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Mom's 60th Birthday Book

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Mom's 60th Birthday Book - Page Text Content

S: Celebrating Nancy's 60th!

FC: Celebrating | Sixty

1: A hundred years from now it will not matter what your bank account was, the sort of house you lived in, or the kind of car you drove. What matters is how you lived and loved and how you spent your dash. Your dash has touched so many lives, as witnessed throughout the pages of this book. May your line continue for many, many more years. Happy 60th Birthday! Love always~ Karen, Amy & Christopher

4: Wonderful 4th of July Birthday memories! Parties by the pool, the lake, in the backyard and the horse races. Thank you for making each one so special. | Remember Summers swimming at Mimi & Pappy's Pool, The Country Club Pool and Lake Heritage Pool. Swim meets and American Heart Swim-a-Thons. | Warm sticky buns were a regular treat on "snow days". Remember sledding down Keefauver School Hill and building snowmen. | So many great memories of family vacations to Ocean City, M.D., Outer Banks, N.C., Cancun Mexico, Avalon, N.J., Deep Creek Lake, M.D.,a cruise and cross country train trip. | The famous pose of me sucking my 2 fingers! | Thank you for all of your love and support throughout my entire life! I have so many wonderful childhood and adult memories with you! | Remember always having homemade Halloween Costumes.

5: Mom, you're a wonderful mother, So gentle, yet so strong. The many ways you show you care Always make me feel I belong. You're patient when I'm foolish: You give guidance when I ask; It seems you can do most anything; You're the master of every task. You're a dependable source of comfort; You're my cushion when I fall. You help in times of trouble; You support me whenever I call. I love you more than you know: You have my total respect. So whom to walk me down the isle? You'd be the one I'd select! From you I learned forgiving of faults both big and small. I learned what I know about living From you, as you give life your all! I want you to know You're the greatest mom, and I love you so There's one more thing I want to say; I wish you a Happy 60th Birthday! Love always~ Karen XOXO

6: Almost thirty-four years ago your second daughter arrived. I didn't take any time, I pushed and shoved and shoved and bruised I was. You named me Amy and my middle name would be Lee. Back then I didn't realized how much that name would mean to me. | Those baby days are hard to remember. I am sure you snuggled and sang and read to me daily. It looks like you fed me pretty well too, because looking back on pictures, I sure did have a belly! | Trips to Ocean City Maryland for the big family vacation are vivid memories of mine. Riding in the waves, being buried in the sand, telescope pictures and the ringing of the bell, that it was Ice Cream Truck time. | Our house at 262 Middle Street brings back many memories. From jumping on the couch and having to get stitches on my head, to picking grapes in the back year and our old bunk beds. Many bike rides to picnic on the battlefield grounds, to our awesome attic playroom, it was pure fun all around! | Let's not forget vacations to the Fountainbleu. The big ocean bicycles and luxury room service too! Hanging out at the piano bar where we'd drink cherry cokes while Tony tied cherry knots. Then down the escalators with a handful of change, fun in the arcade..we were two lucky tots! | Then we made the move to 746 McClellan Drive. The fun of living at the lake where we would ride our bikes to the pool, night games with the neighbors, boat rides and the the Regatta was always fun! That is where Christopher, my little brother came along, your one and only son. How can I forget little Tootsie, the wrinkled dog we got. I remember going out at nights in the garage to snuggle with her on her cot. | Oh..and then those fun teenage years came along! I can remember Dawn soap and the wooden spoon coming out a few times. I am sure I deserved them and look, it didn't hurt me...I turned out just fine! How could we not recall all of the fun times shopping for jeans.. one pair, two pair..we'd try them all. It wasn't a shopping trip if I didn't end up crying before we left the mall. I can say though that all of our dress shopping for dances usually went well. I was always the best dressed, everyone could tell!

7: All of our many trips to Cancun, oh how I loved when the month of February would come around. Perico's, Captian's Cove, snorkeling, getting a tan in the middle of winter, I was always happy to be Mexico bound! | My high school memories are very fond! I feel through those years, you and I formed a special bond. Band performances, hockey game and proms, you were always there ! My number one supporter, cheering me on in your chair! I will never forget the night you made me walk the tile. Every time I think of it, I laugh and it makes me smile! You were tough on me when I needed it most, I can thank you now for it..with a "legal" toast! | Graduation from high school then to Duquesne I went. But it didn't last long before my application to Millersville was sent! I couldn't stand the distance from Gettysburg to there, I wanted to be home, closer to you and for those whom I did care. You were there for me through it all, sending care packages of all sizes, both big and small. | I then graduated from college and after learning what the real world was about. I thought a career as a flight attendant suited me better, so I gave US Airways a shout! I moved to Charlotte and knew this definitely was the career for me, I had a laid back job which allowed me to travel from sea to sea. It was going great and it was a benefit for us all, but them 9-11 came and we all took a fall. So, I took a job in Health Insurance, a new field for me. I followed in your steps, an insurance sales girl I would be! | Along this time, the love Jason and I had for each other was again to be found. I always appreciated your love for both of us, even during earlier times when Jason let you down! You provided us with a beautiful wedding, we thank you to this day. It is no wonder our kids want to watch the DVD and constantly hit re-play! | I then gave you three wonderful grandchildren, whom love you bunches! I can see your love in all you do for and with them and I enjoy all of our fun outings and lunches.

8: Through all of my ups and downs you were there for it all. Always there to hold my hand and never let me fall! | Looking back on my life from childhood till now, I sit here and all I can say is "wow"! You have given me all that a child could ask for, your love and support, wonderful memories and so much more! | I am so very proud to call you my mom, this I want you to know. I love you more than words could ever show. You have made me who I am today and I thank you in each and every way! Here's to you mom...Happy 60th Birthday! | Thanks for all the are truly one of a kind! Lots of Love Always! Love ya~ Amy xoxoxoxoxoxo | WONDERFUL

9: Mom- You've done so much for me throughout my life. Supported me in everything I've done, given me the best advantage I could ask for and been the best role model I could have. You even put up with my mistakes, on the very rare occasion that I make them. I remember you reading to me every night before going to sleep. Me wanting you to read more but one chapter was the rule. I think this is what helped me become a great reader and given me the potential to be a good student. So many trips to Cancun growing up gave me some of the best memories I have. In Elementary school I was always so lucky that I had a mom who would go on all the field trips and attend all the activities. I thought I was the luckiest kid in class. Then when I started playing sports you came to every game. Even to the ones that I wasn't great at ("minute men" in basketball). Other times I will never forget are the trips we make to Michigan. Driving across the state was great one-on-one time. These are just a few of the hundreds of great memories you have provided me with. You have also been one of the best role models I can ask for. You have gone beyond the basic lessons of right and wrong. You have truly taught me that it pays to be kind to other people. When I find something that might belong to someone else I actually think, what would Mom want me to do? You've shown me that hard work pays off in more ways than one. I have so much respect for the fact that you sacrifice your own time to help people with Insurance; even if they are not purchasing it from you. This is something that I hope I can apply to my career. You have been through some tough times but still raised a great family. I think that my sisters and I have all had our screw-ups but you have been there for us every time. I know that I do not always make you proud but I appreciate that you look past some of my bad decisions. These are just a few of the highlights that I can pick out. There are many more, probably some better things that you have done for me. I am truly thankful for every single one. I couldn't ask for a better Mom. I am excited to see what the future brings to our family and us. Happy Birthday! Love, Christopher

10: Nancy, As I write this note I am thinking about all the moments over the last thirteen years where you have impacted my life in such a positive way...also in such simple ways that one does not realize it until they sit down to write something like this. You possess qualities that I very much admire and see emulated in your daughter everyday. Some of the words that jump into my head , if I were asked to describe my Mother-in-law would be: -Strong and Decisive -Compassionate and Understanding -Fair Some of the moments I carry with me, which may seem trivial but stick in my mind are: -All the impromptu photo shoots (joke!) -Knowing that I do not like sweet potatoes and always making sure I have a regular one -Asking for your permission to marry Karen and then having crab soup, from the Avenue Restaurant.(crab soup will forever hold that moment) -Family trips to N.C., Deep Creek and Cancun Growing up, I witnesses my Parents calling their in-laws Mom and Dad. I realize that this is not a custom in your family but I want you to know that I consider you very much like a "Mom". You always offer advice (not always solicited but nevertheless appreciated and lets me know where you stand) and you treat me very much like one of your own children. I appreciate you for this. Happy Birthday Nancy, I mean Mom Love, Ryan

11: Our dirty little handprints We've left on every wall And on the drawers and tabletops We've really marked them all But here are two that won't rub off We're giving them to you Because we are so thankful For a Nanny just like you! Happy 60th Birthday Nanny! Love~William & Anthony XOXOXOXO | Nanny, the name we call you Always at every milestone and celebration Never without a camera Near and dear to us Young at heart

12: The best day I ever spent with Nanny was when Nanny picked me up from school and we went to the Pub for lunch. Then we went back to Nanny's house and I helped her make sticky buns...and I got to eat one too! Nanny makes me feel special when she gives me blueberries to eat and when she lets me pick tomatoes. Two words that I would use to describe Nanny are NICE, because she is always nice to me and GIVING, because she gives me anything I want! I love Nanny more than I love tea parties and strawberries! Happy Birthday Nanny! I love you! Love, Ella | Nancy, Wow, 60 years old and you don't look a day over 59! Just kidding! I honestly can't believe you are 60! I have a request...can you please pass that gene along. Little did I know that my first AYSO soccer coach, just shy of almost 30 years ago would today be my mother-in-law. Wondering if that's why I decided to play football over soccer! Again..just kidding! I still remember the day we had "lunch" to discuss asking Amy to marry me. I think I am still nervous to this day thinking about it. As a matter of fact, I think I remember getting a pretty good lecture out of that lunch was all for the best though. Thanks so much for always being there for our family. It is funny, you always hear the horror stories about crazy mother-in-laws, but our relationship couldn't be any better and I know it will always remain that way! Here's to the future! Enjoy your birthday celebrations and this book. Your daughters invested a lot of time and energy into it...Ryan and I can attest to that - but we all agree that you are worth it! | Happy Birthday! Love, Jason

13: Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all....... NANNY! You always make me feel like a princess no matter where we are or what we are doing. Thanks for always making me feel special! I hope you have a special birthday and that you celebrate like a princess! To Princess Nanny~ Love your little princess Sophia! I love you Nanny! | ~You make me smile~ I smile when I think of you! I smile when I see you! I smile when I am with you! I smile for YOU! Nanny, thanks for always putting a smile on my face! I love you Nanny! Love, Christian

14: I can't forget when you were born, was on a Sunday, late afternoon, March 4, 1951. You were a beautiful dark haired chubby little girl-8 lbs., 13 oz. We were so proud! | Let us never forget the wonderful times we have had together. | In which sometimes I led the way and other times you led . | You were beautiful and a joy then and a beautiful and loving daughter now. | Always know that I love you. Happy 60th Birthday! To many, many more- Love, Mom

15: The ABCs of Life Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits. Believe in yourself. Consider things from every angle. Don't give up. Enjoy life today. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. Family and friends are hidden treasures. Enjoy their riches. Give more than you planned to. Hang onto your dreams. Ignore those who try to discourage you. Jesus-others-you. What a wonderful way to spell joy. Keep trying no matter how hard it seems. It will get better. Love your neighbor as yourself. Make it happen if you know you're right. Never lie, cheat or steal. Always strike a fair deal. Open your eyes to beauty around you. Practice what you preach. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Read, study and learn about everything important in you life. Stop procrastinating. Take responsibility for your actions. Understand yourself in order to better understand others. Volunteer. Your reward will be greater than money. Willingness to sacrifice for something determines its valve. Xpect the best in a person and he/she will deliver. You are unique in all God's creation. Nothing can replace you. Zero in on your goal and go for it.

16: S O M I P H G Y U D A X Nancy Q W E Lee J C Reinecker F T V B K Z | A - Adorable, Adventurous, Amazing, Artistic, Aunt, ABC's, Apples, Adams County, Arendtsville Grade School, Antiques, Amish, Antrim B - Beautiful, Breach Birth, Braids, Barn, Bonanza, Biglerville, Bazooka Bubble Gum Ring, Black Volkswagon Bug, Beatles Debut C - Cutie full of charm, Cheerful, Creative, Cousin, Camp Michaux, Chickens-feeding and Catching, Cherry picking, Clamming, Cheerleader, Choir, Champagne, Creek, Campfires, Coffee, Cancun, Cape May D - Darling First Daughter of Dot and Lee, "Dutter" - you named her, Dependable, Donuts, Deep Creek Lake E - Exciting, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Extracurricular activities, Eldest, Eggs-gathering and grading F - Firstborn, Fun, Friend, Festive, Family, Feedbin Adventures, Frank Culp's Farm, Foot Surgery, Finland, Five Hundred G - Gee you look Good, Grampy and Dutter's First Granddaughter, Great Granddaughter of Hessie and Orie, Guinea pigs, Gettysburg, Ghost walks, golfer, Grandmother of Ella, Sophia, Christian, William and Anthony, Godmother of Hannah H - Heavenly, Happy, Healthy, Hayrides, Honored Queen, Homecoming Queen, "Hole in One", Historian | I - I Love you, Intelligent, Independent, Inner Harbor, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"

17: K - Kind, Knouse Reunions, "Kansas City", Knouse Foods L- LEE-your middle name, Loving, Lipburn, Laurel lake, Leslie Gore, Lake Heritage, Lucky-you weren't a boy or your name would be Larry Joe M - March 4, 1951, Muggsie, Monopoly, Majorette, Michigan, Macy's, Mother of Karen, Amy and Christopher N - NANCY, Niece, Nellie, Nancy Drew Mysteries, New York World's Fair, Narrows, Nanny, N.Y.C. O - Oldest, Outgoing, Ocean City MD, Outer Banks of N.C., Optimistic, Outspoken P - Pisces, Pennsylvania, Paper Route, Ponies, Pigs, Piano, Photographer, Peanut Butter Eggs, Planner, Pictures, Parent Q - Queen, Quiche R - REINECKER, Running (Dad's family health kick), Raspberry Pies, Reinecker Reunions S - Sister to Susan, Marsha, Scott and Ellen, S'mores, Sixty Years Young, Scrapple, Sledding, Strawberries, South Mountain Fair, Swimming Lessons, Saunas, Skipping Stones, Slipper games, Sand in my pants, Sweet Potato Stuffing, Sibling, St. Michael's T - Talented, Talkative, Taffy, Turkeys, Teacher-started with cousins and siblings in Dutter and Grampy's bedroom U - Unique, Understanding, Upbeat V - V.I.P., Vivacious, volunteer, Vacationer, Vines-swinging on them W - Well-bred, Wise, Wrestling, West Point Trip, Whoopie-Pies, Wine, Wife of Erik X - XOXO (Kisses and hugs) Y - Young at heart, Yodeling, York College Z - Zestful, Zion Untied Church of Christ, Zembo Shriners Circus Happy Birthday from A-Z! Love, Susan

18: Nanc, We did not choose when to be born into the family--first or third.--BUT You've always played the part of the "oldest" very well; whether directing an Easter Egg Hunt or The Nativity Play! | Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breaths away. | Dearest Nancy, The years between us seem to get closer the older we get, But don't worry--I won't claim to be closer to 60 YET!! Love now and always, Marsha | Happy 60th Birthday!

19: Dear Nancy, It is hard to believe that you are thirty-one years older then you were on our wedding day.... | It seems like it was yesterday, and you do know what a GREAT DAY that was! | Happy 60th!! Stay Healthy & Be Happy! Love, Marsha and Sal

20: I am the lucky one to be your only brother, You have been there for me one time, and another, and another. There are lots of good memories which I can name, Like our trip to York Junior College for a field hockey game. It was just you and I driving to York in the VW, which was black, I was riding shotgun, with a bunch of your baked goodies in the back. I was nine years old, and it was not just a game, but a whole day of fun. And you made me feel special by going the extra mile on that fall day in the sun. I remember helping on Saturday's during Fun Seasons start, Your brown bag lunches with special treats were the best, and a testament to you giving heart. You attended my sporting events throughout my high school years, I know you had better things to do. Thanks for the cheers. Then it was off to Frostburg College for me, but I was back in a week, And it was you that said to me, " I think we should speak". So I decided to work at Fun Seasons as a motor cycle mechanic, I'm sure it was not you long term vision for me, but you didn't panic. | Happy 60th Birthday Nancy! | Within ten months, through your networking and common sense knowledge, You used baseball and your connection with Jake Jaquet, and got me to attend York College. During a big TKE party in Gettysburg, I remember you coming to my aid, I was the treasurer with one big concern, where can I drop this cash in case there's a raid? I can't forget the many dinners and visits we had while you lived on Middle Street. As a salesman for Wolf, stopping to see you and the girls was always a treat. And we can't forget those Cancun trips we made in the past, It was fun in the sun, and you made it happen, with memories to last. You continue to make events very special no matter how small. I want you to know I recognize and appreciate that. Thanks for them all. You do so much for so many, without shouting it out, Just one more characteristic that makes you special, no doubt. Thanks for your time, your love and your caring way. Hope you have a wonderful 60th Birthday. Love, Scott

21: Baby sister makes FIVE | Having some place to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing. To my Big Sister ~Happy Birthday, Happy Memories.... Love, Your Little Sister, Ellen | Birthdays always a special celebration

22: Special memories you have shared; Wedding, Cancun trips and the birth of Marshall and Isabelle. Happy Birthday Love, Dave | Dear Nancy, Happy 60th birthday. Thank you for being a part of the moments that mean the most to our family. Have a great day. Love, Michael

23: Dear Nancy, It is amazing to think that we've known each other for seventeen years. How time flies! It has been wonderful being your sister-in-law. It's been a fun experience taking the time to reflect on what you mean to me, and think about the impact that you've had on my life and on the life of my family. As I began gathering thoughts in the days preceding writing this note, words and phrases kept popping into my mind that, to me, reflect your character. If we could all be so fortunate to have such a long list of amazing character traits! I appreciate how close we have grown over the years, and I look forward to many more years of friendship. It is our late night chats, golfing outings, afternoon lunches and vacation jaunts where I have come to know the depth of your character, and strength of your soul. It is through your continuous acts of kindness, which you so modestly carry out, that I regularly witness the genuineness of your intentions. It is through your creative gifts that I have to come to appreciate the thought you put behind every choice you make. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for all you do for Ali and Maxwell. Thank you for being such an amazing sister to Scott. You are a major influence in our lives, and for that, I am forever grateful. With much love, Sarah | Reflective | Adventurous | Always going the extra mile | Interesting | Night Owl | Dedicated | Positive | Determined | Thoughtful | Supportive | Giving | Embracing traditions | Honest | Resillient | Zest for life | Smart | Appreciative | Creative | Energetic | Tough | Funny | Desire to learn new things | Generous | Curious | Self-Actualized | Caring | Solid Work Ethic | Responsible

24: To my Aunt, We had great times in Cancun those few years on vacation. From building sand castles and playing in the pool to just lounging around the resort; it was always a great time with you. Now me, with my own little one and you, a grandmother, have been by my side helping out in every way you can. Thank you so very much for everything, from when I was little to raising my own little one. Hope you have a Great Birthday. Love, Gabe, Kristin and Chase | As I sit here to write this letter to you for your 60th birthday, my first thought is how much I value and appreciate the wonderful conversations we've had with each other over the years. You have always been so open and honest with me, and at the ends of these chats, I feel the connection we have grow just a little bit more. This connection, I am sure, will only grow stronger as I get older and more exposed to the world and have more thoughts and stories to share with you (and you with me). You, as the oldest of five siblings, and I, as the oldest of four siblings, have a common sensibility in this regard, and I think because of that, among the other things we have in common (your pictures taking, which I think is one way to preserve special moments in time, is something that I engage with in my own writing), this connection has been so natural and rewarding. I want to thank you endlessly always talking to me as a peer, for playing such an important role in shaping my world view, and for being so exactly yourself. You are such a genuine, caring, giving, patient, earnest women (this list could go on and on), and I am so proud to have you as an Aunt. And even beyond this family connection, you are also this exciting and interesting person I have had the pleasure to know for the 23 years I've been on this planet. On this birthday, and the birthdays yet to come, I hope you will experience yourself in the same ways that I always have, as an individual who shows her love so generously, and in just the right way, to everyone she meets, and as someone who deserves every bit of love, praise and happiness she receives in return. Happy Birthday, Nancy. I Love you so much. Your loving niece, Sarah

25: Happy 6oth Birthday, Nancy! I love you! Nancy, To put into words the impact you've had on our family would be impossible. You are the Aunt that lets us have s'mores, the one who plans everything for everyone, and the person who never lets us forget what is important. You've followed us all from newborns to adults, and made sure we always had family and love to help get us here-not to mention lifesavers and toothpicks to keep us extra close! Thank you for everything. Have an amazing birthday, here's to the next 60! Love, Rachel Thank you for holding us all together and capturing the memories on the way. | HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY I will always remember s'mores and games on our vacations. Hope you have fun on your BIG DAY---Play some games! Love, Nathaniel | Nancy, You are by far one of the coolest Aunts a kid could ever have. I love the ways that you are involved in my life, whether it is by taking charge of S'mores each year over the Summer or visiting my family in California. I hope that your 60th birthday is amazing. To be honest, I didn't know that you were even in your fifties yet. I love you and I can't wait to see you this Summer at the beach. Love, Richard

26: Dear Nancy, You have taught me so much over the years. Everything you have showed me will be passed on to my children and so on, especially my favorite; Smores. I'm wishing you a Happy 60th Birthday because you deserve it. So have a great and delightful 60th birthday. Love, Siena | Nancy, I can't describe how happy it makes me feel that I'm related to you. I love your great sense of humor and how you're laughter fills up the room. You're so kind and independent it's unbelievable and you're an awesome grandmother, although you don't look like one at all. I love joining in on games of 500 and even watching you play because it's entertaining to watch how much you laugh during the game. You've always been very adventurous and taken time out of your day to organize activities for us when we were little. Although you're a very fun-loving aunt, you're also very wise and down-to-earth, which I love. I hope you have a happy birthday and also, that I end up going to school on the East Coast so that I can see you more. Love, Samuel | Dear Nancy, I wish you a Happy Birthday! I want to thank you for all that you do. You are always a huge help with everything. I love you so much. LOVE, Your God-daughter, Hannah

28: Aunt Nancy, Thank you for sharing special times with me, it has been an exciting two years. | First Christmas with you. | Christmas with Cousins. | Celebrating 1st Birthday with Aunts and Mommy. | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Love Marshall | Aunt Nancy, It has been a fun two years. Thank you for being at my big events. | Second day at home you came to visit. | My Baptism... Don't we look great. | My 1st Birthday party with you and Erik. | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Love Isabelle

29: Dearest Nancy, Marion sends her love and her thanks to you for being such a warm, wonderful and loving Aunt who never forgets her. | Nanette loves you for many reasons, including the fact that you always give so much of yourself to others. Her world is a much better place because you are in it. | Jonno has loved you for the last 25+ years. You two share a lot of memories and there are many still to come. He also wants to note that you keep his undying respect for the elders in his life alive! | Happy, Happy 60th Birthday! Here's to continued good health, lots of love and laughter in your life and many, many many more to come! Jonno, Nanette and Marion

30: March 4, 1951, Nancy Lee Reinecker was born. Great joy came to our family on that day and that joy has "lived on" through the years with many happy memories. Nancy, you are a wonderful niece and on this special 60th Birthday, we wish for you years and years of happiness. Love, Jake and Jane

31: It was so much fun being pregnant at the same time. Of course you were due first and were the smallest. At least Mindy had an excuse, but I'm not sure she knew it at the time of this picture. Our families have shared so much over the years, but this was very special. Happy 60th Birthday! Love, Cathy | Singing Happy Birthday was something we did often over the years. Happy Birthday Nancy! To the leader of our pack (60? really). We all looked up to you, the one who got to do everything first. You have been a great leader, teacher, friend and cousin. -days by the pool-performing skits- -taking swimming lessons- - ear piercing- -playing in the meadow- -picking cherries- vacations in O.C.- -family time- Life was good thanks to the leader of our pack! Happy 60th Nancy! Love, Minda | From play instructor to cherry picking driver to swimming instructor, you were always the leader of the pack. Thanks for the memories! Love, Beth | We love you Nancy! ~Curt

32: Nancy! You are Tough & Tender! There is NO Doubt of your strength in Mind, Body and Soul! We know the Lion is the King of the Jungle but there is NO QUESTION to who is the QUEEN. I love you Nancy and thank you for a wonderful life growing up and still growing up. It all started back at the Volkswagen Bug! Trips...... She'll be there for you through THICK & THIN! ALWAYS! When I was a small child (before my school years and a little plus) you were there for me. You drove me home so many times when I fell emotionally apart at your house. In no time at all, you drove that black little Volkswagen bug on a trail to Arendtsville that was always all too familiar to you! A leader you were Nancy! Remember the many plays you directed right on Dutter & Grampy's window sills! You gave us roles that we had no clue about but with your energy we believed we were going to be the next actors on Broadway. We felt important and powerful in that living room. Thanks to you! Nancy, I need to give you credit to my love for Hockey. I remember when we had our Sunday meals at Dutter & Grampy's you would bring all these long toed hockey sticks so we could play on the lawn by the road. I absolutely loved those times. I also remember going across the street at our house and watching you play under the direction of Mrs. Sanders. You sparked that interest in me. Thanks to you! As I got into college, through my 4 years of a BS degree, you were the one who said, "Ann, are you sure you want to pursue a Masters in Mathematics? Remember you love the physical world." This is when I decided to further the education into exercise physiology. I share to others many times that Nancy, my cousin, was the one who steered me in the direction I am today. Nancy, you were the one that knew who I was and suggested the direction that I best love today. Thanks to you! You were there during the good times and especially the troubled times of my relationships. You had the ear to listen and direct what was right for me at the time. Thanks to you! Nancy- I think of you as a LIONESS. I just recently came upon the understanding of a Lioness. The Lioness being the female cat of the wild! You express your wild but you're wise wonderful self to your family, friends, neighbors, marriage and the world around you. When it's time for someone or yourself to make a difference you are awaking them or yourself to stand tall and make this difference, in this world. You recognize the potential in others at the expense of your own energy to help them! You see the whole picture so clearly. It's a part of survival and you do it so well! Nancy - you....... Rise to gather strength Rise to greet & groom others Rise to Hunt Rise along other Lioness Rise to move the young to safety Rise to confront enemies that threaten the pride Rise to walk with her King HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY! Ann

33: Particular When I think of Nancy the word "genuine" comes to mind. I once read a book titled the "Seven People You Meet in Heaven." There are many people who have changed the course of our lives without even meeting them. God gives you that chance to meet them in Heaven. God granted me the chance to met Nancy on earth...I have watched, listened and learned. I have watched Nancy from a far...peeking into her world. My first impression of Nancy living in her huge house was "materialistic". My first lesson learned...not materialistic...but very Particular. My second lesson not serve Nancy chicken wings with feathers still attached..even though her father was a chicken farmer and she knows her chickens...she is very Particular. My next lesson to be learned from Nancy...after spending a million dollars in building a restaurant...Nancy pointed out, "How sad to have a trash can visible for patrons to see in a beautiful dining room." That year I had a beautiful closet and shelf built to hid the trash can because Nancy is Particular. I think my favorite lesson I have learned from Nancy is about being a person and a Mother...she is wonderfully Particular. As a person Nancy is not negative nor is she condescending of others. Nancy is a very happy positive person, you can hear it in her is a particularly loud laughter that fills you with laughter yourself. | Nancy does not drool on other's woes...she prays for them and accepts them. She is not one to engage in gossip nor will she make a public opinion of a situation, but rather be open minded and listen. As a Mother...well I have a hard time finding the right words to describe my feelings..but one definitely would be particular. The love, the time, the encouragement that she offers her children is incredible. I watch from my world; as she is in her world, take the extra steps to see her children through. The amazing feats of being at those special moments, when no other parent is around, yet her children always find her being there somewhere...clicking her camera and encouraging them forward. Nancy has created a full circle of love amongst her children and herself. The love and respect she has taught them is a bond like no other. When I watch her children share a look of love and admiration for each other, I know that look is there because Nancy is Particular. I have seen Nancy rise above sharp words directed to herself, only to give love back and embrace the moment with forgiveness rather than with defenses. I have learned many wonderful lessons from Nancy about love, forgiveness, motherhood and also not to confuse Materialism with being Particular! HAPPY BIRHTDAY NANCY! Love, Lisa Grim

34: Dear Nancy, Where does the time go? As a young girl you obeyed your parents, as a young woman you became a Wife and Mother, and as a mature woman you have been an encouragement to many people. Your ability to stay strong is one of your greatest assets. Happy Birthday and may god bless you as you continue you're journey on the road of life. Love and prayers, Carolyn, Randall and Aunt Dot | Aunt Dot-93, Carolyn Moses-75,Randall Moses-78 (Taken 2/5/2011) | Nancy with Dot and Lee | Marsh, Scott Susan, Nancy, Ellen, Dot & Lee on vacation-1999 I always enjoy these vacation pictures that were sent to me from your dad. Everyone looks so happy. Aunt Jeanne | A Birthday is.... A time to look back and cherish warm memories of happy times gone by... a time to look ahead and dream bright dreams of days yet to come... a special time for you to be remembered! Have a Beautiful Day. "Happy Birthday Nancy" Love, Aunt Jeanne

35: Nancy ~ Happy 60th! Can't believe! Just a note to say thanks for being you! Sorry we were not able to spend more time together as you kids were growing up. You have been there for so many people. Always helping with reunions, and all the swim lessons you gave. You made a difference in so many lives. Also being there for your Mom and Dad. Remember the week with Paul at Aunt Dottie's in N.J.? Did not have many pictures of you but sent one of us (You can't believe how time flies) you can remember us by this photo. Enjoy the year and all that it holds for you. Even if you do not see us, we love you and are proud of you. Aunt Jenny and Uncle Bob | Dear Nancy, When I first met you, you were a chubby little Angel with fat cheeks, no hair on your head and the widest eyes I have ever seen. Let's not forget the huge appetite. I was 10! There are so many memories of times gone by. First, Cecil and I want to thank you for all the reunions you have helped with and organized over the years. Cecil remembers the time you asked him to be your golfing partner in couples golf at the Country Club and you didn't know he was just learning! So you can now add golf coach to you resume. Probably the most fun time Cecil and I can remember, was the trip to Mid-Pines. Playing golf, playing liar's poker and eating. We never played liar's poker since that time. The "House" was wonderful. Great fun! Being Christopher's Godmother was another great honor you bestowed on me. The most recent wonderful moments was the time Cecil and I got to spend with your Father and the rest of the family before his passing. I will never forget it and I am so glad we had the opportunity. "The Lord works in mysterious ways". Cecil thinks you look so much younger than 60 and he's right you know!! We love you so much!! Hope it's the best Birthday ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Pat & Cecil

36: Nancy, I can't believe you're turning 60!!! You're just like fine wine get better with age. You don't look a day over 25. You've always held a very special place in my heart. I've always appreciated your care and concern for my well being and for the well being of my family members. You have always reached out to me no matter what the situation and believed in me. There were definitely times when that really meant a lot to me. I hold your friendship very dear. I have always admired your efforts to keep our family together. Your willingness to arrange a family reunion, etc...has been spectacular. You are a terrific person and I'm thankful to be part of your life. Happy 60th!! I wish you only the best life can bring. Love you, Dave Sandoe | I can remember spending a lot of hot Summers at the swimming pool on Heckenluber Road. I specifically remember one time when Nancy and I were swimming and having a great time. We asked Uncle Lee if we could go skinny dipping and he said sure, " no one will see you"!! So we swam for awhile and were jumping in and out of the pool, when all of a sudden someone driving a pickup truck was driving in the orchard above the pool-boy were we ever embarrassed. I think that is the last time I ever went skinny dipping. Nancy, we hope you have a great 60th birthday. You can be very proud of all your accomplishments. Your cousin, Elaine & Ken Bretzel | Leaving for Rome-May 1972 | Dearest Nancy- Just wanted to wish you Congratulations and a Very Happy 60th Birthday!! You are a very special person and the rock that holds our family together. You have the ability to bring joy, happiness and compassion to everyone you know and you give meaning and beauty to life with a great capacity for giving to others. We are very blessed to have you in our family and for that we wish you the very best life has to bring. Again, Congratulations and Best Wishes on your 60th!! and may you have many, many more. Love, Dee and Bill Deal | Dee Dee and Elaine (1952)

37: Some of my fondest childhood memories are from the 2 weeks each Summer that I would spend at Aunt Dot and Uncle Lee's for the sour cherry harvest. It was always a joy to spend those 2 weeks with Nancy and Susie, in their magnificent bedroom, on the second story of the "new addition". Since it was the second story and this was way before central air was the norm, the nights during the first 2 weeks in July could often be quite stifling. And so it became our frequent habit to rise in the middle of the night, sneak out to the pool, remove our PJ's and go skinny dipping. Cooled down and refreshed, we would put our PJ's back on, without toweling off, and return to bed knowing the alarm would soon be ringing. We would dress in our cherry picking uniform; shorts, short sleeved shirt, wide leather belt with the special hook for the bucket that would allow us to have 2 hands for picking. Every morning for 2 weeks, Aunt Dot would deliver us to the Bushey sour cherry orchards to pick the soft, vibrant red cherries that hung heavily on the trees There we were, the 3 of us in one tree; pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little until the branches were bare. Then the worst part, picking up the "drops" before we could call for Connie Bushey to move our pointy ladders to the next tree. And so it went, all day for 2 weeks. Our reward...28 cents for a 10 quart bucket, goal....usually 10 buckets per day for a grand total of 50-60 dollars for the 2 weeks, and we were so proud. This is certainly one of the places where the Reinecker work ethic was born in us. I remember that our favorite place to eat our bag lunches that Aunt Dot had packed for us was under that huge oak tree in the middle of the orchard. Quite peaceful and oooh what a view. At the end of the day we would return home hot, tired and black. Black, sticky arms, hands and fingers stained with cherry juice and spray. First order of business, remove the dirty clothes in the laundry room, throw them in the washer so they would be clean for the next day, then into the pool. Even the chlorine from the pool wouldn't remove the black stains from our hands. So on special nights when we were headed out to the Biglerville Fireman's Carnival we would stand at the kitchen sink scrubbing our hands with chlorox followed by lemon juice. A lot of work, a lot of play bonding between cousins and making wonderful memories. Thanks for being part of my childhood memories and may you make many more as you enter the next decade of you life. All the Best Cousin Connie

38: Nance, wow, sixty years and I still have five months to tease you! After twenty plus years of friendship the floodgates of memories have opened; from the births of Christopher and John which created another life-long bond to joys of our own grandchildren. I live in awe of your zest and enthusiasm for life and always extending yourself with timeless energy for your family and friends. I admire the courage, strength and grace you exhibited when facing your most devastating loss. But through it all and without hesitation you opened your heart with love for Erik. I'm searching for a simple and concise phrase that defines our friendship: Fun with out silliness, Dignified not pompous, Private without being secretive, Thoughtful not domineering, Meaningful without melancholy, Loving but not cliche'-but the truth is that the beauty of our friendship is not definitive-IT JUST IS! No rules or parameters only acceptance and love. I love you Nancy.... Lisa

39: Nancy, No matter the weather So long as we're together We'll share our fun in rain or sun~ Be it sand or snow we are happy to go~ Life-long friends we'll always be Happy Birthday my dear Nancy! Love, Beth

40: Looking back on those days in the cherry orchard, in the pool at your parents house, at all the church outings and family gatherings, and I realize we were pretty blessed. Not to say some of the things our parents put us in were all that great, but overall we did OK and I know that I have used those times and those memories many times since leaving home to keep things in perspective and get me through difficult times. Remember the year we were Joseph and Mary in the church pageant and I got sick? Or the life saving classes with Tonya, or this ride on the old work horse Jenny? I will admit I don't remember this ride either, but it is my favorite picture of my Dad and you have to admit, we had that horse under control. I am glad your children gave me a chance to be part of this celebration. I always look forward to seeing you when I do get back to A-ville and hope we can keep in touch in our "golden" years, whatever that brings. You have always been a special person and I wish you all the best on your big day and many days to come. Dean Bushey | Dear Nancy, From one of the people that have known you the longest, I want to welcome you to the "60 year old club", made up of a bunch of people that don't feel like 6o is all that old anymore. It's a little strange to think we are actually here, but our job now is to make the best of it and enjoy things as long as we can. I hope you have a special birthday party this year, and I will be thinking of you on March 4th! | The Bushey Boys | Dean

41: Memories of Nancy for me have to begin in the cherry orchard...picking cherries with family and friends in July during the hot, humid summer weather, especially on top of Bushey hill. Later memories include Nancy being one of the youth advisers at church when Marsha, Beth and I were in High School. Hayrides with the group were always fun. Sunday afternoon swims in the Reinecker pool growing up were always a favorite event-and years later another generation of Bushey boys would enjoy the pool as Nancy and Ellen taught them how to swim. Now most of our favorite interactions are conversations with Nancy after Sunday morning church services. Valerie and I send our very best wishes to a wonderful person for a Happy 60th Birthday! Wayne Bushey | Roger has distant memories of Nancy picking cherries in June Bushey's orchards over the summer, and naturally assumed she was a "country" girl. So imagine his surprise years later when Nancy told him she had never planted or harvested potatoes! She lost her "country" tag right away. When our children were ready for swimming lessons, we chose to bring them to Reinecker's pool thinking and knowing the teachers would improve their performance since classes at the larger public pools were more intimidating than instructive. It did! Karen and Amy were the actual teachers, but Nancy was always there as well. And we can remember the boys being ever so impressed that their teachers' mom looked so good in a two-piece bathing suit! Roger and Cindy Bushey | Roger | Wayne

42: Nancy on the move-no grass grows under her feet! Reminds me somewhat of her mother and grandmother "Dutter" - likewise....always on the move and always willing to help wherever needed. Happy Birthday Nancy and wishing you a wonderful year and many, many happy moments throughout the year. Love, Joy Pearson | Best Wishes on your Milestone Birthday Nancy! I am officially considering you my mentor for how to stay young! You have accomplished many things, persevered much, laughed a lot and loved well! What more can you say? I am honored to call you family! May this year continue to bring you health and happiness! Happy 60th birthday!! Deb Hickey Murray | Happy Birthday, Nancy- What a privilege to have known you for all these many years! I admire your positive attitude-your zest for life-the love you show to all you meet-the joy for happiness you share. As near as I can remember, I was 10 years old the year you were born. What a joy it has been knowing you for your entire life. Always have faith in yourself and in the future. Blessings always, Pat & Ken Hickey

43: Happy Birthday Nancy! Love, Mary | My Lord, Sixty years old!! It seems like only yesterday I remember Nancy boarding the school bus for her first day, in the first grade, at Arendtsville Elementary. I also remember thinking how big and how far she had come in life. THE FIRST GRADE! WOW!! After all, we had been the Tom Sawyers and Huck Finns rafting up and down the rapids of the mighty Conewago. Pioneers like Lewis and Clark, traversing the countryside, left to roam as we pleased---even the whole way down to Don Bushey's pond. We had been the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans of the west, riding Nellie and Beauty all summer's day long, six guns in hand, ready to take on all the outlaws in the county. We were hardened frontiersmen, braving the freezing cold of winter to sled down the "hill" all day long, with old "Mugs"in tow. Heck, we even had time for intellectual endevers; Monopoly on rainy days. Even though to this day I still can't figure out how I came in last every single time! (Must have been cheated!) How can you forget the evening meals around the Reinecker supper table and the "eat your peas; don't you want to grow up to be big and strong like me?" Quite the childhood, and it could not have been better scripted by the best of writers. I can think of no better cousin to have shared it with! Six to Sixty in zero flat, or at least it seems in retrospect. Maybe you really hadn't come that far at six after all, but by SIXTY..!!! I'd say through all the good times and bad you have managed quite well and can now say that, yes, you have come a long way, and hopefully, God willing, have a "fir piece" yet to go! God's speed and love to us all. Happy 60th!! Tim Heckenluber

44: This is the last big Reinecker Family Reunion held July 25th, 1995. | As You Celebrate 60 Years- Hi Nancy, May your 60th birthday be special for you, Bright with enjoyment and pleasure, And when it is over here's wishing you, too, Many fond memories to treasure. "Happy Birthday" Have a wonderful day and enjoy all the fun of turning "60". Love, Pam and Chuck Mosebach (I will be 60 in Dec. 2011 too-) | It was held in York at Bill Rupp's home, and planned by Nancy & Bill. It's a photo of all the Uncles and Aunts, most of their children (Cousins) were in attendance. Almost a hundred family members attended. It's an amazing photo of an American Family, and one of the last ones showing all three Uncles "brothers" and the five Aunts "sisters"! Love you Nancy, Cousin Bill | Reinecker Reunions

45: Nancy, From the ponies to the pool and the picnics to everything else it was always fun and great to see you and the rest of the family. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many, many more. Thanks for all the great memories. Take Care of You and God Bless. Tom Rupp | Tom Rupp and son, Ryan taken at Springettsbury Park in East York. When I still had hair. | Bill, Tom and Dave Rupp at York Country Club. | Taken on Grandma Reinecker's front porch at her home in Biglerville in mid 1950's, I would guess. Bill, Dave, Tom and Pam Rupp with Nancy and Susie and Aunt Jeanne and Grandma Reinecker, in the back row. | Grandma Reinecker's porch, Biglerville,PA Susie Reinecker-Pam Rupp-Nancy Reinecker (1957)

46: How can we describe someone so full of life? Well, actually we just said it. Nancy, has always been there, the first to call us, even though we think of her often but neglect to dial the number. She has an amazing ability to truly listen to others, that unending desire to help, bringing positive results to just about everything and everyone, friends and family. We could learn from her to live each day to the fullest, that brilliant smile, that dynamic presence. We know Nancy will enjoy this special birthday. Oh, Happy Day! Happy Birthday Nancy- Love you, Regina and Rick Reinecker | Happy time, everyone together, and for Rick & I, our first visit to the Antrim. What fun! | Nancy, We have memories of taking Summer Sunday afternoon visits to Lee's. You children had a good time mostly at the pool or just learning to know each other as we did not visit very often because of distance. Dale and your Dad enjoyed many good times as children. Enjoy your 60th and may you have many, many more. Lots of love, Joan Reinecker | Family picture taken about 8 months after Dale's stroke, last Summer

47: Dearest Nancy, Happy 60th Birthday! A great milestone for a fabulous person! Nancy, you have always been a bright spot in our lives. You have touched so many people in your 60 young years of life. When together we have much laughter and fun at family reunions, second cousin dinners, etc. It was fun to watch your girls getting to know the animals at our 1983 Reinecker Reunion here at the farm. And it has been wonderful seeing them grow into beautiful, young, strong and caring women with families of their own. We are so blessed to have you as a part of our lives. We respect, honor and treasure our family and friendship with you. Have a great 60th birthday!! Love and Prayers The Reinecker's Stan, Alice, Cindy and Craig | Nancy, On your special day, relax and enjoy all of life's special blessings...and you have many. Happy Birthday! Hope it's your best birthday ever! Our love, Mark and Ros Reinecker Banser

48: I first remember Nancy as this really pretty, tan, cousin that had ponies. brother DR (Donald) and I got the bug from visiting your family at that time. And since we had just moved to a farm in 1962, and it had a big barn, we thought we just had to have a pony. Uncle Lee gave Dad (Ray) a good price, but dad was not for it at first. So DR and I made signs and put them all over the house about "wanting a pony". We probably had 15 signs all over our living area about wanting a pony. It worked...and we got Tonka, our pony, as a colt from Nancy's pony. Little did we know about all the work involved with a pony. We loved and tended Tonka and enjoyed him for many years, until we gave it to another family/friend here in York Springs, as a pet for their daughter. Nancy may you be truly be surprised and enjoy our stories! Take care, Dave Reinecker | Dear Nancy, Congratulations and Best Wishes on reaching your sixtieth birthday! We have come a very long way in sixty years! As a child I'll always remember your happy disposition and sense of organizing everyone around you. You were always one who could accomplish any athletic feat. Life was always great when David and I would come to visit your family and spend time at your pool. Of course, our very close connections were through Tonka, the unbroken Arabian/Shetland pony that my Dad bought from your Dad. Oh if you only knew the amount of begging, pleading and lobbying that went on from David and me for our Dad to by Tonka. Finally the deal was struck! I was surprised to have an unbroken pony filled with fire instead of a retired nag from the NYC police department. David and I lovingly cared for Tonka and saddle-broke him. It took patience on my part because many times I was thrown to the ground while trying to ride him. Tonka was so high-strung! One summer day I was riding Tonka in the field below our house and an insect landed on the back of his left ear. Tonka took off through the field, headed under the skirt of the Bing cherry tree and came out riderless on the other side of the tree. I was left hanging in the cherry tree! I was scratched and furious! Nonetheless, we still loved Tonka! Thanks for playing a vital part in my childhood and giving me such wonderful memories! With love, Donald Reinecker

49: March 4th is an historic day (29 again?!) and we shall pop a cork (of the GOOD stuff!) in your honor. When asked for pictures and reminisces of fun times, we couldn't believe that the only pictures we had were from our anti-hospital ball dinner at Gina's in 2004 and the New Year's Day brunch at Hunter Hill in 2006. But we still have wonderful memories of fun time in DC (wine tasting at Calvert Woodler), Leesburg (Costco shopping, The Wine Kitchen, The Lightfoot Cafe), Antrim, and closer to home Labella, Montezuma's, Blue Parrot, Tiffany Lane and Table Rock Road. And then there was that fateful day when we headed north and discovered Pakha Thai House and knew we had found Nirvana! So many fun times, so many wonderful meals, glass of bubbly and red, and so many laughs and great conversations. We sincerely hope for many more years of revisiting favorite places and exploring new ones. From the moment we met your smiling, friendly face 20 years ago when we moved to Gettysburg we have been blessed to be a part of your life. Thanks for reaching out, for caring, and for being YOU! Much love and wishes for a happy birthday and healthy long life, Patricia & Scott | HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY

50: Dearest Nancy, Happy 60th Birthday to a precious woman who has shared her life so abundantly with others and showered them with her love, caring and compassion. You are a blessing to everyone you meet and know. Reflecting on my memories with Nancy, there are more than I can actually remember but here are a few: I met you 7th grade in Junior High School when the three Elementary Schools combined. I had heard about this girl "Nancy Reinecker" from Arendtsville and knew before I met you that I wanted to be your friend. We immediately became friends and began years of sharing secrets, precious times together, homework and "boyfriends" insights. Some of those times together included: swim parties at the end of the school year, float making for Homecoming, band and chorus, Girls' Sextette and our varies performances, school dances, sports, being Exchange Students during the Summer of 1968, sleepovers, Job's Daughters and their meetings and the new trend: pierced ears (ice cubes and needles?!?!). I also remember one very specific shopping trip to the big city of Harrisburg when we were thrilled to shop for needed "female under garments". We spent hours with both our families and cherished times with our parents and grandparents. On September 8, 1973 you shared in the joy of my marriage to my hometown and High School sweetheart, Ken, by being one of my bridesmaids. We danced the night away. The enclosed picture is of our Singing Girls' Sexette. You sang soprano and I sang alto. I was always so grateful that you were carrying the melody because I was definitely having a challenge trying to harmonize. In addition to performances at the school, we often sang Sunday mornings for various churches who needed "special music". Do you remember the morning I forgot to attach my "nylons" and they fell down as we climbed the stairs to the sanctuary at Mt. Tabor? I think we shocked Craig Lady! The second picture is the most recent picture of Ken and me taken last week. Actually we decided to get "dressed up" for your birthday celebration. I hope this reminds you of our proms, May Day dances and the formal dances at Job Daughters' conventions. We were always thrilled to bring out the fancy wear and get our hair done. Nancy, as long as I can remember, you have lit up a room with your presence, smile and laughter. You connect with people and make everyone feel so very special. This is a special gift from God. You have enriched the lives of so many people. I thank God for bringing our lives together 47 years ago in the halls of Biglerville Junior/Senior High School. Thank you for your endearing and faithful friendship these many years. You are a true friend. Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times. Fondly and with love, Juanita

51: Dear Nancy, Happy 60th! Can you believe we're here already? My how the years have flown by! I remember many great times spent with you and your family during our school years. Swim parties, sleep overs, cheerleading and band trips. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and we get to have more memorable times together. Love, Susie & Wayne Hess | Nancy, My birthday wish for you is that we can share many, many more class reunions together! We have laughed together and we have shared sad moments. I hope that we can share more in the future. Life has pulled us all in different directions and we are all so busy with work and family. You are a beautiful person, both inside and out. Always giving more than you get, I am sure! Remember the fun times that we spent together, Sextette, band, card club and those rides in your little black bug! As you share this milestone with your family, rest assured that you have not yet spent the best years of your life, but can look forward to many more wonderful and rewarding years. Remember always that the best are yet to come! Sandy Pitzer | P.S. Jerry says to tell you ditto! He remembers all of the fun you had in grade school, trying to keep him straight. | B | H | S

52: Happy Birthday, Nancy! No cruel 'old' quips from me as I will shortly follow you into the next decade on April 1st. It will be good as we will soon be able to take advantage of senior citizen discounts. So many I reflect, I find myself smiling. Nancy, you certainly were full of it-energy. Just to mention a few of the litany of your attributes, would be a vivacious athlete, a skilled organizer and a great leader. So..what to write about? The high school years?; fun in the classroom (physics lab), band (my baritone partner), choir and girls' sextette, end of school pool parties at your house and the senior trip. Hummmm. I will reflect on what I would consider our most poignant memory together-our 1968 summer trip to Finland as Lions Club exchange students. A great adventure for two young naive kids from rural PA. For me, it was my first airline trip and, ironically, the first leg, from Harrisburg to Newark, was on Allegheny Airlines, my future employer. We were scheduled on a New York Airways helicopter to JFK, but it canceled. Instead, we traveled by limo and almost missed our SAS B-707 flight to Stockholm. From there, we flew on a Finnair Caravelle to Helsinki. A lasting memory from those flights was a SAS flight attendant accidentally dumping a pot of hot tea in your lap. We all gasped but were then flabbergasted as the liquid just puddled on your skirt. You were wearing a nice green business-type suit which must have been highly scotch-guarded. The tea did not soak through or burn you. So, the attendant held the pot while you carefully stood while channeling the tea into it. Amazing feat. We both spent two glorious months falling in love with Finland. A beautiful country and wonderful people. You were with host families in Uusikaupunki and I was in Pargas-Parainen. We got together once while in Finland and, I think, we toured the city of Turku-Abo. I definitely remember that my host brother, John-Eric, was sure captivated by you. After we left Finland, we flew down to Germany and stayed with Scott Bucher who was visiting his sister, Sue, and her husband. Afterward, you and I flew to London for a few days. We stayed at a youth hostel and toured the major sites. We met some students from Scotland and I think we had a good time. Though, I mostly recall we were about almost out of money and did not know how to get more. Such things were difficult to arrange back then. We were eager to get home. | Someday, we should get our pictures out and reminisce with some wine to unlock the forgotten details. Nancy, I will always value our friendship as a special one in my life. Thank you. I wish you a glorious 60th birthday. Party responsibly! Ha! Craig Lady

53: Nancy, I have to be brief here....Are you kidding me? So many years, so many GREAT memories of our childhood, adolescence our years away at college and finally our adult lives. Dinner in Cancun?...Dinner in Acapulco?... There are more memories to come, Reinecker. (I'll always call you Reinecker) For now, just know that trusted, loyal, caring friends like you are not easy to find and hold. There are so many things to mention here.....It was my pleasure to be the Babe Ruth Athletic Award winner with you in our senior year at Biglerville. Your family's generosity with their time, their home and their swimming pool was certainly a blessing to our high school class. Your energy, your willingness to give and your animated spirit were always present as we grew. Why else did we want to rename the girls' basketball team "The Renegades"? Your friendship has always been and continues to be a "Tesoro". Keep smiling.....That smile of yours always lit up the room wherever you were! Love ya, Joe Coradetti | Ahhhhhh, the good old days in the mid-sixties when Joe Coradetti and I would hang out at the Reinecker's pool showing off and trying to impress the Reinecker girls. Seemed like Nancy was always spoken for and Joe and I never really had a fightin' chance. Although I will admit to a short lived relationship with Nancy in eighth grade when she taught me the fine art of "makin' out" in the back seat of a car after a football game in 1965. Our relationship did not last long but we remained friends throughout school and still now many, many years later. Happy birthday Nancy and thanks for the memories! Steve Gorman | Biglerville CANNERS

54: Dear Nancy- Happy 60th birthday! It's been awhile since we have seen you in person, but these are great memories. We will never forget what a huge help you were to me when I first took over as manager of Jim's orthopedic practice. My college major in English didn't prepare me for dealing with insurance companies. You were my "go-to" person, always there with answers and advice. I also remember your refereeing a junior high hockey game in which our daughter, Lisa, played. It was her first year on the team. You called a foul on her and later phoned to explain to her what she had done wrong. Wow! Definitely above and beyond the call of duty and much appreciated by her and us. So enjoy your special day, try to ignore the number, and accept our thanks for being a good friend. -Barb Strite | Like fine wine....You only get better with time. Happy 60th Birthday! Ron & Carolyn Hankey | Dear Nancy, Looking at this picture of the three of us in New York City 25 years ago proves that you do not age with time. You have been a great friend and neighbor. We hope that you have a wonderful birthday with your lovely family. We send you our love and best wishes.

55: Let me start by saying "Happy Fabulous 60th", Nancy, I can hardly believe it-not to be cliche' but you don't even begin to look near that age! To think I first met you and the Reinecker clan around thirty years ago and here we are in 2011-family!! I think my first encounter on Heckenluber road is when I took Jason and Jenn to swimming lessons, the start of our families getting to know each other. Fast forward to the 90's when we found ourselves with teenagers and all of the fun that came with it. I had two connections to you, both of my children! We attended field hockey games together, dinners and banquets. We went through teenage love and one of my fondest memories-a wedding! Our trip to Cancun was amazing and you, as always, were so gracious and concerned with us having a great time-no problem there, it was perfect! Here we are now, family-really! The real marriage took place and special times with our families. It is so wonderful that we all get along and are friends. We enjoy our grandchildren together at birthday parties and pool side dates. We enjoy drinks, dinners, crabs and just hanging out. You always try to make any time together special. Although we don't share a lot of one on one time together, I consider you a good friend. I know if there is ever anything that I need, you'd be there to help me-that's the kind of person you are and I'm lucky to have you in my life. The one thing that we do have in common is our love for our families. We share the importance of family, the desire to make everyone happy and have fun. I hope you have fun on this special birthday and many years to come. I wish you happiness, good health and for us to find time to spend together. Here's to more good times! Happy Birthday! Love, Deb

56: Nancy, Ray and I wish you a wonderful 60th birthday. Time flew by didn't it? I'm sure you're enjoying your grandchildren. As for our college day memories....never forget our Rum and Coke evenings, borrowing my electric razor and taking me to visit your family. Thanks for taking me to the "Hitching Post" so I could take advantage of the "specials" and keep my wardrobe up-to-date. A friend always, Ann Swisher | Nancy, We've been friends since our college days! It's difficult for me to imagine that we're all going to be Sixty. That's a hard one to accept! I remember well our shorthand seems like only yesterday! Although the times have been few and far between that we've been able to get together, we've continued to share a very special relationship. Throughout my lifetime, I've had many friends. But there are only a handful of people that I would say are 'special' friends. When we get together, it's like no time as passed. We immediately pick up where we've left off. Nancy, you're a treasure. Your friendship has meant the world to me. I know that I can share anything with you...and you'll be there for me. Thanks for being my 'special' friend. Have a wonderful birthday and God bless you. A friend forever, Lucy Beaver | YORK COLLEGE

57: Nancy, Well here it is that time when we both celebrate our birthdays and get to celebrate the big "60". It is hard to believe that our Mom's got to know each other when they were in the hospital having US!! Then it only took 18 years till we finally got acquainted at college. It was "move in" day at college and our Mom's recognized each other and then we found out we were both in the same dorm, same floor and only 1 door down!!! Hard to believe. Our wonderful relationship continued after college since we did not live that far apart. Who would have thought... we both got married, both had 2 girls pretty close together and remained in contact. We had play dates with the girls, visited your pool and your parents pool for summer outings and even spent a week at the beach before the girls started school. WOW IT DOESN'T SEEM THAT LONG AGO. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend and we really do stay in contact in spite of our busy lives. This past summer we got together with your 2 girls and Gwen came with the kids and the "8" kids had such a great time with the water slide. Hope we can continue our outings with all the kids. Of course I also enjoy our quiet dinners over wine and good conversation!! No matter when we get together there is always so much to catch up on and talk about. I hope you have a wonderful birthday in Florida and continue the celebration when you come home! I will catch up with you later in the spring after I make it home. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love, Jean

58: Dear Nancy- Happy Birthday, Sweet Nancy! Even though I haven't seen you in years (which I feel so badly about!!), I always held your family close to my heart-and felt a connection with all of you. When I was in high school and saw you on a regular basis, I loved watching the way you raised your children. Now that I'm a parent myself, I know what a tough job it is. You were amazing-and for the most part you did it alone-which never went unnoticed by me. I'm so happy that I got to be a part of your life and that you were part of mine, as brief as it was. Every year as I send off my Christmas card to your family, I tell myself, "I'm going to do a better job communicating with Nancy this year." But the years go by. So, when I read the email, I thought, "This is my chance to write to Nancy and tell her what a special lady I think she is." Thank you Nancy, for having faith in me at a time when I didn't have a lot of faith in myself. You entrusted me with your children and your home-which instilled in me a sense of responsibility and self reliance. Thank you for being a great role model and a friend to me. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays- and I hope to see you very soon! All my love to you (and your family), Gina Ferrara Ikenberry xoxo | Nancy, One of my first memories of you is as a little girl with pig tails who loved picking up ducks at the South Mountain Fair (a good memory). Also of going ice skating on Boyers pond where you fell and hit your head, on the ice ( a not so good memory). Fortunately you were O.K. Lots of good times at your families home and at the pool. Have watched you grow into a young lady and then into a mature woman. You are a true friend, your thoughtfulness and caring will always be remembered. Wishing you happiness always, surrounded by those you love. Enjoy this special time Carolyn Allison

59: A VERY SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANC! Since the first time we met outside the "Ritz" in Half Moon Bay, we have been laughing ever since! Then to be paired up for golf together, our friendship was meant to be. The memories we have had, the trips are literally endless. We've done everything from swimming and snorkeling in different oceans, to hiking "Lost Bays" through rainforests. We have climbed rocks at the Bath's, to zip-lining in Costa Rica (John's favorite), and still more hiking, like in Maui (the abandoned golf course!) No wonder your such a "HOT 60"!!! You work us like dogs, we feel like we have our own personal trainer with us all the time. And then there's "HAPPY LAKE" with all of its great memories as well. We can hear your laughter now!! Nancy, you are PRICELESS!!! You sure have given us memories for life, with many more to come!! We Love you and our friendship!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND!!! John & Julie Chamberlin | I have known Nancy Hendricks my entire life and she is with out a doubt one of the kindest people I know. Spending the majority and better times of my life with Christopher, Nancy has become a second mother to me. When she opens the doors at 185 Tiffany Lane with a smile as warm as her fresh baked cookies, she can make anyone feel happy and at home. I truly look forward to the many years ahead as our friendship continues to grow. Happy Birthday Mrs. Hendricks! Love, Jimmy Hans

60: Nancy, My first memory of you was at the Medical Society Alliance meeting when I first moved into the area with Adam. I saw a beautiful and classy woman who greeted me warmly. In the many years that have followed, I have gotten to know and greatly admire the qualities beneath your beautiful exterior. Your love for your husband, children and now grandchildren was always the primary importance in your life. We have had lots of shared experiences in the Alliance from teas, dinners at your home, selling daffodils to "planning" breakfasts at the name only a few. Even though we do not share a daily life, your welcoming hugs are always wonderful! I'm sure you will get countless notes like mine because as we all grow older, our friendships deepen too. You are an amazing woman! Happy Birthday! With Love, Diane Wasserman | TO NANCY HENDRICKS ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY FROM LAKSHMI AND BYRAVAN VISWANATHAN We have know Nancy since 1986. She has always been a lovable person. Never has there been a time when we saw her upset or irritated. She had a high pressure job and a family to take care of and in spite of that, she was calm and sweet at all times. We became close friends very shortly after 1986 and have been since. We knew her late husband Tony Alcaro personally and professionally and when he passed away suddenly, she showed extraordinary courage and fortitude, an important part of her character. She has since found a wonderful husband in Eric and we are so happy for her and her three children. Nancy has always been a moving force in matters to do with the Adams County medical auxiliary and community affairs and Lakshmi remembers when she was working on the Daffodil Day one year, Nancy came in to join her and all the flowers were sold in a matter of minutes. Nancy has a way with people which only she has. Nancy afforded me the privilege to be her doctor and she made our office the primary care provider for all members of her family. We had a special warm feeling for her dear departed father, Lee Reinecker, one of my favorite patients. We wish her many years of healthy and happy life and many more years of our friendship. Byravan Viswanathan.

62: Nancy...welcome to the "Club". It's not so bad, I don't even notice any changes. HA! HA! Time has flown by so quickly, it's hard to think it wasn't that long ago that all of us girls were meeting once a month to play cards. We had a lot of good times & discussions at those get togethers. I'm so glad that Ann, Sue, you and I started to have dinner together again. It's great to have that girlfriend closeness, to be able to talk about our lives & families. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Luv ya, Billie Crum | Dear Nancy, A 60th Birthday is a wonderful occasion. Enjoy life at Sixty. Surround yourself with your children and grandchildren. It's great to be Sixty! The more candles the bigger the wish. "Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart". Happy 60th Birthday! Love, Ann & Ted Plank | I would like to send my regards to a SUPER women on her birthday. I remember Nancy as a competitive card player all those years ago. Our card parties were so much fun! Happy 60th Birthday Nancy. Warm regards, Sue Shue

63: Hi Nancy, If my memory is correct, we met at the Gettysburg Country Club where our girls were swimmers. Marianne & Jody enjoyed watching Amy & Karen at the pool. We started playing Bridge together and had lots of fun. At the same time, we would car pool our girls to Keefauver School. I lived on Hanover Street and your house was on Middle Street. Nancy, you were instrumental in getting me a job with Dr. Mayo because you were the office Manager. (Girl Friday) I have enjoyed our friendship over the years and appreciate your advice on my Insurance needs! Fondly Joyce Hartley | Hi Nancy " Happy Birthday" It's been 28-30 years since we first met. It was while I was learning to play Bridge. I remember playing at you house on Middle Street. The girls were just young ones. The Country Club, Bridge and Bridge dinners are all fond memories. And we've always been able to smile at each other and say hey and ask about our families. that's something special right there. So I wish you Love, Peace and Good Health as you turn the Big "60". Take care God Bless Love Carol Merwede | Welcome to the 60's!! Hard to believe we've known each other 30 years!! Many fun times behind us...meeting at the Gettysburg Country Club; learning and playing "Bridge" together for many years, Hospital Auxiliary, Children's School years, etc, etc..... May our best days and times be ahead! Fondly, Mary Jo Dickey

64: Dear Nancy, On this wonderful occasion, we who know and love you are grateful to be able to send you a message of congratulations. For our part, it is a chance to tell you that you have demonstrated tremendous strength and resilience in your life thus far and have provided a wonderful example for your children. Of those qualities of character-along with a huge capacity to love and support those who are fortunate enough to call you daughter, sister, wife, mother or friend. We know the best is yet to come, for you are moving into that period of life where your wisdom grows and expectations become less weighty. Be proud, Nancy, of all you DO and ARE! Happy Birthday! With love from Carol and Henry Heiser | Nancy and I's connection began as a client to hairdresser base. I now say, 20+ years later, she is my very dear friend and oh yea, I still get to do her hair! I have the pleasure to see her "dash" being lived out daily. A live representation of unconditional love to all and a vibrant strength that surpasses life and death situations. I get to laugh, shed tears and share life with a woman I can say is a true blessing. I am so thankful God places the very people in our lives that show His nature and Nancy, you are that to me. ~Love to you~ Kris Webb

65: Dear Nancy, We are delighted to be part of all the many good wishes being sent to you. Though our history together doesn't go back many many years, Ken and I both feel a bond with you that we treasure. Not often enough do we take the opportunity to tell our special friends what they mean to us. You are always friendly and interested in what is going on in our lives. You have been there for the joys and the sorrows. I loved that you took charge of the pictures the Sunday Harper was baptized. Thank you for the many wonderful photos. I hold close to my heart the conversation we had about hospice as my mother grew weaker last year. You are such a confident, "can do" person. Your leadership skills at church have helped all of us. Through adversity and pain you march on and hold your head high. What an example you are of perseverance and determination. You are a great lunch or dinner companion and a great cook. We loved our dinner at your home and our dinner out together. Next time it will be Bella Italia or the no frills, as you say, Thai place on Rt. 15. You have raised 3 remarkable children and have adorable grandchildren. How thoughtful and loving for Amy and Karen to compile a Birthday Book of Wishes for you. As for the grandchildren, I laugh as I picture the rehearsal one Sunday back in the SS room when they couldn't stay in line signing because each one needed to come over and give you hugs and kisses. Surrounded by your dear husband, mother, children and grandchildren--may you have a very happy birthday. Thank you for your friendship. Love, Barbara Link | Dear Nancy, This birthday album from your children is a sweet and loving gift to a wonderful mother, daughter, wife, grandmother and friend. Barbara and I are grateful to have been asked to contribute our thoughts. I have no pictures. Where was the official photographer during our 3 years together on consistory? There is a slide show in my mind of Nancy Hendricks getting things done (!!!), solving problems and encouraging a spirit of unity and good will. Your determination, wisdom and ability to bridge differences at a difficult juncture in Zion's history made a huge and lasting difference. I love the way you give people your entire attention-eye contact, interest, sympathy, encouragement and understanding. You are a wonderful listener and "people person" par excellence. Barbara and I are grateful to have been on the receiving end of your attention and friendship over the last ten years, in good and hard times. Your example of strength and optimism in hard times is a golden legacy. Like you Dad, your dash has brought light, love and blessing to your family, friends, church and community. May the line continue for many years. Happy birthday to our dear friend. Love, Ken Link

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