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Miss Ne Scrapbook

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S: Samantha Moline Mis Blue River 2011 Community Service Notebook

FC: Samantha Moline Miss Blue River 2011 | Community Service Notebook

1: Volunteering Volunteering is a vital part of my life, I started volunteering when I was a brownie Girl Scout. As a Girl Scout I learned that volunteering gives me an opportunity to change lives, including my own. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to help others. Helping others can be done in many different ways, from picking up roadside trash to helping Heritage Estates senior citizens get fancied up for the Heritage Estates "Senior" prom. Volunteering is not a "chore" or something that "I have to get done", Volunteering is Fun! Volunteering gives me an opportunity to utilize my communication and leadership skills. It brings me great joy to see the smile on people's faces when they have accomplished something they never thought would be possible. A smile..........just because someone took the time to volunteer!

3: Community service book forms

4: Community Service Throughout the Years By: Samantha Moline I have been doing community service for as long as I can remember. My Girl Scout troops collect trash each year and in 1997 we collected one ton of canned foods. As we continued our work with the community our group was awarded with the Clean-up and Beautification Award for our efforts picking up roadside trash. In 2002, I received the All Around Award. To be eligible for this award you had to compete in sports, complete community service, preform in the arts, as well as participate in an outside organization other than my middle school. I was active in volleyball and basketball, as well as participating in All City Girls Choir. During this part of my life, I worked with the Willard Community Center at the gathering place serving dinner and helping the elderly with their yard work in the fall and spring. As I grew and moved on in school, I kept working with different people in all areas of the community. One organization that I completed a lot of work with was the Girl Scouts. I helped with anything that I could, from overnight camps at Camp Catron, The Saltdogs Field in Lincoln, and the Children's Museum to helping troops complete badges and assisting with bridging ceremonies. When I was in High School I completed my most significant award yet, I completed 228 hours of community service to achieve my Girl Scout Gold Award. Along with two other girls we wanted to increase the enrollment rates of new girls into Girl Scouts. We raised enough money to place 4 billboards up around Lincoln, Nebraska and sent e-mails to all of the 50 United States and 13 other Countries. In 2006, I presented a check to the MDS association on the KGLN Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. I also read to Miss Hands second grade class and various classes at Roper Elementary. When I headed off to college I started to work with Girl Scout Troop 478, and was their assistant leader for 2 years.

5: While in college at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, I was the philanthropy chair for my sorority Alpha Xi Delta. I organized Safe Quarters, Build-a-bear, trunk-or-treat and other various community service activities for my sorority sisters and I to participate in. I planned and participated in Alpha Xi Delta's 2 annual Philanthropies. In 2008 and 2009, Fiesta Feed and Tiki Roast raised a total of 18,000.00 dollars for The Make-A-Wish Foundation. During College I was awarded the Girl Scout Presidential Leadership award for my dedication to community service and school. Since I have been working with the Miss Nebraska pageant system with the titles of Miss Panhandle 2010 and Miss Blue River 2011, I have been working with the Girl Scouts more closely. I have helped with activities such as Building Art, Pink-a-licous, The Dam Tour, Various Awards Ceremonies, Wild West Design Camp, and Fancy Nancy. At these events I talk to the girls why I think its important to stay in Girl Scouts and how getting the Gold Award can benefit your life beyond getting college scholarships and making your resume look good. I have also worked with various groups within my community I have helped with the Senior Prom at Heritage Estates, Diva Day at a local spa, I participated in the Warrior Run, Aids walk and Safe kids day. Volunteering is a part of my life. As a Girl Scout, I learned that volunteering gives me an opportunity to change lives, including my own. I gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to help others. Volunteering is not a "chore" or something that "I have to get done. Volunteering is Fun! Volunteering gives me an opportunity to utilize my communication and leadership skills. It brings me great joy to see the smile on people's faces when they have accomplished something they never thought would be possible. A smile..... Just because someone took the time to volunteer

8: Today our world faces many daunting challenges on every front – including economic, political, societal, and technological. It will take every one of us to meet those challenges. As young women need to prepare to reach our potential and share it with the world. For nearly a century, Girl Scouts has been helping girls develop qualities that guide with them throughout their whole lives. By participating in Girl Scouting, young women develop strong values including leadership, social conscience, conviction about their own potential, and self-worth. Girl Scouts have become successful leaders in numerous professional fields and include many famous women such as Katie Couric, Elizabeth Dole, Lucille Ball, and Dakota Fanning. Even though the Girl Scout organization continues to offer programs that have been proven to develop these important characteristics in girls and young women, initial enrollment at the early grade levels and retention of girl members as they progress through middle and high school has declined. As a Gold Award recipient my plan is to bring the honor and prestige back into earning the highest achievement possible in Girl Scouting. I want to help the Girl Scouts increase their recruitment numbers by getting girls interested in an organization that will prepare them to fully reach their potential and lead lives of commitment, accomplishment, and service to others. | Girl Scouts

9: The title of Miss Nebraska would help bring a program into the light that has been silently helping girls grow into their own. The crown would act as a megaphone in getting the media and girls to be active in the Girl Scout organization. I would work to create partnerships with the media – print, broadcast, advertising, and social media – to reach girls and their parents across the state of Nebraska and America with the rich opportunities of Girl Scouting. The partnership of the Miss Nebraska Scholarship Organization and the Girl Scouts could reach every corner of the state and would help girls get excited about becoming involved and learning to love themselves. I would get girls involved by developing and planning activities that have the appearance of just having fun, while learning strong values such as leadership and organization. With the development of these skills they will learn to have strength and self esteem to stand up for what they believe in. The joining of Miss Nebraska and the Girl Scouts will forge a strong alliance to help girls become young women equipped to serve and inspire others. This combination will allow young girls to see that hard work and determination is the best way to accomplish anything that you set your mind to. A brilliant woman once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt believed that everyone could achieve what they were capable of doing, even though it might just take a little elbow grease, time, commitment, and a few leadership skills to earn and achieve all of your dreams and goals. | Life-Long Leadership

12: this years letters of rec | June Parsons 3101 Orwell St Lincoln Nebraska 402-421-9148

13: Cynthia Gill 302 'O' St P.O. Box 724 Ogallala Nebraska 308-254-3809

21: Leadership skills and self-esteem drives our community to build upon itself and to take great leaps in trust among its members. The Girl Scout Organization has been helping girls and young women develop these skills as well as leadership and to believe in their own potential. As a Gold Award recipient I understand how these tools are benefiting me in my life on a daily basis. By helping the Girl Scouts raise their recruitment rates, I will be helping young women learn how to believe in themselves and accomplish their goals. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” The Girl Scout Organization has given me and many other girls the courage to roll up our sleeves, and put in the needed elbow grease to get our projects started and accomplished in the blink of an eye. | Why Girl Scouts?

30: We were wrapping up our year with our awards ceremony. The girls planned and earned 15 badges

31: UNMC nursing students take a trip to Costa Rica every year to do school age assessments on children who cannot afford to go to a doctors office or clinic. This was our first Chili Feed raising over $600.00

32: This wonderful coffee group gathers every morning and talks about the news and other important activities in their lives!

34: The girls were challenged to make 3D objects from just paper and tape. They had to make them abstract and the base could be no larger than a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper | Talking with the Girls about why I choose to stay in Girl Scouts and how being a active Girl Scout can benefit them individually and as a group

35: You probably already know that I’m very involved with the Miss America Organization, but you probably didn’t know that I’m also working closely with Children’s Miracle Network to raise funds for local children’s hospitals. The Miss America Organization has teamed up with Children's Miracle Network to help raise money for children’s hospitals in communities throughout the United States. My personal goal is to raise $1,000.00. The money I raise will benefit both Children's Miracle Network and the Miss America Scholarship Fund. Total Raised for 2011 $1025.00

36: Pink-a-licous was an event for Daisy Girl Scouts where I read a book to them and then we played games and learned about healthy eating habits | We played a team building game where everyone held hands in a circle and pass the hula hoop from person to person without breaking the circle

42: The Senior Prom was a Blast, there were racks of dresses and nice clothes and everyone got to pick their favorite and get dolled up for the Big event! | The Prom Queen and I, this was voted on by the staff | The Prom King

43: Everyone enjoying a fancy dinner

44: The Wild West Design Camp was held at the YMCA Trails West Camp in Scottsbluff Ne. The girls were there for 4 days and 3 nights and were challenged to do different science based tasks, learning the best way to make things work.

45: Wild West Design Camp Date The girls made cages to protect eggs that were dropped from a 1 story building and they were also asked to make cars that worked out of 4 CD's, 2 dowels, 12 inches of tape and 2 rubber bands, and the cars had to move. The girls also completed the high challenge course and did team building activities. It was a very interesting week!

46: The May 22, 2010 Ogallala Girl Scout Award Ceremony Each of these Girls received badges, Silver Award or the Gold Award. I was the Emcee and Brittany Jeffers Miss Nebraska 2009 was the keynote speaker.

47: Girl Scout Gold Award The Gold Award project is the culmination of all the work a girl puts into "going for the Gold." It is something that a girl can be passionate about—in thought, deed, and action. The project is something that fulfills a need within a girl's community, creates change, and hopefully, is something that becomes ongoing. In order to receive this award each girl must accomplish 7 things. The need to build a framework, Earn the Girl Scout Gold Award Leadership Award Charm, Career Award Charm, The Girl Scout Gold Challenge Award 4B's Charm, Plan their Gold Award Project, Act and Reflect | These 4 young ladies earned their Gold Award in 2010, along with 5,500 other young women

48: MISS CHADRON MISS NORTHWEST | Mariah Cook Miss Northwest 2011 and I | Getting Ready Talent

49: Swimsuit Evening Gown | On Stage Question Little Sister

50: MISS BLUE RIVER 2011 | February 19th, 2011

51: It was a big surprise! | Talent:Flag Platform: Girl Scouts Life-Long Liquid

52: Fancy Nancy

53: February 26, 2011 Girl Scouts

54: After Reading Fancy Nancy the girls went from station to station getting their hair, make-up and nails done | After reading Fancy Nancy the girls had the chance to get their Hair, nails, make-up and | Once the Girls had gone through each station they had the chance to take pictures at the photo booth!

56: Reading with Mrs. Hedlunds Class | April 6th 2011

57: I read to this wonderful group of children at Zeman Elementary They informed me that they were almost first graders and not kindergarteners. We read 2 books and had a great discussion over the book, Fluffy the Porcupine.

58: Meeting | We went and met our sponsors and took pictures in their places of business to use next year in our program book. | Pictures at Pincale Bank | K&H's Gift Shop

59: The Miss Blue River and Miss Southeast Pageant was Held on February 19th, 2011 in Crete Nebraska | Our | Sponsors | The Crete News | K&H's Gift Shop

60: TruValue in Crete allowed us to get on a ladder and hand a sign. They even gave us pink hammers!

61: We went to meet our sponsors on April 7th 2011 It started off a nice afternoon, but by the time we had left our first stop it was raining! We spent the rest of the afternoon trying not to get soaked as we met our sponsors Rain or shine it was a great way to meet everyone who supported our pageant!

62: May 7th, 2011 I attended a Lions Meeting at Doane College. I was able to talk to them about my platform. I spoke with them about my plans for Miss Nebraska and how I would promote The Children's Miracle Network and Girl Scouts if I was honored with the opportunity to become Miss Nebraska

64: Savannah Pines | Ground Breaking

65: The first resident to move into this wonderful assisted Living facility was able complete the ribbon cutting. | We gathered by the fountain to take a picture with all of the first residents and some employees. The residents that I was able to speak with had amazing things to say about their facility and all of the staff. | Ten Year | Ceremony

66: I was one of the first students to attend Roper Elementary in 1997. The principal and majority of the teachers are still the same! | I was able to read 2 books to four kindergarten classes and to two second grade classes. | Reading at Roper Elementary

67: The Children that I read to were great! The questions that they came up with, always kept me on my toes.

68: Community | Service

69: Community Service Essay When writing this essay I had to stop and think why I did community service and how has it really impacted my life. I came from a wonderful family, in a great neighborhood. I never went through any hardships, except for the minimal things that young children complain about, such as not getting the toy that I wanted at the store or being told no about staying up 15 minutes later. I was a Girl Scout at a young age which is when I got involved in community service. I started doing community service with my Girl Scout troop, we participated in the West A neighborhood cleanup, and a food drive were we reached our goal for raising 1 ton of food. Through Middle School and High School I was still doing community service, but it took a bit of a turn, from doing it with my friends to participating with a community centers teen group. We served dinner at the Gathering place, and help the elderly in the community during the spring and fall raking leaves and helping with any household chore that they were incapable of doing themselves. Throughout these years I was still a active Girl Scout and was working on talking with younger scouts and earning my Gold Award. When I got to college I really started to understand why I liked to do community service. I realized that it was more of a hobby than a task that needed to be checked off of my to do list. My sophomore year in college I was nominated to be philanthropy chair in my sorority, planning community service events for my sorority sisters was a blast. We raised money for the Make- a –wish foundation, collected change for Safe Quarters, donated our time to help clean up Cedars home for children and a lot more. Many of the activities that I started at my sorority they still do today because the girls enjoyed the amount and type of activities to participate in each month. Community service has taught me that doing one small act can help turn someone’s day around, and to cherish the things that I am capable of purchasing and appreciate the standard of living that I am so accustomed to. I believe when a group of people try to complete a task and accomplish that task they are so pleased and the people that they have helped are grateful. Margret Mead sums it up perfectly with her statement “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” Plus you can’t beat that feeling you get inside when you see the face of a person who needed that extra pair in jeans in your closet or that old teddy bear you just couldn’t pass on, it’s hard to explain and is the greatest feeling in the world.

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