you become! I love you and your energy- never lose it! Xoxo Mar I love your super bubbly personality in class and all of the questions you ask!! Class would get really boring without you! I love how funny you are! Meghan is hilarious! Meghan is really crazy! She’s really pretty and a great dancer I love your awesome personality on and off stage Meghan is so funny! She cracks me up! A fun girl with a sparkling personality. Lightens up any day. She is always the one to make everybody laugh when people are stressed out. you are a really awesome dancer and also fun to be around:) She is really funny and makes everyone laugh. She has a lot of natural talent as a dancer. Meghan is a hilarious person and always has the best tricks. I love you! Your so funny and so fun to watch dance! Meghan is soooo funny! She is also really pretty! The things Meghan say are so funny, and shes so pretty, too. She’s really funny and can always make the whole team laugh. Meghan is a ton of fun to have in class and keeps everyone laughing. I love how you’re hilarious without even trying! You defiantly make practice way more fun! Makes everyone laugh. Really good leaper! Funniest girl ever! Super nice! I loved being able to dance with you this year!

34: Dancer’s Birthday: 6/25/1994 How many years have you danced? 13 years Favorite something: My favorite thing is traveling. | LAUREN LEMSEFFER | My name is Lauren, my birthday is June 25, 1994 and I'm 16 years old. I began ballet at the age of 3 at a studio in Santa Cruz. When I was 9 years old I started jazz and competition dance. When I moved to Davis in 8th grade, I didn't do competition anymore, but I continued jazz at Pamela Trokanskis with Marlaina. I currently dance on Marlaina's comp. team at applegate. I am also on the Davis High School Dance Team.

35: Lauren, you are so amazing! The first time you took class I still remember your piques! I made everyone watch how clean your foot-work was. I remember how you were embarrassed but still did it. You have grown so much since we met- and have grown the most this year. I am so proud of you for competing. I know competition is controversial and is difficult to do and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Your extensions are tremendous and your stage presence is getting better each performance. I LOVE YOU! Oh and purple bus. Xoxo Mar Your an amazing dancer with beautiful extension! Your so much fun to be around your always very reassuring at comp. I wish I was as flexible as you are! Lauren is an awesome dancer!! Lauren is a really awesome dancer! She’s really nice too. You are an amazing dancer and i love watching you dance in poker face Lauren is a great dancer with really cute earrings! A powerful and talented dancer with amazing lines and a bag full of tricks. Lauren is super funny and says the perfect things at the perfect time. When I first started taking classes with Marlaina and did not know anybody, Lauren would help me out any chance she could to explain steps/choreography. you are an amazing dancer and also really fun to joke around with! She is really funny and has really good extension Ridiculous extension and her lines always look great. I love how funny and nice you are and how you can just hold your leg at 180 degrees and its just like oh hi leg, no big deal. I like how Lauren is hilarious and a super good turner. Lauren is such a good dancer and so pretty. She makes every move in a dance important and look good. i like Lauren. I don’t know why, but she seems like a really happy person She has really good flexibility and is really nice. Lauren has amazing extension and fouettes. Puts a smile on everyones face daily. Great dancer! I loved being on the team with you this year! Super funny!

36: Dancer’s Birthday: 10/4/1994 How many years have you danced? 13 years Favorite something: My favorite super hero is Batman | JENNY SILVA | My name is Jenny Silva, and I am a junior at Davis Senior High School. I have been taking ballet classes since I was three and been in Applegate Dance Company for three years. My favorite type of dance is lyrical, which is why I have joined the competition team. Dancing is the one thing in my life that I am truly passionate about and I love reaching and accomplishing my different goals within dancing. When I am not dancing, I spend time with my friends, listen to music, and I like travel to new places to learn about new cultures as well as volunteering to help different communities. I am looking forward to becoming a more-well rounded dancer and being able to try new things.

37: Jenny even though I haven’t known you for years, this competition season has been amazing. I remember when you took my class for the first time; we were learning Billie Jean, and you said you wished you could perform my dances and now you have. I am proud of how far you have come in less than a year, and I hope I get to continue to work with you! xoxo Mar You're a great dancer and you have such a fun personality which makes you so enjoyable to be around! You also always put all your effort into everything you do at dance! I love you and you’re an amazing dancer! Jenny is awesome, and an amazing dancer Jenny is such a beautiful dancer. She was amazing in Red Strokes. She’s super friendly and cool. you are such a pretty dancer and I really like being on your team. Jenny is really nice! A hard working dancer who keeps a lively feeling in the group. you are a really great dancer and some day we'll make my sister get her butt to a competition! She is really nice, a hard worker and adapts to things easily. Always full of energy and has gotten really good. I love how you put everything you’ve got into every dance you do. I like how Jenny has good stage presence and puts so much effort into dance. Jenny is an amazing dancer and super nice. Shes really good at dancing. She looks really good when she does ballet She has a really good smile when she dances. Jenny Silva stepped up to replace Maya in the dances and has worked hard in learning the parts. You’re such a good dancer! Works hard until she gets something right. Great emotions when dancing! Super funny and sweet! Great dancer!

38: Dancer’s Birthday: 4/15/1996 How many years have you danced? 11 years Favorite something: My favorite vacation spot is our family cabin | ALEX SPRAGUE | My name is Alex Sprague. I was born on April 15th in Davis, California. I am fourteen years old and I have been dancing for eleven years. I have studied many styles of dance including: ballet, pointe, lyrical, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, modern, ballroom, flamenco and musical theater. I have attended summer dance programs at the Sacramento Ballet, Ballet Austin and Ballet West. When I am not dancing I like to read, shop, hang out with friends and bake. My favorite vacation place is in our cabin in Oregon.

39: Alex you are so beautiful! You were made for ballet and lyrical. The smoothness of your movement, your head and neck placement, and of course, your feet are proof of your hard-work and determination. It was such a great surprise to see you on the day of try outs! I am so proud of your willingness to try different types of dance and I truly believe it will just make you a stronger dancer. Keep being you and I hope that you keep dancing with me! Xoxo Mar I wish had your ballet technique! Alex is a beautiful dancer! Ever since I was little, I thought Alex was such a pretty dancer. She is amazing on Pointe. She’s such a great person and dancer. Alex is a great dancer! I love her hair! A beautiful dancer and a genuinely sweet personality. Alex is really nice and her legs/feet are beautiful! Alex is a fabulous dancer and has the feet any dancer would die for. you are an awesome dancer and I'm so jealous of your feet :) She is really graceful and really nice Absolutely gorgeous at dancing, I love watching her because she can make everything look effortless. Alex alex alex I love your hair and your turns and FEET and EVERYTHING ELSE too! I like how Alex is beautiful and so sweet and her fuetes literally blow me away. Alex is one of the most beautiful dancers I know. She works soooo hard and is so nice and respectful. Omg Alex is so pretty when she dances. And she can do lke everything. Its so not fair She has the best feet ever! She also really knows how to use them and it looks really pretty. Alex is a gorgeous dancer and a super sweet person. I love watching her dance and seeing her amazing feet in pointe. You have an amazing grace about your dancing! You are also absolutely gorgeous. Nice to everyone and a beautiful dancer. Amazing feet! Gorgeous dancer! Amazing feet! Beautiful hair!

40: Dancer’s Birthday: 12/6/1994 How many years have you danced? 10 years Favorite something: My favorite thing is Marlaina's Screaming! | HANNA WIEDENHOEFER | I am sixteen and a sophomore at Davis school for independent study. I love to travel and hang out with friends.

41: Hanna I love you so much! I remember the first time you took my class (years ago with Hope) and I remember how amazing you were. Your extensions are tremendous and your willingness to throw your body around cannot be matched. The growth you have made this year is remarkable and I hope you continue competing because you were made to dance. Xoxo Mar You are such a beautiful dancer and you so much fun to watch!! I also love your extension! You’re gorgeous and an amazing dancer! Hanna W. is a really flexible, talented dancer! Hanna is an amazing dancer. It’s awesome that she’s so tall. She’s really kind too. Your extension is amazing!! it always looks like you’re having fun when you are dancing. Hanna is so funny! She is so nice to me! An encouraging dancer who exudes an influential aura. Hanna is an awesome choreographer and can move her body in ways most people, especially in Davis, cannot. She has grown so much and worked so hard this year. I can see how much she has been improving and she looks incredible. you're so silly and fun to be around, and also a REALLY great dancer! She is a strong dancer Always works really hard even if she is hurting and always looks amazing when she dances. I love how you dance and how you never give up on anything to me it seems like you were born to dance! I like how Hanna is always happy and really funny and nice. And she seems so much older than she really is, which makes her a good leader. Hanna W has such a great personality. She is funny, nice, and a great dancer! Hanna is a really good dancer. I also like her hair She has really good stage presence when she dances and is really nice. Hanna W. is a spectacular dancer and always smiles during Diamonds. Good person to look up to, and a great dancer. dances any style of dance amazingly! Gorgeous dancer! Amazing extensions and strength! Hilarious!

42: Dancer’s Birthday: 3/6/1992 How many years have you danced? 15 years Favorite something: My favorite sport is Rugby | EVYN KESSELL | My named is Evyn Kessell. I have lived in Davis my entire life. I am currently a freshman in college. I started taking lessons dance at the age of 4. I have done many styles including jazz, lyrical, tap, ballet, ballroom, hip hop, and have also danced for both my high school and college dance teams. When I'm not dancing I work, hang out with my family and friends, and love to play rugby. I'm really looking forward to this coming season and glad I get the opportunity to dance and compete with all the girls on the team!

43: Evyn! You are the only dancer who can shake it to diamonds and break your nose on the rugby field! It was such a nice surprise when you showed up for try-outs. You are remarkably flexible and your ability to pick up choreography is amazing. You have always been one of the hardest workers in class and I am so happy to have you on the team! I hope you are around next season! I LOVE you xoxo Mar You are so much fun in class with your outgoing personality! You're also a beautiful dancer! Class wouldn't be the same without you So funny & an amazing dancer! Evyn is a really talented dancer, and is really flexible!! Evyn is such an awesome dancer. I love her name! She’s extremely nice too. You are a really talented dancer and i love watching you dance because it always looks like you are having fun. Evyn is very good at dancing! A sweet and funny girl with a wonderful sense of humor that always brings a smile to my face. Incredible make up artist! And Evyn is the toughest dancer I have known, being a rugby player and a dancer is more than most people can handle. Evyn is super funny and a sweetheart that has your back. I am so sorry you had to hurt your ankle, and then break your nose:( but I'm glad youre back because you are a great dancer! She is always makes me smile and has really good extension Super hardcore, and always works hard I love you personality and energy and how friendly you are! Also your flexibility is awesome! I like how Evyn cracks me up and she is amazing at two totally opposite sports. Evyn is such a great dancer and doesn’t give up. Evyns pretty whenever she smiles and ive never seen her frown before. Also her name is spelled really awesomly She always remembers to smile when she dances and its really pretty! Evyn is nice to everyone and fun to have in class.

44: Dancer’s Birthday: 4/24/1996 How many years have you danced? 10 years Favorite something: My favorite ice cream is Java Chip | KIRA FURIE | Hi my name's Kira. I was born in Sacramento, CA and have lived in Davis, CA my whole life. I'm 14 years old and have been dancing since I was about 3 years old. Outside of dance and school I like beading, cooking, baking, shopping, and always love hanging out with friends. About 2 years ago I had to take 6 months off all dance due to a chronic injury I have in my foot. That was really hard for me because dance is a way I can express myself. The styles I do are jazz, lyrical, ballet, and hip-hop. I absolutely love dancing.

45: Kira I have known you for so many wonderful years. I have some really amazing memories of you, like attending your bat mitzvah and your first jazz class. You really have grown into such a special person and I am so happy to have had you on the team! You are one of the strongest dancers on the team and keep up all the hard work! PS one day we will go to the gym together! Xoxo Mar Your such a great dancer and the sweetest person. You always have something nice to say no matter how bad things get! You are so nice and a great dancer! Kira has a great smile!! Kira is one of the best dancers on the team. She has great stage presence and she’s so nice. I love your stage presence especially in diamonds. And you are super good at the kick line in Jai-ho. Kira is so nice to me! She is a great dancer. A hard worker and with a sweet spirit. She is super sweet and really made an effort to reach out to everybody on the team and get to know them better. you are a great dancer and also a good friend Always looks amazing in set the fire and has really good facials I love your fun spirit and your personality when you dance! I like how Kira has made dance such a priority in her life and works so hard at it. She is a great dancer! Kira is such a great dancer who puts her all into everything she does. She’s also really nice! Kira is such a good dancer and shes probably really strong too She’s super nice and always looks really good on stage. Kira is really nice and committed to the team. You’re so talented and sweet! It was such a delight getting to know you this year. Always gives 100%. Great technique! Sweetest girl ever! I loved being on the team with you this year! Amazing dancer! Super strong and great stage presence!

46: Dancer’s Birthday: 4/23/1994 How many years have you danced? 14 years Favorite something: My favorite movie is Peter Pan | ALYSSA SMITH | Alyssa is a junior at Dixon High School and grew up doing gymnastics, cheerleading and of course, dance. She did mostly jazz and ballet growing up and competed at various competitions. She even got to go to nationals in Las Vegas with her dance team, a memory she'll never forget. When she was thirteen, Alyssa started dancing at Applegate Dance Studio and a few months later auditioned for company and made it in. While dancing at Applegate her passion for dancing skyrocketed and it is absolutely her favorite thing to do. Outside of dance Alyssa works as a lifeguard at her local pool during the summer and is very involved with student government and her honors/AP classes. She also swims for her high school swim team and loves to hang out with her friends as much as she can.

47: Alyssa, I know I haven’t known you that long, but I love you so much! I remember the first time I saw you dance: last year at a Smooth Criminal practice with Cara. I turned to her and said ‘I want her’. And look how lucky I am- I was able to work with you! You are a tremendous dancer and person and I hope that you can continue on the team. Xoxo Mar You always put 110% into everything you do in class and that makes an amazing dancer! Alyssa is a really talented dancer! Alyssa is so pretty and she’s a beautiful dancer too. She’s really nice even to the younger team. You are such a beautiful dancer and I really like dancing with you. Alyssa is really cool! A delightful dancer that works hard and a fun personality that brightens your day. One of the nicest people I have ever met. Alyssa seems shy at first, but when you get her to talk, she is hilarious! I'm so glad you joined the team this year and you are an amazing dancer! She is cute, sweet and a solid dancer Always nice and works really hard when she dances. I love how you can do pretty much EVERY style of dance and no matter what you do your amazing at it! I like how Alyssa is funny and is amazing at all types of dance! Alyssa is a beautiful dancer and puts 100% into everything she does. Alyssa looks really smart, but you know, not in the nerdy type of way. She always get’s in really good character on stage. Alyssa is a great dancer and a great member of the team. I love how chill and easy to work with you are, totally makes you stand out as one of the best dancers on our team! Always on time and ready to work. Great facials! Awesome dancer! Great stage presence and facials!

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