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S: And Many More

FC: “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children...to leave the world a better place...to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

1: The Ten Top Reasons Why I Love, Love , Love Barb 10. Her ability to piece our disjointed conversations back together so we can actually finish them. 9. The protection she provides for me from colliding with bikes, dogs, other walkers and anything else that I never see while we are walking. 8. Her delicate honesty - unless it has to do with my hair -then it can turn painfully honest. 7. The hours of her time invested in making personalized books for my family. 6. Her compassion for those who may be less fortunate or considered different from others. 5. Her "3 things" technique of recalling what we want to talk about during our conversations. 4. She introduced me to a whole new world of creativity when it came to buying or making gifts for friends and family members. 3. The insight she shares with me when it comes to understanding people. 2. Her perseverance in any task or adventure she commits to. And the #1 reason I love, love , love Barb is..... a year can go by in between the times we spend with each other - yet I know in my heart that we are never apart. Love you tons! Happy Birthday my friend and many, many more to come. Cathy Colelli

2: The first time I met Barb Roberts was in April of 1974. I locked myself and Johnny out of the house. I was almost 9 months pregnant and Johnny was 4. We lived in a raised ranch and the only way in was through the tiny bathroom window, and the only way into that window was to climb on the rail of the porch (that was two stories up), lean over and climb in the window. Well that’s how I met Barb, she just moved in across the street and just small enough and brave enough to climb into that window and into my life. These are few of my favorite things: Walks on snowy Sunday evenings. Going to an Elvis concert. Listening to the Beach Boys perform at the Fair while sitting in the driveway on Scott Ave., drinking sprite and gin. Camping. Walking to the mall with Johnny, Carly, Beth and Nathan. Walking to the ice cream stand with the kids. Home Bureau – going to the wrong house. Days at the beach, Port Jeff (seeing Joanne Woodword and trying to call her), and trips to NYC. Summer days, summer drinks, winter walks, winter talks and all the days in between. Always knowing that I had a friend that I could talk to, one who cares deeply, and then forgets it! Happy Birthday Barbara Anne!!! Denise

3: Wow! I saw Barb recently and can't believe she's reached the big one. She certainly doesn't look her age. After working with her all those many years, the best memories I have is of the laughter. We worked hard and loved all the kids, but there was a lot of stress involved daily. It didn't matter how the day was going or what was going on around us, there was always a joke to be told and a laugh to be had in Barb's room. Everyone loved to stop in and see Barb because of her enthusiasm and her great sense of humor. She is a wonderful, caring person and always tried to do the best for the kids. She was very generous to all, and there was a big void when she retired. She's very lucky to have such a wonderful family around her, and I wish her the best always! Jo-Ann Burns

4: Barb and I lived next to each other but because of the age difference we didn't really know each other until later in life. I was about 9 years old when she would have been off to college. Because of this I don't really have too many memories to share but what I do remember is that when I was a little girl I used to look at Barb and think she was beautiful with her long blond hair and she always looked so nice, I used to think she could probably live in California since to me she looked like my Barbie doll and could be a surfer girl – I hope the Beach Boys wasn't an influence in that thought (ha ha). It wasn't until much later as an adult and seeing her socially that I found out she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Also, watching her with my Mom and the attention she would give her was especially heartwarming because I could see how special it was to my Mom. You are very special to all the Moriarty's and I am glad I know you. Hope you have a wonderful 65th – even though you would never know you are!!! Love, Mo

5: I know it wasn't always easy being my mother, but you made it seem effortless. In fact, it almost seems like you were chosen to be my Mom, but even if it is just luck, than I am the luckiest son in the world. Now that I have the opportunity to reflect and see you with my own sons, it only reaffirms how special of a person you really are. Happy Birthday. I love you, Nathan

6: I will never forget Barb's VCFA presentation on how grandmothers are depicted in picture books. I could imagine Barb paging through these books and rolling her eyes at the hunched, bespectacled figures with dentures and canes. Grandmothers in picture books should all be like Barb: fun, sexy, fearless and never too old to take on a new challenge! She is truly a role model. Go Barb, go! xo, Kate Hosford | Gram, Thank you. I love you. Jude

7: My early memories of Mrs. Roberts(b/c no matter how old I get, I can't call her Barb!) are from middle school, and I remember thinking Carly had the coolest, youngest parents! As we grew through high school and college, I remember thinking that Carly was so lucky to have the type of relationship she did with her mom(for example Carly could tell her mom ANYTHING, and she truly listened to everything her mom told her...even to the extreme- like the time when Carly was driving and she wouldn't let us listen to music because her mom told her not to!!) As a mother now myself, I hope to have a similar relationship with my children that Mrs. Roberts has with hers (and now I understand the no music while your driving wisdom!) Through the years, Mrs. Roberts has been a wonderful example of a loving, thoughtful, working mother, who maintained her since of self, and without even knowing it, she has shown and given me advice that I carry with me to this day. I truly appreciate and am thankful that she and all of the Roberts have been a part of my life! Happy Happy Birthday Mrs. Roberts ~ Love, Cathy (Champlain) Emery

8: Barb started out as Mary's walking partner and I am glad to say, became my friend. She has a great sense of humor, is spontaneous, adventurous and a lot of fun. There are so many memories, but one I like is of the 4 of us on a cross country skiing outing in Tug Hill. We went about half way and then took a break. We had a glass of wine and cheese at a beautiful babbling brook. When it was time to leave we were all babbling cause we had such a long way to get back. :) Another time we were roughing it up at camp, and she walked the camp road in almost waist high snow ...carrying a suitcase full of her books :) She nearly had a heart attack. We always had fun together....but she was also there in the good times as well as the sad times. There to help out, bring a meal, have a glass of wine...or two:) and listen and be a friend. When one listens to young people say my friend this and my friend that....they are really talking about an acquaintance. Friends are hard to come by... but Barbie, I am glad to count you as my friend!!!! Happy Birthday, and I wish you many more!!! But don't forget what TODAY and EVERY day is... You know what I am talking about:) John

9: It was orientation day for new students just beginning the MFA program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. The chairs were arranged in an oval in a big, overheated room, and I looked around at the people with whom I'd be spending two years on the writing journey. When Barbara Roberts introduced herself, I thought, "Whoa, she's a grandmother?" Then, "hey, she was a kindergarten teacher like me." Then, "Holy crap, did she say she has a tattoo?" Sitting back in her chair, she looked both tough and cool as a cucumber. Now that I know her better, I imagine that her stomach was in knots and she was a nervous wreck, like I was. But on that day, she looked like one cool customer. I've since become good friends with Barb, and I know that she is a gem. Along with our friends Tara Nickerson and Maureen Hourihan, we have awarded Barb "Honorary Cape Codder" status. We cheer each other on as we navigate the rocky and crooked path to writing success. She has already shown in her family life and teaching career that she is the stuff success is made of. I have no doubt I'll be cheering on future accomplishments of hers. She's got the talent, the chops, and the determination. I was right in my initial impressions of Barb-- she is one cool customer. Lots of Love from Cape Cod-- Mary Cronin

10: Hi Barb, I remember fondly the many hours spent at Starbuck's with you listening to each others stories and supporting each other in pursuing our writing dreams. No one else but you could understand the excitement over a "good" rejection letter. We snuck in talk about our kids (and in your case grand kids) and you helped me through some difficult parenting years just by listening and sharing stories about your own kids. Hope you enjoy your birthday and as the saying goes, "Count your age by friends and not years." Love, Jackie

11: I have always known how lucky I am to have such a wonderful mother-in law. You are a strong, confident, thoughtful and witty woman. You are patient, creative, generous and flowing with unconditional love. You are an inspiration to our family and especially to our children; I see that in their little eyes when they look at you. I enjoy every moment we get to spend together. Happy Birthday! Love Always, MaryAnne

12: Barb, I feel as though we've known one another all our lives instead of just a few short years. Here's to our many misadventures (The Great Credit Card Scam, The Dark and Lonely Three-Hour Hike for The Holy Grail of Ice Cream Cones, The Mysterious Case of MT. Anderson's Purloined Toiled Paper, etc.). May we have many more. Love and Best Wishes from your VCFA Partner in Crime, Tara | Dear Grammy, Thank you for everything. You are good at everything in the whole wide world. I love you Grammy. Charlie


14: Barb, In your VCFA Grad lecture, you described the need in children's literature for a new kind of grandmother, one who is energetic, spontaneous, compassionate, relevant, spunky - and still focused on family. You are that woman! You inspire me, both with your words and by your example. Joy to you and your family on your birthday and every day. xxoo Winifred | Barb, Your energy and laughter made working at Walberta so much fun! Every time I try a new look - I always remember you being the first of us to break out of the "Mom" jeans look and wear the wide leg! Break out the new styles and have a ball on your new decade of adventures! Love, Wendy Bort

15: "To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power." -- Maya Angelou Mom, Words truly can not be written to describe my appreciation for you. No one single moment or captured memory can define what I have learned from a lifetime of watching you live and love. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am a wife, a mother and an athlete. I am sensitive, thoughtful and sometimes funny. I am independent, creative and occasionally brave. You have been a continued source of inspiration for me. You are my ultimate hero. Carly

17: I believe it was 1971 when I met Barb through our good mutual friend, Cheryl Pitoniak Ward. We were all single and I was living at Hampton Estates in Liverpool with Cheryl, Kathy Regan, Ginny O’Brien and Cathy Manasseri. Cheryl had been talking about Barb and I was glad to meet her, since I was already friends with her older brother, Eddie, for several years. She fit right in with all of us, and we had some great times together just hanging out, partying and vacationing (Remember Mt. Tremblant?). It wasn’t long before Barb met her true love, Mike, and they became engaged, Over the years I have admired Barb for her love for Mike and their beautiful family, and I am so glad, Barb, that you have been a continuing part of my life, and that Warren and I have been able to share some of the happiest times in your life. What a wonderful ride you have had! And it just seems to get better! Happy Birthday, Barb! Love, Patty & Warren

18: From the first time I met Barb and Mike they have welcomed me into their family and made me feel so at ease. I am truly blessed, its not every man who can say they actually love spending time with their mother-in-law. Barb, it is obvious that you are a wonderful mother and Grandmother, your children and grandchildren are proof of that. Happy Birthday to the best mother-in-law a man could wish for, Lee.

19: A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. ~Diane Mariechild Barb, When I think of the women in my life who inspire me, I keep you among the top of my list. I have always admired your enthusiasm for life and your sense of adventure. I have marveled at the way you married your passion for teaching and your talent for writing and continued to evolve professionally and creatively. And above all else, I have been humbled by the incredible love and loyalty you have for your family and friends. You have a truly remarkable way of making your loved ones feel confident in themselves and believing that anything is possible. Thank you for being my friend and champion. And know that you have the same in me. Always,, Nicole

20: Dearest Barbs, Considering we're family, it seems strange to me that we don't see you more often, but whenever we do, we have so much fun. On the auspicious occasion of your unbelievable birthday (unbelievable because you look so good, and how did we get this old so fast?) I could reminisce about this and that... but it seems more appropriate just to say that since friends are people we pick to be our family, we would pick you even if you weren't already our "sister". We love you, we're proud of you, and we wish you continued success in your many endeavors. Sto lat! Pat & Nan | Gram, I love you. Thank you for being nice to me. I want to eat ice cream in the middle of the night with you. Maeve

21: So many memories.... From being with Barb while organizing a triathlon in the neighborhood for Megan to cheering on Nathan in his wrestling matches to the first college visit to Carly in cold but sunny Potsdam. There was making Ukrainian Easter eggs with Bobchi or writing songs and skits for Walberta Monday programs. Late nights watching TV with Barb and Mike while they pretended not to be nervous at the late hour when no one came home from their dates on time. There was Barb's nearly sinking a jet ski on vacation to her driving the Oneida lake boat home in an impending storm. There was her announcement that she wanted to write a children's book to the 5th Phoebe Flower book being published, all enroute to hers masters degree in children's writing from the prestigious Vermont College. And there were years of traveling to the monks for weekends of shopping and skiing but most of all praying for the safety and health of her wonderful family. Now with a healthy and happy family with 8 fabulous grandchildren, I guess those prayers really worked. Suzanne Gilmour

22: My best memory of Barb isn't around an event or occurrence but actually an emotion. In my 46 years I can count on one hand the number of people I know that are always upbeat and friendly. Barb is of course one of those people I know. They say that how you feel towards someone is due to how you feel about yourself when you are with them. She greets everyone with the biggest smile and hug and makes them feel special. Within moments of being around Barb, she has told you how fabulous you look, how incredible it is to see you and the attitude of the entire room immediately turns positive. This is my most vivid and constant memory of Barb. Oh by the way, the other small number of people on this list are her mother and father! Anne Moriarty

23: Barb, Many, many more birthdays to come. I’ve known you for over 30 years. I think that I know you from A to Z. Joanne Strage A Artistic B Bubbly C Caring D Daring E Energetic F Family based G Grandma H Hospitable I Intuitive J Jokes K Kind L Loving M Motivator N Nutty O Old-fashioned P Positive Q Quick thinker R Responsible S Silly T Teacher U Ultimate friend V Vibrant W Writer X X-traordinary Y Youthful Z Zero negative

24: Ahhh, a memory of Barb---where do I start? I remember that Suzanne was a wanna-be principal in training at Cherry Road School and she said to me..."Have you met or talked with Barb?--she's the new Kindergarten teacher downstairs. You two will really hit it off because you have that same 'humor'. Now-- as I think back... I was wondering... hmmm-- what does Suzanne really mean by that same 'humor'? Anyway, so Barb and I connected and I found out that she was also a sick ticket! Perfect-- we are both whacked and laugh at the same things! I think it was a match of friendship which was fast and furious-- we laughed/giggled/tried to stifle laughing so we wouldn't get caught or in trouble/we rolled our eyes at the same stupid things...oh , it was great from day one! Thank God, Ron Hill hired both of us because no one else would have! Barb and I continued working together for many years and then she flippin' retired-- which I am not over(can you tell?!) We shared family stories/shared student stories/suffered through bad staff development days/ yawned through boring meetings/roller skated with students(poorly) and made it all better by knowing we'd share more laughter the next time we were together. Besides thanking Ron Hill for hiring us...I should thank Barb for her humor and friendship and humor(yeah, I did mean to say it twice!) Barb, I wish you a wonderful birthday. I am glad to be part of your gang of friends! I'm lucky to have you in my world! Love you and call me so we can do dinner~ I'm pretty sure you're buying especially after I wrote all this really nice stuff about you! Maryanne Agatha sends her love and wonderful birthday wishes, too!

25: Being a mother of three elicits so many thoughts of you in so many passing moments. I feel an instinctive yearning to follow the path you set in motion. From staring into my youngest baby's eyes and wondering how it is possible for a love so intense to grow, as I know that it will; To being firm with my oldest child so that the lessons he learns will be passed down to his siblings; And to valuing the individual in my middle child, to ensure that each of my children feels special and unique. Ultimately, my hope is to leave a legacy to my children based on the values I carry out in the most mundane of moments. From you, I have learned to always put others first and to never take a moment of life for granted....for "he who allows his day to pass by without practicing generosity and enjoying life's pleasures is like a blacksmith's bellows. He breathes, but does not live." ~Proverb Happy Birthday! I love you, Megan

26: Happy Birthday to Barb! I was surprised when I heard that Barb's birthday was in early January. I had always thought that it was in April and we were just 6 months apart. I had a feeling she was much older than me. My earliest memory of Barb was at her First Communion. I remember thinking how pretty she was in her Communion dress. Over the years, we would see each other at family events and bump into each other at Eastwood activities. When I started work at Niagara Mohawk, I played on the same softball team with Mike Roberts. One day, Mike told me he was dating Barb Sigel. That was kind of a shock to me. And so our lives continued to cross paths. Cousin, I'm glad we have been friends all these years. Paula and I wish you a very happy birthday and many more. Come visit us! Love, Cousin Billy

27: Dear Barb, Happy Birthday!!! Rick and I want to say that we were so lucky and thankful that our kids Josh now 28 yrs old and Jenn 24 yrs. old had you for kindergarten. Awesome, awesome teacher. Barb really got to know us or should I say me at our 5-minute conference about our son Josh. Rick started sweating profusely and Barb offered a paper towel and Rick said I gotta go I will be in the car. Barb the nice person she is says we can re-schedule our conference and I said he always does this...it's fine. I'm really a nice person...LOL. Barb and I finished and I went to the car and Rick says go to the hospital and don't stop at any lights or stop signs. I am like what is wrong and he says I am in pain. We get to the hospital and Rick is told he has a kidney stone and they can be very painful until you pass it. That night Barb calls and asks how Rick is doing and I said he is fine. Rick is yelling somebody cares about me. We were the talk of Walberta for a while. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!! Love, Rick & Moe Kozlowski 5403 Anvil Drive Camillus, NY 13031

28: Hi Barb, I send you this message to wish you a Happy 65th Birthday. You certainly don;t look it. I never thought of you as our next door neighbor nor did I ever think of you as Pam's best friend. The way you always treated me I felt like we were sisters. Barb, you have always been so kind to me and my family. I know my mom thought of you as one of her daughters. This email is from me however on behalf of the Moriarty family I just wanted you to know that you are loved by all of us. I wish nothing but the best for you and Mike and your beautiful family and enjoy this special birthday celebration. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I truly love you. MEM

29: Barb, Who would have thought that day I x-rayed Carly's arm would be the day that such a rare seed would be planted in my beautiful "garden of friendship"? I cannot imagine my life without you. You are the one I run to when I am happy and proud and also when I am crying. I depend on you to understand my thoughts and feelings. I know that on my hardest days I can rely on your support. You listen carefully, see clearly and help me put things in perspective. You are truly one of my life's greatest treasures and I know I am a better person since you became a part of my life! Love and God's blessings, Pat

30: What I admire so much about you, Barb, is your vivacity. I love how you are a grandmother yet so "ungrandmotherly"! At residency, you were always fun to hang out with, always good for a laugh. You are smart, hard working, beautiful, fun and above all, kind. I wish you a wonderful birthday and many happy returns of the day! Can't wait to see you at the mini retreat! Love, Abby Aguirre | I love you Grammy because your the best Grammy. Love, Lucas

31: I have so many memories of Barb because I’ve known her for so long. We went to high school together, we were roommates in college, and have stayed close friends throughout the years. I guess I’ll relate my first memory. It was freshman year in high school which was Barb’s first year. Many of us had been at The Convent School (yes that was the name and no we weren’t going to be nuns) since 1st grade. We were divided into two home rooms by last name-she was an “S” and I was a “B” so we didn’t meet. The first time I saw her was in a school play. She was playing the part of a fisherman (it was an all-girl’s school so we had to play guys too) and I can still see her so clearly and remember how I felt. It was like love at first sight-but more exactly it was “friend” at first sight. Recently, we discussed this because Barb was writing a story about how kids form friendships and include and ostracize one another in their groups. She wanted me to describe why I liked her instantly and I said “because you were cool” and she was and she is and she always will be. Barb displays being cool in many ways, her exuberance, her humor, her talent, her work-ethic, her stamina. but the thing that stands out for me is the family that she and Mike raised. They are each wonderful people who married wonderful people and they all get along. I think that’s the coolest thing of all and I’m so proud of her. Happy Birthday to my forever friend. I love you very much. Maryanne

32: “A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip!” In 1998 our son Matt (dean’s brother) graduated from Syracuse University. Dean and Carly, recently engaged, attended the ceremonies. The graduation took place on a Saturday morning and our family planned a special celebration dinner that night at a Syracuse restaurant. The problem we had that day was finding something to do with Matt’s grandparents between the graduation in the morning and our dinner that evening. Matt’s grandparents were elderly and limited as to what they could do. In a wonderful act of kindness and consideration, Barb and Mike invited our family to their house for the afternoon. They arranged their back porch area and provided food and drinks for our family for the entire day – solving our problem. This story always comes to mind when we think about Barb. She did not know us very well at that time but opened her house, prepared food, and spent the entire afternoon hosting our family. We knew immediately that Barb was a considerate, caring, and generous person – and we have seen these characteristic many, many times over the years. Barb, on your special birthday we want to wish you best. We are so lucky to be a part of your family. Happy birthday! Love, Ken, Rita & Paige

33: Thanks to Barb’s talent and success as a children’s book author, the name Phoebe will always have a special place in my heart. In fact, one of the couples I know here in Bisbee, Arizona, just had their first child, and they named her Phoebe. I am so proud that Barb persevered in her quest to get her wonderful stories published, and I hope she will continue to share her humor and insights with others for as long as the experience and process brings her joy! Love, Lynn Spencer | Dear Gram, I love you. You are so thoughtful. Thank you for sticking up for me and always loving me. Max

34: My name is Mary Anne (Del Vecchio) Alexander. I have known your mom since high school. I meant her through my dear friend Pam Heneghan. I always remember your mom as being that pert & bubbly high school girl. She hasn't changed either. She is the only person I know who gets thinner as she gets older. My most recent recollection of your mom is when she had my youngest child Julie in Kindergarten. When I went in for my parent conference she told me Julie was old beyond her years. When she played house her main focus was what to wear to the Senior Ball. We both laughed at that. Barb I wish you all the best on this special birthday. You are so fortunate to have the family and friends that surround you and love you so much. Enjoy your special day. Love, Mary Anne Alexander

35: As January rolls around, it feels very strange not to not be packing up to go to Montpelier. I keep thinking I’m forgetting to do something. I remember us all showing up on the hill one January three years ago, when it was so cold that nostril hairs froze and people were making frozen soap bubbles outside. I’m going to miss talking with you and our Bat-Poets at the window table in that little Mexican restaurant in town, or at the Skinny Pancake. Thanks for the advice and the great readings over the years. Have a great writing year ahead. Happy Birthday, Barb! Eric | Barb, Smilin', Walkin', Talkin', Grandkiddin', Perfect! Tim

36: It would be hard to pick a favorite memory of Barb.... first because we have both lost most of our memories... and second because we have been friends since 1983 when we met at West Genesee pool as we waited for our kids to have their swimming lesson. That is a lot of years to pick a favorite memory. After that we started to walk together. In those years and for many years after we walked 5 to 7 times a week. We walked through our life together. We laugh about that. We had pre-schoolers and young kids at the time. We made it through most things in life by walking and venting and laughing and crying. We made it through challenging kid situations.... many of them, illnesses, losing loved ones, marriage of our children, one divorce, the arrival of grandchildren (that is the pure joy part). We were young carefree stay-at-home moms in 1983. Now we are sixty-somethings with grandchildren. Our walking together has been a win-win... for our thighs, our mental health, our emotional health, our mental health, and we have forged a great friendship. Did I mention mental health. What I love about Barb is her sense of humor, her love of life and dedication to her family and friends. That makes her a rich person in the best possible way. Happy Birthday Barb.... you have been a great friend to journey with. Call me.... let's walk. Mary

37: I have many many fun stories that involve your mother over the few years that I have known her, but I tried to sum it up. She really is a fantastic woman which I'm sure you already know. The first time I met Barb, I felt an instant connection to her. We talked like we had known each other forever, and every time I see her, I feel like it's not enough time. That we could talk for hours more. There was onetime that Barb came to do a lesson with my class, and then we went back to my house to hang out for a few minutes. Well, four hours later when she left, we discovered that she never turned off her car. Chyrisse

38: When I look at you I see a teacher, one that has had an enormous impact on many. Especially your own children. The lessons you have taught them, the values that you have instilled in them, are now those which I hope to teach our kids. I can only hope to be as great a teacher as you. Happy Birthday! I Love You, Dean

39: It was the late 70's, Niagara Mohawk closed and sent employees home due to a winter snow storm, it was a real mess. My car quit on me around Fairmount Fair. I called your house to see if I could come there and figure out what to do. I remember your mother and Denise Tatusko walking up Scott Ave to meet me, a very welcome sight. It was 1980 and I just bought my first house and had very little extra money at that time. I needed curtains for the basement windows and your mom came over with her sewing machine and made the curtains for me. They were still hanging there when I sold that house. Penny Cottage - the Roberts', the Ward's and yours truly rented a cottage in the English countryside for two weeks in the fall of 2004. We had a lot of fun exploring the area - day trips to Bath, Glastonbury, Chesil Beach and the bill of Portland. Many memories of good friends having a good time. I was in a family health crisis in the fall of 2008. I came home one night to find food and beverage that your mother had kindly left for me and it happened more than once. You don't forget a kindness like that and I never will. Ginny O'B

40: Favorite thought(s) about Barb - going to school each day knowing that at some point there would be fun and laughter and most importantly, always friendship. Also, the trip to Big Moose, the weekends at camp, dinners with the kids always showing up, cards, tennis, golf, skiing - whatever the activity, always a fun time! love, martha | We love Barb!!! I feel grateful to know her and my favorite things about her are... *Her great sense of humor *She is a really thoughtful listener *She's fun to be around! *She is as competitive as my husband. Love, Susan and Matt

41: Barbara is such a wonderful person who has so many life learning lessons to share with so many people, here are a few. ~Her sense of humor is one of envy, laughing and smiling often, she is very uplifting to be around. ~Generosity is something that Barb does without thought, giving to everyone, be it money, clothes, gifts, time, words wisdom and love. Her heart is surely made of gold to share with all. ~Loyalty to anyone near enough to know and love. Barb would do anything for anybody at a moments notice regardless of her schedule, a friend forever. ~The ability to persevere no matter how difficult things seem at the time . Running a 5 K, graduating from Vermont College with a Masters in Fine Arts and presently a professor at OCC. Accomplishments to make us all proud of you. Being married to Barbara is quit the privilege and honor .Can't wait to see what the future brings to this very gifted person. Love, Michael

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