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Muse 2013

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S: Muse 2013

FC: Muse A Literary and Arts Magazine

1: Muse A Literary and Arts Magazine

2: Mauldin High School School District of Greenville County, Ann Miller, Principal Volume III, Number 1

3: Raised to Become One The newborn baby was welcomed home. Mother was joyful, Father was proud. Sister had a new playmate around. The baby felt secure with no harm allowed. The baby became a toddler. Mother was busy, Father was excited. Sisters became very united; The toddler was very delighted. The toddler became a juvenile. Mother was stressed, Father was gone. Sisters could never get along. The juvenile's friends kept her strong. The juvenile became an adult. Mother felt relief, Father returned. Sisters needed each other to learn. The adult became independent and discerned. The adult became a Mother. Mother was joyful, Father was proud. Sisters rejoiced and had something to share about; The Mother was glad to have a newborn baby around. Glory P.

4: Excerpt from “The Sleepwalker” Everybody’s asleep. Good. Even though I had asked my brother to watch TV with me, he chose to go to bed for his “big day” tomorrow, whatever. I like being alone anyways. When we first moved here, I could never fall asleep before midnight, so I gave myself an excuse for actually staying up late and I started watching TV to keep me up. It became a habit, so now I choose to stay up as long as I want. I go to the kitchen and get my usual nighttime snack: fruit rollups. And wait until 1 o’clock, when The Legends of American Homes is on. I sit on the couch, throw a blanket over me, and turn the TV on. The program started. The introduction used to terrorize me because of the eerie music and that one image of a corpse behind a mirror they show, but now I’m used to it, and I refuse to mind it. The narrator starts by giving a background on the legend. Usually the stories are common and predictable, something like: somebody died and now their body haunts the house, or a family bought a home with a cemetery under it without them knowing, and then the homeowners heard screeching and pounding on the floor at night. For some reason, I guessed this story was different. It was about a very old house, almost five decades old. He talked about this foreign family, the Kudos, how they bought the house for their winter vacation and visited the home every winter season for about three years in a row. I always wondered, how do they know all this information about the people and what had happened to them? The dim voice of the narrator continues: “the family’s little girl, about eleven years old, was known for staying up most of the night, and wandering around making a mess. Her favorite place to play was up in the attic.” Big deal, my brother and I used to play up in the attic too, until we moved here. “One year, in 1962, the little girl mysteriously disappeared. The family looked for her everywhere. They didn’t make a big deal out of it, since the girl was always fooling around. But after a while, the family got the nearest neighbors involved, but they did not find much. Nobody knew where she had gone to, so they expected the worst had happened. The grief-stricken Kudos left their home and were never seen again. But something they did not know was this: their neighbor’s grandson had gone up to the attic two days after her disappearance, and he found a letter the girl had written the day she went missing.” Now this is interesting. I finished eating the last bit of my fruit rollup, and got a pillow to make myself more comfortable. I heard a noise upstairs, but I figured that it was my father doing his usual night check-up on us. “The young boy could not read, so he gave it to his grandfather to see if he could read it, but it was written in a foreign language, so he gave up. Even though everybody thought the little girl was dead, the neighbors claimed that they could see her looking out through the attic window, and sometimes just standing out in the front yard. This incident became very famous, but then died down. We now know that the letter was written in Latin. And it is currently on display at Springfield’s Library.” Springfield’s? Isn’t that the library across town?

5: They showed a picture of the family, but you could barely see it because it was so old. Then they showed a picture of the little girl before she went missing, staring out the attic window. Her gray eyes and her sharp look made me feel uncomfortable. She was just staring, reminded me of the Mona Lisa, staring at me. I could hear the narrator’s monotone voice in the background: “The house had been vacant for 5 years until the neighbors decided to sell the house. But in the winter of 1968, when house inspection came, cursive unintelligible words and signs were found scratched in a corner of an attic wall. There was one word scratched under the attic window, and the only one understood in plain English, and that was the name of the little girl- Alma.” Alma. That name sounds familiar. I’ve seen it somewhere, recently. I remember thinking about it. The narrator continued: “The neighbors realized that the figures they had seen from Alma were indeed her, and they thought she was still alive, but hiding somewhere. The toys and knick knacks Alma used to play with were stored in a big treasure chest, and remained in the attic. House inspectors decided to remodel the house and sell it anyways, and with that, the legend was closed.” One final picture of the house was shown, but this one had better quality than others. It was dated 1970, and by that time, other houses were built around it to make it into a neighborhood. A picture of the house with a “for sale” sign in the front yard was shown, the house number was 204. Somehow, that picture looked familiar. Not the picture itself maybe, but the scenery, and the homes. I recognized those Victorian style houses; I recognized the colors and the driveways, and the huge trees behind them I know that place. That image stuck to my head the way the fruit rollups stuck to my teeth, I thought I was going crazy because I was tired and started seeing things. I went to the kitchen to get some water. For some reason, I decided to look out the window. It was dark. I lay back on the couch, and continued watching. I took a sip of water, and all of a sudden, I realized: It was this neighborhood! That explains why everything looked so familiar, and the houses and trees and the attic! And my house number is 204! This could explain why all the houses in this neighborhood have basements instead of attics...all of them except this house. Something about it being the oldest one. The attic of this house was covered with wood and paint a long time ago so nobody could ever go up there. My dad said that it was even prohibited by the police for us to go up to our own attic. Something about safety he said, but I didn’t believe him. I know I’m going crazy. Maybe I should just go to sleep. I do have a reputation for being gullible. Is it a coincidence? No way. But I'm starting to doubt myself. I started looking around my living room like a mad woman; like if I was trying to find a dead body. I managed to scare myself, but it all made sense. I wasn’t even paying attention to the TV anymore. I wrapped the blanket around me, as in making it a shield protecting me from something that I didn’t even believe. I held it so tight my hands were hot, and they hurt. Doing all that made me even more scared, and then I heard footsteps coming from behind me. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was about to scream- “Turn off the TV sweetie; your brother’s got a big day tomorrow.” It was dad.

6: I looked into his eyes. They were nothing like the little girl’s. His eyes were a pale blue and very big, which gave me all the comfort I needed at the moment. He grabs me by the shoulders while I was still not willing to let go of the blanket, and walks me to my bedroom. I run to my bed, all those images still haunting me. Was it really in this house or am I just imagining all that really occurred? Does that house even exist anymore? I have find out what happened next. All I have to do is find a way to go up to the attic, just to make sure. I’m not going to sleep anytime soon; all I have in mind is getting Alma’s letter the day she disappeared. Glory P.

8: Only A Few Feet Away This is where you are, And this is where I am. Only a few feet away from each other. Will we ever get closer? It takes work commitment. Would you be willing to step out of yourself? For the one you love? I would. I do. I want to. Sometimes I wonder if you think of me, Outside of here. Outside of class, outside of school. Do you? My love for you hit me like a train. I tried ignoring you because you confused me. I did not know that you were testing me. To see what I would do. If I would make an effort. I can, and I will. I don't know how, but I will. If no opportunity presents itself, I’ll make one. I barely know you, But I already know that you're the one I want. The one who can balance me out And the one I can support. Call me silly, call me crazy, But I love you. Daveon Young

9: A Few Steps Sometimes the path is unclear But you must keep taking steps. Take each step with confidence and poise, especially if the step is in ruins. We all have our deteriorated steps, so it is important to get past them. The stone steps will lead you someplace. Someplace, someplace full of grace. We will all have our happy ending. Ivana H.

10: There once was a young man Who was fighting in Iraq, Until there was a bombing During a surprise attack. His funeral is tomorrow And we must be his shield To save his family from the sorrow Of what the enemies’ wield. It is not that of a weapon, They hurt people with their words. We will not let them in; Their voices will go unheard. Full of pride we will be Protecting those we care and love But the enemies’ eyes do not see What there is to be proud of. | Standing Strong

11: There go the protesters Holding up their signs. Full of hatred is their curse. We too must speak our minds. We all shout “Go away now! For you are not wanted here. All of you must take a vow, And we really are sincere. Everyone must make a promise To not judge those who are different. No matter what their interest is You do not need to torment.” There we’ll be, hand in hand, To create an eternal wall. We will all stand strong and We shall not fall. Full of pride we will be Protecting those we care and love But the enemies’ eyes do not see What there is to be proud of. Sarah S.

12: Lost and Found Sometimes I tend to wander off, into a world where I lose myself. Not just who I am but what I stand for. I open a door to new opportunities new beginnings awake me and I tend to lose who I used to be. Not purposely, but carelessly I get lost. Then, I look around and I see a reflection of me and I realize I'm not lost, But rather just missing. Daja J

13: Escape Maximum volume Bass booming Music blaring As the tears silently stream down her face And the music carries her away | Ashley J.

14: Dignified Dignified I am Dignified we are Yet together as one We all sin | McKenzie S.

15: Pamela Gonzalez

16: The "Normal" Girl She wears high heels and make-up I wear cowboy boots and mud She drives a little car I drive a big white truck She dresses in skirts and bows I dress in wranglers and belt buckles She has a pair of fancy sandals I have a pair of spurs She wants new clothes I want new tack She chases boys I chase cows She paints her nails I polish saddles She works in a store I work in a barn Shes just a normal girl I'm what they call a cowgirl -Kaitlin T.

17: Wishing For a Brighter Tomorrow She cried Not because of her sorrow, But because her abundance of bliss She couldn't spread Far and fast enough. -Courtney M. Peace in Bloom Perfection radiated From the yellow pedals of the blossom That signified all things beautiful. -Courtney M.

18: Sitting on the Beach sitting on the beach the sun shining the wind blowing my feet in the sand the waves washing over my shins looking airplanes carrying signs that say, "Lisa, will you marry me?" or "Eat at Joe's Crab Shack" it's a happy little paradise sitting on the beach -Ali R.

19: Learning the Reality Years sitting through classes. Absent mind as the teacher drones on. History hasn't changed, what's done is done. Thinking now, the meaning has grown significant. Never again will it be a boring lesson. The past impacts the present, the present changes the future. Though human kind is striving for perfection, violence is the deepest threat. The strongest weakness, the darkest future. As many have said, even for different causes, it's time for change. Before we regret what we've become. Christina C.

20: I'm just really ready to give up. My glass has never been half full, It's always been half empty, The glass is Me and the water inside is my will, The water becomes less and less slowly but surely, Constantly evaporating. The water is dry and lacking substance, It lacks that special something that makes it soothing, powerful, refreshing and strong. The glass is bright and it gleams, seeming strong and dependable and although transparent you can't see what's inside. Cracked, tarnished and weak from use and not nearly old enough to be so. Broken from mistreatment, Soon the glass will shatter, And all the water will be, Nonexistent. -Sydney S.

21: Monica Green | Move on | The morning sun rising high, the skyline plastered against the shadowed mountains, driving along the on-going dreadful highway. The car stacked high with useless junk that you know won’t need, but were insisted to take it by your aunt Eileen. Grief stricken, your eyes puffy and nose a bright shade of red from the heart-breaking goodbyes earlier that night. Feeling a tight scrunched up churning pain in your stomach. Wondering how you will possibly be able to cope away from everyone you’ve grown up with. The friends you are abandoning. You wonder will they even miss you. Will they remember you years from now, when they are just lounging around in a bar, and you’re not there with them. You knew secretly this will happen; that you would become nothing more than a faded youthful memory. Nothing will be ever be the same again. You know this. So why are you crying? This was expected, the moment you told them you’d be going far, far away. You will move on, as everyone will stay frozen in place.

22: Sally and her mom found 5 dollars, so Sally begged her mom to take her to the mall. Sally wanted to try candy for the first time. Sally's mom took her to the mall the next day. When they walked in Sally immediately saw the candy store she was gripping onto the 5 dollars like it was her life she was holding in her tiny little hands. She was letting her true age show for the first time in years. Sally enters the candy shop excitedly thinking her mom was right on her tail. The only thing is her mom wasn't. Sally was completely overwhelmed with all the candy in the tiny candy shop. Her mouth was getting watery. "Oh my Candy!" She said while visiting each stall. The cashier just smile at Sally. Sally grabbed dozens of candy and put them in separate bags. so she can get more of the same kind later. She filled the bags almost completely full. Then she happily walked to the line to buy her candy. Than she smelled burning, than the fire alarm blared throughout the mall. The cashier's face was full of terror as he darted out the door. Sally didn't know what to do so she ran out of the candy store looking for her mom. The only thing is Sally couldn't see through the smoke. Sally ran towards the fire when someone picked her up. Sally screamed "MOM!" She just kept screaming for her mother unable to get out of the strangers arms. The stranger finally put her down in front of a medic to make sure Sally was okay. She wasn't paying attention when the medic spoke she was looking for her mom hopping she got out of the mall. Sally overheard someone say that everyone is out of the building. Sally started weeping rivers. She lost another parent. Sally soon regretted finding the 5 dollars, she regretted begging her mom to take her to the mall. While she was crying a river she thought she heard her name by her mom's voice, she recognized it because when her mother cries her voice cracks, "Sally!" Sally looked up to her caller and saw her moms rags she was wearing and dirt on her face. Sally got up and ran to her mother engulfing her into a hug. "I love you" Her mom said in her ear. Finally Sally was reunited with her mom again. Tabby F. | Lost

23: Water Water is quiet Depressing sounds like No one there to see | Tabatha F.

24: Hannah Pringle | Jane | The last time I saw her, she was a young girl of three or four years. She was in love with me, and took great care of me. I went to every store with her, and I mean all of them. I loved it; those were the best times of my life. But now, they are over. She has no more love for me; I doubt she even knows who I am. She doesn't even think of me anymore, afraid that she will be made fun of if she talks to me or brings me into stores, now that she is twelve. And so, I am locked out of sight and left up here to be sad, with only myself for company. She thinks that she can block me out and that I will be gone, just like that. Well that is where Jane is wrong. I will always love her, for she was good to me. Once. I know that I am not to be thought of, not to be seen, not to be heard of at all. But I do not care. I will still care for her and love her. I will keep her in my thoughts, and keep her safe in that way. I know that I am just a toy bear, full of fluff, but I am also full of love for the dear girl that once loved me.

25: You and I | You and I are my two favorite letters. You and I both sound good together. You and I will be there wherever. You and I would be there forever. You and I will always be the same. You and I will never go ahead and change. You and I we can go and change the game. You and I. That should have been our names. You and I are like the Sun and the stars. You and I are like the Earth and Mars. You and I sometimes rise an fall. You and I are still today and tomorrow. You and I both take every chance. You and I should be more than friends. You and I both never pretend. You and I will be together in the end. | Mike Dean

26: Hide The crunch of rotting, dry leaves seemed louder at night. She tried to tread the forest floor quietly, but every step made her wince with failure. Nonetheless, she wanted to stay hidden. Knowing her time was coming to an end she searched through the smothering darkness for somewhere to rest. Her exhausted eyes land on a hollow log, probably rotted from years before. Falling to her hands and her knees, exposed by the holes covering the fabric of her jeans, she crawled into the snug space. Barely able to fit, even being as small as she was. The hiding place was uncomfortable, but it was safer than running through the woods. As her breathing slows, becoming normal, her eyelids begin to flutter. Letting out a small groan in frustration she grips the handle of her flashlight tighter, wishing she could use it to identify her surroundings. However, she knew that the contrasting brightness would surely give her away in the eerie dark. Her thoughts soon take over, distracting her and breaking any attempts at being aware of her surroundings. She isn't sure what time it is, but the darkness doesn't seem to be changing. Maybe a subtle change, maybe it's darker. Her thoughts of time and light scatter as the telltale crunch of leaves, the snapping of twigs, echo through her tiny safe haven. Her legs slowly curl to her chest, she can't be seen. Realizing that she should have tried to run, her heart beats wildly. The steps sound closer, she knows it wont be long. Looking out of the hollow log, a beam of light can be seen, moving across the ground as a spotlight, searching for her."It's too late, I'm done for " She whispers as the mud covered sneakers and the too bright light come towards her. A deep laughter covers the sound of her shallow breathing as the sneakers stop at the end of her log. The flashlight drops to the ground and large calloused hands reach for her. Long fingers wrap around her ankles and she lets out a shrill laugh when she is pulled out of the dirty old wood. When she is free the hands let go, reaching this time for her own hands. She grabs then, using them to rise off the ground and stand before Mason. “You look hideous” he whispers with a smirk. She looks down at her dirt stained clothes, illuminated by the flashlight still on the ground. Shrugging she pulls out her own light and turns it on, “Come on, let’s find the others.” Christina C.

27: Deepest Fear A darkness haunts my memories, showing the truth of past smiles. I wonder how no one understood, that all of my happiness was fake. Tears turning to laughter, as I would realize I wasn't alone. Eager to hide the mess I've become, eager to avoid the questions. They would surround me otherwise, easily choking what little glee I'd summoned. I learned to hide my true emotions, no one could tell the difference. I didn't have answers, I supposed I never would. Then the darkness left, turning my sorrow to joy. I'm terrified to become her again. The girl that haunts the nightmares that used to be my reality. Christina C

28: Christina Crocker

29: It Hurts It hurts, I hurt so bad, All I wanna do is go, Go for forever, I wanna say goodbye, I wanna give up on life, On this messed up family, On this messed up school, I wanna give up on myself 'cause I'm the most messed up of all, I wanna feel my hurt, I wanna bleed it all out, But I can't, I can't because there's a slim chance someone might actually care and miss me, Probably not, But a girl can dream? -Anon

30: Perspective Needles, drugs, and pills, “You shouldn't do drugs, they're bad for you” is what people say to her. She rolls her eyes and walks away. People are quick to judge and talk. She listens and wants to disappear. She wants to escape this awful reality known as her life. Another prick, another doctor, when will this ever end. Evil glares and rude comments. “Are you on the patch?” they ask her when they see her arm. She grunts and curses under her breath. She sits in her room and the tears silently roll down her cheeks. She whimpers as she tries to wipe the tears away but they just won't stop. No one understands the pain she's in, everyone assumes the absolute worse about her. But in reality the drugs and the needles are her lifeline. She's not a druggie like the strangers think, she's not a smoker trying to quit. The patch on her arm is her insulin pump and the needles and drugs are her medicine for her diabetes. Truth is things aren't always as they seem, and not everyone is what you may first judge them to be. | Ashley J.


32: 50 First Dates This love story isn't a typical one, what this boy does for his girl can't be fun. He meets her in a diner and instantly likes her, he'll flirt but the next day she won't remember. She got in a car wreck that damaged her brain so without knowing she repeats the day again. The boy treats every day like it's the first time, trying to steal her heart like it was a crime. This girl never remembers two days in a row, but she falls in love with him each day like she knows. The boy got the girl by working hard and by fate, though she'll never know this is the 50th first date. -Ali R. | In the midst of purple shadows Waves crash before me And butterflies flicker over and through trees Revealing their soft-spoken beauty. The gray wolf sings its song To the moon with perfect tune and melody. I skip through the meadow, Flowers grabbing at my bare feet, To the river where colorful fish swim up to greet me. The bridge falls, Butterflies turn to bats, And the wolf becomes ravenous. The world as I know it is ending. Sarah Statom (May/may not use this poem) Nature picture?

33: Hannah Pringle | Tragic? | Hm. Seems I lead a tragic life. I was pulled away from all of my friends back at the patch. I was eviscerated, my insides cooked and eaten. Some teen jammed a knife into my face as his little brother cheered him on, making my insides plain, for all to see.And now, I am outdated, expired. I will be left alone, to rot and to cause all to wrinkle their noses at my stench. I am utterly forgotten and abandoned. The only time I am mentioned is when someone berates me for my offensive odor. But, at least I brought joy to this world for a while. Though it hurt me, the teenager seemed to enjoy my mutilation. Little children dressed in costumes delighted in my hollow glowing insides. And maybe that makes it all worth it. Maybe, just maybe, my life isn't that tragic after all

34: Weakening the cherry trees Intense chills invade No more flowers can be seen past The wicked grin of Jack Frost Everywhere my eyes search is bare Reminiscing of brighter days -Courtney M.

35: The Last One Once green, I am now orange. The tree will not let me hang on for much longer, for I am dying. My siblings cover the grass and sidewalk nearby, waiting to become dirt. Humans walk by, talking of their irrelevant affairs. Some look up and notice that I am the last leaf on the tree. My thin, orange body looks amazing in the light of the sunset. All of a sudden, a dark haired girl sits at the base of the tree, arms folded, face down. I then see a boy a few feet away, too nervous to approach her. I want to help him. He is just out of my branch's reach, but I try anyway. I beg the tree to let me go, and it does. I fall through the crisp air, powerless as I cannot move toward the boy. A slight breeze then blows, and I become elated when it pushes me against the boy's jacket. He grabs me gently by my stem, and admires me. The girl looks up at us and smiles. The boy smiles back as he walks toward her, not letting me go. Daveon Y.

36: Spring Spring of life Pop pop bloom Rings of roses In rays of sunlight Never dull Getting spring storms | McKenzie S.

37: Warrior Charge into the fray so hell-bent on destruction Leap into the East, the sun rises on red Your horse is frightful and stained, fire burning his eyes Embers in his fearless soul Hold fast warrior, hold fast to his mane Hold fast to your blade and shield Victory in your grip Hold fast! Hold fast! The battle has yet to decide the victor The sound of the bell, Retreat young warrior! Retreat! Warrior, your army is scattered, your arms are failing Retreat now! Retreat! The teacher called them in And like that, their battlefield cleared Recess was over The battle will never end - Kaitlin T.

38: Joshua Scott McIntyre I still can't believe, How strange it seems, Losing you so early, You were taken from me, You were taken from we, We being the people who love you. Your crazy self, Your funny lisp, Those are the things I truly miss, And when I think I just wish, I wish I could have spent mire time with you, I like to sit around and I like to think, Think about all the things you'd say and do, You were a blessing to know, And I swear it's true, JOshua Scott McIntyre, I Miss You. -Sydney S In honor of Joshua Scott McIntyre 2/5/93-12/31/12 Lost be never forgotten

39: Ivana Herrera

42: The Long Walk Home "Could you repeat the question please sir?" My teacher had called on me once again, and I did not have the answer to the question. WIth the bell just 10 minutes away, I was tired and ready to go home. So, I decided to lay my head down and dose off a little to avoid any more embarrassment. I woke back up to the sound of the bell. I gathered my things quickly and rushed out into the cool autumn wind. "Hey, Kyra! Wait up, girl!" my best friend Emily called out. "I'll catch you later!" I screamed as I picked up the pace. As I was walking, I looked back to see if she was following me and I caught a glimpse of her standing back in the distance with a look of confusion on her face. BUt I just brushed away the thought and continued on my way home. After all, I did have a 10 minute walk ahead of me. As I continued on my way, I began to dread going home. Especially since my mom had thought her being a "stay at home parent" would thrill me. THen she'd told the new babysitter she'd be keeping Melony now so I would have to listen to a whiney baby. Oh yea, dad things the new phone he brought me will cover up for him not letting me see my boyfriend. Oh well, guess I'll just lock myself in my room as usual. As I reached in my pocket to check the time, I quickly realized that I had taken a wrong turn. I was suddenly going in the wrong direction. I tried turning around to go the right way, but I noticed there was no right way. In fact, there wasn't even a road behind me. Nothing but trees. I tried walking faster down this road to find my street when a young girl walked up to me. She had extremely long black hair and was bout my height. But her clothes were in shreds. She had a look on her face of sorrow, suffering, and pain. I couldn't help but notice that her crystal gray eyes had splotches of dirt under them. " Excuse me, ma'am, but I was hoping you could help me with something," she said unsteadily, as she reached her pale arm out and grabbed mine. " No, stop ! Let me go! I want to go home!" she only tightened her grip. She was leading me down a dead end road into a house with no windows only wood covering the gaping holes. " Inside now!" she forced me through the door and the stench of rotting flesh filled the air. " Get me out of here! I want to go home!" As I was struggling to free myself, a woman came in the room and immediately began trying to steal my jewelry right off of me. " Stop it! Let go!" Why was this happening? Where was I ? WHy could no one save me? All these things were floating in my head as the woman stole my phone, bracelet and necklace my grandmother gave me. "We shall eat well for months after selling this stuff!" the woman said as she threw her head back in laughter. As she was examining my things, I broke loose and bolted through the door. I ran and ran and I didn't stop until I tripped over a stump on the sidewalk and Daja J

43: fell. All my things fell out of my backpack. As I was reaching down to pick everything up, Bang, Bang, BANG! Had I just heard gunshots? Bang, Bang, BANG! I covered my ears and ran even more when suddenly, I realized I was running in slow motion. I began feeling a sudden rush of excruciating pain. I looked down at my knee and saw blood running down my pants leg. I'd been shot. BUt when? WHere? THen, I hit the ground and for a second, I was stuck and couldn't move at all. Was I about to die? "Help!" I screamed. "Someone please call 911! I've been shot!" I kept yelling, and yet no one answered me. WIth more and more blood leaving my leg, I was slowly losing more feeling. Just then I heard a pair of footsteps approaching up close behind me. Yes, I thought, someone is going to save me. But it was quite the opposite. When I turned around I saw a man dressed from head to toe in black from what I could make out. Before I could let another word escape, he pressed a gun to my right temple. I began crying and I heard him make a click with the gun. I was going to die. Just as I heard him pull the trigger my eyes popped open! "Miss Anderson, could you PLEASE answer question five!" As I looked down at my textbook, I realized that I had become a victim to my own daydream. Thats all it was. A crazy daydream. When my teacher approached my desk I realized something else ; I didn't have the answer to the question. Daja J

44: Fail Immense feeling of inadequacy, The never ending stress, The constant pressure, Fear of failure, I don't wanna be a disappointment, Why am I one? Failure. -Sydney S. Lost in the Sea of Emotions As if my lungs were Filled with water, all my hopes Are slowly drowning. -Courtney M.


48: Request for submission to Mauldin’s Art Magazine These are Rimas in the style of Gustavo Becquer, a famous Spanish poet who wrote 4 line stanza poems about the pain, joy and betrayal of love. Students wrote in the same style with the same theme. 1. Sarah Shepard (11th grade) ¿Cómo sabes que es el amor? ¿Cambia todo? Debe ser – nunca me he sentido así antes – pero ahora en tus ojos, puedo ver. 2. William Cummings, ( 11th grade) Como las líneas de un cuadro que había pintado de una artista antigua, quiero acariciarte las líneas de la cara, pero no puedo tocarte por el cristal. 3. Olivia Beresheim (12th grade) Mi amor, cuando te conocí No sabía que te amaba Mi amigo yo pensaba que eras Hasta que llegue a conocer a tu alma. 4. Frazier Weih (12th grade) Lo recuerdo como si fuera ayer, Una noche en verano, La luna, las estrellas, tu a mi espalda, “te amo” No respondí Días han pasado Años han pasado y ahora Tienes otro amor, Pero yo sé que todavía Estoy en el fondo de tu corazón, Esperando al momento que Puedo responder “también te amo.”

50: You took your problems and you smoked them away. You sped in the night with no place to go. You looked for ways to go against the grain. You found them. They worked for you. Until they didn’t anymore. You threw up outside 14 Burdock Way. I rescued you from yourself. You didn’t want to be found. I found you and I rescued you from yourself. You spent an eternity learning yourself again. I found you. We found you together. Now you’re a much better you. You’re a you that knows how to love. You’re a you that smells like cigarettes. You’re a you that speeds because he can. You’re a you that wears his hood while he drives. You’re a you that found his place. It was there all the time. You’re a you that I love, you’re the you I’ve always known. I found you, together. Rebeccah G.

52: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas 'Twas the night before Christmas, all through the zoo Every creature was stirring, especially little Roo. In his mother's pouch, he couldn't sit still, The fact that Santa was coming was too big of a thrill. The children were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of people food danced in Roo's head. Timmy Tiger was curled up in his mommy's lap While the two bears were snuggling during their long winter's nap. Then all was peaceful and Roo heard a loud sound So he quickly jumped from his pouch to the ground. Around the corner, his little head peeked, Then over the gate the rest of him sneaked. He scurried along past where the reptiles stayed And then reached the cages where the monkeys played. JUst then in the distance, he couldn't believe what he saw A big red sleigh next to a big man with a white beard lining his jaw. This man was short and on the chubby side, too It took a split second but then young Roo knew This mystery character was indeed St. Nick So he whistled and shouted to his friends, "Come Quick!" Come TImmy TIger! Now Donna and Daisy the Deer! On Matt the Monkey, Jerry the Giraffe and Henry the Hare! Come out of your homes and follow my voice, I see =Santa leaving us a huge mountain of toys Just when they all were gathered around They ran toward the sleigh without speaking a sound The closer they came to old Santa Clause The more often the ground met their determined paws.

53: He was dressed in all fur, from his head to his feet Roo was ecstatic, for soon they would meet. All he could think of was oh what a story To tell to his friends it would bring him such glory. The old man was precious, his cheeks were so rosy His beard was so white, his suit looked so cozy. His nose was so red at the tip like a cherry His smile, so wide, showed his dimples, how merry! He looked so happy with his hands on his belly As he let out a chuckle, it juggled like jelly. His eyes were so bright, his smile with a glow It was just as Roo imagined, his beard whit as snow. He was round as the apple he tossed to Rodolph And let out a rumbling chuckle when he bit half of it off. Just then Roo knew he was aware of his presence Because Santa winked, Roo's whole body got tense. The glee in his heart was too great to measure, By the look in St. Nick's eye, this meeting was a pleasure. That's when he pulled out a warm winter blanket Followed by a purple fur cap to match it. It was just what Roo wanted, thats how he knew Santa indeed was caring and true. When he looked up, the old man rode out of sight Yelling "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" _- Courtney M.

54: In the midst of purple shadows Waves crash before me And butterflies flicker over and through trees Revealing their soft-spoken beauty. The gray wolf sings its song To the moon with perfect tune and melody. I skip through the meadow, Flowers grabbing at my bare feet, To the river where colorful fish swim up to greet me. The bridge falls, Butterflies turn to bats, And the wolf becomes ravenous. The world as I know it is ending. Sarah S.

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