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Moments and Memories

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S: Mr. Bogucki's Class Moments & Memories 2010-2011

FC: Moments & Memories | Written by: Mr. Bogucki's 4th Grade Class 2010-2011 Rocky Mountain Elementary School

1: Moments & Memories | Written by: Mr. Bogucki's 4th Grade Class 2010-2011 Rocky Mountain Elementary School

2: We would like to dedicate this book to the following people: First of all, we would like to thank Mr. Bogucki for pushing us to be the best writers we can be. We would also like to thank the other wonderful teachers at Rocky Mountain for all of their help along the way. Furthermore, we would like to dedicate this book to all of the students in our class who moved because they did not get to see the finished masterpiece. Of course thanks must go to our parents for all of the support they have given us on our journey of learning. Finally, we would like to thank all of the wonderful authors out there who continue to inspire us to take the stories we write to the next level.

3: Table of Contents Bennet Beemer.......................4 Grace Bouque.........................5 William Burke.........................6 Romeo Capone........................7 Alejandra Chavez Olivas.............8 Daniel De Dios.........................9 Yajaira Labrador Perez.............10 Nataly Alcala.........................11 Ashley Julian.........................12 Lauren Klein..........................13 Kassondra Nickel.....................14 Gavin Romero Crum.................15 Marleau Siedelmann.................16 Jack Smith............................17 Stephon Stroh........................18 Giovanni Trujillo.....................19 Gage Seller............................20 Katie Brown...........................21 Jordan Walker........................22 Christina Wallett.....................23 Antonio Montez.......................24 Josh Hodge............................25 Alba Lucero...........................26 Destiny Welborn......................27

4: Massive Carvings We’re in the car on the road to South Dakota. We live in Westminster .We’re going to drive through Wyoming to see a beautiful thing in South Dakota, in the great outdoors. We’re going to Mt. Rushmore. My mom, dad, my brother Justin and I, Bennet (as seen in picture), were traveling in June. As we entered Wyoming we got out of the car to get some gas.My mom and dad brought a portable T.V. so they installed it so Justin and I could watch the movies we brought. 4 hours later we arrived in South Dakota. We drove for about another hour and we were at our hotel. It was called La Quinta. We took our bags up to our room. We picked a Mexican place to eat at. It was as good as On the Border. I ate a Mexican pizza, it had a lot of brown melted cheese, a big hot tortilla, with good ground beef just the way I like it. Back at the hotel we all thought we needed a bigger room because not all of us could be on a bed. We’re in a bigger room now. Finally we arrived at Mt. Rushmore with the four massive carvings in a mountain. We watched a video about Mt. Rushmore. It was about how Mt. Rushmore got its name. After that we all took a walk around Mt. Rushmore we all saw old stuff like T. P. s. It was a good hike to, we found a little cabin it was more about Mt. Rushmore. I was two minutes before death I was so hungry. But of course Justin wanted to go to the gift shop. My souvenir from Mt. Rushmore was a pocketknife; also my name was on it. All of us got to meat a guy that carved on Mt. Rushmore he`s 89. If you went all the way to South Dakota you should go to Mt. Rushmore. By Bennet M. Beemer

5: My Trip to the Great Mountains One week before my mom’s 29 birthday my whole entire family decided to go on an adventurous hiking experience. So we were in my squished truck waiting for two whole hours. Finally we were at the freezing cold mountains. We unpacked all of are important material to go on the magnificent hike. We were going up a generous hill so we had to stop at a humongous leaning tree. I was laying on it. I was afraid that I was going to get flicked off like a fly. All the sudden in the deep dark woods I found a perfect sized hiking stick my dad found one that looked like a bamboo branch. We were all getting super hungry so we went to the closest town to get food. While I was waiting there were a bunch of animals to pet. I picked the goat because it was tiny cute pure white and fluffy like a bunny. When we were done we drove by an extremely big lake we stopped to skip rocks. My sister skipped it ten times. So after that went home and fell in a deep sleep. And that is my magnificent adventure.

6: Denver Aquarium 2 years ago me, and my family went to the Denver Aquarium to explore animals and to see cool and awesome creatures from the sea. When we got to the Aquarium we gave the guy the tickets and went inside. Once we got inside we saw incredible sea creatures in these big tanks and, I saw a huge Sea Turtle. I saw a great white shark and I swam with it. I was kind of scared because the shark almost bit my leg and because I slept down the shark. We past the cool Aquarium store and I asked my mom if she could buy me a shark hat and she said yes if I behave until we go home. We had lunch outside and I was starving so I just yanked out my food and ate 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and to drink I had lemonade. After lunch I went home and had a good time.

7: Elitch’s This summer we went to the extremely exciting Elitch’s Gardens to go on the awesome rides and to have fun. The rides are extremely scary. It’s like you are going to die right before your eyes .It’s so amazing you should see it . We went to go eat amazing cotton candy do you know what the coolest thing is the tower of doom. The tower of doom is where you could go super high! Then you gust drop. It is so cool! Then we went home.

8: David Alejandra Chavez Olivas I have a brother his name is David. He is nice to me and gives me delicious gum my brother is also very creative! If I don't have enough for something he will give me money so I could have enough for what I want to buy as long as I give him I got. He's like a giant compared to my mom! David is up to my dads shoulder. My mom and dad are very tall. My brother also very fun he is always active. He has a lot of energy. David is also very sweet, kind, and mean but I still love my brother and we always go to MacDonald’s and we laugh together and have fun. He also wears jeans but not skinny jeans well thats all a have to tell you about my brother David!!!

9: Best Mountain Trip Ever 2 months ago my dad and I went to red rocks and went rock climbing. When we got to the top I was exhausted I almost fainted. My dad got a bucket of water and splashes it all over my face then said, “Are you ok ?” I said, “Yes.” Then we started playing around. I fell in a lake. I was sinking and then he jumped in and saved me. Then we left home and we went to country buffet and went home. It started raining. I saw lightning close up for the first time. When I got home I started eating. We went to my Aunties. Nobody was there so we got wet. My mom got mad because we got her car wet. By Daniel.de dios

10: My trip to New Mexico On a hot, juicy June day my mom and dad were planning to go to New Mexico. Me, my sister and my brother thought it was a fantastic idea. My dad said, “Okay well start packing are clothes tomorrow and leave tomorrow to New Mexico.” So in the night I was so excited to go to New Mexico because I wanted to see my cool cousins. When it was morning I woke up, took a shower and started packing. When we were all ready to go we got in the white truck and zoomed away. It took 7 hours to get to New Mexico. I always kept on saying, “Are we there yet?” My dad said just 30 minutes. I couldn't wait to get there. When the 30 minutes were up my dad said, “We are here now.” So when I opened the door I hurried to my cousins house. When I was there she hugged me and I said hi I am really exited my cousin said me too I am really happy. Then my cousin said, “Do you want to draw?” I said, “Yes.” So we went in her room and I said, your room is pretty. She said thank you so she got out the crayons that she had and we started coloring. My cousin drew me and I drew her, it was so funny. When we getting bored of coloring my cousin said, do you want to get wet in my new pool, I said sure so I got some shorts and a shirt and zoomed to the cold pool and me and my cousin and my sister were swimming under the water with are eyes open it was spectacular. When we were done swimming my cousin said do you want to play on my trampoline? We said yes, but we were still wearing are swimming clothes so we were playing on the trampoline my cousin said, you want to play who the highest? I said, yes my cousin said okay let's play. When we were jumping I got jealous because my cousin was going the highest so I was trying to jump the highest but my cousin won. When we got bored of it my called us to eat chicken with rice. IT WAS DELICIOUS I liked it and I thanked my uncle for the food when it was night I was sad because we were leaving. When it was morning my mom woke us up and took a shower I got ready and left I got really sad I hope I go again to New Mexico. By yajaira

11: The Day my Sister Was Born My sister’s name is Gabrila and she is 3 years old. And I’m going to tell you about me and her from the beginning. When my mom told me the big news I was so exited! I jumped up and down my mom told me you have a baby sister! She was yelling .We were both so exited she also told me that you’re going to be a big sister. When she told me that I was two times more excited than I was before. Months went by getting closer and closer to the birth of my sister. The day was finely here - the day my mom gave birth to my baby sister. After my mom gave birth we went to the hospital to see my mom and then a couple of minutes later a nurse walked in and asked, “Do you guys want to see the baby?” We all said yes and they brought her in then after the nurse left me and my sisters took turns caring and that was a very wonderful moment.

12: The magnificent concert One spectacular may sunny morning my mom threw me on the icy cold floor and dashed into the car with me. She said she had a surprise for me! My mom has been wanting to do something cool with me for over a million years! My mom said we were going to a concert. But not just any concert a Jonas Brothers concert! When we first got there we had to cut threw a gigantic crowd at the front door. On the way in the stadium my mom stopped to take a million stupid pictures. One of them was of me with the Jonas Brothers! Just kidding, it was me behind a hummus poster that was about to fall on me. They sang over 3 million songs! I was probably the closes to the teenage boys. On the way out of the fun filled night my mom said it wasn’t over . We went backstage and it was so spectacular and fun! I adored that night so much ! I liked spending time with my thoughtful mom. That was a magnificent night full of exotic fun!

13: A Hair Raising Adventure One sunny march day my dad got a call from his amazing boss Michel. He had just won tickets to a resort in the Bahamas it’s called Atlantis!!! And he decided to give them to us. My dad called everyone in for a family meeting. We sat on the couch not knowing what was going on? He stood up and said we are going to the Bahamas!!! We were so ecstatic!! When the day came to leave we got up at five am. When we arrived at our destination our mouths dropped! We were so hyped up!!! After three days in the Bahamas my mom suggested that we should go to the beach, we could not say no to that. We were at the water wonderland for two hour. One of the things we did was build a sand castle it was huge with a wall surrounding it. After we went to the beach we decided to go to the city. There were lots of people and crew ships docked along shore. As we were walking we stumbled upon a hair braiding salon. I could not resist going in. When my hair was done there 55 braids in it with poppy pink shinning gray and mysterious black beads in it to!!! After we left we came upon a stand were people take pictures under so we did. When the last day came we walked on the beach for the last time. I will never forget this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14: The summer jam! The two days before my spectacular tenth birthday were the longest days of my life. But on one of those days I went up to Loveland with my family to see my first concert-the summer jam! You’re probably wondering we went to the end of the season –concert. It was a lovely humongous birthday-gift. On Saturday we traveled to wonderful concert! Once we arrived there we went to the icy-smell shuttle pick-up! Finally we arrived to the concert but we were late. Luckily we just in time to see Aburn! She sang La! La! La! That was my favorite song she sang. Her act was done three songs later! Nobody knew that that Aburn was going to do autograph until the glamorous pop star walked though the audience to a blue table. So every one rushed to the table! It felt like an earth quake hit! I pushed up and shoved to get to the bagging of the clouded line before it got bigger! Finally 25min. later it was my turn. After all that ruckus just for an autograph the picture booth with Aburn was over. The best and final act was ready to perform. When this act went on we had fun. My family and I got up and danced like we had struck gold. Well the last five min. of the concert were still going on we got popcorn. Then we left to the smelly icy shuttle pick up. After that we went home. That was the best birthday gift ever! By: Kassondra D. Nickel

15: First Day of Fourth Grade On my first day of school I was drowning in sweat. I thought nobody was going to like me. So nauseas I stepped in class fatefully but I knew a lot of people. I was afraid that the people I didn’t know we’re going to be mean but they were cool I even made some new friends. I was happy and amazed but I felt like I was going to die if I didn’t get food. We rushed outside waiting for lunch. When we waddled to lunch starving as big black bears I took a bite of my juicy PB and J. My eyes sparked. I said, “This is delicious!” I stuffed my face with the PB and J. At the end of the day we rushed back from lunch and read a hilarious book with juicy words called sideways stories from wayside school. After that we swept the classroom up and went home. By Gavin Romero-Crum

16: My Pretty Kitty By: Marleau .M.S It was a drizzly April day and I really wanted a new kitty so me and my mom went to the cat shelter! There were so many kitties but one calico cat I liked the best. When we got home I told my brother Morgan and my dad that we got a new kitty they loved her .My dad said we should name her Coco! The next day I woke up and my kitty was sitting right next to me. It was so cute. I went up stairs to watch TV my cat Coco fallowed me the whole way. I sat on the couch the calico kitty sat right next to me. I watched about half an hour of TV I thought my cat had left. But when I turned my cat was lying on a square pillow. It was the cutes site in the world. I told my mom and she took a picture of Coco. I’m so glad I got Coco or I wouldn’t have had such a cute picture.

17: CRAZY CASTAWAY CEI One boring lazy day my mom announced that were are going on a Disney cruise to the wonderful land of the Bahamas. Once she finished that sentence I went berserk! It turns out that we had to stay at a cool hotel first. We got to the hotel at 9:00pm. The only restaurant left was McDonalds. On the first day of the cruise I woke up feeling great! The announcer said on the super loud intercom that we had just docked Disney’s private island castaway key! Charlie my crazy brother started to dig in the suitcase for his swimsuit. Mom told him that we should get some the breakfast at the sun rise buffet. To make a long story short (which I do A lot) we stuffed ourselves till we almost up chucked our guts. I noticed a man that looks a lot like Santa. I had to stop Charlie from asking him for presents. The next half of the story will be in the second edition and it will have even more doodles!

18: Playing Baseball One day it was so hot that I thought I was about to die. I went to Teppers Field. It was three months ago when I started baseball. It was 10 in the morning I was so excited. I had my first game! I was as hot as fire like Ricky bobby. My family was there. I had a dark grassy green bat with an ‘e’. If you hit the baseball on the ‘e’ you get a home run. I had black cleats with the first letter B. My team name was the bulldogs. When we had our last game I got hit with a baseball, but I walked it off. I hit the winning (rbi).I was so psyched about it Then I noticed we won!!!It felt like we lost because I sort of got knocked out.

19: Kick karate On May 21st when I was 4.I was learning how to do karate with my brother. I was doing fine but my life flashed before my eyes bam my black belt tripped me. I smashed to the ground. I looked like the twin towers collapsing.I thought I died. When I got up I said “I’m in heaven” “no” my mom said. “I am alive” I screamed. That was enough four me.

20: My Doggy One night my dad was taking my sister and I somewhere. We asked where we were going but he only said, “You'll see.” After awhile we finally came to a parking lot. | We stepped inside a humongous, monstrous building. It almost looked like the Denver Zoo gift shop mixed with an area of dogs. We asked the lady at the counter if we could maybe get a dog. Sure enough she said we could. She took us in a hallway. In the hallway there were thousands and millions of dogs. We saw a few we liked, so we told a worker and she took us into a room. She asked which dogs we liked, she went to get them but there was a problem. Most the dogs we liked wouldn't come out of their cages. The first one that had the bravery and courage to step out of its cage into the room we were in we fell in love with. My sister was a baby and she pulled on his tale and he was SO nice he only looked at her and started to walk away. We started to discuss many names but the only name he would listen to was “Jack”. On the way out we stopped by the gift shop and bought Jack a collar, leash, food, and some toys. The next day I woke up to a wet face and a dog on my feet.

21: Jelly Stone I went to the most awesome camp ground ever. My family went to Jelly Stone National Park to go camping. The only thing that was terrible about it was the long drive to Estes Park. When we got there we checked in. We also got to have a tour through the park with this dude named Bob. Bob said that Yogi Bear would raise the flag every day. I used to be scared of mascots so I got butterflies in my stomach. After we set up camp all I wanted to was to swim. After we got our stuff on we went swimming. It was really fun but the chlorine really hurt your eyes. Do you know how your eyes barley hurt when you go to the pool? Times that by twenty. After swimming we ate dinner that my mom made it was delicious. The next day went to see yogi bear raise the flag. I just stayed in the arcade and pretended to play a car game. When I looked outside it was pouring rain. Everyone rushed to the arcade for shelter. It got really crowded. Cars started pulling up to the door. A few minutes later mom can to get us. Dad, Cody and I sprinted to the car. Dad’s socks got drenched. That night we sat by the fire as a family. Dad put his socks on the rim of the fire pit. It was so funny because his socks got BURNT! THE FIRE BURNT HOLES IN HIS SOCKS! We laughed so hard it felt like knives in our sides. Dad screamed , “ IT BURNT HOLES IN MY SOCKS!” Oh Dad, you’re just like Mr. Bogucki. I looked over and saw alight. I looked over again and saw FIRE! Some stupid dude put all the lighter fluid in his blazing fire and kicked the container down the hill and his camp site caught fire. Smart move peanut brain. “Get in the camper!” mom yelled. It took me a really long time to get into the camper. I just stood there for like 10 minutes frozen and to scared to move. Dad got the one use fire extinguisher and ran to the burning camp site. Mom ran to the camp site across the street that was under the stupid guy. Dad saved the entire park by putting out that fire. It was hard to sleep that night. It was our last night there I loved it there but we’ve never been back. Bye Jelly stone!

22: My Secret Song When I was in my moms car I ask my mom if I can listen to the song ‘’I was riding shot gun ‘’. My mom said we can. The resin I wanted to lesion to it because I was writing the song and I wanted to learn sum more about it. I love that song so my mom got me a/an mp3player and she put that song on my mp3player. I lesion to that song ever day almost learned all the words of the song. No one knows I listen to that I song all the time. I'm rely happy that my mom let me play that song. By Jordan

23: The fast dash Car Show On Sunday September 20th my dad Bud, his girlfriend Kay, my cousin Kevin and I zoomed to an amazing car show in Castle Rock. We drove to the car show to see magnificent cars. When we got there we looked at cars and Kay took pictures of cars, and my favorite car was an orange car with a hood that has a picture inside the hood and the picture is a ghost that has swords. When I saw it the National Anthem came on. After that I passed out 2 times because I was hot and then I chugged down water. After that we drove to Taco Bell to have a delicious lunch and then we zoomed to Kay,s mom,s house. By Christina

24: Circus Have you ever been to the circus? I just went last Saturday it was fun. First the lion tamers came out the man had a whip and a chair. And he made the lions stack up on each other and they made a pyramid .But they were in a big cage it was amazing how they did it. It seemed like it was magic. Then it was time for the ice gliders they walked across this rope that wasn't thick. It was thin. They even did it with a stick it was awesome. I never saw something so cool.Then it was time for the motorcycles to go in a steel ball. They put seven dirt bikes in the small and steel ball. Six where going side to side, one was going up and down. That was radical! And then it was time to take a break. My mom bought me a monkey pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Then it was time for the elephants I was so excited! There was a baby elephant and he was so cute. The elephants where standing on these metal things and they were small. Now they did the trapeze. The trapeze climbed up this ladder and swung from a really long swing and did a back flip on to another swing that was cool. Now it was time to go. I got sad and asked my mom if we could go to the circus next year.By the time we got home it was time for bed. I sleep with my monkey and still do from now on. I love my parents just like you do and I had the best dream ever about the circus that night.

25: Disneyland I was on my way to Disneyland bored out of my mind because it took like 2 long days and nights. So when we got there, we ate and saw the wonderful land of Disneyland, because the super awesome fun began. The first ride was the Lightning McQueen track, it was an illusion because you were going really slow but these bright lights made it seem you were going super-fast, I got so scared I was not paying attention and I smacked my head on the cart once it stopped. Then the haunted Mickey Mouse house that had a sign on the fence that said enter if you dare and blood was dripping out the door, when you walk in bloods dripping out the screening window and all you hear are knife stabs and you walk in this door and get your picture taken with Mickey. But then mom said it was time to go so we got on the bus and went back to the hotel. All I said was that was the best day ever.

26: My Fun Trip to Lakeside Last summer vacation my family and I went to lakeside the first thing that we did at lakeside was that we went on a big rollercoaster roller coaster it was a scary. The next thing we went to a game that spins you around it went really fast then I got dizzy. The third fun thing we did was going on a medium boat. The boat was fun then we went again. The forth exciting thing was taking a picture in a machine. The fifth thing we did was that we went on a big train it was fun going on a train. Then it was time to close lakeside so we had to go home and rest. It was fun going to lakeside.

27: I Love to Wrestle with My Dad One morning I ate breakfast. Then I asked my dad if we can wrestle. He said, “Ok.” “I have you in the head lock!” “I body slammed you!” “I head lock you again!” “Hey sweetie pie, do you want to go to mom’s work?” “Yes, ok.” We walked to the car then we left my house to go see my mom.

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