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Mitchell's Book

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S: Stories of Awesomeness by Mitch S. Darden

1: My name is Mitchell Darden, age 11. You may be wondering where I reside. On the southeast side of Charlotte is my home, which is not extremely far from the best ice-cream parlor, Ben and Jerry’s! My house is split-level. This has been my home since I was born. My neighborhood is quiet because it has very few kids. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. With so many siblings things can get chaotic. I’m not going to take the time to tell you their names, but I will tell you my cats’ names, Socks and Nimbus. The reason we call her Socks is because her feet are as white as socks. And the reason we call him Nimbus is because he is as dark as the cumulonimbus cloud. My cats’ have lived in my house longer then I have. My favorite movie would have to be the Jungle Book. I LOVE this movie because it’s a classic. Of course, my favorite animal is a white liger. A liger is a mix between a lion and tiger. My hero has to be my uncle because he is a fireman. Undoubtedly, my favorite superhero has always been Wolverine. He is the most awesome of all heroes. Unfortunately, this is just a glimpse into my life but you get the idea!

2: Desert Tarantula Rule! The largest spider in the world is the tarantula. Often in movies tarantula look dangerous to humans but they are actually harmless. They spend most of their time underground in burrows. At night, they wait for small animals to pass their entrance, so they can catch them for a midnight snack. You will mostly likely see tarantulas during mating season. Males only live for 10 to 11 years and die after mating. Females live to be 25 years or older which allows them to lay eggs several times in their life. | Silly Willy PIlly-bugs Pillbugs are one of the most common bugs found in the backyard world. They get their name because when they get disturbed, they roll up into a pill shape. The Sowbug is similar to the Pillbug except it is flatter and can’t roll into the shape of a pill. Like a lobster or crab, a Pillbug is a crustacean which means they need water in order to live. Pillbugs breathe through gills not lungs. The gills are found on the underside of the body. That’s why usually can find them in damp places.

3: Starfish Rock! Starfish live in oceans all over the world. There are over 2000 kinds of starfish. They feed on oysters and clams which makes a tasty treat. Even though most starfish only have five arms; some have up to forty arms. If they lose an arm, another one will grow back in its place. Amazingly, some starfish can grow a body from the lost arm. This is possible because of the special organs they have in their arms instead of their body. Scientist would rather we call them “Sea Stars” because they are not really fish. | How about that Oyster A marine animal called the oyster is a valuable type of bivalve which has two shells, one on top and one on the bottom. Commonly, they are found in warm, shallow waters. In just one year, female oysters can lay five to fifty million eggs but only a few will become full-grown. After an egg is fertilized, a shell begins to form within a day. Once an egg hatches it can swim within a few days. Attaching themselves to a rock or sunken object, they will spend the rest of their lives there. An adult oyster is usually 2-10 inches long.

4: Peter the Great Russia was the largest nation during the 18th century because it spread from Europe on the west to the Pacific on the east. All over Europe wonderful things were happening. Writers, painters, musicians and scientists were transforming the world. Foolishly, Russia did not want to change. Peter Alexeevich who was born in 1672 later became the tzar of Russia. He decided that change was needed in Russia. After visiting Europe, he learned many things that would bring great changes to Russia. And now we know why he is called Peter the Great.

5: Once a long time ago, the Philistine army fought fearlessly against the Israelites. It was a time of great darkness. There was a fearless shepherd boy named David who came against the great champion from the Philistines’ camp. Because he was so gigantic, the terrified Israelites raced back to their camp when they saw him. He was a giant who stood 9 feet 9 inches tall. David, the shepherd boy, had three brothers who were fighting in the war against the Philistines. His father had not heard from his brothers for many days so he sent David with bread and cheese to find to how they were doing. When David approached the camp, he saw his brothers and ran to hug them. Then out of nowhere the giant, Goliath came out screaming, “We will fight today. IF you win this battle, we the Philistines will be your slaves; however, if you lose, you will be our slaves.” Bravely, David stepped forward and shouted, “You dare to challenge God’s army! I will fight for the army of God.” When King Saul heard these brave words, he offered his own armor to David. After trying on the bronze helmet and coat of mail, David, exclaimed, “I can’t fight in these! They are too heavy. All I need is my staff, slingshot, and five smooth stones.” When Goliath saw the young boy, he laughed saying, “Am I a dog that you come to me with sticks?” David replied, “You may come to me with a sword and shield but I come in the name of the Lord God.” Courageously, David took the stones out of his bag and put them into his sling, and slung it striking Goliath right in the forehead. The enormous giant fell to the ground with a big crash. Then David took Goliath’s sword and killed him, cutting off his head which he took to King Saul. Seeing this King Saul shouted, “God has used a shepherd boy to win this great battle. Israel is victorious! | Israel is Victorious!

6: A little monkey found a tree full of bananas which he decided to climb in order to grab as many bananas as he could. Then he tried to jump down. Unwilling to let go of any of the bananas, he was unable to get down out of the tree. He would need a machete to cut the large bunch of bananas down. He started screaming frantically for help. A nearby peacock heard him and exclaimed, “If you will be happy with just a few bananas, you will be able to come down. Sometimes you have to be modest to get what you desire.” | The Monkey and the Bananas

7: Being Gullible Gets you Nowhere! One morning in the jungle, a very colorful parrot sat on a branch of a dead tree holding in his beak a piece of a mango. When along came a Komodo dragon who smelled the mango with his very powerful nose. The starving Komodo dragon spoke to the parrot, “How charming you are looking today.” The parrot was very satisfied at this but did not speak because of the mango in his beak. “How colorful your feathers are today, the Komodo dragon went on, “and your claws-how well manicured.” The parrot was even more pleased but continued not to speak. | “I have heard how spectacular you sing and I would love to hear you!” the dragon went on. Surely your voice cannot be as lovely as your feathers. If it were possible, then you would be the greatest bird in the universe! Please do, sing a melody for me.” The delighted parrot opened his beak and began to sing. “BRAAAAAAAAAAK!” As he released the mango it fell directly into the clever Komodo dragon’s mouth. “I am so grateful to you even though your singing was quite horrible!” exclaimed the dragon as he devoured the mango. “Maybe next time you will not be so gullible to believe everything you hear!”

8: There once was a young sultan named Ahreem, who was the prince to the throne. Ahreem traveled by camel to the nearest market for salt. After buying the salt, he returned to his palace. But to do so, he had to cross a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. As he crossed over the water, the camel slipped and fell. Slowly getting up, the camel’s load felt much lighter. The sultan was frustrated. Now he would have to go back to the market to buy more salt. As they came back to the oasis with the new load of salt, the camel fell in the water but this time on purpose. The sultan cleverly began to get the picture. Going back to the market once again, he bought sponges. As they came to the oasis, the camel fell in the water. The sponges filled up with water which made the camel’s load much heavier. So the camel’s trick backfired on him and doubled his trouble! | Double the Trouble

9: Late one night the Ninja Turtles were leaping from building to building after defeating their arch nemesis, the Shredder. They were making their way back to the sewer. Seeing the manhole in the distance, Raphael decided to take a shortcut. It seemed that the quickest way was to slide down a wire which was directly over the manhole and attached to a 100 story building. Just as Raphael was about to leap, Master Splinter caught him by the shell. Raphael, who was always so stubborn, would not give up and continued to pull with all his strength. “Fine. Raphael, go your own way and see where it leads you!” said Master Splinter. So he let go of the foolish turtle just as the wire broke sending Raphael shell over heels down into the alley. | Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles

10: Two Sharks, One Ocean Once there were two sharks in the ocean which despised each other so much that one day they fought it out tooth and fin. After the fight, the defeated shark swam away to hide. The winner went to the bottom of the ocean to brag about his victory. Surprisingly, out of nowhere an enormous net pulled the proud shark out of the deep blue sea. Coming out of hiding, the rival shark took his place as the champion.

11: Welcome to the Himalayas Not too long ago there was an eskimo boy named John who would take his father’s sled dogs to the icy hilltop every day for fresh air. Before he would go out his father would warn him, ‘‘Watch out for the abominable snow man and if you see him be sure to yell - Snowman, snowman!” So he would go to the hilltop and watch the dogs for hours and hours. The boy was very lonely and sad because he had no one to play with. So the boy pondered his situation day after day. One day he foolishly decided to cry out, “Snow man! snowman!” He hoped he would finally get the attention he had been longing for. It was not long before the village heard his cry. Quickly, they rushed out with their flame throwers. As they came closer they realized there was no real danger. They were not very angry with the boy. His father cried, “Don’t ever do that again.” “I’m sorry, father,” John answered. For many days John did as he was told. Unfortunately, one day he was lonely beyond belief. So he cried out ,“Snowman! Snowman!” The villagers rushed out with their flame throwers to fight off the horrible snowman. Once again they realized that they had been tricked by the boy because when they arrived, John was sitting calmly with his father’s dogs. “Why have you deceived us for the second time”? pleaded his father. The boy answered, “I’m sorry father but I am so lonely on this hill top day after day watching these dogs.” Unhappily, the villagers left to return to their homes. Many weeks went by but the boy was still very lonely as he sat on the icy hill top. Then out of nowhere who should appear but the abominable snowman. The boy yelled, “Snowman, snowman.” When no one came, the boy dashed to the village shouting, “Snowman, snowman - the abominable snowman.” The weary villagers decided to believe him. They ran as fast as they could with their flamethrowers to the icy hilltop but they were too late. Standing at the top of the hill was the abominable snowman. As the villagers approached he smiled and greeted them, “Welcome to the Himalayas.”

12: Whooping Cranes Whooping cranes migrate to marshy habitats. They spend their summer in the Buffalo National Park which is located in Alberta, Canada. For the winter they migrate to the marsh lands in Aransas Refuge along the coast of Texas. In the spring, they fly 4000 km back to Wood Buffalo. Their habitats for the summer and winter are the wetlands. The diet of the whooping crane is connected to the wetlands habitat. Searching in the swampy regions they hunt for juicy plants, frogs and insects. They eat crabs and clams while in the Aransas Refuge. In the Wood Buffalo National Park, they search for fish, snakes and water animals’ eggs. Amazingly, one crane can eat 800 grasshoppers in 75 minutes! Once humans avoided the wetlands and so the cranes were safe. After draining the wetlands, humans endangered the food supply and habitat of the Whoopers. Whooping crane parents share parenting. Finding grass the parents build the nest together in shallow water. The parents protect their nest. If a predator comes near the nest the cranes begin dancing. If the chick faces danger the parents ump out of bushes and sound an alarm. Hissing, the parents charge the predator. They can be very frightening with a wing span of two and half meters. The parents take turns ten times each day incubating the eggs. Before switching shifts on the nest they signal with a bugle sound. They incubate their eggs 28 to 36 days. The new family stays together until the parents build a new nest. Even though the parents chase the young away before mating, it takes 5-6 years for the chicks to become mature enough to build their own nests. The responsibility of the parents usually lasts 1 year. Poor parenting seldom causes problems raising the young instead it is usually from natural disasters. Extinction means that a type of animal disappears. In the last 300 years, 90 species have become extinct. When the number of a species decline, the species become endangered. 210 species around the world have become endangered. Whenever there are only a few of a species left, they are considered rare. In 1941, the whooping crane became rare with only 15 surviving. Desperately, something must be done or they will become extinct. The whooping cranes are becoming extinct so they need protection. A hundred years ago there were thousands in North America. They usually flourish over the plains. In 1941, only one colony existed in Buffalo National Park. The extinction of these birds was threatened. After laying two eggs, two hatched but only one survived. The stronger chick sometimes pecks the weaker chick out of the nest. The exiled chick dies. The rivalry between the chicks promotes danger of extinction. Whoopers are not extinct but they have become endangered. In 1980, there were 83 cranes in the wild and 26 in captivity. The Idaho experiment was affected by the drought. Drying of the wetlands decreased the food supply and allowed predators to enter the marshes. Coyotes ate the eggs of the Whoopers. Also the Sandhill migrates 1200 km while the Whooper’s migrate 4000kg. Their routes differ. Migrating is learned not instinctive. The Whooping Cranes are not extinct because the Sandhill Cranes adopt their young.

14: In a faraway land which is called Dardenville lived a young duckling Darrell was his name. One day Darrell and his mother were happily walking to the supermarket to get some cookies for the bake sale at his school. Once they got the cookies they started toward the checkout line. When they got there a burglar entered the store, he was shouting as he shot two bullets into the ceiling, “Give me all your money!” As the store clerk refused, he began spraying the crowd with bullets. Fearfully, Darrell hid under the counter. Darrell’s life was spared but his Mother’s life was not. “Oh no, Mom,” he shouts. Unknown to Darrell as he had crouched below the counter a radioactive duck louse had bitten him. Ten years later. On his way to work, some speed ducks challenged him to a race. Darrell couldn’t resist. So Darrell and the speed ducks lined up. Ready, set, go! The ducks raced off. After a second or two, Darrell flew off as fast as a speeding bullet. Darrell couldn’t believe it. He even broke the sound barrier. “I am so fast. And look at my abs which are amazingly hard as a rock! I should become a super hero,” he exclaimed. Finally arriving at work, he tells his best friend, Chet, about his amazingly, awesome super powers. “That is amazing and awesome especially since I just discovered that I have some super powers also,” confesses Chet. “One day I went for a stroll on the outside of town and fell into a vat of toxic waste. When I climbed out, my hands started to light up. Then out of nowhere lightening shot out of my hands. I realized that I had lightening powers,” explained Chet. “With your speed and my lightening power we could join forces and fight for good.” One year later. Super Duck and Chet were riding together down the street in the duckmoblile, when they heard a loud and obnoxious voice. “I, Magneto Duck challenge you and your scrawny side-kick to a dual,” shouted Magneto Duck. “Do you have any super powers?” asks Super Duck. “Super powers, HA, HA, HA! My super powers are the best!” shouts Magneto Duck. “I can control metal which is the best power of them all.” “I, Super Duck accept your challenge,” exclaimed the super hero. Suddenly, Magneto Duck threw a car at Super Duck and his sidekick. With his super speed, Super Duck dodges the car but unfortunately, it hit Chet. “No, Chet!” shouted Super Duck. Quickly Magneto Duck grabbed a metal pole and swings it at Super Duck. Once again Super Duck dodges just in the nick of time. Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes the metal pole electrocuting Magneto Duck. Super Duck turns to see Chet as he weakly stood nearby. “Chet,” he rushed over to his super friend, “I thought you were surely dead. We have defeated the mighty Magneto Duck. Together we are the Justice League of Ducks!” | JUSTICE LEAGUE OF DUCKS

15: The Darden Family On August 23, 1999 nothing could have made the Darden family happier than when a new baby boy was born. He was 10 lbs 2 oz. Happily they decided to name me, Mitchell. Before me five children had already been born and 1 more came five years later. My oldest sister is Katie and she is married to Kenny. They live in Columbia in an apartment. My oldest brother, Taylor, is married to Eden. They live in Matthews. Next, is my brother, Caleb, who still lives at home. He is twenty and works at the YMCA. He is planning on going to college next year. Helen, my sister, is next in the family. Since she is eighteen, she is graduating from high school and hopes to play basketball in college. My brother, Scott is 14 and annoying. Phillip is the youngest of the family and loves me the most. Because our family is so large things are usually chaotic. When someone has a birthday we all get together to celebrate. We go outside and play badminton and four square. After we eat delicious ice cream and cake, we open the presents. Usually we go to see a movie. But we always end the party by playing the balloon–pop relay which is so much fun. It is a Darden tradition. This is a little bit about the Darden family.

16: The Chick Who Learned His Lesson On a farm in a faraway land, lived a young chick who was very curious. Alfred was his name. Frantically, he searched for something yummy for his tummy. Walking happily along the soft grass, he spied a humongous, juicy worm. Alfred was so surprised, as he came near the worm he thought, “What a strange and tough skin this worm has.” Alfred hungrily licked his beak. He began to peck. After the 12th peck which was very tiring, something unusual began to happen. Surprisingly, the humongous, juicy worm began to burst with all its juiciness. Although this must of felt good for Alfred because it was a hot summer afternoon, he was still very shocked. “Oh my, the earth is exploding!” shrieked the chick. Frantically, the chick ran away to the little house made of straw. “Little Harold, little Harold let me in,” cried Alfred. “No!” snarled Harold the pig. “Ouch,” whined Alfred as he ran away. “Mom will always listen to me.” “Mom, Mom!” the little chick cries, as he reaches the chicken pin. “The earth is exploding!” “Oh, how silly you are being little Alfred,” cheerfully spoke the mother. “Our serene earth could not possibly be exploding.” After you wash your little feet, eat your breakfast and stop the tall tales. “Honestly, I hope you’ve learned your lesson, which all little chicks should know.”

17: Secret Agent Perry On a hot mid-fall day a young boy named Ferb and his dog Perry went to the park. Since it was a cloudy and cool day, they decided to play ball. Before they got started, Perry’s secret phone rang. “Perry, I did not know you had a phone. I don’t even have one, “whined Ferb. Suddenly, while Ferb was not looking, Perry quickly ran to the nearest tree, which was a hidden passage to the HQ. “Huh, where did Perry go?” asked Ferb. Sitting in a wheelchair a girl named Katie gave Perry his secret mission. “Agent P, the evil doctor Reggie, is up to his usual shenanigans. Go and find out what he is up to,” ordered Katie. At the park, Ferb was consulting with his mom. “Mom, where is Perry? He just disappeared.” “What are you talking about? He is right there behind you,” disagreed Mom. When Ferb turned around, there was Perry. Suddenly, Perry reappeared. “Oh, there you are Perry,” cheerfully agreed Ferb. “So, mom can we have hotdogs?” Eating their hotdogs, which was on white bread, Perry amazingly vanished again. Meanwhile at Dr. Reggie’s lair, the doctor madly plans his evil scheme. Falling from the roof, Perry enters the lair. “Ah, Perry the dog, you’re timing is completely impeccable. By impeccable, I mean completely ‘peccable’.” Whoosh! As a giant cage falls from the sky. “I suppose you are wondering what my evil scheme is,” exclaimed Dr. Reggie. “Well, here it is. I have bought 200 vacuums, and formed a giant puppy vacuum-a-na-tor which will rid the world of all these obnoxious puppies because they keep leaving chocolate buttons in my front yard. Mu-ah-ha!” screamed the evil doctor. Suddenly, two chainsaw blades pop out of Perry’s hat cutting his cage. Jumping out of the cage, Perry roundhouses the evil doctor just before the Doctor Reggie pushes the vacuum-a-na-tor button. Handcuffing him, Perry escapes and unplugs the vacuum-a-na-tor. “Amazingly you always foil my plans!” exclaimed the doctor. Now all the puppies of the world are safe,” barked Perry. The next day, Ferb and Perry were out walking around the neighborhood. “Hey, look at the girl with her new dog,” Ferb noticed. Perry snickered to himself, “Where did you get the hat? What are you, a secret agent?”

18: Calvin and Hobb’s Adventure | On July 25, 1962, a boy named Calvin and his pet tiger, Hobbs were getting ready for bed-y-bye. Exhaustingly, they had been hiking in the Rockies for five hours when they came to their camp site. “Wow! I am pooped,” stated Calvin sleepily. “Me too!” agreed Hobbs. “It’s time to settle down and get a good night sleep,” yawned Calvin. “Oh, but first can we have a ghost story?” begged Hobbs. “Alright, alright. This is the story of the horrific Kool-Aid Man which my grandpa used to tell me. Moo-ha-ha-ha! Legend says that the man roams the Rockie for a boy and tiger. Moo-ha-ha-ha! When he finds the blood of a boy and his tiger he shouts – Meow-eee! Alright, it is time to go to sleep!” yawned Calvin.

19: Whining Hobbs fussed, “Wait! That was the story?” “Yep, now go to sleep,” yawned Calvin. Calvin and Hobbs slept for five hours when suddenly they heard – “Me-ow-ee!” Jumping on top of Calvin, Hobbs exclaimed, “What was that?” “It must be the Kool-Aid man,” screamed Hobbs. Frighteningly, the boys jumped into their sleeping bags. Under Calvin’s pillow, they found their instruments of defense which came in handy. “Get your baseball bat and I’ll get my yo-yo!” Calvin cried. As they looked for their instruments of defense, they heard the horrific sound again. Calvin and Hobbs poked their heads out of the tent while looking all around. Near the pine tree, Hobbs could not see anything. “I think he’s gone,” whispered Hobbs. As they hopped out of their tent, they heard the noise again which sounded very scary, “Me-ow-ee!” “Aaaa, get back in the tent quickly,” cried Hobbs. “Wait, said Calvin. “It’s just a baby cat stuck in that tree.” Finding a ladder, Calvin and Hobbs happily help the baby cat down. Laughingly, Calvin and Hobbs agreed that it was some adventure.

20: Back Row L to R: Sherry Thomas, Mikayla Nelson, Arynne Cole, Marissa Nelson, Sheyanne Johnsen, Andrea Cole, Lisa Berryhill Front Row L to R: Benjamin Kaiser, Samuel Walton, Elliott Thomas, Noah Bradley, Joseph Lang, James Sumrall | 5th & 6th Grade Creative Writing Class Teen Learning Center Charlotte, North Carolina

21: A Monument to All Our Fun Featuring Mrs. Thomas' writing class By Noah Bradley It was a devastatingly stormy day in the small village of TLC, and Elliott Thomas, an apprentice of the teacher named Mrs. Thomas, was working hard to learn writing. Elliott worked through hard days, earning tickets and unexpected homework. All of a sudden, one day Elliott was told by his teacher to go to the land of writing homework and tell all of the people there that if they did not finish their homework they would have to finish it next week along with the extra credit. But Elliott, who strongly detested the land of writing homework, decided that night he would think of an escape plan. Because he violently lay in his bed, thinking of a plan, he was tired the next day. One day, he found his plan. He was to get on a ship and sail to somewhere far away. Heck if he knew where, but he was going anyways. So, the next day, he went out in search of a port. After a long day of challenging searching, he finally found a port named “Cole Ship Yard” and went inside. There he found the manager of the port, Arynne Cole, who told him there was a ship in the yard, piloted by Andrea Cole, her sister. Then, Elliott went onto the ship and met his captain and sailors. There were two sailors, Joseph Lang and Mitchell Darden, whom he greeted, and then Elliott went into the captain’s room to meet her. He asked where the ship led, and she told him the land of no writing homework. Elliott was excited to go to the land where no man has to write. After setting sail, the clouds turned black, and a storm started brewing. Spontaneously, the waves grew to the size of buildings, and the ship was flying in the air. The three ship-mates decided to play a game of monopoly to decide who was thrown off the ship. After gaining a lot of money, Elliott was about to win, when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind threw all his money off the ship and into the sea. Mitchell won the game, and Elliott came in last. Elliott wanted to admit what he did, but he kept him mouth shut. But then, a huge blast of red energy pierced through the ship, and Elliott exclaimed the story so fast, all his ship mates got was “Throw me over board!” So, Mitchell ran in the ship and grabbed a floating ducky for him to use, and Joseph tied him to a board and shouted “Sayonara, sucker!” and threw him overboard. Floating softly through the sea with his eyes open somehow; Elliott saw a huge whale coming toward him. On top of the whale was what looked like a camera. But, as it got closer, Elliott saw it was an amazing laser that had many weird looking symbols on it. He somehow understood the symbols to say “I am awesome” many times. Then, the whale came up to him, and, with a satisfying “GULP,” Elliott was quickly gone, inside the whale. He explored the whale until he found a shadow inside the whale, which then got closer to show that he was a man, named ‘Noah’, who went out of the shadows to see Elliott. “Who are you?” Elliott asked. "Who am I?” The man stated, and then laughed a very strange laugh. If a donkey could laugh, and the donkey had a soar throat, that’s what he would sound like.

22: “Why, I am Noah, the man who was randomly attached to a whale when he was scuba diving one day. I then decided to attach a laser to it, just because I’m awesome!” He told Elliott. Elliott stared at the man in awkwardness. “Uh, OoooK.” He muttered. The man stared at him for a second, and then told him “Go talk to the little guy. The one over there.” He pointed behind Elliot. Elliot didn’t look the way the man pointed. He couldn’t believe that two people lived in one whale. But, eventually, he turned around and saw a little person wearing glasses. He walked over to him. “Hello” Elliott muttered. “Hi” exclaimed the boy, “My name is Benjamin,” “Do you know the way out of this whale?” Elliott asked. “Yes, I do.” Ben told him, “Right up there”, and he pointed to the hole in the whale. “Right.” Elliott stated “How do I get up there?” Benjamin grabbed Elliott’s hand and brought him onto the tongue, which made a disgusting “Squash” sound whenever he stepped on it. Benjamin yelled “Catapult!” and Elliott had just enough time to shout “WHAT?” The tongue bolted upward and Elliott went soaring through the hole onto an island. When Elliott landed on the island, he hit the sand and got it all in his eyes. He stood up, and put his face in the ocean, and got salt all in his face. He couldn’t see, so he felt around until he felt a towel. “There is no way what I’m grasping a towel” he muttered, but as he felt it more, he decided it was a towel. He put it on his eyes and looked up. There were two people named Marissa and Mikayla Nelson. Marissa, after taking back the towel, asked “Hello, is this your first time on the island?” Elliott muttered something really intelligent: “Uhh” Mikayla pulled out a clip-board and wrote down something while saying - First-time-on-island. “Very well then, follow me.” commanded the one named Marissa, which he followed to a part on a cliff that showed a big city, and after saying “That’s where you live.” Marissa left, and Mikayla quickly exclaimed “Enjoy your stay.” And then disappeared. Elliott, who was soggy, hungry, and freakishly tired, set out to the city. Before he got there, he met up with Samuel, the city guard, who he asked where he was. Samuel shouted “You are here at the island of writing homework.” Then, Elliott told him thank you, and moved on. He walked through the town and into the mayor’s office. The mayor’s name was James Sumrall, who he told his message to. James told him he couldn’t enforce that as a law. Only the governor, Sheyanne, can enforce things like that. So he went to the governor’s house, who told him she would enforce the law and make everyone there abide by the rules of writing class. Very happily, Elliott went home on a ship, knowing he had saved writing class because he had made the journey. THE END

23: There was a man His name was Dan He stuck his face in a frying pan He ran to a fox Hiding in a box Wearing socks Sitting on a rug Drinking from mug He gave the man a hug. | A Man Named Dan by Mitchel Darden, Marissa Nelson and Elliott Thomas

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