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Music Is My Life

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S: Music Is My Life

FC: Title: Music Is My Life. By: Liliana Castellanos and Brigette Gualdron. Grade: 7-03. Subject: English. Teacher's Name: Aura Janeth Hernandez. Bucaramanga, September 27th.

1: Music Is My Life

3: There was once a girl who lived in Spain, her father forced her to go to Buenos Aires to celebrate her birthday. Upon arrival, she was lonely and her father wanted to have a party, but she didn't, she thought only of her mother. The day of the party she found a dress from her mother, didn't know who took it to her bedroom, it was a beautiful pink dress, she dressed and went to the party, his whole family was surprised to see it. At the party, she danced with her father.

4: The next day she was upset because her father had scolded by using that dress. She left the house secretly and started to rain, and met a girl who was also getting wet and collided, they asked their names and became friends ,Vilu went to her house and Francesca to hers. When he got home the father asked: 'Where were you?'. She didn't answer and went to her room. At night, she sat on her bed and wrote in her diary: '' Today I met a new girl, she's called Francesca, I would like to know more people, I feel so alone.''

5: At dawn, she and her dad went to breakfast and said she wanted to go to school but he said he was getting better a governess, she became angry, went to her room and wrote in her diary:'' My dad has locked in this tower.'' In the afternoon, she ran away again, she found and followed Francesca came to the Studio, she went in and was impressed, she met a girl who was a friend of Francesca, named Camila also became friends all together, Vilu went to her home, she went to her room to write in her diary: '' Today I met another girl, very nice, called Camila, and this beautiful place I saw, is full of music, my father would let me study there.''

6: The next day, his father was looking for a governess for Vilu and called several governesses and the only one that showed up was one called Angie, she presented to German and he accepted, he assigned her room and when Vilu arrived, German presented her, Vilu was impressed with Angie and greeted, Vilu left her room and wrote in her diary: '' My dad got me locked up in this castle, hired a governess for not taking me to school, I would out into the world and know there is so much to discover''

7: When she awoke, she was sad, she wrote in her diary: ''In My World'' '' And again I wake up, in my world, being what I am, and I will not stop for a second, my fate is now''

8: Later, Vilu had to start their classes with Angie, sad sat at the table and Angie arrived. 'Is something wrong?'. Angie asked. 'Yes, I'm angry with my father'. Vilu answered. 'Why are you upset?'. Angie said. 'He ... will not let me out into the world ... let me locked up in this tower, he wants me to live here as a princess and don't leave me'. Vilu said. 'Well, your dad do it because he loves you'. Angie said.

9: 'Yes, I know, but it is very exaggerated'. Vilu said. Weeks passed and Vilu became a good friend of Angie, Vilu told her everything that happened and how she felt, spent much time with her and didn't feel so alone. One day, Vilu was looking for Francesca in the Studio when she saw Angie, she was surprised and asked her: 'What are you doing here?'. 'I'm visiting a friend, she works here, but, what are you doing here?. You don't study here'. Said Angie.

10: 'I'm looking for a friend, she studies here'. Said Vilu. 'Ok, if you want, I can help you'. Said Angie. 'No, thanks, I'm fine'. Said Vilu. 'Ok, I'll see you in home'. Said Angie. Vilu looked for Francesca in everywhere but she didn't find her. She became sad and went home. She arrived to her home and went to her room, she wrote in her diary: ''Today I was in the Studio, I was looking for Francesca, but I didn't find her, sometimes I feel

11: so alone but I have Angie, she makes me feel happy sometimes, she's my friend''. Before bedtime, Angie went to her room and talked to her. Vilu felt more happy and went to sleep. At next day, Vilu found Francesca at the Studio and they talked, when they were talking, Francesca asked: 'Why you don't enter to the Studio?. It's a great place and you like music and sing, right?'. 'Yes, but my father won't leave me'. Answered Vilu. 'Oh, that's bad, well, if you want to, just tell me'. Said Francesca.

12: 'Ok, thanks'. Said Vilu. In the afternoon, Francesca and Vilu went shopping and ate ice-cream in the mall, they had some fun. | At night, German talked with Vilu and she said: 'Dad, there's a place where I can study piano, so, I wanted to ask you if you can let me go there to learn to

13: play the piano.' 'Ok, but you can study just piano, no more, and Angie will go with you'. Said German. 'Ok, thanks', Said Vilu. At next day, she was so happy, she went to the Studio and talked to Fracesca: 'I want to enter'. Said Vilu. 'Really?, it's cool, it will be great'. Said Francesca. When Angie knew the real intentions of Vilu, she

14: decided to help Vilu. When Vilu got in the Studio, she was so happy, and she learned a lot of things there, but nothing is perfect for her, a girl called Ludmila started to push her and try to make her look bad. One day, Vilu was angry with Ludmila and said: 'What's going on with you?'. 'Are you talking to me?'. Said Ludmila. 'Yes, I'm talking to you, tell me, what's going on with you? Why do you treat me this way?. Said Vilu.

15: 'Because I don't like you and I'll make your life impossible in this place'. Answered Ludmila. Vilu went home and told Angie everything that happened, when she was alone, she wrote in her diary: ''I'm tired, that girl called Ludmila is a witch, she pushes me all the time, but I won't give up, I'm going to make my dream come true''.

16: At next day, she went to the Studio and tried to don't pay attention to Ludmila, it wasn't easy for her but she did it, she was so happy. At singing class, Vilu sang and her classmates were impressed with her voice, Vilu felt so happy because she has never sung in public before. When she was alone, she wrote in her diary: ''I'm happy, I sang in front of the class and it was great and exciting''.

17: But, at night, she was sad, Angie came to her room and asked her: 'What's going on?'. 'I'm sad, I don't like lying to dad, I know it's my dream but it's wrong because I'm hurting him'. Answered Vilu. 'Yeah, I know, but you have to fight for your dreams and be what you want, your dad will have to accept it'. Said Angie. 'Thanks Angie, you're the best friend I've never had'. Said Vilu.

18: Weeks passed and Vilu and Angie continued to keep their secret, but one day, German went to the Studio when Vilu was in class, she tried to hind herself but her father discovered her, German became angry and took Vilu to her home and punished her. Later, German knew that Angie was helping Vilu, and he fired her. Vilu wrote in her diary: ''My father discovered me. I won't go to the Studio anymore, I'm sad, I never thought it would end like this''. At next day, Vilu stayed all day in her room, and she called Angie many times, but Angie didn't answer. She wanted to go out, but she was scared about her

19: father. In the afternoon, she called Angie again and they talked for hours. At next day, Vilu called Francesca and told her everything that happened, they talked for hours, but Vilu had to finish the conversation because her father was calling her. When Vilu went out to the dinning room, her father was waiting for her, they had an argument and Vilu went to her room again. She started to cry and called Angie again, Vilu told her everything. Vilu wrote in her diary: ''The music is my life, I won't give up, I'm going to make my dream come true''.

20: Weeks passed and Vilu continued in home, she sang all day and tried to distract herself, she was in her room everyday and she wrote a song in her diary. But, one day, Germán called Vilu and gave her the permission to go to the Studio, Vilu became happy and thought: ''It's strange my dad let me study music, I think he finally see what I want''. Vilu called Angie an told her everything that happened, Angie became happy and went with Vilu to the Studio, At night, Vilu talked to German, German told Vilu:

21: ''I know what you do and I'll let you do it because I want the best for you and want you to be happy, and if it makes you happy, I'm fine with that''. Vilu became happy and hugged German. And Vilu could fulfill her dream of singing and became a famous singer. The End

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