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Mission 25

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S: Mission 25

BC: Mission 25: | Mission 25 is a short story about a teen girl who has been betrayed and heartbroken for the last time. Through twisted manipulation, lies, journal entries and breath taking plans Athena Lee learns the true meaning of karma and learns a horrid lesson when a life is taken.

FC: Mission 25

2: The light green clock in which shimmered in the glimpse of the barely there light had just turned to 6:30 and as a broken hearted girl, who is bleeding multiple emotions named Athena Lee is laying in bed looking up at the stars that had seemed to have been extraordinarily bright that night. Counting each one that stood out, she realized that there were exactly twenty five bright stars gleaming down on her perfectly put together face, and as her thoughts began to increase in depth she immediately thought of all the guys that had broke her into pieces and led her to the place she is now.

4: As tears seemed to flow and thoughts seemed to wonder: “ "You must regret the day you left me, you left the best you had chasing them scaly wags" boomed within her room. She looked down at her phone and pressed the silence button than threw her phone to the floor. “ "Still tryna’ get back, get back, still tryna’ get back, get back with me, ooh." ” Yet again there goes her phone ringing off the hook with Latoya's song "regret" and than she answered this time with an attitude because of the interruption. “"What?"!” Athena shouts. “

5: "Bestie calm down, relax what's wrong?”" Ericka says with a soothing yet concerned tone. As Athena takes a deep breath in, decreasing her high pulse that seemed to have been rushing through her veins as if they were running from a fire she softly said, “ "Why does this always happen to me?! What have I ever done to anyone to ever deserve to be treated this way?" Ericka pauses as thoughts run through her head. She is speechless and can't come up with anything else but; “ "Guys will be guys."

6: The two girls sit in silence and all that could be heard was their breathing. Not a moment to soon Ericka says in high excitement, “"Get up! You're going out with me tonight!.Just you and me, drinks and a dance floor will make everything better I promise." Athena refuses but then something in her head clicked. She stood up and slammed open her closet doors and pulls out every skanky, slim, short dress she could possibly find. Whenever Athena and Ericka are getting ready to go out they are either on the phone or are webcaming. As Athena is trying her best to think of the perfect “"I’m single"” outfit, Ericka shows her all her favorite options.

8: Three hours later Athena is finally ready. As she drowns herself in glitter and pink accessories, she zippers up her brand new leather jacket and begins to walk down stairs. As she grabs her keys she says to her parents: “ "Mom, dad, I'm going out I won't be back til'’ late, so don't wait up, love you" She waits for a reply but all she gets is a; "Don't forget to fill the gas tank when your done."” With tears in her eyes Athena drives off into the night...

10: Dear Journal.. | I don't understand I've done everything they ever wanted me to do, I am everything they ever wanted me to be, so why don't they love me? I clean, I help cook dinner, I babysit for my aunt whenever my mother and her want to go out to lunch. What is the problem!? Somehow I have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout all my high school life and yet it isn't good enough .

11: I want to be someone that they're proud to call their daughter. I want them to care about the things I do like normal parents. Granted it is nice not having a curfew and rules.. but it's really not what its all made out to be. It's Highly | OVERATED!.

12: Finally when Athena made it to Ericka's house, the things that she thought about in the car on the way there suddenly disappeared. The two girls drove to the nearest club on the corner of Ashdale and Perks. They got out the silver BMW X6M and all eyes were on them, and the girls walked as if they were on a red carpet and everything seemed to go in slow motion.

14: The girls walk through the gated doors and get stamped by the big security guard named Joe, who Athena had grown to be cool with because she's been there all too often. Later that night the girls separate and Athena begins to drink as usual. She looks up and in the middle of a crowd of people this scarred up, juevinille, guy makes eye contact with her for what seemed to have been a lifetime.As both of them bashfully look away and smile the guy walks up to her. She offers to buy him a drink but he says no and walks away.She is automatically offended and is oddly turned on by the fact that he is mysterious and some what rude.

16: Without a moment to loose she runs after the guy and taps him on his shoulder. "Hey you,! What's your problem?!" Confused and startled the guy turns around and says; "Um.. what's your problem? you ard?" Athena likes his aggressiveness and makes her even more eager to know who he is. "What's your name?" Athena whispers. " bout you love?" "I'm Athena Lee" She said with a smirk on her face. "Beautiful.. Almost as beautiful as your eyes" He said as he touched her face gently. The two make their way outside and begin to walk.. For a second they paused and to their surprise they were in a park.Being so interested in another they didn't even realize that they were walking for about an hour now, so as soon as Athena seen two lonely swings she ran over as quickly as her legs could go. She jumped on the swing and bursted out in laughter. The liquor in which is starting to set in is making her way beyond flirtatious and suggests he comes and sits with her. They swing and swing... Finally when they had nothing else to talk about he kissed her. As she bite into his lip she felt emotions which had seemed way to familiar to her. She pulled away with a jerk and takes off.

18: With concern he rushes off to go after Athena. "Love!, come back.. What's wrong? Did I say something?" Geremy shouts. "Nothing. I'm fine. She says as she wipes the tears from her eyes. "But Love.." "NO . Stop, I said i'm fine." Athena says, as she cuts him off and puts her hand over his mouth. "Ok...ok..." He says. Geremy and Athena begin to walk back to the club to find Ericka sleeping right beside Athena's car. Geremy suggests "How about I take you out on Saturday? I promise not to make you cry again" As Athena laughs and takes a deep breath in she says "Ahaha someones a comedian I see, but sure, be at the corner of Cherry and lark, 8 o'clock." "Will do my love" Geremy says, as they both hug another goodbye, he walks away and Athena wakes up Ericka and throws her into the back seat. Driving home she thinks about all that happened in the past 5 hours...Especially the feeling behind that kiss.

20: Dear Journal... That kiss... Why? What? Geremy.. What the hell just happened? One minute i'm a mess than the next i'm falling head over heals for this stranger that I barely even know. I really like him already.. His perfectly shaped face, deep brown eyes, scared tough cheekbones that bulged as if they were on steroids.Wait.. No... Not again . This is not gunna happen. I WILL NOT I REPEAT, WILL NOT, go through all of this again. Since I seem like the old, innocent, sweet, fall hard girl.. I'm gunna be the cold hearted, lair that every guy seems to turn into. Just watch, I'll be the new "PERFECT GUY" "It's Time For REVENGE ."

22: The next day in school Ericka is sitting in 4th period when she gets a text from Athena. "Hey Bestie" "Hey girl, what's up, you good? Why didn't you come today?" Ericka replied. "I have the worst headache and the worst case of a hangover...smh" Athena said. "What did your parents say?" Ericka said while trying to not make it obvious that she had her phone in class. "Nothing. As if they care anyway.." Athena replied. Mrs. Cotter yells, trying to get her attention. "Sorry Mrs.. I was ..uhm.... getting a pen" Ericka explained. | ERICKA!! | ! | ..Hello | !?!

24: Later on that day Athena left Ericka 6 new messages and by the time Ericka got to her phone, the last bell had just rang, dismissing all of the students in the Trensell Highschool. As she rushed to her locker to grab her books, she sees a guy franticaly running from girl to girl, smiling and looking at his phone as if he was taking down their numbers. "TING" A new text pops up on her phone and she looks down and attempts to text Athena. "Yo there's a new......" "Aye" Geremy says, as he grabs onto her shoulder. "Uuhh....hi?" She replies. "Your'e Ericka right? he says. "Yea? why?" Ericka says, with an uneasy look on her face. "I'm looking for Athena, do you know where she is? "Why" she asks. "Umm.... Nevermind. Geremy says as he walks away rubbing his forehead with stress.

27: After the confusing approach Ericka rushes to Athena's house and bursts in her room. As she changes into something comfortable Athena asked, "What was up with the half written text?" "Ooh yea, There's a new man whore in our school..." Ericka says as she rolls her eyes and picks up her clothes. "Great, I bet the cheerleaders will get a kick outta that." Athena says as she brushes back her hair. "...That's what I was thinking, but I don't think he wants them" Said Ericka. "What do you mean?"Athena asks. "He wants you." Ericka whispered. "Me? aha you're kidding right?" Athena rolls over and grabs her phone in disbelief. "No. I'm serious, although he was going from girl to girl before he approached me he said his name was Geremy, and asked me if I knew where you were."Ericka said. Geremy? .....he goes to our school? Athena thought to herself. "Oh. Him. That's this guy I met last night, isn't he gorgeous" Athena said aloud. "Uhh duh, that would explain why he's a whore"Ericka said. With excitement running through Athena's body she laughs and thinks to herself about how great this plan is going to work. Her finally getting the "Man Whore" back would just be perfect.

29: The girls sit and gossip about all that was missed in school that day and about the night before. Athena makes sure that the things she tells Ericka about are very limited. Secretiveness was something Ericka and Athena never had to worry about. They were always completely honest with one another and never had a worry about what they would think or if they'd repeat it. This time was different. Athena didn't want anyone to know, she wanted it to be on the low, she wanted it to be a deep dark secret. Just as all of her old relationships were. As the girls begin to watch movies, half way through the third movie Ericka had passed out and Athena pulled out her journal and began to write.

30: Dear Journal... | It's my turn. Everything that has ever been done to me, will be done back. I will be the one who moves on so quickly leaving the dumb broken hearted one behind. I will be the player.Being left at the movies, shoved in the halls, talked about on facebook, laughed at because of things that were said, being cheated on, texts being shown, and worst of all...saying "it was just a date", I'm over it. All of the above is what I will do. I'm just going to have to add my own sick little twist to it and spice things up a bit. | "What goes around comes around"

31: J.G | M.A | E.P | M. | M.A.B | M.P | M.J.S | J.R | N.S | B.D | K.C | Q.K | F.M | J.B | R.A | D.L | E.B | N.S | J.E | B.R | A.B | A.L | J.Y

32: Later on when Ericka woke up, Athena was way to quiet she thought. What's wrong with her..? "You ok?" Ericka asked. "I'm fine, i'm just thinking" Athena said with a crooked smile on her face. "Yea right" Ericka replied as she got up and grabbed her phone. "We should do something today"Ericka suggests. "Like what?" Athena asks. "I don't know, well figure something out" Ericka said.

33: "Oh yea, let's go to the mall, I need to find something to wear Saturday." Said Athena. "What you mean? What's Saturday? Ericka asked. "I got a date with the "Man Whore" Athena laughed. Seriously..? Ericka thought. "Wow, just be careful, and remember what he is. Don't fall for his little tricks." "I won't, this time, it's different" Athena said as she smiled. "Whatever you say, Ericka said.

34: Saturday finally arrived and Geremy was no where to be found in school the day before. She wondered if she had been stood up again, and begins to become anxious. Not knowing whether the date was still on, she began to get dressed and headed toward Cherry and Lark at exactly eight. To her surprise there he was, still as gorgeous yet, mysterious. As he gets into the car she grips him up and kisses him and says "Surprised ya showed up." "Why wouldn't I have?" He asked. Because i've been stood up so many times, thought this would be a another time, she thought to herself. "No reason" She said, and drove off.

35: All night she had been teasing him and using every word, nickname, and pickup line that had been used on her in past dates. She thought about the nicknames, love, hun, sweety and about the saying "You're different, it's just you and me." All a while he was just eating it up, just as she had. She held his hand and kissed it every chance she got, just as if she were the guy. She even opened the doors for him. After dinner, they walked around town and spoke of their families, and their friends. About what they like in a guy/girl. He would say "Funny, sweet, and someone who will love me for me" She said the usual "Someone different, someone like you, your perfect."

36: As the night drew to an end Athena kissed Geremy goodnight and he said softly; "I ... think I..uh... love you" " Really?" Athena asked with already knowing the answer. "Yea, really." He said. "Well I love you too" she said with satisfaction and told him to call her tomorrow.As she pulls off from dropping him off at his house, she thinks about how familiar this all had seemed, and now knows how it feels to be on the other side of the glass. Knowing that what she said wasn't true, and thinking about how fast he was to fall. She finally had an idea of how easy and quick to fall she always seemed.

37: He loves me...

38: Dear Journal , | I finally see what it's like and how easy it is to make people fall head over heels. How easy it is to get someone to cling onto you and never wanna let go.How could I not have known.. I was so dumb.. and so is he. | It's Working ! | !

39: "I got him right where I want him"

40: The next day Geremy calls just as asked. They sit and talk for hours about how much they like another so far. He begins to tell her about the real him, about his broken family. His Father is dead and his mom is a drug user. They live in a one room apartment and do whatever they can to scrap up some money to pay the rent each month. He gets in depth about how much this has impacted him and how he's had to do things which he wasn't proud of in his past, hence the scars. Stories were told about the time he had to fight his father off his mom and got stabbed in the process, and how he had to rush his mom to the hospital because of an OD. He also explained how he came from the streets of North Philadelphia, and the struggles he had to face. Poverty, violence, addicts, gangs... All of which made him loose his childhood very fast.

42: A few minutes after the two hung up, she thought about everything this guy has been through and how there may be a possibility that he's actually different.For an instant she felt bad for him, than she had flashbacks of how she used to wear her heart on her sleeve, and used to tell the guys who played her about her broken family. How they never paid any attention to her and yet she tried so hard. They never felt bad for her nor did it stop them from hurting her so why should she feel bad for this guy. Maybe he's just playing the victim to make him seem vulnerable and innocent, which would be just the thing to make a typical girl, (the old her) fall even more for him.

44: As days pass Athena ignores the 30 new messages, and 15 missed calls. She updates her status' and writes on other guys walls. She flirts and puts status' such as "If you were my boyfriend" and "Rates, and Boyfriend Application." Geremy is hurt by all he sees and decides to attempt to text her, yet again hoping for a reply. "Hi..." He says. 15 minutes later... "Hey" Athena replies. "How you been?" Geremy says while trying to calm down from the excitement rushing through his body, in response to her reply. "I'm good, you?" She says. "Ok, I guess.. I really miss you" Geremy replies with great emotion. "Wyd" She asked, avoiding his answer.

45: "Uh..laying in bed thinking.." "Cool" She replied. Geremy now deeply dissapointed says; "What's wrong? You ok? I haven't heard from you in a few days.." "I'm fine, couldn't be better actually" Athena said. "Oh.. So what are we? He says with his heart pouring out on his phone's keyboard. "What you mean? Were friends : )" She Answered. "Um.. I thought we were more.. I mean we told eachother I love you, told everything about our pasts, went on amazing, meaningful dates..." He Went on. "What changed?" "I'm just not ready for a boyfriend, I need space." She Explained. "Call me..." He whimpered.

46: "Hello...?" Athena says. "Hey" Geremy Emitted. "So wasup?" She replied with no emotion. "I miss you, What changed...? I mean.. like we went on dates, admitted our love, we were perfect, what happened?" He said while beats of his heart could be heard with every breath. "It was just a date and everyone says I love you Geremy, things just weren't what I thought." Athena Jabbered. "So what now...? Geremy mumbled. "I don't know but I gotta go." She said.Without a pause for his response she says "bye" and hangs up. Before he could comprehend that she hung up he said; "Athena I love you." And in response silence said more than she ever could.

48: Geremy throws his phone at the wall and grabs his keys. He storms out into the rain and gets in his car. Going ninety Five miles per hour, Geremy speeds through stop signs and Street lights. He swerves in and out of cars, zooms through intersections creating great commotion in his path. | BOOM! | ! | "Help him It's sinking | ! ! " | As Geremy's car sank to the bottom of the rushing river, people crowded around the bridge that he had drove off of. "Someone Hurry " An elderly lady Repeated. By the time the paramedics got to the scene the car nor Geremy were anywhere to be found. | ! !

50: Hours later Athena was thinking about Geremy and had wondered why he wasn't calling her begging at her feet. She tried to call him but no answer. She tried to text him, still no answer. That day she gets a phone call from Ericka saying; "ATHENA!, TURN ON CHANNEL 98, YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED." Athena rushes to her tv and turns on channel 98 and sees a car being pulled out of the Fluxberry River and asks Ericka; "Ok? What happened? "Just watch..." Ericka said with much sympathy. As Athena trys to keep her eyes on the screen the news caster says; "Geremy Cole's

51: Body was found a few minutes ago." Detectives say that there were no evidence to why this happened, and nothing was found but a notebook in the glovebox. Seems as though as his girlfriend had left him and he wrote a letter to her, which never made it out. No ones sure if this unfortunate accident was actually an accident or was done intentionally. Spectators say he drove straight into the river, whereas others say he lost control of the vehicle, but really whose to say either or is right or wrong. If anyone has information concerning this tragic accident please contact us immediately.

52: As commercials came on Athena dropped her phone..and could feel every heart beat her body pulsed. The room seemed to spin and she collapsed to the floor. Looking at her fingers which lay right beside her face thoughts rush through her head so fast, it's impossible to comprehend them. Suddenly there's a bang at the door, and as she gets up, feeling around reassuring she wouldn't fall, she answered it and there stood the two detectives that she had just seen on tv."Athena Lee?" They asked. "Yess sir" she replied. "Here is all of which remains.." "They said.

53: "Thanks" Athena said trembling. The two detectives walk away with sympathy written all over their faces. As she closes the door she looks down at the water damaged, envelope and takes out the two pieces of paper and began to read.

54: My dear Athena Lee, From the first time we made eye contact, my heart stood still. Everything around me stopped and for what seemed to have been a lifetime I fell deep into your grey ocean which lay behind your eyelids. Your smile which makes your dimples reach their deepest depth can make my heart melt. I am so glad i've been blessed enough to meet someone like you. From past heartaches I was afraid to open up to you, but you somehow managed to make it seem so easy.

55: If there was one person that I would want my mom to meet before she OD's again would be you, and if my father was here i'd introduce you both. Although i'd have to keep a good eye on em' , it would still be all worthwhile. Nothing would be better than you meeting the two people who created me and who mean the world to me. I am absolutely sure that I can give you my heart and that you will take me by your small, delicate hands and drift away with me into something bigger than the two of us.. something called true love. | Forever Yours, Geremy

56: After reading Geremy's heart which bleed throughout those two pieces of paper, she realized that the guy that everyone talked about, and the one she always dreamt about was him. He was "The One". The guy that every girl wished for, the one who was actually the good guy. "What have I done..." She said bursting out in tears. "The one guy that was right, that I could've spent my whole life with is gone..and it's all because of me..."

57: I love him...

58: Dear Journal, | For what seemed to be revenge, was only but karma. I messed with the heart of perfection, and nothing can ever make up for it. What have I done, Will forever be what I ask, I will never love again, until the day I hold your hand.

59: Dear Geremy

60: Israel Miranda | Kimberly Miranda | My job as the time keeper was to make sure everyone in my group was focused and on task.. | For this book i worked with my group to illustrate and get pictures that would relate to the story. | Featured: | Time Keeper | Illustrator

61: Linda Warner | Desire Coriano | My name is Linda Marie, and I am the writer of this Tragic Romance. I enjoy writing poetry, but not as much and I enjoy writing short stories in which I can allow my imagination to run wild. | My name is Desire Coriano. My job in creating this book "Mission 25" was the notetaker. I enjoyed helping create this book in our point of view. When it comes to romance in a teenage girl's life things get very complicated. | Writer | Note taker

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