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Modern Yearbook

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FC: HCJH 2013 D.C. Trip Armando Sandoval

1: Heading Off | 1.This is a picture of the airplane we were going in inside of LAX International Airport. It was taken about an hour before we left. | 2.This is my chaperone, Mrs. Allen. She is very excited to go on the trip. | 3.These are my roommates, Cameron Kim and Wyatt Allen; they are taking a break from a game we were playing.

2: 4.This is Mrs. Haugen, my bus leader; she is waiting with everyone else outside of Monticello. | 5.This is Mr. Claes, my bus assistant; he is busy eating the delicious dinner in Amish Country! | 6.This is Mr. Damico, my principal; he is at the airport checking his cell phone and taking pictures. | Impression of the Flight: I thought that the flights from Los Angeles to Chicago and from Chicago to Norfolk were fun. I played cards with my roommates, Wyatt and Cameron. I won a two pound bag of licorice off of them. It was, however, very cramped and quite uncomfortable.

3: Jamestown | 7.This is the Susan Constant, one of the ships that first landed at Jamestown. | 8.This is a Yahakin, or a Native American Hut. Extended families lived here together. | 9.This is the fort of Jamestown. It is shaped like a triangle and one side is facing water.

4: 10. This is the Jamestown Church. it was mandatory to attend and the punishments were severe. It was the first and only church in Jamestown when it was built. | 11. This is a statue of Pocahontas. She was a Native American woman who saved Captain John Smith’s life. | 12. This is a Statue of John Smith. He is facing the James River. He was one of the leaders in Jamestown.

5: 13. This is the House of Burgesses. One side was for the governor and his advisors to govern from and the other was for elected representatives to govern from. It was an early form of partial democracy. | 14. This is a tavern. Taverns were a place where one could get a meal, a drink, and a place to sleep. It was a rough equivalent for a cheap hotel. | Williamsburg

6: 15. This is the Governor’s Palace. It was built by the then current king of England as an incentive for his nobles to want to go to Williamsburg to govern. | 16. This is a silversmith’s shop. Silversmiths crafted many items out of silver and worked as a kind of bank as most coins were made of silver. | 17. This is the Magazine. It is where most of Williamsburg’s and the rest of Virginia’s militia kept their weapons and ammo. Left picture is the outside, right picture is the inside.

7: 18. This is Bruton Parish Church. It was Williamsburg’s only church. It is still in active service. | 19. These two gentlemen are across from the magazine. They are both in colonial costume as are all the people who tend the shops. | Impression of Williamsburg: I thought that Williamsburg, Virginia was very entertaining. I learned a lot in historical Williamsburg and witnessed many cool places. I especially liked the prison which once housed thirteen of the notorious pirate Blackbeard’s crew.

8: 20. This is the Surrender field in Yorktown, Virginia. It is where Gen. Cornwallis surrendered his British troops to Gen. Washington, although neither of them actually came out. | Yorktown | This is what Gen. Cornwallis said to the king. He sounds sad and reproachful. | Impression of Yorktown (letter): Dear Ma, It is my greatest pleasure to inform you that the war is now most surely over. I can also proudly tell you that I participated in the final battle. It is my greatest regret, however, that this battle ever happened. Carnage so terrible that I won’t even discuss it.Keep me in your prayers just as I keep you in mine. And please tell Pa that I’ll hopefully be back to the farm soon. Love, your son

9: Richmond | 21. This is St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia. It is where Patrick Henry uttered his famous speech, “give me liberty or give me death!” It is still an active church today. | 22. This is an actor portraying Peyton Randolph. He is a delegate from Virginia.

10: Charlottesville | 23. This is the front side of Monticello. There is a disc, which is attached to the weather vane that points in which direction the wind is blowing. From here Thomas Jefferson recorded a lot of data concerning weather. | 24. This is the backside of Monticello. There is a lot of nice snow around it. It also has an outstanding view of the hill next to it. The pillars are worn out.

11: 26. This is a postcard of the dining room. There are also two dumbwaiters which Thomas Jefferson personally thought to put there. They are connected to the cellar. | 25. This is Jefferson’s headstone. It is an obelisk on the edge of a small graveyard. Thomas Jefferson is buried next to his wife.

12: Mt. Vernon | 27.This is the front side of Mt. Vernon. It appears to be one large building with two smaller buildings next to it. It was George Washington’s home. | 28. This is the most beautiful view of the Potomac River that I have had the pleasure to witness. The river winds all the way to D.C. | 29. This is a postcard of one of the entrance rooms. It is being remodeled at the moment and all you can see is scaffolding. | 30. This is George Washington’s new gravesite. He was moved here in order to fulfill his final will. His wife and many relatives are entombed with him.

13: Arlington Cemetery | 31. This is the Marine Corp Memorial. It was built in order to honor all of our brave marines and formal marines. It is often mistaken as the Iwo Jima memorial as the marines in the memorial are the same ones that planted the second flag on Mt. Suribachi. | 32. This an eternal burning fire in memorial of John F. Kennedy. It is on a hill next to other Kennedys in Arlington National Cemetery. | 33. This is Robert Kennedy’s tomb. It is located close to JFK’s tomb. It is in memory of Robert Kennedy.

14: 34. The Changing of the guard is a very important ceremony in which the special honor guard changes positions in front of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is performed every hour of the year. | 35. This is the Challenger Memorial. It is another memorial in Arlington across from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It commemorates and honors the brave astronauts that perished during the failed Challenger launch.

15: Washington D.C. | 36. This is the Lincoln Memorial, which honors Abraham Lincoln. It was built in 1911 and is made mostly of marble. On the top is Abraham Lincoln sitting in a chair in the inside. On the bottom is the outside of the monument. | 37. This is the Vietnam Wall Memorial. It is located inside the Washington mall and honors the brave men and woman who gave their life for their country in Vietnam. The wall was built in 1982.

16: 38. This is the Vietnam Statue of three servicemen. It was built to honor and show how three races fought together in Vietnam: White, African- American, and Hispanic. | 39. Vietnam Women’s Memorial is a memorial to honor all of the brave women who died in the war serving as nurses. There are faces of despair on the women. | 40. This is the Korean War Memorial. It honors and represents the brave men and women who lost their lives in the Korean War. Besides sculptures of a patrol of men, there is also a wall with the faces of the men that perished.

17: 41. This is the Jefferson Memorial. It was made in order to honor Thomas Jefferson. It has a giant dome at the top and on the inside contains many of Jefferson’s most famous works and quotes. | 42. This is the Washington Monument. It is an enormous obelisk that stands at 555ft tall and is at the center of the Capitol Mall. | 43. This is the outside of the Capitol Building. This is where our Representatives and Senators meet, discuss, and debate.

18: 44. This is the Rotunda inside of the Capitol building. It is larger than the first which was burnt down in the war of 1812. | 45. This is the outside of the White House. This is where the President and his family live. | 46. This is the FDR memorial. It is broken up into four sections each one describing one of FDR’s terms in office. Carved on the stones are famous FDR quotes that represented who he was.

19: 48. This is the front of the Supreme Court Building, the Supreme Court Justices judge cases and hand out verdicts here. Unfortunately, it was under construction so we could only see the cheap plastic image that was draped over the scaffolding. | 47. This is the WWII Memorial. It was built to honor the roughly 400,000 lives that were lost. Every state that was a state at the time has a place in the memorial. | 49. This is the outside of the Library of Congress. It is similar to other Capitol Buildings except that there is gold on this one. It is also the largest library in the world with over 155 million items.

20: 50. This is the MLK Memorial. It was recently built in 2011 in order to honor MLK’s accomplishments. It is a large sculpture of MLK carved out of stone. On the walls surrounding it are many statements and quotes supporting peace and tolerance. | 51. These are two replica cold war era, nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (nuclear ICBMs). The smaller one is and American Pershing II, and the larger one a Soviet counterpart. Both are able to destroy multiple cities. | Impression of Washington D.C.: I greatly enjoyed our nation’s proud caption. From the monuments and memorials, to the many museums, beautiful river, and delicious cupcake shop. I regard Washington D.C. as one of my favorite cities in the world.

21: 53. This is a “Huey” helicopter. It is an adaptable helicopter used in Vietnam in many different roles, such as an air ambulance. | 52. These are rifles from the American Civil War. They were used commonly by both sides and weighed about ten pounds each.

22: Gettysburg | 54. This is an incredibly beautiful view from Little Round Top hill in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This is where some of the heaviest fighting of one of the largest battles of Civil War took place. It is where the Union repelled the Confederates time and again. | 55. This is the 72nd Pennsylvania Regiment Memorial. It was originally the 1st California Regiment, but was later renamed as there were mostly Pennsylvanian’s in that regiment. | 56. This is the Memorial to all of the troops from Pennsylvania that were fighting there. It is the largest of all the Memorials because Gettysburg is in Pennsylvania, where the soldiers were from. | Impression of Gettysburg: Gettysburg, like Washington D.C., is also one of the best places that I have had the privilege to visit. Although a horror of war happened there, it is still beautiful beyond description and imbued with a sense of grandeur. I would be very sad should I not get the opportunity to come back.

23: Philadelphia | 57. This is the Liberty Bell. This bell was first rung on the 2nd of July and then on the 4th of July 1776 to signify our independence. The bell was rung only several times after that because of the enormous crack that appeared on the bell. | Impression of Philadelphia: Although the security and cleanliness of Philadelphia are doubtful and questionable, the famous Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches do not disappoint. I also really liked seeing the tomb of Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s first geniuses. I thought the amount of time we were there was appropriate.

24: 59. This is the inside of Independence Hall, the Assembly Room, where the state’s delegates assembled. It used to be a courthouse. | 58. This is the outside of Independence Hall, where the 2nd Continental Congress met. It was here that the Declaration of Independence was first shown. | 60. This is Carpenter’s Hall where the 1st Continental Congress met. It is across the street from Independence Hall.

25: 61. This is the Statue of Liberty as seen from the deck of a tour boat. It is made of copper which, due to the water oxidizing it, makes it green. It was made as a French sculptor as a gift to the Americans. | New York City | Impression of New York City: I think that New York is a very special place. It is the only place that I have been to that has hardly any single story buildings. It is also an extremely crammed place with a toxic smell. Yet I don’t think that I could have rested until I visited it. The people were very rude.

26: 63. This is Ellis Island as seen from a boat. It is now a museum although it used to welcome immigrants into this country. It is next to the Statue of Liberty. | 64. This is the 9/11 Memorial. It was built to honor all of those who lost their lives to the terrorist attacks in 1993 and 2001. Six towers are being built to honor and rebuild. The Freedom Tower, or World Trade Center One, is almost completed. | 62. This is the New York skyline from a boat. There are many huge buildings and bridges too. The tallest building in New York is the “Freedom Tower” or One World Trade Center.

27: Historical Special Interest Pictures | 66. This is a picture of the Pentagon from some distance away. It has five sides and seven inner rings. | 67. This is a picture of a bunker in Yorktown. There is an assortment of cannons and mortars under it. | 68. This is a sign saying what Gen. Cornwallis said after the siege of Yorktown. It is dreadful and sad. It is next to surrender field.

28: 69. This is a sign of what Gen. Washington said after the siege of Yorktown. It sounds joyful and relieving. | 70. This is a picture of the Philadelphia Museum of Art which became famous after the actor Sylvester Stallone ran up the stairs in the movie “Rocky”. A statue to “Rocky” was placed to the Northeast of the stairs. | 71.This is a picture of the Williamsburg’s jail in which 13 of the famous “Blackbeard’s” crew were captured and held. This was after Blackbeard was killed in battle. | Impression of the Flight Home: The flight home was very similar to the flight out, except for two things, it was a single flight, and I wasn’t sitting next to my roommates. It was still fun though sitting next to Mr. J and to watch movies. It was also still very cramped.

29: 72. This is a statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt. It is in his memorial and shows him in his wheelchair as he was handicapped. | 73.This is the Air Force Memorial which honors those who have served and those that have died in our country’s air force. The air force’s values are listed on a wall. | 74.This is a picture of the bottom of the Marine Corps Memorial. It says “ Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue”

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