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MT BYU 08-11

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FC: Brigham Young University | the first three years at Brigham Young University 2008-2011 | enter to learn

1: This picture is the perfect candid photo - when the Wyoming winter sun caught us at our best. | I drove 7 hours to surprise Celinda at the state volleyball championship. (Notice: I am the second tallest in our family in 2008, one year later at General Conference 2009... I'm not.) | What I Value Most

2: Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold. New-made friendships, like new wine, Age will mellow and refine. Friendships that have stood the test - Time and change - are surely best; Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray, Friendship never knows decay. Cherish friendship in your breast - New is good, but old is best; Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold. ~Joseph Parry | Shanna Henderson - Camille Petersen - Mary Teichert

3: Thanksgiving with the Skousen cousins, particularly Jeremiah is always a riot. One of the best FHE activities- whip cream tossing... potentially messy, but worth the risk. Although, when I tried my new found skill at the Cannon, it didn't work as well. | When three pretty girls (aka Katy, Tiffany & Mary) serenade you to the song "You Are My Fire" who could say no to a preference date? Not Jamison Peterson or Andrew & Matt Tyler.

4: The year began with Foundations of Leadership where I met friends who would impact the next several years. The excitement for college and BYU school spirit was contagious. Plus, Cosmo gave me a hug. | The Freshmen | Fall Semester 2008 | Steele Kizerian - Chelsea Rozsa - Aprail Baek - Cami Wilsom - Jeremiah Robinson

5: I had never met so many people before - it was a blast. Hiking the Y (a total of four times - the best being at winter and at night) football games, & California roadtrips were some of the adventures that year | Experience | Bre Roper - Tiffany Rowley - Kevin Gohring - Shanna Henderson - Lucy W.

6: My first college roommate was Charity Kemp (left) & oh the adventures she created! 2nd semester, I shared a room with Beverly Camille Wilson or... Cam Bam (right). Then, Lianna Manibog walked into my life. The top right picture is literally the first time we met. Ultimately, we teamed up with Tiffany Rowley & Katy Andrews. | Hinckley 1100

7: It's called the Festival of Colors - an explosion of chalk at the Hari Krishna Temple when everyone throws handfuls of neon chalkdust to celebrate spring. Lessson learned: If you go, take a both a bandana and goggles.

8: We made traditions : yiking the Y (especially on the last night of the semester) and seeing the lights at Temple Square are a tradition. You just gotta go. | Alaskan Moose: Rick LeCheminant, Dave Gray, John Jensen | Katy Andrews, Michael Andryzsyck, Tiffany Rowley, Matt Tyler, MAry Teichert

9: Winter fun and Rock Canyon Park are synonyms, especially the first week back from winter break when theoretically there is less homework. On those runs guided by only the lampposts, it can also turn into the hidden Narnia. Warning: when sledding watch out for the ditch at the bottom.

10: Brazilian Fiesta | I have a tendency to try new things, including how to dance like an Amazon woman. Plus, I just like to wear feathers. I loved being the only white girl.

11: As the ginormous wave approached us, Mr. Andrews told me to just duck my head and keep going - I swallowed my fear and forged ahead gripping my board. As successively saltier waves pounded down, I almost drowned. I am definitely a land-lubber. But I succeeded in standing on the surfboard. Triumph. | Californian Beaches

13: It was almost surreal when my freshmen year came to an end. I had made so many new friends, especially in the BYU 15th ward. Then we said goodbye and I went home to the ranch like any other summer. I was only left with memories. For instance, when we did the puppet song at the ward talent show - and Lianna steamrolled and got stuck on top. Or how Boz was a solid 17" taller than me. Waking up to see the sunrise up Provo Canyon - which should be noted is actually impossible. These are the memories that never end.

14: Year 2: a sophomore. | 2009-2010

15: The pink banadana was invaluable for locating ... me. Even though I was short it was impossible to lose me. | I started the year the same year as before, at FOL, but this time as a Peer Mentor with Nat Harward. I just didn't tell our group that I was only 3 months older. I realized I love being with people and sharing the things that I love about life.

16: We kept a list in our apartment of all the best feelings, most of which are based on actual events ... and then we wrote the song that never fails to make me happy. | A Best Feelings Day | Mary & Manasseh | Katy & Comet Tiff & Ginger | Singing songs coming back from class | And having just owned a test! | when you laugh so hard, you just can't stop.

17: "I work up to sunshine... Knew this day would be so fine. All the clouds had gone away. It's gonna be a Best Feelings Day!" | You're the Peanut to my Butter | Like feeling sublime at Christmas Time | Or Dancing in a Fountain! | It's insane running in the rain. | Cruisin' with the windows down | Galloping on a horse | and cuddling of course. | Standing on the peak of a mountain

18: University Villa #63 | One evening, after midnight, when the boys were gone and the homework... done - I lay on the floor exhausted. Tiff, Katy and Li were on the couch where the plea was raised, "Mary! Take a picture of us. We are so so cute!" How could I resist? The opportunity was just too candid.

19: Hmm. Tiffany is dressed in Lianna's Women's Choir dress and speedy swim gear. Katy is rockin' Tiffs rollerblades, favorite sweats and Ducky. Lianna is trying to fit into my cowboy hat and mumu. And I'm sporting KT's camoflouge footy pajamas and sunglasses. Only one thing left to say, "With the right attiude - you can rock anything!"

20: BYUSA | Pass the Torch

21: "There are hearts that only you can reach and touch." | Elise May quoting President Uchtdorf

22: I remember vividly the morning Jessica Krewson, the Vice President of the Student Advisory Council, told me she was being tested for cancer and had to leave. She expressed her confidence in me and then asked if I would finish the year in the role as Vice President. Winter 2010 suddenly became one of the most daunting semesters - but one that I cherish. It gave me the priviledge of associating with the Presidency : Elise May, Landon Hansen, Chad Johnson, Kellin Crane, Becca Woolf, Cami Rooney & Lee Adams. I learned that in the strength of the Lord I can do all things. | Student Advisory Council Executive Director to Vice President

23: A Cabin on the Edge of Yellowstone | Every now and then you just have to leave campus and spread your wings where you can see the stretch of the horizon, the glittering stars and breath the crisp air as you fly across meadows on snowmobiles. Thank you Hansen family for providing the location.

24: I've been with Camille Petersen through thick and thin, but I have never seen her as happy as the day she married Dave Johnson. She found her Prince Charming... and someday I will too. | My Best Friend's

25: I decided weddings are a wonderful excuse for a reunion. Plus, when Shanna said yes to Mckay, I got another friend. And for the record - I caught the bouquet (or at least the majority of it...) | Wedding

26: Sincerely | I love singing. But even more I love singing with Breanne Roper and Brittany Hobbs. So much so, that I took Britt's contract when she went to Jerusalem and moved in with Cami Wilson & Natalie Savaage for the summer. Bre is a queen of no bake cookies, Cami can start a dance party anywhere. These girls have a way of finding and making life beautiful.

27: After growing up together since diaperhood, Shanna, Camille Talisha and I are connected by the fact that so many of our memories are the same. Now our paths wander different trails, but it doesn't matter because we'll still come home to Cokeville. Some friends are forever. Maybe you only see them once a year at the Homecoming football game where your younger brothers are playing, or you drive 2 hours just to hike the Logan Canyon wind caves. These girls know a part of me not everyone sees - when I'm with them, I laugh till I cry. | Friends

28: I was so excited when Celinda graduated High School and decided to come join in the adventures of BYU. Things like a flour fight for Eric Davis's birthday or ice fishing at Utah Lake. Lianna was the only one who caught anything, but it was still buckets of fun. Not to mention when we were dying easter eggs and our fingers "slipped" and reappeared multi colored as well. Notice Liann's green thumb.

29: JUNIOR YEAR | 2010-2011 | the rock on the y trail switchback

30: ADVENTURE | Lianna challenged me "Do Something That Scares You. Everyday. And Life will always be an Adventure."

31: IS OUT THERE | Adventure #1: Hike to the TOP of Y Mountain. The best part is when you go around the edge of the mountain and the city disappears. The next best moment is when you crest the north ridge and Mt. Timpanogas is displayed at a bird's eye view. ' Adventure #2: Climb to the TOP of Bridal View Fall's. When Caleb Allred and Robbie Hughes invited me, I didn't realize how literal the word climb would become. The journey to the top required cables bolted to the rock face, wedging ourselves into the crevices, and scrambling up waterfalls where it felt no human had been before. My souvenirs? Two scars.

32: After 3 hours of driving to the Utah Leadership training seminar for university student leaders, I felt like I'd found six friends I'd been waiting my whole life to meet. Sarah Burroughs, Rebekah Coenen, KariElle Thalman, Sterling May, Chris Peterson, Brittanie Steele. They were my support network, my sounding board and the people who put me back in line. They were my teachers and my friends. | BUCOTHMAPESTTE:the new BYUSA Presidency | ULA & Ropes Course | service council

33: For Halloween, we dressed up as the Spice Girls - but Honor Code appropriate. We went and watched Sarah's show Hairspray and then song the songs for weeks. We ate dinner together because that was the only time we could catch up on real life events. I loved Presidency meetings.

34: Adeventure Experience | Build & Inspire Students - Service - Unity | We went to the mountains above the lake. I was so excited to have Jess House & Courtney Neves join me and our coordinator, Angela Blomquist. We were the administration team and it was our job to minister. Jess was an artist and Courtney was a fellow country kid from Wyoming. The presidency's goal was to Build our execuitve directors and Inspire them to serve others. We wanted to create a sense of unity that could extend through the rest of campus. It was a pretty big vision, but nobody will sign up for a cause that can not achieve greatness.

35: One night, I walked in the back door of our cabin and straight into Taylor Veater's room. It must have been fate. At the time, I didn't know her well - but that was about to change. She joined the Administration team four months later and become one of my treasured friends. | Foundations of Leadership | co peer mentor - Kevin Kindred

36: july 2010 | The journey to Nauvoo was filled with the joys of "Corners" and the perils of sleep walking James, but the view of the Mississippi made it all worth it. | Nauvoo Temple | Haying Season

37: august 2010 | Reunited once again, but this time in University Villa #50. Naturally, Lianna was the last one to arrive before the start of fall semester. The special exhibitions of protein and wild animals are for her. | together - we are unstoppable

38: A Football Game - at the Presidents Box | we got to take a visitor with us each time we went. first, celinda came - which was good since she was the only one with enough nerve to approach elder christofferson. Next brigham came. our seats were beyond fantastic. front row and 50 yeard line. but, cheering was...different. how do you yell when general authorities are sitting behind you? Although, I think they liked our enthusiasm.

39: Running the red rock - 186 miles | The General : The Adventure Vehicle | Too cool for schoolers = the 12 crazies who ran through the night in a relay from brianhead to zions - across the mountains and desert of southern utah. My favorite leg was the one at 2:00 am. The stars were out in full force, you could smell the juniper and I ran to the sound of chicadees and pocahontas music blaring from the car. | johnson - whitaker-reber-manibog-lefler-teichert

40: Lianna has an amazing ability to fall asleep -anywhere. She insisted that she wasn't asleep... she was just resting her eyes. But we have proof. Notice the various positions of sleep. Justice came when Katy fell asleep. | Roadtrip to

41: People ask what I do for fun in a small town. I have to reply that I have never been bored. Between watching football games so close you are practically on the field and Navajo Hoop Dancing in the living room - life is exciting. | Wyoming

42: Livin' Life | The game of haybale tag included an epic climb to the top - 3 layers high. Even more entertaining, was watching Lianna overcome her fear of heights and jump down. Emma helped to show her how so she wouldn't be so scared.

43: Wyoming Style | Previously, Tiff had been bucked off of Meeko and when Lianna climbed on Arebi , he almost sat down. So this time we put them on Tad and things went much better. Katy just wanted to gallop. I think my favorite moment was watching them open the gate...

44: Caroling? At Midnight?! | PS. Wear your Footy PJs | When Katy opened the birthday package from her mom to reveal 4 pairs of matching footy pajamas- we almost died of laughter. Little did I know how much they would be used. That very night we went caroling. By the time we returned - I was so tired that I fell asleep on the counch and woke up there the next morning. Katy tucked me in.

45: ACCOUSTIC EXPLOSION | Making it into Accoustic Explosion had been on the roommate bucket list for 2 years - including one failed audition before we made it. We began with a cover of Love Bug by the Jonas Brothers, then a medley of Love Songs we'd written and wrapped it up with Best Feelings Day. I still have the CD we recorded at one in the morning.

46: I don't even remember what started it. Possibly the purple milk and green ranch dressing. Or it could have been the front door packed with snow. Next came an apartment covered in cardboxes and windows layered with gummy bears. Christmas trees in the bath tub flyers advertising a hopping dance party. It took creativity to a new level and a lot of Sunday "truce" dinners. | Prank Wars | the culprit and the victim : apartment 57. scott porter, austin taylor, aaron thomas, josh sykes. | apt 50 + avery barrett

47: How do you describe snowshoeing? You almost like a duck... but its worth it because it takes you to the snow filled meadow at the top of Big Springs. And of course its more of a massive snowball fight than a hike. | & Snowshoeing

48: surfing round two was much better - even in february | California Roadtrip | The original game plan had been to surprise Lianna in California for her birthday Presidents Weekend. That idea was killed when a snowstorm trapped her family in Fresno while we were in San Francisco. So we (Jenny, Katy, Tiff n me) decided to do all the free things we could. Buddhist temple, Planetarium, Hollywood hike ... and the beach, naturally.

49: 10 hour carride theme song : cowboy take me away | while we were in the streets of LA, I turned around and suddenly a big man in a green suit was standing behind me. realizing I could have been mugged, I decided I should stay in the country.

50: BYU Luau 2011 | When Ceinda and I showed up to learn the Poi dance with the Aoteaea or New Zealand section, our teacher asked us, "Now- where our you from? You kind of look Polynesian... but kind of not." When we told her Wyoming - she just looked more confused. Want to see a good pukana? ask celinda | the only white girls: mary, celinda, mindy, laurel

51: Festival of Colors | Katy had never been before, so we decided to join in the fun. And it was great fun - until Jenny Gibbons got a concussion. | before... | after...

52: hey guys! what if we all stretch?! | christmas exchange | taylor had a great idea - coldstone on the table. incredibly messy and amazingly delicious.

53: Just a Get Away | scheduling a 4 hour window when 7 busy students can all meet at the same time is harder than pulling teeth - but it was worth it. | i learned that courtney has sensitive teeth... he can't bite into sammy's famous pie shakes

54: the girls | three SAC vice presidents | Bro Cox: a man among men | the administration team | Because I Knew You... I have Been Changed . For Good.

55: Pass the Torch | The Passing of the Torch is a transfer of the vision and the responsibilities from one presidency to the next. For me, it meant saying thank you to the leaders who had mentored me and saying goodbye to the many friends who had shared the road.

56: I met Matt Smith when he offered to drive me home from church. It was all down hill after that... Literally, when I took him up on his offer to go snowboarding for the first time in my life (note: i am a skier) I didn't realize how much I would tumble down the hill while perfecting my S curve. I was also pleasantly surprise by how much I enjoyed it. | WINTER

57: ADVENTURES | We went to the BYU 27th Ward Oscar's Night as... ICE, WATER and FIRE. | Note: Want an exceptional view... Lie down upside on the Y... | All three of my wisdom teeth ... gone.

58: The best part of BYU was having my best friend, also known as my sister, there. I'd always find notes she had written me either in Arabic or in mirror writing. Celinda was the official fifth roommate in my apartment. | The "Y" book was full of traditions and picture opps. Celinda and I did almost all of them in that last week. We ate at J-dawgs for a study break (or met up to study in the maps section) Or, my personal favorite - take a pictures my the best statue on campus. Massasoit. | Finals Week...

59: ... or The End | Ever since I was a freshmen, I had wanted to take a picture by the Enter to Learn - Go Forth to Serve. I know everyone does it, but to me that statement defines BYU. It was the last thing we did before leaving Provo.

60: "The good thing about being a rancher is that you have a great office." Dad | I had forgotten how hard the work is... and how much I love it. The pace of life slows down, leaving room for only the most important things. Janetta and Emma had a weekly farmers market. James and Brigham would sleep at the range just to watch the cows. Celinda and I did all of the inbetween jobs - the irrigating, haying, cattle moving crew, etc. And Mom and Dad kept us all together. That is what I love most. That I'm together with my family all the time. We play together, eat together. work together. | Another Cowboy Summer

61: "We should just live on the range. Its so peaceful here. I just want to live westernly." Emma | I won't forget the morning when Brigham and James called me. "Guess what we ate for breakfast?!" Rattlesnake. The rule is : you kill it - you eat it. Fortunately, it tastes like chicken. Unfortunately, there are way too many of them, sagebrush and ticks out at the range. While doing climbing through the brush doing range monitoring, I think I was bitten by every bug that bites. But that didn't matter when I saw the golden eagle takeoff. | Living On The Range

62: "Clearly, I am a better hay bale stacker than you." Celinda | Dinner is amazing at our house. Not only is the food homemade and homegrown, but the stories we tell (and the accompanying volume) are exceptional. However, when its German Pancakes for breakfast - no one is talking. All focus is centered on ensuring that there is still some apple pie filling left for round two. Our mom is a saint.

63: "Are you done counting grass at the range yet?" Janetta | The 24th of July Celebration is anticipated all summer long. The day is packed. 5K run, parade, program, barbeque, rodeo. My friends, Jenny Gobson, Tiffany Rowley and Emily Orton all came to see our small town holiday. This year, Elder Snow come with Elder Perry and encouraged us to be pioneers and to "be the giants so that others can stand on your shoulders." | Pioneer Day

64: Family Vacation | horses: sonny, slick, meeko, tad, leo the black mare ahkbar/too tart mule; gus/sweetheart | The most adventurous ride was through the willows down Hobble Creek canyon that Celinda, Brigham, James and I took. While our parents drove the vehicles over the mountain and around - we rode our horses down the canyon. Definitely a short cut.

65: Lake Alice | On Horseback | I woke up at 3 am when Emma crawled in Moms sleeping bag. As I opened my eyes my thought was, "Whoa. Milky Way!" The sky was lit up by the jewels of heaven. I wished I could sleep with my eyes open.

66: The Hill Cumorah Pageant | Niagra Falls - with the Avery Family | My companion- Sister Jessica Moose | My other companions- LeaAnn Tuschling and Kendahl Avery

67: There are so many stories to tell. When Kendahl told my I should apply, I didn't know what I was getting into - I didn't think it would change my summer. I was a missionary for 3 weeks, telling the stories of the Book of Mormon. The gospel came to life. We visited the Sacred Grove, and Clayton Avery drove me back from Niagra falls so that I could go to the Palmyra Temple. I met some of the most incredible people and made memories that will last a lifetime. Would I do it again? In a haeartbeat. | July 2011

68: Laman and I | Cast Team S6: Jayden,Heather, Michael, Nichelle, Brenden, Kirsten,Jordan, Jessica, Nathan, Mandy, Jared,the Buckners and Pelos. We were all in missionary mode. The boys had just recently returned from their missions and 3 of the girls had our calls. And we never ran out of chocolate.

69: My cousin - Elder Teichert. | I was a Lamanite Campifire Dancer during the last battle between the Nephites and the Lamanites. It added a new perspective to the Book of Mormon. Each night as I lay dead on the stage listening to the exhortation of Moroni encouraging all men to Come Unto Christ - o how I wanted to repent and be clean.

70: Logan Temple June 7, 2011 | "I love to see the temple. I'm going there someday. To covenant with my Father. To promise to obey." The day was made complete because all of my grandparents were there.

71: "For the temple is a House of God. Where we are sealed together. As a Child of God, I've learned this truth. A Family is Forever." | My Family August 7, 2011 | Every year, my mom insists on two things: a family vacation and a family picture. A place to make memories and a reminder to hold on to.

72: April 22, 2011. I could barely open the letter my hands were shaking so bad. "Sister Teichert: You have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." That is when I started to cry. I had to blink to read - Italy Rome. I couldn't believe it. In three weeks, on August 31, I will enter the mtc and start the next chapter. I am so excited to serve and come to know and love the Italian people. | Italy Rome | Called to Serve

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