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Moshe's Urban DicSHINary

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S: Moshe's Urban DicSHINary

FC: Moshe's Urban DicSHINary

1: This book serves as a testament to how much we adore our daddy. Over the years, you made us laugh, cry, and scream. Your influence over us extends beyond our shared sense of humor. You shaped the way we see the world by conveying your own colorful and vivid imagery. Daddy, we hear what you say and we know what you mean... | " | "

2: Chapter 1: Film | "Do Something." "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." Source: Quote from the Popeye character, Olive Oil and song from the character, Wimpy | "Tuffins, Tuffins" Source: A merging of the word and sung to the tune of "tuppence" from the Mary Poppins song, Feed the Birds and "Puffins," the breakfast cereal, | "If ever, if ever to be, what will be?" | Source: An obscure version of a lyric from, "Follow The Yellow Brick Road"

4: "Where do you think you are, America?" Source: Tevia, Fiddler on the Roof "Wonder of wonder, Millikan, Millikan; Wonder of wonder, Millikan School; When I was just a Millikan School, that was a Millikan School." Source: Another obscure variation of a song from the musical, Fiddler on the Roof. | Chararter 1: “Who are you?” Character 2: “Shalev” Character 1: “and you? Character 3: “Shalev” Charcter 1: “and you?” Character 4: “Shalev” Character 1: “What, everyboby in the wald is name Shalev? Source: Koonelamel | "Naldoo Naldoo" Source: Line from movie, Midnight Express

6: Chapter 2: Names | "Poopay"” (Bubby) Source: French for Doll.” | "Sean is sleeping." Source: Friend, Sean Origin: From the Hebrew 'Shon' meaning 'Sleep'. | "Is she cold?" Source: Friend, Karly Origin: From the Hebrew 'Kar Li' meaning 'I'm cold'. | "But what are you going to trade?" Source: Trader Joe's market | "Is Matt dead?" Source: Friend, Matt Origin: From the Hebrew 'Met' meaning 'Dead'.

8: "Stork" Source: Herman Berman Company, Van Nuys, CA | "But how are you going to find her?" Source: Friend, Heidi Origin: From the English 'to Hide'. | "Terrie Lumberman" Source: Friend, Terrie Huberman Origins: From the L.A. wood retailer 'Terry Lumber'. | "Got to go to Gotem" Source: Friend, Gotem Origin: not a clue

10: "Bharwadj" Source: Last name of a doctor at Kaiser Hospital. | "Motakzizi" Source: Pops-like cereal. Word comes from the sweetness and sound of the food when chewed. | *Cough* Source: Rabbi Jim Kaufman. Origin: onomatopoeia from the English , 'to cough'. | "Moshabik" Source: Closepins | "Abu Sayoud" Source: An Employee of Herman Berman Co. | "Hypotnussus" Source: Hypotenuse (Found by using "The Theory of Pythagorus")

12: Chapter 3: Road Trips | "Lebec" | Source: Lebec, California Population: 1235 | "Umu. Umu yaulad. Rumba, sumba, umu yaulad" | Source: Arabic for, 'wake up children'.

14: Chapter 4: Teasing/Torturing Children | "Schiky" Source: Dafna's nickname when eating chocolate. | "Show us." Source: Dafna eating chocolate the right way. | "Is the ceiling falling down, or is it your imagination? Let me show you my way"!” Source: The Haunted Mansion, Disneyland. | "I'll eat it for you." Source: Threat of eating your food. | "RIIIIIIGHT" Source: Moshe's response; explicitly demonstrating a lack of interest/understanding in what you're saying. | "I'll give you a quarter." Source: Offer for rejecting invite to dinner or other expense.

16: "To the shower, to the shower, to the shower everyday; to the shower, to the shower, to the shower everyday..." | Source: Shower song to the tune of Oh My Darling, Clementine. | "Mango-bango" | Source: Response to question, "daddy, want me to cut up some mango for you?" | "Go away misurbanim and leave (insert name) alone" | Source: Forcefully washing child's face to remove potential foul mood. | "Hurry up and get dry, we are going to start losing the lights..." Source: Post-shower torture for being afraid of the dark. | "Yeladim Tovim" Source: A Hebrew song sung during shower time.

18: Chapter 5: Excuse to inflict pain on your children | "Chocho" - A series of sweeping, horizontal slaps to the back of the neck. (allegedly inspired by the way a barber cleans the back of one's neck after a haircut with a gentle brush). "Chapcha" - An upward slap to the back of the neck. "Chalibalach" - A dangerous throwing and snapping back of the neck. | "Ya-fa" | Source: Combing Dafna's curly hair forcefully with fingers.

20: Chapter 6: Miscellaneous | "ROTH IRA" | "I can't take you any further than that" | "Doctor Ri-commends" | "The itsy, bitsy akavish, and then the rain is coming" | "Put the SEAT BELL" | Source: What EVERY conversation begins with. | Source: Parking the car at destination. | Source: An attempt at singing the famous child's song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider. | Source: When pleased with a food item. | Source: Just likes to say, "BELL". | "Sa'lach Shabadi" | "Sufferin/Exciting" | Source: Just enjoying the sound of the two words together. | "Booz" | Source: Baby's pout just before crying.

22: "Mike Hammer" "Did you bring Mike?" | "I see what you are saying, but I WISH I knew what you mean" | Source: Referring to a camera, calling it by the television series character, Mike Hammer, played by Stacy Keach, from 1984-1987. | "PUSH the Button" | "Police" (e.g. "Get me the Police") Word for Cup Source: Cup sounds somewhat like Cop. | "Taye" (e.g."Bring me the Taye") Source: Word for Tape Source: El Salvadorian employees' accent. | "The Dragon" 1. An Individual of Oriental Descent. 2. An Oriental-Owned Establishment. (e.g. "...or do you want to go to the Dragon?") | "Cacapoonim" Source: The material that builds up in one's eyes during sleep. | "Tootah" Source: The male genitalia | "Chee or no chee?" | Source: Giamela's employee accent referring to "cheese."

24: "AHEE. AHEE. AHEE. Mya. NGKA NGKA NGKA" | "I'll show you where the fish pish" | "I love spaghetti and macaroni sauce, I love spaghetti, (insert name) loves macaroni" | Source: A merging of an opera and Dom deLuise singing a Chef Boyardee commercial advertisement. | "Remember we agree, it makes you so uptight" | "The Kibbutz" The California Chicken Cafe Source: The setup of the dine-in area. | "CHOSH" | "The Doks" Source: The Dogs | "Tara is Chamfoos" | "You are the Chanzier" Source: When someone is eating. | "I wake up at 5:30 in the morning..." Source: Prelude to defense of own actions or attack on the actions of another.

26: Farts: | "AVROOM" - A heavy, haymaker of a fart, with little to no smell. "YITZIK" - A small, quick fart with little smell. "YOUSEFFFFFF" - A quiet but deadly fart.

28: We Can't Take You Any Further Than That.

29: 2011 Happy Father's Day Daddy

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