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Mortal Engines: book one

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FC: Mortal Engines by Phillip Reeve | Philip Reeve was born in Brighton, England, and worked in a bookshop for many years before breaking out and becoming the illustrator of several highly successful children's book series in the United Kingdom. He has been writing since he was 5, but Mortal Engines was his first published book. Mr. Reeve now lives on Dartmoor with his wife, Sarah, and thier son Samuel.

1: This is a story of my life, my name is tom, I was a 3rd class historian in London and had a very boring life. I worked in a museum for long hours and was rarely allowed to visit any big events. though one day their was a chase, their hadn't been one in a while so i decided to sneak out and watch. I then got caught and was sent to gut duty. during gut duty I met my hero, Thadeus Valentine. an assassin attempted to stab valentine but I pushed Valentine out of the way saving his life and i managed to get out of the way myself. | Quote: Every goal, every action, every thought, every feeling one experiences, whether it be consciously or unconsciously known, is an attempt to increase one's level of peace of mind -Sydney Madwed

2: after I saved valentine something shocking happened. instead of thanking me or rewarding me, Valentine pushed me down a shaft the assassin jumped through which led out of the city by a great fall to the bare earth! I survived the fall and found the assassin Hester Shaw. Hester and I started to travel together to get back to London. Though I would soon find that Thadeus Valentine, my hero, is not who he claims to be. | USMC | Quote :All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward Ellen Glasgow

3: After a bit of walking on the bare earth Hester and I found a small town to ride on and get a little food through a little payment to the owners. Then as it turned out, the food we ate had something in it that knocked us out. They awoke in a room made of bad wood that had some small holes u could see through. the owner went down to see us, and told us he was sorry, but prey is hard to find now a days so we are going to sell you as slaves. i started to try to pull a plank of the wall so we could escape. when we stopped at the town trading place we made our move and escaped thanks to Anna Fang. | Quote: I HAVE NOT YET BEGAN TO FIGHT! John Paul Jones

4: Anna Fang is a pilot who rescued us from the slavers who tried to sell Hester and I. We didn't have any pay but she flew us away anyway. We flew to a place called Air Haeven were we were attacked by Grike, a stalker. the stalker knew my name and Hester's name. Hester knew the stalker though, Grike was her father in a way. But now he was sent to kill Hester and I but we managed to escape by tacking a London tourist balloon and flying out of their. | quote: A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more then a great deal of money. -John Ruskin

5: Hester and I knew Grike had an airship and would soon be on us within hours. So Hester made a plan to jump out before it hit the ground when it got close to make sure the balloon would rise again so it would be used then as a decoy. They then walked the bare earth again with no food and water and ate what they could find.They then spent the night in a small cavern forged in the ground and survived the day. | Quote: action is the real measure of intelligence. -Napolean Hill

6: when they awoke an airship was overhead. It was Grike.Hester told me to run. I had no other choice and did. then i thought "what am i doing running away". Then i came back were Hester was holding a medal pole warning Grike to stay back.she then swung and it had little effect on the metal man. then a small town drove by and we watched it roll by wondering why it was going so fast. then a second town rolled by and ran over Grike saving us. | Quote: all the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come -Victor Hugo

7: While the town was going by Hester and I hitched a ride on the bigger town by grabbing onto the lower platform deck. we then climbed up to find the town was named Turnbridge, and it was owned by pirates who captured us. We were to be used as slaves by running the towns gut, until Hester realized she knew who the mayor was, someone by the name of Peavy. Peavy remembered her but did not let her free. i then yelled at him, and instead of killing me on the spot he knew my accent and knew i was from London and that i was among the higher classes. he spared Hester and I but in exchange i would teach him manners and proper speech. | Quote: all lasting business is built on friendship. -Alfred A. Montapert

8: Now that i have made it to Turnbridge with Hester we had a save ride. i was Peavy's second in command but i had to be careful about what i said. If i said something wrong Hester and I could both die by the hands of this pirate mayor though it seemed Peavy really enjoyed having me around. he was convinced he had a plan to make Turnbridge a city and he wanted me as his right hand man. he thought of me as a pleasent man and very proper and because of that he thought highly of me, and as long as i played that role out Hester and I would survive here and maybe even possibly have a life here. | Quote: business is in itself a power Garet Garrett

9: Things were going well, though the pirate crew grew uneasy and were losing faith in Peavy not knowing the destination they were heading to, so to ease the crew and keep them happy Peavy told them were they were going and his plan. He told us we were heading to the site of were Air haeven was being repaired, he was in deed correct about were it was and his plan was to attack it and make it his own and use the wreckage of air haeven to either make it his new found city or to use the parts to make turnbridge a new powerful city. his plan was bold and Hester and i knew it was suicide, but if it kept Peavy and the crew happy we would play along. | Quote: anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding Mohandas Gandhi

10: During turnbridge, Peavy's men looked at me in an unpleasent way, as if they were against me and thought less of Peavy for tacking me in as his advisor and manner teacher. In a way though Peavy looked at me as a son. in fact he assumed Hester and I were together and told me that i should break it off with her and even marry his daughter. I denied being in a relationship with Hester because I wasn't. Then i told him that i was all right and wasn't looking for a relationship at the moment He respectfully backed off the situation but every now and then he would mention it. His daughter was a thin normal looking girl. her hair greasy and black with blue eyes and Peavy used her as a waiter pretty much. He would tell her to bring out some tea and clear the plates and other house hold chores. If i got to know her better i might have liked her but i had no intentions on being in turnbridge forever so i avoided making any connections to her or anyone, except Peavy. | Quote: Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools. Albert Einstein

11: Grike's view: I am a stalker, a person who has died and has been brought back as a metal man or woman. they were created in the old times and have been recreated by the city of London. I was the last known stalker until more were created. We were designed to have no feelings, though i do, i am the only stalker who has memories and has free will, the rest are all mindless hunters who only follo orders but I discovered how to give them their memories and feelings back. And now I awake, i feel no pain but i know i have been damaged, I have all my limbs and have barley any enternal damages but i am leaking oil, in my case bleeding. Now i am tracking my prey, I will travel on foot for the sport, and from the scent i can assume they got on the town. The good news is that the towns tracks are easy to follow and i am only a day behind them. it is only a matter of time before i catch my prize, Hester. | Quote: a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination Nelson Mandela

12: End Of Book One.

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