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Mom Robison Memories

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FC: Memories

1: Robison Family Mom Memories

2: David & Leslie Hannah Lindsay Tanner and Katie

3: I remember mom reading lots of stories to us as kids. The Horse and His Boy from the Chronicles of Narnia is one that I remember most. I could listen to mom read for hours (in a 6 or 7 year olds world that means 30 minutes tops.) I now read to my children, especially the Narnia books. Thanks for teaching me that reading is very important. | One thing I admire is your generous nature. You seem to always have something to share with others. Whether it's your scrapbook supplies that you let us girls go through or just time spent with us for even a day, it is an example that I really admire. | David | Leslie

4: I clearly recall one evening after the family had just finished watching TV; mom turned to face me and said “why don't you and dad go rent the movie Predator?” I was so shocked that mom would pick a boy movie! Dad and I rented it and the three of us watched it that night. I do not recall any other people being there. Mom is so cool with her boys. One year I was asked to speak in church on mother's day. I decided to surprise mom and not tell her. I had a 3 page talk prepared that Sunday. Mom's eyes went wide as she looked at the bulletin and saw my name as a speaker. “Dave, are you prepared for this talk?” she asked. I said “Well I could always get up there and wing it.” She gave me a very disapproving look and said something like” My sons will always be prepared!” Then she started to write a talk for me right there. I knew I had to tell her before she got too far. After she took a few moments to relax she started to smile. Got you mom! On family vacation we went to a swing bridge and there was a far drop to a small ravine. With so many people coming to and fro that bridge was a movin’. Mom grabs my hand so I said “yeah I'm not scared.” She then said to me “No, but your mother is” Mom will always need a son to lean on I suppose. Cheers to you Mom. Mom took me to get my braces tightened and then to help do some Christmas shopping. I had discovered that Santa sometimes asks moms and dads for help and in return mom had asked me to help with Jim and Scott. I remember I found a G.I. Joe of an Indian, a wolf or a Kayak and then I saw the computer game Monkey Island. Santa must have been told how much I wanted it because I opened it on Christmas morning. I found out that Mom is well connected with many influential people. One Sunday Mom looked at me as I was about to go and sit down at the priest bench when she asked “David did you get your ear pierced?” I was totally shocked and said quickly and confidently “No, why do you ask? It turns out that I have a small dark mole on my ear lobe which looks (from a distance) like a hole. Just before my mission I had a job with Bro. Sloan and we were working near your work. One day I called you up and asked if we could do lunch, you agreed and we had a great 1 hour lunch where I completely opened up and talked about girlfriend situations, money and gospel stuff. That was a very fulfilling lunch. Thanks Mom. Mom you always knew what was happening in my mission before I did. Tornado's and earthquakes were just a few. My mom is always close to the spirit.

7: I remember attending Time Out for Women with you. I loved the experience of being there and being able to share it with you. One thing I admire is your generous nature. You seem to always have something to share with others. Whether it's your scrapbook supplies that you let us girls go through or just time spent with us for even a day, it is an example that I really admire. I love that you are always interested and excited about what the kids are doing. The weekly phone calls to check up are always fun when the kids get to share the latest things going on in their world. Even if it isn't terribly exciting, you get excited for the kids. We also love getting packages from you! Although they are usually for the kids, it is exciting for all of us when there is something in the mail. The joy that it brings the kids to receive not only mail, but mail from GRANDMA is so fun for me as their mom to watch. I remember the shorts you sent once when we had all been sick for about a week. The older girls were so excited that they put them on and started running up and down the hallway saying that Grandma had sent them "Running Shorts!" Definitely cheered up our house! I appreciated the scrapbooking class that you sacrificed going to so that Diane, Michelle and I could spend some time together. I know you wanted to spend time with Diane, but instead you gave that up for us. I was really touched by that. I know you try hard to please the kids and make things special for everyone. I remember when it was Lindsay's birthday and all she wanted was to go to the Apple Store (Appleby's Restaurant) with Grandma. You made sure to come and asked the server for balloons for all the kids and made sure the Lindsay was able to enjoy her birthday there. I love listening to your testimony. You are an example of strength and knowledge. Thanks for making the long trip to see us for nearly every event we have and for making us feel special.

8: Hannah I would kiss you all over the face if I was tall enough I would like to live close to you so I could walk to your house When I go to her house I love the beauty of Grandma I like the downstairs of your house because there are comfy couches You have such a beautiful voice Lindsay I love her because she is nice Happy Birthday to you Grandma Robison Her house is wonderful I love ya because you are so nice You have movies

9: Little Sweethearts | Tanner I love you Grandma I could kiss you on the eyeball if I was very big The only thing she buys is chocolate milk, chocolate milk, chocolate milk and I love it, love it, love it! Katie I love her because she fixed some snacks I love mine Grandma Robison and make a cake and cookies and make sandwiches and make cornflakes hot dogs I love Grandma Robison so much and make hot dogs and make sandwiches Make poppin (Popcorn) and make sandwiches and make stew and some people food

12: Jim & Jennifer Gage and Addi

13: I remember walking home for lunch in grade 2 and you making Ichaban noodles for us. The thought went through my mind that my mom will always be there for me, and will do anything to help me achieve. | It's always a laugh when someone has to go to the bathroom on the boat...it's usually me but I can remember one extra cold day on the lake when you had to go pee and the only way was to float or hang off the back of the boat...and I have the proof. | Jennifer | Jim

14: Mom one of the earliest memories I have of you is going to the Coaldale Hospital with Dad and Dave to see you after Scott was born. Sorry I don't remember if Diane was there or not. I remember Dad took Dave and me to Woodward’s toy department where we played in the hallway and the stairwell while you and Dad talked. I remember my first day of Kindergarten. You walked with me to St. Josephs School. The Street patrol was out to help us cross the road safely. How about the time you helped me with a talk for Primary that I never gave because I was too scared to be in front of the kids? The Primary Presidency must have remembered it because I don't remember ever talking in Primary again. Oh how the Lord truly makes weaknesses strengths because now I can talk in front of people much better. I remember walking home for lunch in grade 2 and you making Ichaban noodles for us. The thought went through my mind that my mom will always be there for me, and will do anything to help me achieve. I remember the joy you had when we were excited to have new school clothes. Even when I was older and I went to school with new clothes (that you had bought) you would ask "what did the kids say about your clothes?"

15: How about all the time we spent in the car driving to track and field practice. There's one time that stands out more than any another, when we were rear-ended and you stuck out your arm to prevent me from hitting the dash in the car. It was the true love of a mother. I remember walking into your room to wake you up after I had a bad dream. I would whisper quietly “Mom” trying not to wake up Dad, and then usually I would need to nudge you a little. You were too used to Dad snoring to hear me whisper. The first person I thought of when I got lost in Disneyland was my mom. I remembered that Dad told us to meet up at the mountain so I told the worker that was helping me “I lost my Mom.” All the time you put into helping me learn how to read and spell. I always went to you for reading help and Dad for math help. I guess I was a slow learner but I do read a little better now. I remember you holding my frozen fingers in your hands to help them warm up after I refused to wear the gloves you offered while skiing, I thought the gloves weren't cool looking. You really did everything you could to help me feel better in a time when I had so much pain. All the positive encouragement you gave me about going into the electrical trade and serving a mission. I was worried about going to a strange and foreign country and I'm sure you were too. You never showed it and that helped me to stay positive until the call came to go to Phoenix. In short you were always there when big events happened in my life. Really you haven't missed any of my major milestones. Not too many people can brag about a mother like that. Thank you.

16: Well first off mom Linda...thank you for raising such a wonderful son who is visual and loving, caring and such a hard worker who never gives up. You have made a special spot in your family for me as your daughter-in-law. You are always up for going shopping and spending time with me and the kids...anything goes...when nothing is written in stone it makes decisions simple...your easy going nature makes outings relaxing and fun. You gave Addi her most favorite 'BEEBEE'...it's really quite fun that she has such a clutch hold on the blanket gramma gave her...what a great memory of you she'll have for the rest of her life.

17: It's always a laugh when someone has to go to the bathroom on the boat...it's usually me but I can remember one extra cold day on the lake when you had to go pee and the only way was to float or hang off the back of the boat...and I have the proof. You have such creative style and I love being able to ask you for advice on what to make for a card or a scrapbook page...I also love that you have so much to choose from...You have endless ideas and the materials too...I love having the calendar scrapbook pages that I can make into a book...you have put so much time and love into those calendar's...I am still waiting for the day I get it all done. One year you sat on an upside down bucket and pulled all the weeds in my back yard...now whenever the weeds start to get out of control I remember how you cleared them and I feel inclined to pull them because I don't want to have an Amazon out there again after all the hard work you did. Thank you for coming out to Taber even for short visits to help pass the time while Jim has been gone working...you have come to watch the kids while I go to mutual and you're always willing to be around if I need you...even for a long, boring garage sale where you made some pretty sweet selling deals...Thanks for your time and companionship. I have never been so close to a mom and I have such an appreciation for all that you do for me as a mother and for the kids as their gramma. I love you, Jen

18: I like to play with her, I like to watch movies with her and I like her to come to my house. Love Gage

19: gramma...umm...grampa... umm...her house and... gramma's toys in gramma's house... umm...gramma go to lethbridge mommy... umm...nothing...i love her. Love Addi.

22: You always wanted me to look pretty and I remember going to a hair braiding class with you. I would sit and you would learn how to do amazing things with my hair. At night I would have a bath and then you would roll my hair into pink sponge curlers. The next day (usually a Sunday) I would have the most curly pony tail. I always looked good at church because you would buy/sew me pretty princess dresses. I liked being dolled up by you. | Diane | I have always wanted to marry into a good family, not just marry a good wife. You have welcomed me with open arms and I feel like I have been part of the Robison family all along. | David

23: David & Diane Ava

24: I remember you taking me and Scott down to Fannies Fabric to pick out Halloween costumes. You would let us choose whatever we wanted. I picked a Genie costume and I remember going downstairs to the discount area to help you pick out fabric. You would sew for hours at night just so we could have amazing costume to wear to our school and church parties.

25: One summer you signed me up for a sewing class at the Coaldale Craft Store. I learned a lot about patterns and how to work a sewing machine. I remember the final project was a little drawstring bag that I was so proud of. Because of that class I was able to breeze through home economics and it gave me a base to build from. Now I can alter clothing or fix rips, I even tried to quilt. I remember waking up some Saturday mornings and you had been up for hours already. You had weeded the garden or raked all the leaves by yourself. You would be sweaty and tired but would sit down and eat a bowl of cereal with me while planning what to do together for the rest of the day. You knew I liked crafting things and so you would buy me all the supplies to make cute Christmas crafts and then sell them to people at work. I would get huge orders and would sit in my room painting little wooden pieces for hours. It gave me a sense of pride to know that you liked my talent and wanted to help me make a few extra bucks at Christmas. Remember when we both took that Velvet Santa class at the Coaldale Craft Store? It was fun to make things with you and that you had confidence in my abilities. I liked it when I had weekend volleyball tournaments because it meant that you would be able to watch me. I liked to have you and dad watch because it made me feel like I was important and the things I did mattered to you. I was a little sad when I wouldn't get as much playing time or if we lost and were out of completion before lunch but you would get me and my friends a slurpee and then we would go shopping and forget all about it. Because we had paper routes and were making a little money you taught me how to save and spend it on things I really wanted. You weren't ever cruel though. If you or I saw something that we liked and I didn't have enough money you would almost always say “well if you pay half and I pay half then we can afford it together.” When I was in grade 12 you sometimes let me drive the purple car to school. It felt good to know that you had confidence in me to drive YOUR car to high school. I had a sense of independence even if I knew it wasn't going to happen every day. After you broke your leg you let me drive it all the time and from then on I thought I owned that car, until one day I really did and you got a Granny Red Velvet car. Sorry about that. We had a time where all we did was fight but I remember deciding that I wanted to be closer to you and that I was going to let you know everything about my life. Everything was going to be the truth even if it was ugly, you knew and were interested in what my girlfriends were doing and the way they were behaving. It made it so much easier to talk to you. I didn't have to “catch you up on the latest” of anything because you knew it already. I loved that change and I know it has allowed us to stay close ever since. I love you mom.

27: I'm pretty sure you didn't expect your only daughter to meet her husband the way she did. It probably made you a bit nervous about the whole situation. I'm not sure what kind of impression I gave to you, but none the less, I have felt nothing but love from you since. I have always wanted to marry into a good family, not just marry a good wife. You have welcomed me with open arms and I feel like I have been part of the Robison family all along. I always get excited when I have the chance to visit with you. You seem to understand and even laugh at my cheesy jokes; sometimes Diane won't even do that. You have wonderful mother qualities that you have used well because I see those same qualities in your daughter. You never forget about anyone's birthday or special event that is going on. You have shown great patience and understanding to my family as we have been far apart from you. We all look forward to the day when we can just drive to see each other instead of flying. We have been to some great places together like the Swiss Alps, Rhine River Cruise, driving through Jasper and Banff, Neuschwanstein Castle, New York City, Washington D.C., etc. But I think the best time of all is just having great conversations in our homes. You are very easy to talk to and you always have great advice. I look forward to the many years that we have to spend time together and build our relationship. I can truly say that I love you and that I can totally call you “Mom.”

28: I love my grandma Robison because she likes to talk to me on the phone and on the computer. I like to go to the post office and see if she has sent me a parcel. I get really excited to see what's inside I usually can't wait so mom opens it in the van and I get to play/watch/or look at what's inside all the way home. Grandma and Grandpa Robison treat me like a princess and fly over the ocean to visit me. I like to go on vacation to Canada; my last visit was the best one. I tried Slurpees and played with Grandmas Easter Bunny. My Grandma knows all the words to my favorite songs like Once there was a Snowman, and Twinkle Twinkle little Star, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam and Popcorn Popping. I pray for my Grandma and Grandpa every night because I love them.

30: I love how mom has shaped the best parts of who I am. I am grateful for times when I will say I feel a certain way that may be “extreme” and my mom will say Scott you shouldn't feel that way or act like that; and since it's coming from her I trust that she is right and I know I need to re-evaluate whatever it is that I was doing. | I think I especially love the weekends and look forward to them every week. I'm sure lots of people do, but I look forward to them because we get to go and hang out with you and Ian and just visit and chat. I really feel like I fit and that you go out of your way to understand and accept me for who I am | Scott | Michelle

31: Scott & Michelle

32: It's hard to recall one specific moment when I reflect on mom. Probably, because she is always constantly there for us that she is a part of natural life. One thing that I love about my mom is that I know whenever I'm feeling scared or particularly stressed I can call her and she makes things ok. Whether she is giving me suggestions on what I could do to help myself, or telling me “that it's just life,” or even just talking the problem through, I always feel better after a chat with mom. Mom always likes to know what's going on in my life. A trait I didn't appreciate much in my teenage years. I realized as long as I told her the truth about what was going on I would never be judged for those actions. Although I have always been skeptical of people asking generic questions like: “how are you?” Mom has always really cared about what I was saying and wanted to know as much detail as I felt comfortable sharing. I love some of the earliest memories I have of mom. One particular time I remember being in mom and dad's room (when it was upstairs) after I had just learned about what a mission was and I decided I couldn't go because I never wanted to leave my mom. I don't remember if I ever told her that but I'm sure she reassured me and probably said something like “oh, by the time you get that old you wont want me to be around.” Another thing I remember and love about my mom is every once and a while for no particular reason she would take me shopping. It would be for clothes or toys or whatever I was interested in. During these random sprees I would look at her and say “are you sure you want to buy me this” she never seemed to consider it for more than a second before proceeding to the check out. One day I remember contemplating that mom always bought things for us kids, and never spent money on her. I remember feeling so badly about it that I asked her why? She was surprised and told me “she spent lots of money on her self and not to worry.” From that day and still today I hope to be able, to help support mom and dad when they retire.

33: I have felt like I am not fully understood for most of my life, but I have always had the feeling that my mom knows me most (even better than I knew myself at times). I never felt bad that I was referred to as a mamma's boy or made fun of when I some how earned the nicknames: Scotty softens the blow, or Scotties little softy. These were terms that linked me to my mothers nurturing disposition. I have always felt proud when mom tells me that I was the cuddliest child, and regret that as a teenager and even now, I don't take more opportunities to hug, sit with, or just be by my mom. Mom always helped me to “be cool” whether it was stating the obvious like “bike helmets are ugly” or “you don't need them to be safe.” By showing us that name brands weren't everything but for a few extra dollars you could get better quality and more noticed. I realized that she wasn't saying that material things weren't important but that her kids were important! She understood that self-confidence and feeling accepted by your peers was important and that saving a few bucks on the Zeller’s knock off brands wasn't the right choice all the time. Kids can always tell the difference from the “in thing” from the cheap thing. Any time there has been a big event in my life, I have never had to worry if my mom would be there. I knew she would be because I have always been supported. I know that when people see me they will also see both my mother and father and that makes me feel comfortable and sure that I have put my best foot forward. Mom is fearless. Whether she's non-apologetically asking a clerk to take the last remaining size off a manikin or never being afraid to try something new. My mom let me know taking a wrong turn is ok as long as you never stop tying to make the right turn. The story goesMy Mom and Dad felt that I was destined to be a girl, which would have worked out well for Diane so she could have a playmate but I don't feel bad that I wasn't born a girl. Diane and I still played a lot. I don't think my mom minded how I came out either, it has been well documented that before her grand kids were born I was the undisputed “king of the tree,” and my spoiling was always defended by my mom who simply stated (and still does) “He's the baby!” Everything I have I owe to my parents from my baby blues to teaching me how to gain a testimony of the Savior. THANK YOU will never be enough!

34: The things I remember most is your acceptance of me. When Scott and I were planning our wedding, you were right there ready to give help, support and advice and I really appreciate that. It was so fun to go out hunting for the perfect wedding items and it is nice to have someone who really listens to my ideas. I really appreciated the time and effort you put into helping us during that time. The times when we have done shows and such for the grandkids are really special. I can see the love you have for each of them as you go through all of your friends and other primary magazines to find the perfect idea. I really had fun at Christmas when we acted out the nativity with those shadow puppets. I loved going to the states with you when we were hanging out with Diane. I felt special and cared for as you made sure I got the time that I needed to find what I was looking for. I have also enjoyed the times where we have scrapbooked together and I have learned from your vast experience in that area. It is fun to get those creative ideas going and see what we can come up with. I always enjoy seeing your projects when they are done because they show the thought and effort you put into each one. I think I especially love the weekends and look forward to them every week. I'm sure lots of people do, but I look forward to them because we get to go and hang out with you and Ian and just visit and chat. I really feel like I fit and that you go out of your way to understand and accept me for who I am, however different. I really love and appreciate you. Love Michelle

35: Memories

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