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S: Hiler Family Memories

BC: RETURN | together | True to the Faith that our parents have cherished | In Loving Memory of: Rhea Ruth Adams Hiler Feb 1947-June 2009

FC: All because two people fell in love... | Hiler Family Memories

1: "A Mother's love never ages." | A Tribute to Mom for the amazing woman she is and the amazing life and legacy she left behind.

2: Rhea Ruth Adams was born on Feb. 11, 1947 to John Newton Adams III and Marian Helyn Meikle. She was the first of six children (5 girls/ 1 boy). She was born in Rexburg, Idaho, but moved several times throughout her life. (28 homes, 8 states) Her childhood nickname was "Cookie"

4: The Adams Family | Grandpa Adams (John Newton Adams II) and "Cookie" | Helyn with her girls (Ruth and Lark)

5: 6 siblings: Ruth Lark Lezli Heather Heidi Steven

6: And the LOVE story begins.. | Ruth meets Bob at Los Gatos High, CA- Sophomore year, 1962 | Frequent dating spot - Santa Cruz Beaches & Boardwalk, CA

7: Even though the years not half over, it's been a great success because I have you to be with each day. I want you to know how much you mean to me and that I never want to lose you. Always be as sweet as you are, for your real beauty is in your heart. A love like this is the richest treasure in the world. My Love Always, Bobbie - back of sophomore pic | Junior Prom | Sophomore Dance

8: Nineteen hundred and sixty-five | High School Graduation

9: ........................................................................................................................ | ........................................................................................................................ | Graduation Dinner | Graduation Party | Ruth heads to BYU

10: Ruth and Bob went their separate ways for a short time (Ruth-BYU, Bob-Hawaii). Ruth was intent on marriage in the temple and Bob was not yet a member. Due to Ruth's prayers and the right timing,the missionaries taught Bob in Hawaii and there he found his testimony of the gospel and was baptized. Bob &Ruth got engaged in HI | Bob Proposed to Ruth on Waikiki beach, Hawaii

12: Eternity | Est. in Love 1966 | Lucky I'm in love with my Best Friend!

13: Eternity | Newlyweds | They created their first home in Santa Cruz, CA. Bob attended Cabrillo College and Ruth worked on the Santa Cruz Wharf. Six months after the wedding, Bob went to Army Basic Training and Ruth moved them to Provo so Bob could attend BYU. | December 15, 1966

14: New Parents!

15: Julia Marie Hiler Born: July 26, 1968 7lb, 6oz Provo, Utah | Julie joined the family exactly 10 months after Bob got back from Army Basic...hmm. They moved to a 2br house with a fenced in yard, got a dog named Sunny, and Mom painted and set up a nice nursery for her baby girl. Julie used the same crib as her Mom did 21 years prior. Dad worked at a Cadillac bodyshop and worked toward an Engineering Degree at BYU. | You are my Sunshine!

16: Jason Wade Hiler | Born: Nov 6, 1969 8lb, 8oz Provo, UT | Now a Family of Four!

17: Julie's Perspective..."When I was 13 months old, my brother Jason was born..he is cute and all..but he got all the attention and we had to share rooms. I tried to let him know how I felt about him whenever I could. When mom wasn't looking I would hit him. One day he was lying on the floor by himself, so I sat on his chest and pounded on his head...then mom pounded on my fanny." -written by Ruth

18: Tiffany Brooke Hiler | Born: June 12, 1974 6lb 9oz Gainesville, FL | Soon Jason was grossly outnumbered with 3 sisters. But at least now he had some younger ones to beat on.

19: Robyn Ashley Hiler | Born: Sept. 26, 1978 7lb 8oz Gainesville, FL | "Robyn was colicky. Her every waking moment was spent screaming. Because she’s my last baby though, I had made up my mind ... | just enjoy her and spend a lot of time with her. So I sort of dropped everything and really enjoyed just holding and loving her." -Ruth's Journal

20: Our Beautiful Home | From 1980 to 1982 Dad built us a home & Mom made it beautiful. During that time, we lived in a trailer on the property. What amazing memories we made here

21: NW 66th Terrace, Gainesville,FL

22: Mom'€™s Journal Entry Nov/Dec 1978 - Nov 2nd was a big day for us. We closed on the property we had been trying to buy for the last 10 months! It is much closer to town, but very secluded, way back from the road and completely wooded- 10 acres! We got it for $3500/acre, cheaper than most any we found even further out. During Xmas vacation Bob spent 3 days on a bulldozer tearing trees down just so we could get into the property enough to decide where we want to build. It€™'s going to be exciting these next couple of years!! Bob will build his shop/garage first, and then we sell the house and move onto the land in a trailer and build the house. April 1979 - For the 2 days before Easter, Bob was out on the property with a big front end loader dragging all the downed trees into a big pile and burning them. He cleared the whole area for the shop and for the house! He and Jason spent the night in the camper out there watching the fires. We have spent months trying to find a house plan we liked and finally came up with one that with a few changes would really work well and is a little unique too-if we can afford it! Its a dream home. Anyway the plans are going forward for Bob€™'s garage now. Nov 1979-Jan 1980 - We bought a 14x70ft 3 bedroom trailer and moved it out on the new land. It was only $150 a month and we figure we can endure it for 2 years- while we build the house. While packing our home I was just sure we could never fit and be comfortable in that trailer. But as we got things into it we found that everything fit except my office stuff and the China closet. I felt much better after I put up some new wallpaper, made drapes, and recovered our couch and chair. The place didn't look bad at all. Feb 1980 -We spent much of February clearing the yard with a bulldozer and a lot of hard work. So many roots and vines with thorns. Ouch! My hands were raw. I put in a brick walk to the front and back door, hauled dirt for planters around the trailer and outlined them with the brick too. By spring I will have grass, plants, and flowers surrounding us in our little space we had carved out in the woods. Its looking GREAT! How I love being closer to everything and NO neighbors within sight to bug us. My gas bill is 1/4 what it had been. March-June 1980 - On March 15th we dug the first shovel load of many on the footers for the house. Many a night was spent on it and it seemed a real milestone when cement was poured in the canals we had dug. We had a crew put up the basic frame for us and then we tackled the roof. I was petrified the whole time that one of the kids would fall off. I begged Bob to just let the 2 of us do it, but they really were a big help and it did go much faster with them. Bob has really amazed me through the months how he has stuck with it night after night working on the house. He’'s learned plumbing, much! I don'™t think there is anything he can'€™t do if he puts his mind to it. He is definitely the best thing in my life. A great husband, marvelous father, hard working, talented, and a testimony of the gospel on top of that. You can'€™t beat that combination.

23: One weekend every Fall we could expect to rake leaves. This was a big chore, but also a great memory.

24: Hiler Family Christmas

25: The Early Years

26: Christmas 1980 | Our Growing Family | 1979 | 1982

27: 1983 | LOVE | 1986 | 1988

28: Family Vacations | Lake Tahoe - Christmas 1976 Camping in Michigan Tutu's house in Keys- 1982 St Augustine Beaches Tutu's Farm - Franklin, NC- 1989

29: Bahamas 1987 | Living on our boat, catching lobster, exploring deserted islands and snorkeling the reefs....this is the life!

30: California Vacation 1986

31: Out trip to California has always been a favorite family memory. We got to visit all of Dad's family, but we also made pit stops in Utah, Yellowstone, and many of Mom & Dad's old stomping grounds | Nov. 1999 - Hiler Family Reunion, CA | ..a special visit to see Grandpa Hiler who passed away Dec 1999.

33: Jamaica | In 1988 Mom and Dad left the kids behind and took a vacation with great friends Jill and Duane Downs. They stayed in a Villa on the North Shore and ten months later...

34: Baby Girl | Amber Dawn Hiler | On Jan. 20th, while the country was celebrating the inauguration of George Bush as President, the Hiler family was celebrating the arrival of a precious gift from heaven. Our Heavenly Father is so wise. We thought our family was complete, but he knew how much we needed you. You have a wonderful imagination, creativity, & curiosity. I look forward to seeing how you choose to use these gifts and where they will take you. I Love You, Mom

35: Baby Girl | Gainesville, FL | Born: Jan 20, 1989 | 6lb 14oz

36: When it comes to holidays, Mom never did anything halfway. Our home was transformed and it ALWAYS looked amazing. | We had the BEST Halloween Costumes! | The Gift of

37: Tiffany had the coolest skateboard in the neighborhood | Mom made most all holiday decorations by hand. She could create anything...and she loved to show her creations off! | Tiffany & Robyn's | Rainbow Room | Creativity

39: Teacher, Hugger, Lecturer, Negotiator, Hair Stylist, | MOM | Friend, Doctor, Example, Transportation, Fashion Director, Referee. | Motivator, ATM, Teeth Yanker, Supporter, Multitasker

41: Family | Moments

42: R Toy Ranch

43: 3908 NW 143rd St | In 1989 we purchased land with Tutu & Papa and began to build a new home on the farm. Once again we lived in a trailer on the land, until it was complete from 1991 to 1993

44: Julia Marie | Julie-Goolie

46: Jason Wade | Pudger-Pie

48: Tiffany Brooke | Tiffy-Toes

50: Robyn Ashley | Robber-Dobber

52: Amber Dawn | Ami-Dee

54: Ivan & Julie Lybbert | November 25, 1988 | Atlanta Temple

55: Aaron & Tiffany Cutlip | October 12, 1995 | Orlando Temple

56: Eric & Robyn Watts

57: November 23, 2001 | Orlando Temple

58: Jason & Abigail Hiler

59: J | & | A | Orlando Temple | February 29th, 2008

60: We are a boating Family! | Favorite Family Spots:

61: Most holiday's, reunions, vacations, weekends...really anytime we don't have to work... you can find us near the water. | Fanning Springs, Suwanee River, Crystal River, | Cedar Key, Saint Augustine

62: Nana LOVES her Grandkids!! | Joni Lybbert-02/16/92 | Spencer Lybbert-09/2/94 | Carson Lybbert-01/18/96 | Simon Lybbert-11/11/99 | Jeena Lybbert-12/24/01 | Sydnie Cutlip-11/15/02 | Isaac Watts-11/8/03 | Cameron Cutlip-04/16/05 Kadence Cutlip-10/24/09 | Tristan Hiler-10/18/09 Ella Hiler-12/3/11 | Cohen Watts-08/27/09

64: Washington DC Christmas 2004

65: For Christmas 2004 we had an amazing, very cold, family reunion enjoying the many monuments, memorials, museums, and the Washington DC temple.

67: Nana LOVED taking Pictures...most of all she LOVED her pictures of the GRANDKIDS!!!

70: There is just something about Little Girls! | Sweet | Beautiful

71: Jeena & Sydnie | One of nana's absolute favorite pictures | Friends | Cousins

72: Photoshop 101 | Original | hmm...where's Cam? | Sydnie with her snowfriend | background removed | Nana Ruth really enjoyed learning and editing her pictures with Photoshop.

77: Watts Blog Entry - Aug. 2009 2009..A year of ups and downs...and still 4 months left. I have to say this past year has been full of ups and downs. Since right before Christmas, when we found out the news of our family addition, we have experienced many joys, but also those life lessons that help to build character and unite families. Jan and Feb consisted of those long weeks of morning sickness that kept me hooked to pumps, IV's, and in bed (luckily I have wonderful family and friends that helped through that). March I got myself back in the groove of things: back to my precious preschool class and finishing off the school year strong, enjoying the riverwalk and outdoors with family, eating all the food I could get my hands on, and a great visit from Mom and Dad to see the Gladys Night concert in town. We also found out that Tiffy & Abigail were expecting. 3 new cousins this year is so exciting. April - the Hiler family's world crashed as we got an unexpected shock- with news of Mom and her undergoing brain surgery, and then subsequent knowledge of the Glioblastoma Brain Tumor. We had high hopes for treatments and spent a couple priceless weeks with her in Atlanta. Her recovery rate was impressive and seemed back to herself for those few weeks..until May when all of a sudden it seemed there was a new symptom every day. First the eyesight, then strength, then hallucinations, etc. It was obvious Heavenly Father had a plan for her and needed her more. That tumor grew back with impressive speed and took an amazing, strong, woman and mother on June 9th. Wow..the things we learn, the bonding, the family ties, the inner strength, the appreciation for God’s plan for all of us, and the knowledge that we are meant to find happiness through each trial we are given. Among the emotions and time spent taking care of Mom, we had priceless opportunity for all the family to be together for much longer than we have in many years. All the Hiler grandkids had great bonding time, climbing trees, racing go-karts, playing on trampoline, watching movies, swimming, and just exploring all there is to see on the ranch. We were also blessed with an incredible outpouring of love from extended family and friends and received an abundance of service from all who loved mom. Now we have many more changes to come as Isaac starts kindergarten September 1st and we anxiously look forward to the arrival of our new addition to the family. He seems to be comfortable in his current location though and I am beginning to think he will never come and I will be huge forever! Mom, please give him a kiss & send him our way..we all can’t wait to meet you Cohen Daniel Watts!

79: We Love You and Miss You! | 'Till We Meet Again!

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