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Mother's proud creations her children

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Mother's proud creations her children - Page Text Content

S: Jacqueline M Daigle Bouchard

BC: Mom You are always with us wherever we go

FC: Memories | Our Dearest Mother 1940-2011

1: The Farm Mom was raised on back in 1940. The Homestead was off of Charette Hill Road

2: Grandparents O'neil and Irene Daigle getting the Mail just before heading into the town of Fort Kent | Daigle

4: Mom as a child at the dinner table with her back facing us, Dinner consisted of Ployes, Potatoes, Pork chops, and Beans. The waterglasses were red. Grandfather purchased a phone so that he would not worry about the family when he was in the woods cutting wood. Grandmother would make clothes for all the family and measure one and cut the cloth directly without a pattern. Irene crocheted, embroidered, and knitted. She sent homegrown wool out to be made into yarn.

7: Mom at the door step watching her sister's participate in daily work, playing with her toy dial telephone and mothers sewing basket. weeding the vegetable patch, Mom holding her ear, and seen older as a teen

8: Mom was the 5th oldest child out of 18 | Mom's Father and Mother were entered into the Arcadian Hard Times in 1991. The Farm Security Administration in Maine's St. John Valley 1940-1943 Grandparents Oneil & Irene Daigle photo's back in August 1942 were added to the Stories of Several Family's on how they survived the Great Depression

9: Mom in the front row next to grandmother Irene

10: Aunt Brenda's Wedding Family Photo Ten attended Moms Family consisted of Eighteen Children

11: Our Beautiful Loving Mother

12: Norman and Jacqueline Daigle Bouchard Married on November 28,1964 Mom was 24 years old, Dad was 19 years old

15: Gary,Donna,Terrie & Andrew Bouchard | Mom Delivered her 1st Child Marcel Norman Bouchard on Sept 28,1965 He died at birth

16: Mom and Donna | Mom and Gary

17: Mom and Andrew

18: Mom was always close by, watching Kimmy open her birthday gifts, helping Daniel blow out his candles and holding Kim's hand so she doesn't fall

19: Mom always spending time with her Family is what she enjoyed the most

20: Mom was active with us kids all the time, She's attending An event with Gary's Boyscouts. Mom looked very proud of her son as she smiles when he is receiving a new pin

21: Gary's Confirmation Ceremony at St Michaels Church. Mom is smiling; another proud moment for her

22: When We Moved into 2 Riverwood Court (Toms River) It was the best thing that could happen to Mom. So many memories came from this home from all of us kids and grandkids. Mom adored this home, and was so heart broken when it was time to let it go. Mom never stopped talking about this house we lived in for 10 years. It was great that we all shared this with mom.

24: Enjoying one of Many Christmas with Son-In-Law Billy

25: Whats up with this table; well Mom just loved it; she would sit here more than at the kitchen table | Christmas with Mom was priceless | This is when mom would cook the dinners but Donna was being taught all mom's cooking skills

26: Andrew's High School Graduation

28: Just getting ready to go to work as a Manager at McDonalds and spending time with mom

29: Looking at the photo's in my early 20's Mom and I were close then

31: Another proud moment in a Mother and Father's life is when your children marry, Donna B and Billy SchmidtBouchard

34: When Donna was ready to start a family and have kids/grandkids nothing made Mom happier. Donna and Mom would become even closer

35: Oh Yeah and Me well I was even overcome with joy because I was going to become an Aunt

36: Daniel A Schmidt

38: When Daniel was born and mom would babysit she gave him a nickname right away, it was "Kikee"

39: w | It was a special day when Mom and Daniel met for the first time.

42: A very Special Day For Mom Her First Grandchild Born Daniel Austin Schmidt

43: Every Moment spent with her grandkids she enjoyed and would never stop talking about them even when they left she would still be talking about them

44: Mom in Maine for her Birthday at one of her sister's House | When Aunt Brenda and the Kids came down they always go shopping because they Liked the clothes in New Jersey

45: Mom admiring Daniel Halloween Costume

47: Mom was so happy not just for herself as a new grandmother but for her Daughter's first child - the joy it will bring to Donna and Billy

48: Family holidays and events were awkward for Mom, she wanted to be near her family despite complication of being divorced -Mom would persevere through the uncomfortable feelings

50: As Mom continued the tradition of giving each child a nickname Kimmy was no different, Daniel was called Kikee, and Kimberly was named Kaquette

51: Wow, a Granddaughter, she couldn't wait to hold her, beautiful and precious angel Kimberly Ann Schmidt Born on October 1,1999

52: Christmas with her Grandkids

53: Love to go watch the kids play sports

54: Memere was so happy for Billy and Donna when they had Kimberly as another addition to the Family. She Loved Kimmy just as much as Daniel

55: Kimberly, Memere could not stop playing with you and trying to get you to smile

56: "What are you saying little boy"? Oh how cute Kimberly was as a bunny

59: Mom never got enough of these two - they kept her going and always gave her the will to live

60: It was always obvious what made Mom smile and that was her children and grandkids

61: Everytime Daniel came over to Mom's he always wanted to go to the Pirate Playground; we would be there for hours. She loved watching Daniel at playing.

62: Thanksgiving at Aunt Brenda's House in Maine

65: Mom had so much fun with Daniel, she smiled all the time for he brought so much joy to her life. Taking care of Daniel and Kimberly brought back many memories of her own kids and the cute things we used to do. I would have the opportunity to hear our own childhood stories.

66: Mom always enjoyed going out to dinner with the family for Mother's Day

67: At Granddaughter's Birthday | Mom watching Donna preparing dinner | Mom Loving her first grandchild's baby shower

68: Celebrating Moms Birthday

70: When Donna gave birth to Kimmy Mom was so excited and couldn't wait to dress her up in cute little girl clothes and bows in her hair | Mom couldn't wait to watch Kimmy play with her dolls, She said that Donna and Billy's family was blessed with a Boy and a Girl

71: Mom just could not stop talking about Daniel and Kimberly, They were the greatest joy as a grandmother she received. The Photo says it all, she certainly built a strong bond with this little girl

72: Daniel's Baptismal | Daniels Birthday | Mom's Pride and Joy's

73: Mom never missed a holiday away from the grandkids - she couldn't wait to see them, she loved them so much

74: Mom visiting her brother Ronnie in Mount Pocono's and became very attached to his dog

75: Mom sending the kids off too school | Mom attending Daniel's Boyscout Event

76: Mom always liked going places with Daniel and Kimberly, especially bowling | Mom thought it was fun watching the little ones - She was entertaining as well | She would cheer the kids saying, " come on you can do it"

77: Kimmy sitting with mom | Mom's bird piglet

78: Memere with her grandkids, never missed any Birthdays or Holidays

79: Terrie and Donna preserved Moms favorite rose bush

80: She could never get enough of the little ones like Daniel trying to scare her. Boy did Mom laugh

81: Or Kimberly her little princess; they brought so much joy into Moms Life

82: Watching Donna prepare Christmas dinner | Kimmy, "please don't take my picture" | Memories for a lifetime Mom's favorite holiday -Christmas

83: Always spending time with the grandkids

84: Mom loved her evening stroll on the boardwalk of Belmar, this day Kimmy and Donna joined us

85: Mom was a jersey shore girl all the way ; she couldn't get enough of the beach

86: Emory farm -Blueberry picking was one of many things she loved to do

87: Vacationing with Mom to Niagara Falls Canada | Mom near Daniel while unwrapping his Birthday gifts -she was always near the kids

88: Holiday dinners have changed hands as you can see in the photo Mom is now the one assisting and Donna is the one who has taken Mom's years of teaching to perfection After each Holiday as mom got older and could do less every year it never stopped her from telling me that Donna is such a good cook she doesn't cook as good as me but she definitely has my cooking skills. Thanks Donna for keeping Moms traditions alive

89: What's Thanksgiving Dinner without Moms fruit salad

90: Daughter-In-Law Sunshine Bouchard

91: Andrew and Sunshine Wedding Day | I remember Mom being so happy for Andrew, I did moms hair and Donna did mom's make-up; she looked so good on this day and started crying when she said" my baby is getting married"

92: Mom getting ready to go have lunch. She always loved spending time out with any of her children

93: Mom never asked any of us kids for anything except for a little time spent with her. She always put us kids first before herself. Mom had a special bond with each of us and never made one more special then the other. It was always equally Loved

94: Mom never missed a Holiday with her family. As Mom's children if we never understood how great of a mother we had - well it sure showed a clear message through her grandkids. Mom taught us all that Family is the most important thing.

95: Mom with her little Angel Kimberly

96: Mom would say, "I can't believe how fast they have grown"

97: And say how these two will break some hearts, Kimmy is so beautiful and Daniel is so Handsome

98: Heres Mom pretending to take a picture with Kim's tester- She became scared with Charlie in her face- Avoiding photos being taken "Hey you"

99: Mom always loved watching the kids at their games

101: Her loving sons always kissed her "Hello"

102: Mom could never say enough good things about Daniel especially how handsome he was becoming as a young man, She especially Loved listening to him play guitar

103: Kimmy always had a very special place in Mom's Heart whenever Kim visited mom you could see the instant joy and Happiness she brought to her- Mom always enjoyed the kids sleeping over and playing bingo, cards,and computer games.

104: Another proud moment in a Mothers life is when your Baby Boy is all grown up and is ready to marry

105: Mom was so happy for Andrew on his Wedding Day and she looked Great

106: We were lucky and grateful to have such a loving mother. What she passed on to the both of us girls will be with us forever. We will carry on all of her greatest qualitys. Mom always brought us such laughter especially when we were having a bad day.

108: The Three of us Girls when together had such an amazing time. Mom was a big part of making things better when our lives were not so perfect. This was our Mother.

110: There wasn't any place I wouldn't take Mom in the wheelchair- it did not limit us - we saw everything

111: Mom's Vacation to Washington D.C. she just loved going places - Mom enjoyed going on the night tour bus and learning the history from the guide - This was very special to her because shortly after this trip she started Dialysis limiting her travels

112: This flower bloomed on Mom's Birthday

113: Visiting aunt Pat in the Pocono's | Driving , Mom back home to New Jersey "We had Fun"

114: Mom cherished this photo of her baby sister Brenda Daigle

115: Ma Soeur Jackie was the most amazing woman i knew. Here are some of the qualities she exuded: She was selfless, kind, compassionate, loving, thoughtful, generous, caring, intelligent, highly intuitive, loyal, honest, and she was the best mother, grandmother, sister,aunt,and friend anyone could ask for. She was so comical and had the best comic timing, she always had a great come back and she had the best sense of humor. Oh how i laughed with her. I will miss that the most. She was also a fantastic cook, anyone who tasted her cooking will attest to this fact. I will especially miss her brown sugar fudge. Her greatest loves were her children and grandchildren, she was so very proud of each one of them. She loved them so, every breath she took in her lifetime was for them. She was a very classy lady and simply irreplaceable. R.I.P. my dear friend, my sister.

116: Loving Sisters

118: At Donna's and Billy's For Thanksgiving Dinner

119: Christmas Dinner, was finished Mom on the Phone with Brenda

122: "Terrie, where is the name on this gift"? | Mom still looking for the name, who's is it | Donna in the back of Kimmy looking for a name, Too Funny

123: Harley and Chloe have been additions to the Family as they were both rescued. Spotty was our 1st family dog and he was amazing

125: Mom's Family Moe, Brenda, and Thelma

126: Andrew and Sunshines Wedding Day

128: Two grandmothers who became very close friends

129: WhetherMom was eating in or out she truly enjoyed good food

130: Mom was always excited to do the Diabetes walk in Avon by the Sea for the cause of her granddaughter Kimberly

135: 305 Santa Anita, Saratoga condo complex, This is when Gary and I decided to purchase a place that we can bring mom Home to her Family. Mom was finally happy

141: Mom loved her kitchen so much and I know all of us kids did too, because mom was an amazing cook there wasn't anything we didn't like. We will miss your cookingChef Mom

142: Mom had to try cookingMartha Stewarts turkey

144: Mom presentation of the turkey trimmings, thank god Billy always liked the Dark Meat, there would be little waste with our Family. Daniel sitting next to Daddy

148: This is the best photo ever of the Three of you

149: Never forget your Memere she will always be in your hearts, And she is also a piece of Your Mom

152: Mom would always say that these Grandkids is what kept her going | Daniel you and your sister were Memere's little Joy's

153: Mom loved you playing so keep rocking Kiddo, she's watching you play all the time

155: Memere Little girl Kimberly she Nick-named you Kaquette Mom just adored you so much and protected you mostly because you were the youngest and you could never do anything wrong in her eyes you were so precious to her she enjoyed your beautiful smile and so much more

156: Mom's Piggy Pie ,We have been the only owners since 1990

158: These Photo's were taken by mom's nurse Mike, on her cell phone, She still smiled throughout her own life endeavors

161: One of our many enjoyable Christmas with Mom, it was always exciting in the morning to see all the presents. Mom would always be up late at night, and she couldn't wait to see our faces in the morning. As you clearly see the smiling faces.

163: Why does it always look like Gary has more gifts then we do? Mom always made Christmas special.

165: We would spend hours playing with our toys. Mom was so excited when she got her singer sewing machine.

169: There was always candy canes on the trees. | Andrew still at play, he would ride that scooter all over the house. | Mom never forgot the bows or ribbons on the presents.She would say when unwrapping gifts save those bows.

170: Mom'sFavorite Holiday

172: Mom finally got caught wrapping late hours in the morning. All gifts were wrapped with such love as she made sure every one received. Of Course this Didn't happen until we were Adults.

176: Daniel and Kimberly's Mom as a little Girl

180: Notre Me're Our Mother was the heart of our home Her presence was a comfort and strength She blessed our lives in many ways Through the selfless service she gave. And as we remember the gift of her life All the ways she cared for our family We honor her love and her sacrifice A dedication that was clear for all to see As children and grandchildren we knew we could count on her For she helped us all the time Mother was witty and playful and always giving us laughter And every single Holiday her traditions lent a meaningful touch For she determined to make these times special Building memories for the family she loved And we knew how very blessed we were to have a Mother as wonderful as this. Even conversing with Mom was a blessing For her perspective we knew we could trust More than a mother, she was our protector and friend Who patiently listened and guided each of us...There is so much that our Mother meant to us Only in our family can her true influence be known For she loved us with all her Heart Throughout a lifetime Mother was truly the Heart of our Home!

182: Gary's original Birth Certificate Born in Fort Kent ,Maine October 27, 1966

185: Mom home for the 1st day with Gary and is at Gilberte & Gil Bouchards house. Gary's God Parents were our Grandparents, I guess back in those days it wasn't uncommon. How mom got Gary to sit up like that as a little infant is amazing

186: Norman and Gary at 2 months old. Check out the wedding ring,Norman was happy with his Son

187: Gary 4 months Old

188: Mom playing with Gary trying to get him to smile

189: Now I see a resemblance of Andrew, when Mom would tell us Andrew looked like Gary as a Baby I Never thought so until Now, of courseShe was right

191: When Mom Lost Marcel Norman Bouchard at giving Birth she was mortified but God Blessed Mom with Her New Son Gary Joseph Bouchard and may have put her pain aside so she could move on to the next phase in her life. She looks so Happy

192: Gary's Birthday Mom off to the right looking on, please notice the home made Birthday Cake Mom made. This circle cake will be viewed often

193: Look at those cute curls in Gary's Hair

194: Guess Mom never worried too much about safety in those days- a Stick in Gary's Mouth

195: How Cute is this Gary Feeding Donna

196: Still giving Donna a Drink she must be real thirsty

197: Gary has only one interest and that's mom's Birthday Cake for Cousin Mark Bouchard

198: Mom always avoided the camera even when we were little

199: Gary always busy playing with his hot wheels

201: Gary with his toy guns

202: I Wonder what's so funny

203: First Holy Communion Mom Really Dressed you Sharp Handsome

208: Donna getting ready for her prom and Gary playing around in the background Georgia Tavern Rd, Howell

210: 2 Riverwood Toms River Gary, Mom and Terrie Bouchard owned this house

211: Since the Start of this House Gary never slept in a Bed again only the Couches

212: Donna and Gary were always close | Being the Older Brother and Sister | Two Joksters Mom would always say, We Laughed so much Good Times

213: The Rock in the Family Gary always worked hard for his money and never was selfish, He always provided as the Big Brother, Mom says he'll always achieve

218: Uncle Gary

219: Never missed a Christmas and is enjoying his nephew more as he grows

220: Uncle Gary is the godparent of newborn Kimberly Ann Schmidt

223: My godchild Kimberly is getting bigger I'm not ready to hold her yet she's still too tiny but soon

224: When Gary bought this jeep he told mom that this was the family vehicle.. Although Mom never got to ride in it she was just thrilled that once again Gary's taking care of the family and this could not make Mom any more proud of him. Thanks Big Brother

227: Mom always talked with excitement about Gary and his achievements , accomplishments and all his success that he worked his way throughHigh School learning the trades of carpentry and than became experienced. Instead of his father employing him Gary became his own boss and employed his younger brother and taught him the industry of carpentry along with his father and to later on grow and manage other employees and before you know it Gary became a 30 year carpenter with many trophies to show for it. Mom always said Gary always had good luck, and thank god because he was able to help the family when needed. He has a big role being the big brother and Mom let him know god will do you good for all the good you do.

228: Mom always brought Harley an apple and gave it to him on the patio

229: Mom's way to relax and have some R&R was to sit outside on the Patios at 9 Brenton Ct

233: Mom what you meant to me Gary A Mentor, advisor, life long coach Medical personnel, friend, never would step on toes, gave me all the space i needed as a man!Inspired my soul she lives in my Heart for ever! Always made light of any awkward situation. A woman that was Cool and ahead of her time. She was complex, but yet strong-Not an easy life did she have. Wish we had more time with her. I love her and miss her, She always said"You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone" Boy that's an understated. You know she was with us in the Hospital room That's when I said Good Bye my eyes are full-Nose Running So I'll try to let go! Gary, Love you "Mom"

234: Donna Born December 14,1967

237: Mom Gave Donna the Nickname Nannah

238: Donna as a little Girl spending time with her cousins in Canada at Grandmother and Grandfather Bouchard's Home

240: What was mom thinking with our choice of clothing apparel and Hair cut

244: Donnas First Communion

250: Chaperoning Andrews Birthday Party and getting involved with the Donkey Game

253: Big Sis looking out for Andrew and Best Friend Claire was always a big part of the Family

255: What a "Beautiful Girl" Mom would say and she was right

257: Boy Did Donna know how to smile for the Camera

259: Georgia Tavern Rd, Howell N.J. what a spooky house we lived in, We all got scared often since it was so close to the road with an abandoned house across the street. Spotty got hit by cars many times I'm so surprised he survived. Spotty would be gone for days when hit, but somehow he always found his way back We all loved him

260: Donna As a Teenager, Doing homework and being playful

265: Inshinru Karate Boy did we hate going, but what a good lesson it taught us as we got older we became grateful for the experience.

266: Donna and Billy's first apartment

269: Andrew's Red Bank High School graduation

271: A very Special Day for Our Sister the Day she Married Billy August 29,1992

275: Mom spending time with Donna as she is almost due to have her First child

276: Donna, So insulted that Gary pushed her into the pool, Donna sneaked revenge and paid Gary Back and pushed him in When he least expected it

288: Daniel So Cute

293: Thanksgiving Day at Mom's was always stressful for her because of how fast you had to be getting all the food on the table at the same time and Hot. We found ourselves fighting often around the Holidays;I'm sure our age had a lot to do with it, but when Dinner was done we all came together in peace and truly enjoyed being together together. The Food was always Delicious. Mom always kept everybody in check and said "let's calm down its the Holidays", she also made sure that the entire family were always together to enjoy the Celebration with each other and she knew how to do that with her Excellent Cooking thats for sure. Anytime Mom was cooking no one refused.

297: Kimberly ;So Precious

299: *** MOM*** You were my favorite teacher. You also were (still are) my favorite Chef. Also you are my favorite singer (especially our yearly birthday songs) you would sing to us. My favorite designer & decorator around the home and holidays. She's also my favorite person to chit chat with and just reminisce about just about anything. You were my favorite pastime (Besides my children). Mom, you were and still remain my everything!!! I am so grateful to have had a mother like you, to open my eyes to what gifts of being a mother really means and I'm even more proud to have been your Daughter....All my love, Donna

300: Terrie Marie Bouchard Born May 28,1969

303: Aunt Brenda's Wedding w/ Terrie as her flower girl | Terrie was 3 years old.

304: Mom gave me the Nickname Iey

305: Graduating from kindergarten. Mom always made sure we looked our best!

306: First grade picture. Again mom making our hair so cute with always adding a curl or two.

308: Check out Dorothy Hamill hair do! | Donna & Terrie playing basketball together in grammar school! Fun times..

310: Terrie was not only a sister but a mentor to her baby brother Andrew.

313: High School.

314: Terrie's Graduation... Looking good Sis! | Always was looking out for Andrew....

315: Terrie always had a great love for animals.

316: Terrie was such a Jock! | An athlete at heart, loving many sports

317: Andrew, Terrie, and Donna at our home in Howell. | Jersey Shore Girl

319: Photo to the Left was my Senior Year, Other was me working for a company in New Brunswick as a Receptionist

320: My Lassie,Stuffed Dog, I remember playing with that dog until it fell apart andMom had no choice but to get rid of it Mom said I cried for days

324: Terrie on her first flight!

327: Florida bound!

329: Terrie as made of honor at Donna's wedding! Terrie is such a wonderful sister and I was very proud that she was the one standing by me on my special day!

331: Always loved this picture of sister with baby brother!

333: Aunt Terrie holdingCaity at Donna's baby shower.

337: Aunt Terrie holding her godchild, Daniel. These pictures speak volume. These kids had no idea the kind of aunt they were going to be getting.. One who loved them as much as their own mother did. An Aunt that is so appreciated and loved so much!

338: My God Child Daniel Austin Schmidt

342: My Niece Kimberly Ann Schmidt

349: Me and Kimmy I could never get enough of her, What a good little, girl she rarely cried

352: My favorite photo with Kimberly This was a special Christmas for Kim a Painting of her own to be displayed in her room.

357: Mom what you meant toMe I asked you what am I going to do without you, your reply was" You will be fine", Well you were wrong, Because you were my world. I was too busy taking Care of you to see that, until you were gone. My Mother, My Best Friend, As I grew from a child to a Woman, I observed how hard your life was and could not believe what you endured and overcame. I was so proud to be your daughter in so many ways. My Dearest Mom I'm missing the special times we would spend with each other, shopping, laughing, spending money we never had and laughing about it, going on Trips, Staying up late hours of the Night talking about the crazy world we live in, Watching Movies together with great desserts while doing it. It was no surprise we truly enjoyed sweets as Kimberly would always say Memere you're not supposed to have that, you would blame it on me all the time. Our very many special moments together was what got both of us through the day. I will miss our blizzard storms that we could not go anywhere and homemade soup would be made when I came in from shoveling snow, Puzzle struggles and me saving the day so you may continue to complete them, decorating for you during your Favorite Holiday and seeing your face light up was worth every minute of setting it up, Mothers Day treating you with a huge Garden surrounding your apartment, A safe place for you to live your way without anybodys rules but your own, Sitting at the Beach and taking in the beauty and fresh Air. Speaking French to you In our own way, Coming home to my favorite meals Stuffed Cabbage and Paletta de favre to name a few, Watching you with your grandkids when they slept over and how special you made it for them. These are just a few special Moments of Thousands of unforgettable Memories Thanks Mom I Love You for eternity

358: Andrew Joseph Bouchard Born May 2, 1975

360: Andrew fit so cute on the bean bags

362: Mom always Loved how Andrew crossed his hands and how his hair would curl up in little curls

364: Andrews First Kiss to an Asian - American Girl How Cute

365: Mom gave Andrew the Nickname Ombay

366: Mom went crazy when Dad came home with a dead Rabbit and had Andrew hold it

368: Mom always brought us Kids to Manasquan Beach with Janet McCloudsKids

369: Christmas with Joyce Suglowski

377: Mom didn't go anywhere without Andrew, He made mom laugh the most with his playfulness and jokester ways. Andrew was by far the most spoiled one of us all, Mom would always deny it when we would tell her -Andrew can do no wrong in your Eyes, Mom replied I love you all the Same

378: Mom's little boy Andrew He was so special to her and we all knew why, as he became older he knew for himself that Mom was important to him and over the years they created a strong bond

380: Mom always cherished every Card her Kids gave her especially this one back in 1985

382: Little Tough Guy

383: Uncle Andrew with Daniel and Kimberly

385: Kimberly and Daniel love when Uncle Andrew comes over because he makes them laugh so much kind of the same way he makes Mom laugh

386: Andrew knew how important he was to Mom It showed when they saw each other. He especially became more close to Mom when she needed care. Mom could never thank us kids enough

388: Christmastime at Mom's was always rewarding as far as our gifts we all bought each other lots when we were young

391: Another proud moment for Norman and Jacqueline Bouchard their youngest son getting Married,Mom was So Happy for Him

393: What Mom Meant to Andrew his own words " Mom to me was a strong and tough woman. I will regret not spending more time with her. We loved to laugh together. I love to make her laugh. Mom was a great friend and she will always be missed".

395: September 2011 Mom's Burial

396: Gary Paid a Co-Worker to Build a Special Box for Mom's Urn Andrew purchased a silver plaque with the saying above and the position it was placed at | Mom Your Love and Wisdom Will Forever Be In our Hearts

397: We could not do enough to preserve our Mother's ashes the best way possible, as you see the photo is how it was placed in the extraordinary protective Box so she will never be touched again, we her children were the last to say good bye

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