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Mom's 60th Birthday Book

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Mom's 60th Birthday Book - Page Text Content

BC: "M-O-T-H-E-R "M" is for the million things she gave me, "O" means only that she's growing old, "T" is for the tears she shed to save me, "H" is for her heart of purest gold; "E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining, "R" means right, and right she'll always be, Put them all together, they spell "MOTHER," A word that means the world to me. -Howard Johnson" | Engle-Moses Production Fall 2010

FC: Sixty Memories & Messages of Love for Sue on her 60th Birthday!

1: For a Loving Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Grandmother on her 60th Birthday!

2: I will always love you... | Dearest Sue, The longer I know you, the more I understand how blessed I am to be the one you've given your beautiful heart to. And the longer I love you, the more I know there could never be anything in this world more precious to me than your love and you. My love for you grows stronger year by year. Your beauty inside and out also grows as we grow older together. The tenderness you've shown with my illness (even though not understood) over the past 20 years is unparalled. You complete me and for this I'll be forever grateful. Welcome to the fabulous 60's my love, always for you only, Dave

3: On Wednesday November 15, 1950 at 9:03pm I was given the first of my life's greatest blessings, Susan Marie ~ "Suzi" as she liked to be called. Recently, she asked me why we named her Susan. I explained that it wasn't that the name was coming into vogue at that time. It was because I liked an old song "Sonbonnet Sue." The first lines were: "Sunbonnet Sue, Sunbonnet Sue, Roses and Sunshine run second to you" Over all these sixty years she seems to embody that heavenly sunshine and those beautiful roses. Her infectious enthusiasm and her quick wit are very much a part of her. She has faced many of life's challenges head on with her great faith in God and her unshaken love of family. Happy Happy Happy 60th Birthday! Love Always, Your Thankful Mom

4: Mom, As a child growing up I always had to figure things out for myself. When you told me no I did it anyway. I always had to see things for myself. As I was growing up I was close with you but not to a level I wanted to be. You always told me that you loved me and that everything would be ok. As I am now 32 years into my life and now understand what being a parent is all about. It took awhile but I got it. Mom you have been a shinning example of what a mother should be. You have loved me through all the stuff I have put you through and I can not thank you enough for that. You have guided me in my years to find my way back to god and to trust him. Words can not explain what you have taught me through my life. You always say if I did things different when you were growing you might not have done the things you did. I want you to know you did nothing wrong. I made the choices I made growing up and through the years. I also believe with all my heart I would not be were I am today if I did not go through what I went through in life. You are the best mother any one could ask for. You are loving, caring, and your faith is amazing and most of all your love for me. God has blessed me through my life but the best part was giving me you as my mother. I love you!!!!!! Cori ( Peaches ) Some of my Favorite Memories with Mom include: - Making Christmas cookies in the kitchen every year for Santa. ( AKA MOM AND DAD ) -Going on family vacations were something always went wrong. -Playing cards with family. -Watching dad come in and telling mom Shammy was having puppies under the shed and looking at mom ready to scream. - Driving with Mon is always a trip due to she does not have a sense of direction.

5: Dear Mom, I honestly am drawing a blank while writing this and not due to lack of memories its due the 32 yrs of accumulation of amazing ones which is making picking just one insanely difficult. So I will share a few because you're such an incredible mother, wife,sister & daughter. My very first memories were of me riding my power wheel bike in the old barn and you scaring me to the point were I'd just be pedaling so fast and not moving as you were closing in on me with that face you used to make. I'm sure that all those yrs of you scaring me while I was riding my power wheels had a major impact on my driving skills throughout my teenage yrs and into my early 20's! The next one which pops into my head would have to be you teaching me how to swim in poppies pool and for this memory I am truly grateful! It not only was something I loved but is something I now share with my kids and one day hope they will share with theirs. Nothing like jumping into your MOM'S arms! You were always there to straighten me out no matter what the situation may have been from catching me cheating on an essay or slapping a chicken wing across the living room after I swore at the kitchen table! You have instilled an incredible set of morals in me which I try to implement into my daily life in some way and also teach them to my children so they may grow up and have an amazing childhood just as I did! There so many amazing memories I have of "US" as a family growing up from all the vacations we used to take and the incredible things we saw and did! Even one we smelled something for hours which I will never forget! (i.e. passing gas) or when the door on the van fell off the track, we lost our luggage on the road, to the long creek hikes down 18 mile which I share with my kids to this day! I cant ever begin to thank you for being such an incredible mother and creating THOUSANDS of awesome memories and being such an amazing MOM and to be honest I can write all day about this but I need to leave room for others to share! Just know this; I love you more than I'll ever be able to express and am forever grateful that you are my MOM and wouldn't be where I am at today without you guiding me down the path of life! I LOVE YOU! Sincerely your son, Christopher Engle

6: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace. | Dear Mom, You've been one of the most positively influential people in my entire life. When I think of what it means to truly love someone, I think of the unwavering support and care you've given to us all, family and friends, throughout the years. Your actions are prime examples of how one should love, your words always soothing and comforting, your faith unbreakable, and love for us unparalleled. When we've fallen and will continue to do so at certain points in our lives, you've been there, arms open, waiting to catch us. When we've found success, you're by our side sharing the joy, after all, you've helped us get there. You are truly a rarity in this world, one who rarely judges others, gives to those in need, loves unconditionally, and holds faith in all things good, qualities for which we all should strive. I'd like to thank you, and tell you how much I love you for always being there when I need you, when we need you, and for being there for those times that have yet to come. Your loving son, Jared.

7: - "It's only one more exit until Howe's Caverns" - Your sweater getting unraveled as we run through 'Nightmares' Haunted House in Canada -Seeing you in the stands or in the audience supporting me at every sporting/music/academic event I had! (Yet, your lack of volleyball knowledge after watching me play and coach for over 10 years cracks me up. . . "Emily's position is right side smasher") -Forcing me to look at those awful facts of life books - I'M STILL NOT LISTENING! Mom, your energy and zest for life amazes me! You are one of the strongest women I've known, and when people say "You're just like your mother" to me - ALL the time - that's the best compliment I could ever receive. I admire and adore you .... and of course, I love you. Love Always, Emily (Pootsika) | Dear Mom, When I think about all of the memories, advice and love you have given me throughout my life - I realize how fortunate I am to have you as my mom. Some of my most cherished memories with you include:

8: Sue, I have had this birthday "assignment" on my to-do list for almost 3 weeks now. Everytime I told myself that I had better get going on it, I put it off--and I know why. How can I possibly reduce our relationship and feelings for each other to a few paragraphs or anecdotes? You are everything that I could want in an only sibling ( didn't I luck out? )-- a best friend, a confidant, a sounding board, and, yes, sometimes a co-conspirator ( the infamous Oreo Cookie caper ). We have shared our fears, our heartaches, our dreams, and our lunacy. When you take out the frozen bras, pencil stabbings, sadistic tacky gifts, and excruciatingly-long retreat nights, we've had a pretty good record. I know we are not always on the same page, but I think our yin-yang has always helped to keep our insights flexible and open to other viewpoints--and the beauty is that despite our differences, we have always managed to find the love. Thank you for the shared memories, the laughs, and the comforting words when I needed them. You have ALWAYS been there for me, with a food basket, a book, or a hug--you seem to just instinctively know what would bring comfort. I hope I have given back some of the same to you. You are such a blessing in my life. ( Many thanks to Dad and Mom and God !) On your 60th birthday, I wish you good health, peace, and happiness--and many, MANY more years of annoying each other. All My Love, Your Baby Sister

9: Aunt Sue, It's difficult for me to pick one funny story or sweet memory to recall on this day because I feel like I am filled with so many from our visits to Eden. Every year I look forward to Thanksgiving in the Engle kitchen and the exchange of the Tacky Gifts in the Pelcher living room because I am filled with such pure joy in being in my family's company. (Amanda and I often talk about how we wish that we had done these visits all along!) Since I'm on the other coast now, it is especially devastating to realize that I won't be there for as many holidays and fun times. Just know that I am thinking of you and wishing you the best 60th birthday! Live it up. Go crazy - but not too crazy. That's where my mom comes in. I love you so much, Danni

10: Most people have their own mental image of "the fun aunt". She's outrageous and silly; maybe she cracks cheesy jokes, or wears loud, bright colors; and she always gives the offbeat presents at holidays that no other relative is cool enough to know is "in" among the young folks nowadays. But most importantly, the "fun aunt" is the loving, energetic heart and soul of family gatherings. This is the mental image that comes to mind when I think of my Aunt Sue. Every memory I have of holidays, birthdays, and casual get-togethers features Aunt Sue right at the center of it all. | "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts." | Whether she's calling us to play a game of charades or cards, pushing snacks on us, or egging on her precious little sister Mikie, she is always quick to laugh, the first to dispense hugs, and never without a smile. | As I grow older, I am able to appreciate just how rare a gift it is that my "fun aunt" Sue possesses; that ability to brighten a room simply by making everyone in it feel loved. Well, Aunt Sue, on your 60th birthday, I'd like to tell you that you reap what you sow: you are one of the most loved people I know, and no one could deserve it more. | Happy Birthday! Love, Amanda

11: Susie: Happy 60th & many more. You know, I always said I was happy we never had any girls, but if we had, I would have wanted her to be like you. Love you! Dad

15: My Favorite time spent with Mrs Engle is when we all made Christmas cookies in her kitchen. I remember her laughing & cracking little jokes as she put flour and dough on our faces. I hope you have a great birthday, I miss you! Love, Chris Moses

16: Mrs. Engle, I think that a time that stands out the most for me is when you introduced my brothers and I into your tradition of cookie baking before the holidays at Christmas time. That is a memory I will never forget! Happy Birthday! Love, Jessie Moses Mrs. Engle, I will never forget the time you taught me how to play spoons. It's been a long time since we all got together, and I really hope we can all do it again soon! Happy Birthday! Love, Jon

17: Dear Mom, As I sit and reflect upon this wonderful Birthday Day wish of 60 years that I extend to you, there are so many thoughts, feelings, memories, and emotions that cross my mind. Knowing at this point, I am your only (Mel) Son in Law in your life I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bearing such a wonderful daughter / step mother a man could ever wish for. Always know I will take the best of care, through good and bad times, of your precious daughter you so kindly handed over to me. It is hard to believe it has been over ten years now that the Lord blessed me with such a wonderful, kind hearted and spirited Mother in Law / Grandmother into my life. Not only did you except me into your family, but three grandchildren at the same time and with that I thank you. There are so many wonderful memories we have shared over the years. So where do I start? To mention a few, for me it started with our trip together to Penn State to watch Emily play volleyball. In between each match it was another spirited and competitive game of either up ten down ten or crazy rummy. For a man who always hated to play cards, you were there to bring out the competitive and spirited nature in me and simply enjoy family time together. It wasn’t about the cards; it was the time we all were so blessed to spend with one another. Then came the early Christmas mornings where the simplest yet funniest gift you could give some one would always turn out to be the most memorable. These memories that we have shared together are just to mention a few. As you know, I could probably spend all day going through the wonderful times we have shared with one another, but thank the Lord there are so many more to come. I know your 60th Birthday will be yet another memory and day you will always cherish. But know this Mom. I will always cherish and thank God for giving me the best Mother in Law a man could ever ask for. All my Love, Tom

18: Dear Mrs. Engle, My favorite memory with you is playing cards at the Chestnut Inn, in the conference room, while eating Wegmans! Happy 60th Birthday! Love, Ryan Moses

19: Wishing you everything happy for your birthday! | Happy Birthday! | We want to extend our heartfelt wishes to you, Sue, on the celebration of your 60th Birthday. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe in his arms as you continue on your journey of life. Sincerely, Mary Lou and Tom Moses

20: Happy 60th birthday! It’s hard to image that when we first met, I didn’t even know how to play cards. Throughout the years, you have been so welcoming to me that you have made me feel like part of the family from the first day I came home with Em. I have so many fond memories of you and your family like when you took me to my first Pirates game at their new park or when you included me in your family vacation in Myrtle Beach. And who could forget the time you bit into the taffy and lost your tooth! However, I hope to not spend another Christmas day at your house, I’m still exhausted 11 months later! I look forward to many more great memories and times with you and your family. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Love, Jeremy

21: Dear Sue, Okay, I have been waiting for this opportunity to reload the fun-gun. 1. Remember the tv ads about coffee? Well, you are " The Juan Valdez " (coffee farmer from South America fame) of Eden's Wilson Farm store. Every school day you drive to the Farm Store to get your mega-mug of java and to visit with Beth. What a great way to start your day! 2. Gotta love the "oinkster" episode. It all began when you got "Flocked"" with the flamingos and drove off the driveway and rutted your lawn. This story provoked the next episode of getting "Pigged" with a "Pink" attack. The pink pig with wings invaded your front porch........ score: Wayne 2, Sue 0. But the combination of the Dave & Sue commando raid of Second Street was a good come back: Dave's sewing on of the " wabbitt ears " and Sue's stealthy installation was great team work! Score: Wayne 2, Sue 1 !!!! Fun? WOW! 3. Then the ultimate! Julie and I were inside the entry way to the WCH when you and Dave were arriving. But.... something was not right. Sue entered the church with her panty hose dragging 2 feet behind from the bottom of your slacks. Too funny! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE ! YOU ALWAYS KEEP ME LAUGHING ! Wayne Rose

22: Hi there my MUCH younger cousin, One saying that I always will connect to you is "everything that goes around, comes around"...let me explain -- I returned with my mom and sisters for a trip to Buffalo in spring of 1977. I was 7 months pregnant at the time. We got together over at Grandma Spring's took one look at me and said, 'oh my gosh, I've never seen a pregnant woman so large before!' (Of course, unknown to both of us at the time -- I was carrying twins who ended up weighing 8 lbs. each at delivery). Well, I didn't quite know how to take that -- but imagine my heartfelt joy and GREAT satisfaction, when a year later you became pregnant with TWINS!!! Ah, God does have a sense of humor after all! I love you, dear Sue and wish you all the best on your 60th.... Cousin Patty

23: My Dear Cousin Susie, It is so hard to believe you are turning 60?!? WOW! You sure got old did that happen. I know it was just a couple of years ago that my family would visit yours in Eden Valley with our moms talking up a storm and our dads teasing the heck out of us kids. Us Schwartz girls would beg to stay overnight with you Spring girls. Overnight meant dressing up and putting on talent shows for your folks – which were something between the Lawrence Welk Show and Laugh In! Whenever I picture you Susie I can see your smile, and hear that contagious laugh of yours, AND you chasing kids around with your hands up in the air doing a perfect impression of the Wicked Witch.”I’ll get you my pretties..”. You brought laughter out so many times - even without trying. Like the time at Grandma Spring’s apartment, using the bathroom and apparently getting up off the commode, accidentally letting the long silk tie on your blouse dip into the bowl!! We knew this because we could hear you let out a big OMG, and you came back into the room cracking up and immediately explained while reenacting what just happened. I truly hope your 60th is one heck of a birthday celebration, remember good times gone by, eating lots of goodies you probably shouldn't, and the beginning of many new happy memories to be made. Best wishes with lots of love from your cousin, Judy (Schwartz) Poppenger

24: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Happy 60th birthday Sue! Who could have guessed the ways our lives would unfold that day so long ago when we three little cousins sat on the steps in our pajamas for a picture? And yet, here we are – more than five decades of life behind us! Looking back on the years we lived together (almost all of it in Eden), a few random memories always come to mind: I remember hearing you practice the piano. You were always the best player among us, and I wanted to play as well as you did – without the practice part, of course. And I remember hearing you play your French horn and being a little jealous of that because my father so loved the Mozart horn concerti and thought the French horn the most beautiful of instruments. (And I remember the little red pressure “bow” that appeared on your lips after you’d played for a while.) I remember how we’d sometimes play school (what were we thinking?!), and Billy and Tom would always choose you to be their teacher, and I was left without a student. I never forgave my brothers for that, and I’m going to take all the credit for you being an excellent teacher today! I remember that you, being the eldest, were always in the lead – first to need a bra, first to have real dates, first to wear a beautiful prom dress, first to be a cool senior, first to drive! I watched you and envied how grown up you were. And I missed you when you were first to go off to college. I remember that you were always surrounded by friends – lots and lots of friends. You had a social life that was big and full and genuine. And I think that’s still the case. People seek your friendship, and you give them full measure. I remember (as I know you do) how magical and wonderful our Christmases were when we all lived in the valley. I remember the year our Christmas Eve performance included a rendition of “Silent Night”. You played it on the piano and we five kids sang it in German – and Gramma Til cried (in her beer). I remember the first Christmas after you started college and couldn’t be home for rehearsals of our Christmas Eve show, a silent movie complete with villain, damsel in distress, heroic rescuer – and oncoming train! You were probably the best train ever – even without the sign that said “Train”! I remember thinking that I was the female athlete of the family, and then being very surprised (and a bit envious) when you turned out to be a competitive swimmer and could actually do one of those crazy flip turns. I remember how serious you always seemed to be, and still are. And yet, then and now, you’re the first to laugh – easily and often! You find the good and appreciate the humor in everyone. I don’t think I know anyone who cares more about other people and their happiness. And that’s who you are and who you’ve been as far back as I can remember. And now, as we’re reconnecting after so many years of living our separate lives in separate places, I remember how much I LOVE YOU! I expect and intend to be in your circle for all of your birthdays to come, and wish I could be with you in person to celebrate this one. Since I can’t, just know that I’m sending buckets of love to you. Pour them over yourself often (they’re endless)! Happy 60th Birthday Sue! Love, Pud

25: Dear Cousin Sue Although I am writing this in celebration of your 60th birthday, my comments aren't about your current stage in life. Simple distance has kept us out of each other’s day-to-day world for the past 30 years. So, I want to write about a different time when it was otherwise; a time that I think has done much to shape who and what we are. I can't think of a better place for a kid to grow up than 3196 Mill Road. Before time granted us the questionable distinction of adult status, attendant with awareness of all the stresses, evils, disappointments, and ills of the adult world, we had the blessing to live in the “valley world”. Life was simple - and wonderful. There were games to play, woods to explore, forts to make, hills to sled down, bikes to ride, holidays to anticipate. Lots of activity, lots of laughter, spiced on occasion with minor traumas, tussles, and tears. Sue, you were a big part of making life so grand there. You were the pioneer for the five of us; first to enter high school, first to drive, first to date - and first brave enough to bring a date home - first to leave for university, first to marry (will you ever forgive me for getting sloshed at your reception?), first to have kids. Because you were the first to experience all these things, I always looked up to and admired you. But that admiration didn’t set you apart and distant from me, as admiration sometimes does. Quite the opposite. And oddly, given that you and I were least close in ages, I felt that you, above all, were my friend, ally, and at times my protector. Paula was too self-absorbed and remote to be much interested in me (but I suppose a pesky brother is a bigger nuisance than a pesky cousin). Michelle and Willy’s clique of two did not admit new members, (tag-along squirts need not apply). But, as I recall, you always accepted me and had time for me. I remember that clearly and I appreciate it deeply. You had the hearty laugh; you had the generous spirit; you had the protective and caring instinct. You were a very big and important part of life at 3196, and life at 3196 is a very big and important part of who we are - even at 55 and 60 years of age. I hope you share my fond memories of that time, but I hope your life at 60 and beyond is, in its own way, every bit as memorable and wonderful. Love. Your Cousin Thom

26: Sue, There are so many memories from over the years, but these are some of you that will always stick in my mind - Helping you get your classroom ready one year for the start of the school year. Who knew it could be that much fun to clean!! Also, helping correct papers at your kitchen table while Dave's medicine was infusing. Maybe I was secretly supposed to be a teacher!! - Always hearing such great things from everyone that had you for a teacher (especially my niece Diana) & seeing the positive impact you had on all those kids. You truly did change lives. - I always looked forward to Sunday dinners at the Engle house & playing cards with Mom Engle!! Never knew what to expect when we sat down at the table!! - Going to the beach behind your Dad's & sitting out on the sand bar - Sitting & watching the kids play sports year after year. - Heidi humping your leg (probably my favorite) - Just sitting at your kitchen table having a cup of coffee & talking (always relaxing for me). You were always a good listener. I hope you have a great birthday. I'm sorry I won't be there to celebrate with you but know that I'm thinking of you. I wish you many more healthy happy birthdays. Thanks for all the wonderful memories & for being there for us. Love, Marian

27: Dear Aunt Sue, Happy Birthday to someone who has always had a special place in my heart! I have so many fond memories of you! You are such a fun and outgoing person and you have always made me feel welcome and comfortable. Yours is the first Christmas card I receive every year and you somehow remember my anniversary—which is very impressive since I, myself, forget it half of the time! I remember a few years back you had me over for a turkey dinner when I was in town. It was such a fun and laid-back evening, visiting with all of you and playing games. Speaking of dinner, through the years you have also introduced me to a few of my all-time favorite foods—potato supreme, meatballs with jelly/chili sauce, and egg patties. When I was growing up, I always loved to come to your house and hear all of your crazy stories (a personal favorite is when you and your sister got caught eating Oreos and hid them in your underwear). Sometimes they were so outrageous that I wondered if they could possibly be true! I hope you have a wonderful birthday that is filled with the love and happiness you give to others and that you’ll have many, many more!! Love you- Val

28: "No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." ~ Proverb from Guinea | Dear Sue, When I think of you, one word comes to mind - FAMILY. I don't know of anyone who cares for, loves and prays for her family more than you do. No matter how busy you are or how tired you are, your family is always first on your mind. And even with all you've had on your "family plate", you have never lost your sense of humor. I have never known anyone who could find something funny in EVERY situation the way you do!!! A gift to be envied!! You know how to keep everything in perspective - even with our crazy "One Heart Family". You know how to help us to not take ourselves too seriously or get too stuck in "old lady ways" or get us back on key when we stray from our pitch! What would we do without you!!! And a woman of God - That's YOU. You know how to put things into God's hands and then let Him do the work - something we could all do more of. God has made you a unique woman - a "one of a kind" woman - one that we all love and and want to spend MANY more years talking, praying and laughing with -- even in the Nursing Home!!!! You keep all of us young. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY AND MANY, MANY MORE!!!! Love ya always, Julie Hoffner

29: "For the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up and the time of the singing of birds has come. Yes, spring is here." ~ Song of Solomon 2:11-12 | Dear Sue, Congratulations on your 60th birthday! Your friendship and faithful partnership in music ministry has been a source of encouragement to us throughout many years. We have seen you grow in your Christian faith and face many challenges through prayer and Christ's strength. You are truly an example of the Proverbs 31:10-31 Woman. We love you! Happy Birthday! Bob and Ruth Vogan "'Many women have done wonderful things, but you've outclassed them all!' Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God. Give her everything she deserves! Festoon her life with praises!" Proverbs 31:29, 30, 31

30: April Showers Bring May Flowers | Most memorable are the moments at Mid-winter madness the middle of the night pranks and the more sophisticated Oasis entertainment in more recent retreats. The report of a possible death of the lady in bed that turned out to be the cpr dummy. Your performance of Menopause music and of course the challenging games each year that bring out the competitor in you and Mikie. The moment that takes top billing in the One Heart scrapbook, although none of us has pictures to document the moment, (thank goodness) is the July day at Silver Lake. We had sung for the morning service, and then picnicked at Julie’s cottage. Rob brought his motor boat after lunch and we proceeded to take turns tubing behind it. You were having a blast riding the tube but as you pulled up to the dock still riding the tube, you exclaimed” Close your eyes boys, “ I’ve lost my shorts!” You quickly retrieved them but left us all howling in laughter May God bless you with many more wonderful years. May we continue to build memories and although our voices may get shaky, our knees may begin to wobble, may our hearts continue to be one. Love, Ginger

31: Happy Birthday Sue! You are one of my favorite people! You are funny, kind, and truly love the Lord. I always have been amazed at how you serve Him and help others in His name. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and know that you are loved by many and all! God bless you dear friend! He has blessed me by giving me a friend like you! Love Always, Jodie Bettcher

32: Dear Sue, The dictionary describes "friend" as a person whom one knows, likes, trusts, supports and sympathizes with - a warm and comforting person. You are and have been all those things to me. We have been to the mountain tops together and down to the valleys. We have laughed together, cried together, and prayed together. The mountain tops have been wonderful, but the valleys have brought us closer to each other and to God. They have strengthened our love for one another and our dependence on God. He has brought us through those valleys and we are stronger because of them. My life has been blessed and brightened because of you, Sue. Your marvelous sense of humor has gotten me through many sad times. You love God, you serve Him, you obey Him and you honor Him with your life - there is no better way to live! I am proud and honored to be your friend - you are a gift from God to me. I love you, Sue, and will until the end of my days. Phyllis

33: Dear Sue: I think what I love the most about you is your wonderful, upbeat, always smiling and making-the-best-of-life personality! It is such a pleasure to be around you and no matter what is going on in your work life or in your personal life, you always seem to be bubbly and cheerful in spite of it all. I am especially grateful for the hilarious times I've shared with you over the years at retreat. And just so you know: your laugh is downright infectious! Many of my fun and funny memories include you, smack dab in the middle of it all. In fact, I think you were the instigator in most situations and I, being a younger, innocent bystander, was swept into your scheming circle of mischievousness. I knew you were up to no good and your shenanigans were going to rub off on me and corrupt me. Did I run? No! And now I have you to thank as my role model, for the behavior I exhibit in public - especially at the Wesleyan Women's Fall Retreat! I will never forget the one overnight back at the old church when we dragged poor Ardith's sleeping bag out into the snow and then locked her out there in her jammies. We also got into a lot of trouble for tape recording the ladies while they slept, making all their nighttime noises and then playing our masterpiece the next morning at breakfast. Boy did we catch flack for that! Some of those women were not pleased with our cleverness, were they? Then there was the skit where you and Ardith ended up cuddled in bed at the end and one of you stated, "Not tonight, honey - I have a headache!" We all roared, as we could all relate! None of us will ever forget "IZZARDS"! I will go to my grave thinking of my bingo flaps as izzards - which I think was your definition in our hilarious game of Balderdash that year, way back when. Balderdash and our Sing-downs have truly become traditions at Retreat and we have many wonderful memories of those hours spent howling into the evening. You two sisters were amazing at the sing-down! Then there was the one year at Chattauqua when everyone wanted to hear the "Oreos in the underwear" story and we all laughed until we cried at the retelling of it, no matter how many times we heard it! I think the "piece de resistance" was our re-vamped rendition of "Meno-pause the Musical" , arranged by my Ben and performed at Retreat back in the Fall of 2008 (?) or maybe it was 2007! You, Mikie, Sue and I...what a team! How many hours did we practice, laughing til the tears ran down our legs at my house before we brought it to the women at retreat for their enjoyment? We were pretty darn good, (if we say so ourselves!) My-my! Dee Pends, June Cleavage, Tara Not-So-Firma and Bunza Steele! And all of this inspired by our girls-day-out, when we headed to Rochester to see the real Menopause the Musical up by Michelle's house. Those are all incredible memories that I will forever hold close to my heart. You are a dear friend even though there is never enough time to spend together. I have loved luncheons and dinners at Phyllis Hewes' home with you (and Dave & Wes) and times with the Clemens. Its so very special how some people come into your life and are part of treasured memories here and there that really stick out. Thank you, Sue, for adding so much to my life on too rare occasions. I read somewhere that sometimes people come into your life, leave footprints on your heart, and you are never, ever again the same. You are one of those people for me! Have a beautiful, memorable, splendid, fun and funny birthday my friend! And feel the loving embrace of all of us who are so grateful that God brought Sue Engle into our lives! Here's hoping for many more times together and many more beautiful birthdays to celebrate you! Love, Ann (Van De Water)

34: Happy Birthday Sue! You are such a great teacher. You are such a strong woman. You are such a valued friend. Thank God you have all that going for you...because YOU CAN"T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS TO SAVE YOUR LIFE! Who else would use hot glue to decorate eye wear and try them on before the glue dries? I'll never forget that Mystery Trip....YOU ARE A TRIP! I love ya and may your glasses never fall off! Mary Ellen

35: Dear Sue, You are an incredible teacher and make me laugh every day. I remember one time, a few years back, we had an emergency evacuation drill in which our children had to evacuate to the Elementary School down the road. The glitch was that there was orange fencing put up in the field between the schools. The drill was started and I headed with my class down the hall toward a front door to walk the sidewalk. Sue called to me to follow her out the back door to walk between the schools through the field. I hesitated, but she is my elder, wiser and more experienced. I did not want to argue with her so I followed, along with all the other 2nd grade teachers and all our 120 kids. We got to the middle of the field and realized we were trapped and either had to turn back all the way to the GLP or each and every person had to squeeze through a small square hole in the fence. We squeezed as all the other grades looked on pointing and laughing. I will always think of you Sue as wiser and more experienced, but I will never follow you again! :) Happy 60th Birthday! Sandy Wess-Rishel

36: Mrs. Rose's Page | Dear Sue, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WOW, 60 YEARS; You are such a youngster! I am so appreciative for the years we spent as colleagues and friends at GLP. Thank you for your prayer partnerships and for your fun and energetic personality! It was also fun to watch Wayne catch on and begin to enjoy your willingness to be a little crazy. I am sure he will be adding to this message!! Much Love and God Bless You, Julie Rose

37: Happy 60th Birthday, Sue: Just wanted to say your friendship has meant a lot to me over the years, although I still have a dream to come true. We've gone through Meg having you as a teacher in second grade, to Phil and Em having Mrs. Holden and watching Joe Devlin feeding a rat to his son's snake, to Phil and Em dating. Well we maintained our friendship and have had good times going to High School volleyball games and then continued by going to Em's college games. The most memorable night was the night Em and Phil got in the car accident and you pulled me into her cubicle when she got asked if there was any reason why she couldn't get an x-ray. You told me I might want to hear the answer to this question. Then you allowed us to join your vacation plans to South Carolina-remember teaching us how to play spoons, going to Putt Putt places and finding other uses for the golf balls, taking the kids on the lazy river in the hotel next to our condos. Great memories and I have you on VHS that I will have to get a copy for Em so she can black mail you later in life. Hope your Birthday is fun and enjoyable and thanks for always being ready to listen to me vent or just make it through a work day. Best Wishes, Terry Gonser

38: "No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." ~ Proverb from Guinea | Dear Sue, Happy 60th Birthday to you. It is hard to believe we've reached this milestone. You have been a very dear friend over the years. I have a lot of great memories of the years we worked together at G.L.P. All those "Douche", oh, I mean Dolch words. I really do miss the time we worked together. When we left Eden, we brought the plant you gave me at the end of the school year. It blooms beautifully and every year I think of you. I have enclosed a picture to show you how gorgeous it is. Enjoy all the love and affection that comes your way on this special day. You deserve it. Your loving heart brightens the lives of all who know you, and I hope your day is as happy as you make others. May this be your happiest birthday yet. Love, Mary Ford

39: spring is here! | Happy Birthday Sue! I will always remember the first time I met Sue and the happy grin that David was wearing when he introduced me to her. Here is how the experience went for me. Probably you and David never saw it this way, yet this is the beauty of the human mind. First, the word on the streets of Western New York was that Dave was dating one of the “Foxy Spring Sisters” (1970’s lingo), or in today’s language one of the Spring Sister Hotties. So as a young warm blooded man I was curious to check out this situation. A baseball game happened to be the earliest opportunity to confirm this hottie rumor. It so happens that Dave was playing ball for Eden (has he ever retired?) and I was at third base for the opposition. Suddenly, my heart started to thump (not because a line drive was streaking my way) but because two gorgeous brunettes were approaching the enemy’s bleacher. Sure enough, the two hot sister’s rumor had been validated when David greeted them on the sidelines. I said to myself, “Wow-Foxy Ladies” then caught David’s eye as he returned to the sidelines with a thumbs up gesture. He proudly turns to me with a huge Cheshire smile upon his face, and I knew he was in love with this girl. After the game, I had the chance to meet Sue. Not only was she drop dead gorgeous, she was sweet, intelligent, and outgoing. I liked her from the get go because she made my friend happy. With time, their relationship has grown and she has proven to be a wonderful friend and person in so many ways. Susan, you are a kind and sensitive mother and daughter, a warm and tender wife, and a terrific teacher and friend of many. As a couple, you and David are genuine and caring people that Patience and I enjoy being with. Over the decades (yes it has been that long) we have enjoyed staying in contact with such an amazing couple. Even with time gaps between our visits it is easy to catch up. We feel so welcomed when we visit with you. It is comforting to be with such real people. I might also add that your animated personality and openness bring a fun dimension to our conversational exchanges. So Sue Engle, I thank you for taking so good care of my childhood friend, and for your hospitality and friendship over the years. We are happy for you on this day, and Patience and I wish you a magnificent birthday. We send a big hug your way too. With love, Joe and Patience

40: Dear Sue, Here's to a very happy 60th birthday! You are such a special and unique woman, and you deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way on this very happy day. I have always thought of you as someone I strive to be like. You're optimistic, loving, hilarious, beautiful, and smart. If I can continue teaching and living with as much passion and zest as you do, then I will consider myself blessed and lucky. When I try to think of a specific memory of you, it's tough, because there are so many that we've shared. But, there is one thing that stands out in each of those memories, and that's your smile. What a gorgeous, uplifting, and day-brightening smile you have. It truly can cause anyone to immediately feel loved, welcome, and happy. I especially love the smile you have on your face when telling of how you took Poppie for a ride" on one of yours and Dave's first dates. How could he not love you as a mate for his son? Sue, you're an incredible woman, who is a wonderful friend, teacher, and mother. You live a life that most women always hope to lead. Thank you for all that you've taught me over the years and for the many laughs and memories that we've shared. You hold such a warm place in my heart. I love love love you! Happy Birthday!! Carolyn Agle

41: Dear Sue- I do not have the stories per se like everyone else. On the times that you and I would see each other and talk about our families I was always struck by some of the hardships your family would encounter. Not naming any specific. After a discussion about the situation I was always moved by how well you took the hardship in stride. You appeared to me to have accepted the situation and put it in God's hands to help you deal with and move forward. So when I face a hardship I think to myself take this and give it up to God to help you deal with it. This is what sue would do. The only really moving story when I think about it that brings a big smile to my face. Is the newlywed story - It goes you wanted to surprise Dave when he got home. I think you had a nice meal made, you were dressed in your birthday suit to give him a nice homecoming. I think your brother - in - law came in the door first and you were the one that got surprised. Could that be the gist of it. Thank you so much for your sense of humor. Happy Birthday! Friendship - Paula Kruszka-Agle

42: Dear Sue, aka Mama E, Sometimes you meet people in your life who impress you and make you wish you could be just like them. That, my dear, is what you do. Your constant joie de vivre and love of life is reflected every time we meet. Those years of our babies hanging together are some of the best in our life(truly). Your family welcomed us with open arms and it is sooooo appreciated. The Engles are family to us, 4ever and ever...You inspire all who come in contact with you. Please know that ever word I say is true, you are INSPIRATIONAL, unbelievably funny and loved by all. It is hard to believe that you will hit 60 since you have the heart and zest of a 20 year old... Now grow up!!! lol, only kidding... Just quit getting older cuz you are dragging us with you... LOVE You Dearly, heart and soul, The DoEpps, C&G

43: I have so many wonderful stories involving my Mama E! :) It hasn't been easy to choose but here are some of my favorite memories. Each year around Halloween I think back and laugh about the time when Mama E took me and Emmy to a haunted house. The three of us had each other in death grips as we shuffled through the maze of rooms. I was laughing so hard that I think I almost pee' d! At one point we were stuck in a room of doors and could NOT get out. Mama E wouldn't let me and Em out of her sight so we had to test each and every door together. After about 20 minutes or so, a large creature took pity on us and told us the way out. We were all relieved to finally have made it out of the house however we weren't in the clear yet. As Mama Engle turned out of the parking lot from the haunted house she pulled out onto a one-way highway facing the wrong way. All that we saw were headlights coming straight for us as we screamed and swerved into the nearest driveway. At that point I think it was Mama E who almost pee 'd. hehe Another all-time favorite of mine is the time that Mama Engle decided that she wanted to leg wrestle me. I believe it was at about 11pm when she came up with the idea. There may have been wine involved. ;) I really didn't want to leg wrestle here but she was so insistent on it that I finally gave in and we cleared an area on the living room floor for the competition. In the end, Mama E ended up flipped over onto her front side as I was looking at Emmy pleading her not to allow a rematch. Luckily and to my relief, Mama Engle has never asked for that rematch however I still deal with the guilt of seeing her with a heating pad and pain killers the next morning. Mama E you will always have a special place in my heart. Some of my favorite times were spent at your house with your family. Happy 60th! Like a great wine, I know that you only get better with age. Love Always, Baby D

44: A memory for You, Sue - One afternoon at GLP after school, Sue was sitting at her desk listening to her radio. All of a sudden, she heard voices that sounded very familiar. She thought she recognized the voices but couldn't quite place them until she walked in the hall way. She saw a few teachers discussing their day. She goes oh my, you are on the radio!! It just so happened we had an FM head set for a student on a table by the doorway. It had not been turned off. The headset was on the same radio frequency so it picked up our voices. Boy, were we surprised and worried about what we had said!! It was funny! Hope you have a great birthday Sue! Lori Patterson

45: My Dearest Friend Sue, Happy 60th Birthday. It is a pleasure to extend these wishes to a sensational woman. I have thought back over the years of our friendship. I am grateful to Roy for that introduction. Didn't we have fun at the lake all those Friday nights and remember that night you showed us that beer bottle trick. (side, side, top, bottom---whoops!!!) I also remember the mystery dinner and what happened to your butter? All those days at the beach by your Dad's provide fond memories. I can still taste the sand in the sandwiches. The tales could go on and on. It has been a privilege to have had you be a part of my life. I know there are many that share the same feeling about our wonderful, kind and caring friend. May you have a great birthday and many many more. Love, Maureen

46: Make a wish! | DEAREST SUE, I can't tell you how many times I've tried to sit down and write something profound and creative for your birthday. It just wouldn't happen! The only thing that I keep thinking of are the memories. There is an Elvis song (imagine me remembering an Elvis song!!!) ...."memories, pressed between the pages of my mind.............". (what a great visual!) And there have been so many memories over the past thirty plus years! We have laughed (and cried) together. Many more good times than bad. Dick and I want you to know that even though we don't see each other as often as we would like that You and Dave are counted among our most cherished friends. So on this your second thirtieth birthday know that you and your family are in our prayers always and that we wish you only the very best life has to offer in the coming years. LOVE, DICK & LYNDA PS. Included in this birthday wish is a standing invitation to enjoy an evening including 'Dick's Famous, Excellent, Hot, Luscious, Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup' and cards. At your convenience of course! PSS. No fair grading my paper!

47: friends | Dear Sue, I feel like a king every time I think of you, it is rather ironic to me that your fellow classmates voted you the most beautiful woman to represent the class of "68", and as time has passed you have remained the most beautiful woman and you have taught everyone who knows you the value and the gift of INNER BEAUTY, with your demonstrations of love, kindness, patience, caring and sharing. We are all better people because of you, and your beautiful smile. You represent two very valued lessons, we should never count the number of years but always count the number of friends! The other, born 1950 - ____ It is not when we were born or when we passed, but what you did with your dash, that is that short time we are here to love and be loved, you provide an example for all of us. Keep it up, all who know you love you! Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays! Love ya, Love ya Love ya, Ron

48: Dear Sue, You prove the truth of the old saying that “Attitude is a matter of choice.” You see the upside of situations, you are positive, and you bring cheer to those around you regardless of the situation. You are talented at many things, not the least of which are empathy and hospitality. We love you and thank you for your friendship. Happy 60th Birthday! May God bless you with many more years of health and happiness. Sincerely, Jane & Dave P.S. Welcome to your 7th decade.

49: Dear Sue, I must take you back to a time when there were three TV stations in Black and White, computers were just fantasies in a Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn movie, and not even "Star Trek" had thought of mobile phones. I think we were in second or third grade and I asked Suzy (my first real crush) if we could go to the block dance on Green Street. Sue may not even remember the occasion but being the beginning of the romantic aspects in my life as well as the first truly heroic (it took all my courage to ask her) act I think I had ever performed. Sue was the object of so many young boy's affection and I was only one of many crushes she had to manage through out her school years. This was a major event in my life and probably shaped, (or distorted) the dating skills I would misuse to this day. As I remember her mother brought her and my mother brought me to the festivities. We had one dance, arms length of course, the box step, (it was all I knew of dancing. Ok, maybe it still is) and I think we said a couple of words. Sue's were most likely " Ow my foot". I probably was much more awkward and silly than I remember although but at the time I thought I was Sean Connery. Thank god our memories have ways to protect us from such embarrassments, I do recall seeing Suzy as the perfection of beauty. Although there might be some flaws in my recollections, I believe she was engulfed in a sort of golden glow that blinded every one else at the block dance. If that is a flawed recollection, I am very sure though, that she was the most beautiful nine year old there and I was, at least, blinded by little Suzy Spring's splendor. Sue has been a life long friend to me and always holds a special spot in my heart for her kindness and goodwill. She has been an oasis for me to refresh my spirit every now and again through out the years. I'm quite sure I am only one of many who will always think of her with love and appreciation for her contributions to my life. You are a rare jewel the world needs. Happy Birthday Young Lady Love to you always. John

50: Dear Grandma, I just love staying at your house. The special bones you get me are the best - plus playing tag with you & Grandpa to try and get me to go outside is always fun too...! Happy Birthday...ruff ruff! Love,! Lexi

51: Dear Grandma, Thank you so much for all the love & support you've given me through my doggie years. I love coming to spend time at your house and you letting me share your bed! Happy Birthday.... Kisses, Daisy P.S. Thank you for putting your own "paw" down when it came to getting me four years ago ;)

54: Dear Sue,\ How can you be 60? You must be counting your age in dog years! Why, you have the energy and spirit of someone half your age..... but the wisdom that you only get from seeing a multitude of sunrises and sunsets. I always enjoy your sense of you can take any situation, good or bad, and put it in the right perspective. Happy birthday, and many more. Stolat! (as we say in Polish) May you live to be 100. Ellen Kindley

55: Dear Sue, Happy 60th birthday!!! I wish I could write you a fun, witty rhyme like you are so good at, but it's not my forte. What I can do is tell you what a wonderful friend you are! Through the years you have been a source of inspiration and support. You are so easy to talk to. (You are a great listener!) but I also know you are a loyal friend and can keep things confidential. You've always been there for me when I've needed love and support through all of my rough spots. You are such a fun-loving, giving and wonderful friend! Happy Birthday! Love, Erin Radke Some random thought and memories: * your fear of spiders * your appearances in the 2nd grade musicals especially the one-eyed purple people eater * your funny stories especially the one about your snow angels ewww! * your dislike of -uck words

56: My dear friend Sue - Your birthday offers the opportunity to tell you how much you have meant to me through the years; first as a teacher, then a friend, then a colleague. You have taught me many things throughout my life, but the most important lessons were not in the classroom. Your strength and love for your family have been an example to me and I strive to live my life in faith as you do everyday. You have always been a champion for me, especially when I doubted my talents and myself. That is one of your greatest qualities, the ability to life people up and give them encouragement, support, and friendship. I wish you only the very best on your birthday and all the days that follow. I treasure your friendship and am so grateful you were my teacher all those years ago. Your pen pal for life, Michelle Feldman

57: Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. - Robert Brault | Roses are red, violets are blue, I hope someday you finally meet, a pair of matching shoes to adorn your feet! Love, Annie Preischel

58: Dear Sue, I really haven’t been able to come up with anything funny although you have such a quirky and wonderful sense of humor. I guess for me all other stories are crowded out by your tremendous gifts of yourself to those who work with you. I literally could not be sitting here today typing this for you if not for your overwhelming generosity in sharing your friendship and faith with me and my family. My family has trudged through some incredibly deep valleys in the past 8 years and there were days in the darkest parts of the journey, and even some occasional ones now, there have been moments where it has taken every ounce of my being to just get to work and function. During those days when I wasn’t sure when I didn’t believe I had the strength to look up or look ahead, you very quietly, without fanfare, extended yourself to me and my family. Sometimes it’s just a look or kind word or a card slid on to my desk. The time I remember the most though was when you came to help Abby, our youngest daughter build a volcano as a science project. This was so important to our 10 year old and as parents dealing with a crisis with our oldest child, we had somehow totally lost track of this project and circumstances demanded that the night before it was due that we had to be somewhere else. Not only did you offer to stay with Abby while we were gone, you stepped up and brought materials and built this volcano with Abby. This was clearly a project out of your comfort zone, but you didn’t try to talk my daughter into changing her chosen topic or making it into something more manageable. Abby, at a time when there had been a lot of tears, had something she was so proud of. It was with her treasures up in the attic until it finally fell apart a couple summers ago. Many friends say they will be there for you. Sue Engle, as a friend, not only walked beside me so I wouldn’t feel as if I was wandering alone on this nightmare journey, with the help of God, actually picked me up and carried me through some of the worst parts. It didn’t really matter if I needed a prayer, a casserole, a couple bucks or a volcano, she just stood there and delivered and continued to ask (long after others had gotten tired of our perpetual saga): “Is there anything I can do to help you guys?” Maybe not the story for a gala celebration; but it is the one that was on my heart. Best wishes to you and your whole family. I hope that you have a momentous 60th surrounded by all those you love and has decades more! Sincerely, Sandi Ploetz

59: I wanted to let Sue know that when I started at the GLP, I was so thankful for her. Knowing someone from church made me so much more comfortable and excited about the job. Little did I know that I would find a friend, confidant, and true sister in Christ. Sue, you have made my time here so wonderful. It has been such a joy getting to know you. I am so thankful I can call you "friend". Happy Birthday, my friend! Wishing you many, many more! Joan Brechtel

61: Birthday Girl! | A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

63: Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years.

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