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Mrs. Moran's Poetry Book

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S: Poetry in Our Voices ~ Mrs. Moran's Class

FC: Poetry in Our Voices Mrs. Moran's Class 2010-2011

1: Me My eyes are as brown as sewer water. My teeth are as white as a blank sheet of paper. My shoe laces are as blue as the sky. My skin is as tan as a tree without bark. My fleece is as black as the night sky. My hair is as brown as a chocolate bar. My pants are as black as a black cat. I'm as fast as a speeding bullet. I'm as strong as Hulk. by: Owen B.

2: GREEN Green is, The spa goo that covers your face, "GLOP!" Green is, A sickness you get on your face, "YUCK!" Green is, Bananas that are not quite ripe, "EWW!" Green is, Brussel sprouts that I do not like, "NO THANKS!" Green is, Cucumbers and they are delish, "MMMM!" Green is, The Lochness Monster a big fish, "COOL!" Green is, A crayon or a big green tree, "WHOA!" Green can, Also be a good kind of tea, "SIP!" Green is, A snake that is scary no doubt, "HSSSS!" Green is, Exactly what this poem is about. "SWEET!" By: Madalynn P.

3: "MY HOUSE" Bang! Crash,clatter. These are the sounds of my house.Whip! "AAAAA!" My clumsy brother fell. SWISH! Clatter. Two plates shattered. BANG! Clatter,clatter. MMM-MM-MM My favorite food. Home sweet home. By:Anish B.

4: Crayfish Heads Crayfish heads, and yes they're dead,plus they're on my fingers.Ten of them. One on each finger. Wiggling like they're still alive. Dogs love them, they think that if they don't have them they won't survive. Think it's gross? Blame my dad,it was his idea. We just did what he did. Grossed out? GOOD. You were meant to be. By: Emma C.

5: By: Sophie G. | My eyes are the color of mud. My skin is tan like apricots. My hair is brown like chocolate And as curly as pasta. My sweatshirt is gray as storm clouds, And my pants as as black as bats. My boots are the color of my curly hair. I'm as gentle as a trained dog and I like to swim as much as a dolphin. What are you like?

6: Friend Frenzy There is Isaac there is Zachary there is Evan, Mathew, Andrew. There is also Max and Liam and they'll always be my friends... Some are crazy some are coo-coo one is crazed about a choo-choo but I hope that they will be there when our journey finally ends...Some of us like baseball and one is really cute.Some of us like tennis and soccer is fun too and I hope that they will always be my friends! By Carson T.

7: Who Am I My hair is as blond as the summer beach.My eyes are as blue as a sky on a cool spring night.My teeth are white like a ghost.My green shirt is as green as a big snapping turtle.My pants are as gray as an elephant with a big trunk. | My shoes have red strips like a really red rose.I am sometime as funny as my little brother.I am as fast as a cheetah. I AM SAM ! by:Sam G.

8: BLUE Blue is an Ocean with Dolphins inside, Blue is a River after Rapids turn it white, Blue is a Lake, a River, a Stream, Blue as water is a LIFE SUPPORTING thing. By Micah B.

9: The Middle Child BOOM! Goes the thunder. EEEECK! Goes my sister. FLASH! Goes the scary lightning. Slap! Slap! Go my sister's feet on the wood floor running to my mom to hide My sister Corinne is nice,gentle,kind,sweet like candy. Afraid of Thunderstorms,robbers,tornadoes,and just plain old scary things. | Her hobbies are singing,dancing, laughing,having lots and lots of fun! Bugging me (sometimes)and don't forget copying me! She is 7 years old and ready for a challenge. Always friendly and always by your side. She's fun, sometimes confusing,in the middle of kids in our family and LOVES school and her favorite color is purple don't forget that. | Has brown hair like chocolate, and it is as flat as a book. It is short but not too short. Has brown eyes that twinkle like the night time stars. Beautiful and wonderful just the way she is. But best of all I love Corinne and she loves me. -Camryn W. | This is my 7 year old sister Corinne

10: god amazing always lasting greater than all. the best but I've never seen him nope not at all what i do know is he lives in the sky hes looking over us right now. he's good he's terrificle. he's god! KELSEY L.

11: I Went To A Los Angeles Lakers Game! They Won Against The Boston Celtics Lakers Won Hooray Hooray Nobody Cares About Winning Or Losing. I DO. By: Joshua D.

12: ME!!! My hat is as purple as grape. My hair is as black as the night sky and as straight as a pencil. My eyes are as brown as gooshy mud. My lips are as pink as the flowers in the garden. My shirt is as dark red like a raspberry. My pants are as gray as the sky when it rains. My shoes are as bright as the sun! By.Ashley Chai

13: Blue Blue is in your JEANS, with pockets and more, Also with the clouds, the up above sky. Blue is IN THE U.S.A. FLAG, Blue is a FEELING, like, to a good friend you have to say bye. Blue is GROVER, and COOKIE MONSTER. Blue is RECYCLE BINS, used to save you! Blue is LINES in your 70 page notebook, Blue is PLUTO,and BLUE WHALES,too! Blue is blueberry pie, yum! Blue is BLUEBERRIES, too! Blue is where dolphins and whale's HOME! Blue is a kind of PAPERS,and MARKERS,too! Can YOU find BLUE? I'm sure you could. I'm sure you could find at least two! Wonsang L.

14: 2 two year-olds I have a little brother and cousin,each 2 years old None of them(usually) don't do what they're told.Trouble is what they always make.Playful and fun,their energy is never done.For at least an hour a day, they nap in bed. A monkey hit my cousin on her head. My little brother like cars ,trucks and trains. One of their favorite foods is cake.They both enjoy rain (if they're allowed to.) BOOM!CRASH!CLINK! Oh no!They just made a big mess!I have to clean it up. They're always so mischievous. My little brother and cousin are always themselves. By Shruthika K.

15: The Beach The beach is were you can do anything! like: Swim Jump Play Surf Run, mostly for all is: to RELAX BUT if you don"t listen to your parents YOU ARE GOING TO TURN INTO A BEACH! BY:Myah C.

16: Red I like red. Red markers, red blood, red crayons, red paper, red fire drills. I like red. Not blue or green or yellow... but red. by: Seamus B.

17: QUINN BOOM CRASH! "Mom, Quinn blew up the whole neighborhood." My brothers is the step brother's devil. He will destroy anything that gets in his way.And here's the thing, he is not even a human being, he is a ferocious reptile waiting to take over. But a brother is a brother so I guess I should be grateful for the one I've got. By: Liam O.

18: COLD COLD WORLD Down in the bowels of Winter you feel very cold As The cold wet snow Drifted Down into your Winter coat And hit your Face.Shivering Into the Ground while you Sit There, lost and have Nowhere to go. you Travel For days and days | And all you get is cold Snow Shoved in your Face. You're Cold and Scared and have Nowhere To go and nothing To eat. You come to a cliff And The only way to find Out If it's the way home is To JUMP! You stand in front Of the cliff and wonder if You should jump or not. You Have no gear. all you Have Is JUMP!!!!! THUMP!! You Land in a pile Of snow, Your face freezes Up and You freeze to Wish you were at Home And having hot cocoa. Then a polar bear jumps Out And...BOOO!! you wake up And figure out it Was all a Dream.Then you go outside And forget to Watch where you're going and fall down A cliff. you're STUCK!!!!!!!! By: Sarah L.

19: Black Black is pencil lead and the frame of my bed. Black is the raven that is dark, and just took flight. Black is a blackboard and computer screen that is off. If you step in tar you won't go far! Black is my writing binder and my jacket. Black is my favorite color! By Josh Z.

20: Battle Field BOOM,PAW PAW PAW!kaboom! Stab Stab,AAAAAAAH!Ding Ding,Boom!Kaboom! Paw Paw Paw!Stab Stab! Ding Ding,AAAAAAH,Stomp Stomp.Those are the onomatopoeias of the army. By: Evan R.

21: MEAN! he pulls my hair(yeow!) she hogs the bathroom(lala) he gets to sit in the front(BOOM!) she has a dog!(arf) he has a kitten (me-ow) she gets in the shower then hogs it for an hour!(crying) he is very mean (yelling) she is very mean(yelling) jordan drives me crazy! casey drives me crazy! by Jordan R.

22: Boom,Boom chh By Josh H. Boom,boom chh I Boom,boom chh Boom,boom chh Am Boom,boom chh Boom,boom chh Josh H. Boom,boom chh Boom,boom chh Blood on your face. You're a big disgrace! Running all over the place.Because we will rock...We will rock you!Boom,boom chh

23: By: Zach S.

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