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S: Music


1: Dear Mrs. Mulch, Thank you so much for teaching me the violin. You taught me in sixth grade and now teaching me in seventh grade. I've learned a lot all because of you. I know now different tempos, beats, how to slur, and how to read notes. I know how to take care of my violin and the correct way how to hold and use one. I am as smart with music as a book. When I first held a bow, I played as slow as a turtle. You helped me now better and I play the violin as fast as lightning. Thank you so much for teaching me how to play. I now get into music and flow to it more and more each year. Without you, I would still be taught the violin but, it would not be the same. I am as grateful as getting the best violin on earth. Thank you so much for everything you have taught me. | A LETTER ABOUT MUSIC

2: My dream My dream when I get older is to become a professional violinist. I want to take off with music and continue with music all of my life. I want to be as good as the masters of the art, like Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart and Bach. My I want to be the best of who I am and do the best of my ability.When playing music, I will be as happy as a kid opening presents and also play as fast as lightning. I want to be able to have perfect bowing, tempos, and beats most of the time when playing. I want to master the art of playing the violin. My smile shall be as wide as the moon when I play. That is my dream of the future.

3: Dads Music My dad loves all kinds of music. He listens to classic rock, Classical music, pop and more. His favorite classic rock music is the Creedence. He can listen to that all day. When listening to it, it can make him as happy as sponge bob. He listens to music downstairs in his theater room where his speakers as tall as mountains go BOOM like an explosion! His favorite pop music would be Michale Jackson. His favorite classical music is listening to Vivaldi, back, Mozart, Beethoven, and luchiano Pavoratti, the masters. Their tunes can make you as calm as a turtle. That is how I have experienced listening to classical music and learning while playing how to enjoy it more and more. That is all of the different kinds of music my dad listens to.

4: How it Started I started music when I was in sixth grade. I always loved music before. My dad would show me different types of music and I liked the sounds of different instruments. One day, my family took me to Disney walk. We stayed till night when I heard a voice as nice as the London symphony. My ear drew me in and I saw a man named Drew Tretick. His bow went side to side like tug a war. He was playing a brown violin as brown as a bear. The tone was beautiful and delightful. Thats when I knew what I was going to be when I grew up. My eyes glowed like light bulbs. "I will become a violinist,"I said.

5: Essay Playing a violin is very great and more people should play. If you do play the violin then you can play different notes. Then if you want to play a different instrument, it will not be as hard. It will be as easy as eating pie. It can help you learn different string instruments by learning the violin and even new ones. if you play the violin then you can play some of your favorite songs. You can even buy many books that contain numerous songs. The violin can give you joy and make you be as happy as getting a puppy. The violin can make you be full of jubilation.The violin is a beautiful instrument. It can play many beautiful notes and pitches. It can be as quiet as the wind and can be as loud as a storm. The violin is a very interesting instrument If you become great in the violin, you can even play a electric violin. Then it could sound similar to the electric guitar, just some higher pitches. That is why you should learn to play the violin. .


7: My Grandpa | My grandpa plays numerous and interesting kinds instruments When he was in school he played an instrument and now he still does. He can play well the saxophone. His is as black as coal. He can play the trumpet. He owns one that is as yellow as the sun. The high pitches and low travel as he plays. He can play the drums. He knows different beats and rhythms he can play all day long. He today is learning the guitar. He even can play the harmonica. My grandpa is a instrument lover. He can play instruments as loud as thunder and some as soft as the wind. Those are the different instruments my grandpa plays.

8: One day 8:30 I got my violin and music to the orchestra. We were going to a field trip.”I can not wait,” I said. We rode on bus to the school. The ten minutes felt like hours. Then we finally went to rehearsal. Our orchestra played Forest Gump, Night shift, and all together as the finally with all the orchestras put together from different districts, we play rondo. “I love this music,” I thought. We played on and on in rehearsal. All the violins went BOOM all together!” With these instruments, we can be as loud as thunder,” I said, “and the earth will shake as we play!” The first thing that was bad when we were on stage was that when we all got together with the other districts, they all held their stringed instruments like holding a pizza, as flat as paper. ‘What are they doing,” I mumbled. The other problem was that all the other students from different districts were playing out of tempo. “What are we going to do, “I thought? Some played too ahead while others played too slow. Some people played their instruments like first graders. “When are we going to be all together and do fabulous with our music,” I thought. “I wish me now I was not here,” I also thought. At the end we finally got it.” Finally,” I said, but, “we do not sound that great still.” For our concert maybe we will succeed in our music,” I thought. “All I can do is playing my violin the best I can and hope they can keep up,” I said. That was a day we sounded as horrible as a broken tenor sax. | Day we sounded bad

9: The Big One One morning on a Saturday my parents dropped me off for our last rehearsal."I wonder whats going to happen,"I thought I brought my instrument, a violin as brown as the dirt, and a music stand.We played for about 3 hours. Some of the time we listened to the other players but, most of the time we played. "Thats a lot of playing," I said, when my arm hurt.My arm hurt as much as if it were gushing out blood. The orchestra was huge. Their was at least 500 people playing. "I thought there would be way less people," I thought. It was as huge as a base ball fieldIt was very huge.All of the 7th grade from different districts played Night Shift, Forest Gump, and last, Rondeu. After the rehearsal was over, my parents picked me up and we went to eat Chipotle. It tasted as good as your favorite food. All of the black beans, crema, steak, rice, and cheese tasted fabulous. Then the problem stuck to my head. " Will we mess up tonight," I thought, " or will we succeed in the music."I was afraid if we were going to mess up."Thanks for the food,"I said. "Your welcome," my parents said After we finished our food we went home and I played in our Star Wars room. I needed something that would keep me from worrying so much but, the idea kept coming to my head. Then I dressed up in all black. My clothes were as black as a shadow." I hope we do great," I said Then it had begun. BAM! The orchestra roared to the audience. We played through Night Shift, Forest Gump, and Rondeu all perfect. All the players kept together. " We had not messed up even once," I thought being shocked. "We are the masters of the songs," I thought. I learned that you have not worry about if your going to mess up. All you can do is try your best. Thats when I smiled and said, " We got it."

10: 1st day In school I was exited. I was so exited ,that I was leaping up and down like a frog. I was as exited as getting a new puppy. " We are going to play," I said. In the afternoon I went to my class and got everything ready. When I opened my black case, I saw it. My violin! It was as shiny as gold. We were being taught how to play our instruments. We memorized th basic notes and plucked the strings. when I picked up my violin, it was as light as a feather. My violin echoed each time it got plucked. This was called pizzicato. It was amazing and interesting how the violin vibrated when I plucked. I could never remember a time I was more exited. All I did was let the music guide me, and it played back. just for me. " I can't wait until we get into big music and when I start bowing," I said. That was the day I first held and played my violin.

11: I was in 7th grade I wore my black shoes, shirt and pants that were as black as the night. I quickly got out my violin and sat it on my lap. " It's almost starting," I said. We had 3 pieces of music to do and then we would do our surprising finish. I played notes as fast as a cheetah perfecting every note and sound. " I am going to give them a show," I thought. It was a success. BOOM! The crowd went wild as we all played together, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. "We did great," I thought. Then I heard my name. " Why did they call my name," I thought. I got a certificate of music signed by the principal himself. I was shocked that I had received this. I was as shocked as getting an award for being the fastest runner in the world. " I can't believe I got an award," I thought. I was very thankful and from then on, I never have felt the same. | Award of Music

12: Speed as lightning Slow as a Turtle A skill I am grateful for is playing the violin. I play on my small violin and love it. It sings to my ears in high and low pitched sounds. I can play all kinds of music from different artists. It sounds as great as a thx sound system. I can play different notes on and on, on 4 different strings. When I pluck the string, it vibrates inside. My bow can go up and down as fast as lightning on certain songs and on others, I can go as slow as a turtle. Sweat goes across my cheek as I play on long songs playing the notes everywhere as far as the finger can go and switching swiftly pizzicato to arco. I am so grateful to play the violin because I can Play on the violin Star Wars and other familiar songs. Some songs may be as challenging as a riddle but, it makes it even more fun. Even though the violin hasn't helped me with math, language arts and more, it gives me pleasure and makes me smile.

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