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My 5th Grade Memories

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FC: My 5th Grade Memories

1: Dedicated to the Great Students and Teachers at Clear Creek Elementary.

2: LHF Blacksmith Shop By: Clayton Allie My grade took a trip to Living History Farms and the Blacksmith was really cool.We got to see horseshoes,some were normal some had cleats for the ice in winter.The man that was presenting was old,but he was nice and funny.The smoke was like a gust of gray wind that got in my eyes.The fire was burning heavily like an orange and yellow fog.I heard the hammer that was clinking against the metal,it sounded like bells clinking together.You could even say you tasted the smoke burning in your mouth.We touched an air pump to pump on the fire to make it bigger.I smelt the ashes burning from the fire.It was really a lot of fun,I hope I can go again.

4: Early Outs By:Clayton Allie Early outs will be at 1:00 pm instead of the normal 3:00 pm dismissal. Even though the kids might go home and play outside, watch T.V. or play video games! But with the teachers it’s a different story, they work very hard to set up lessons for the next day or doing AIW “Authentic Intellectual Work”. So on early out days be nice to the teachers because they have a lot of work to do.

6: My Trip to Adventureland By: Clayton Allie How would you like to go to Adventureland? Well I went two years ago sometime in the summer, and it was very exciting. First we had to pay to get in and find parking, it took a long time to find a parking spot! Than it was time to go on rides and have fun!The first ride I went on was the Power Tower, which was a very, very tall tower. It lifts you up to the way top! Than you just sit there for a minute or two, than all of the sudden you drop! I was very scared, but very excited all at the same time! I went on a lot of rides like the corkscrew which is an upside down ride that goes really fast and I love it! Some of the rides I went on were awesome, some of them are very kiddie. My favorite kind of ride are the ones that went fast and went upside down. I thought the water park was fantastic! There was also an escalator type thing that takes you across the park. Some other things they had were amazing games and delicious food! We had lunch at the picnic table area, my grandma made sandwiches that were very very yummy! We had chips and soda too. I had a lot of fun at Adventureland. I would love to go back. And that was the time I went to Adventureland.

8: Mt. Candy Corn Then they decided to start off to school. First they discovered a giant candy corn the size of a mountain, they decided to call this Mt. Candy Corn. It was too tall to climb and too large to go around! ”WOW, that’s big.” said Mario. So they ate their way through. 6 Man Eating Hershey’s Bar After the Milk Shake Lake they were going to explode. But that was practaly the beginning! Now a Giant Man Eating Hershey Bar came into sight! They thought they could use their awesome Singing Gummy Bear to try and fight it off. The Gummy Bear and the Hershey Bar started to fight, but the Gummy Bear won.” Yay,We won !”said Luigi. 8 Hot Chocolate Volcano Then after the Candy Cane Forest they thought if they went through one more obstacle, Mario was going to scream! But the Hot Chocolate volcano came into sight, Mario said “ Ok maybe you shouldn’t trust me with this sort of thing any more!” Luigi agreed with this. “Maybe we could climb the volcano?” said Luigi. Mario thought it was worth a shot, so they started to climb the volcano. As soon as they started to climb the volcano they heard the bell, so they ran as fast as they could. As soon as they got to the top of the volcano the school came into sight. “YES!” said Mario, Finally we are close to school! So they started to run down the volcano, they couldn’t believe it! They might make it to school on time!

10: January, 2013 Clayton Allie, Student Clear Creek Elementary School 901 S. 14th St. Clear Lake, IA 50428 Mr. Justin Smith Promotions Coordinator, Bankers Trust ABC 5 One Classroom at a Time Education Grant 3 903 Westown Parkway West Des Moines, IA 50266

11: Dear Mr. Justin Smith I am writing this letter to request money for our 5th grade restaurant. Please consider us for this grant. That would be very kind of you. The 5th grade restaurant will take place for one night in May. We have voted and decided on the name “Clear Creek Cafe”. I would describe the restaurant as a fun place to work and a good working environment. Clear Creek Cafe has great food and great service. Our goals for the Clear Creek Cafe are to make kids more responsible and to get kids ready for real world jobs. They will also be better at math because there will be a lot of fractions adding and subtracting, and many more skills. I think this restaurant will be an automatic hit. We employees at the Clear Creek Cafe work our hardest and try our best. We also have a great manager, Mr. Peterson. Our math teacher. Thank you for taking the time to look at this letter, and for the money to open the Clear Creek Cafe. I am sure the public will enjoy this restaurant. Sincerely, Clayton Allie

12: The Muppets Movie Review Walter lives with his human brother Gary ( Jason Seagel) in Small Town. When they were young they became big fans of The Muppets. Gary is going on a vacation with his girlfriend, Mary ( Amy Adams) to Los Angeles, but Walter comes along to visit The Muppet’s Studio. You will have to see yourself for the rest of the movie. The Muppets was a movie made for laughs to be shared with friends and family all over the world, I recommend this movie for families who like to laugh. It is rated PG, it’s running time is 103 min. By: Clayton Allie

14: The Second Grade Program The second grade program was on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 and the kids had a blast! It took place in the Clear Creek Gym. It was about hats and they were singing about people who was trying to find the perfect hat for them. They said you need props and costumes and a big cast to make a program. They said they have programs to have fun before the end of the year and to help their singing. Great job 2nd Graders! It looked like fun! By: Clayton Allie Sources: I interviewed two kids from Ms. Williamson’s Class in 2nd Grade Their names were Carson and Dylan

16: Questions About the Center of the Earth WOW! That’s hot, hot, hot! Do you know what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the center of the earth. Have you ever wondered how hot the center of the earth is? Well we have the answer. It is around 1,500 degrees celsius or 2,000 degrees fahrenheit. It is way less hot than than the sun which is 10 million degrees fahrenheit on the outside and 27 million degrees fahrenheit in the inside. Wow! The center of the earth is really hot. I hoped you learned a little something about the center of the earth. Here is a site on details about the center of the earth.

17: One question many people have asked is if anybody has ever gone to the center of the earth, well we have the answer. Nobody has ever penetrated the earths crust because it is magma on the inside, so if anyone went through the center of the earth they would be incinerated. There is the answer to the question everyone has been asking. It is made up of nickel and iron to withstand all of that pressure of the earths plates that makes earthquakes. Well, I hope you have an idea about what the core of the earth is all about. Isn’t it the center of the earth amazing to learn about? Do you wonder where we get our information? Well here are all the sites that tell you all the information you want to and need to know!

18: Bibliography Websites: ttp:// (website) Earth Science Facts, from . (website) Yahoo Answers, from . .. (website) Bill Nye the Science Guy Video about the earths layers, from .. Youtube

20: Million Dollar Essay BY: Clayton Allie I can’t believe it! I was walking in the street and found a one million dollar bill! I think I will buy a Lamborghini. I still have 50,000 dollars left so I think I am going to buy a two-way ticket to Jamaica, and I am Sooo excited! Imagine it, Clayton Allie, pulling up to the airport on his way to Jamaica! I can see it now! I think I’m going to start the worlds largest video game store. I think I’ll start it in the Mall of America. That will put my business into the publics mind. Why not start an all-cancer fund by playing football in the summer, here’s what it would be like. People would donate a certain amount of money and they would play football, and since NFL Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald loves cancer awareness I would pay him to be a coach of one of the teams! Wouldn’t that be awesome! It would be called the Fight Cancer With Football Foundation or the FCFF. I’m sure that would be a very successful foundation. I still can’t believe I found a MILLION dollars on the sidewalk! With that kind of money, the possibilities are endless!

22: December BY: Clayton Allie Snow melting on your tongue Christmas carols being sung Kids laughing and sledding The snow makes you want to cuddle with your nice, warm, and comfortable bedding You can see your breathe in the air Every bodys in their winter wear

24: 5th Grade Memories By: Clayton Allie I have had a lot of awesome 5th grade memories. Like when Mr. Peterson wore a purple wig and danced the Harlem Shake with Noah, Cael, Connor, Jack B., Jackson L., Jaylen, Mitchell, Zane, Austin, Hunter H., and I for the Variety Show. Also the time when he wore a dress to school. I remember the Clear Creek Cafe, I was a greeter. I had supper with my mom May, my brother Dylan, and my sister Emma. We had yellow shirts for the Clear Creek Cafe. I was interviewed by The Globe. I admitted to them that I was in fact a little nervous. I had a lot of fun with my teacher, Mr. Peterson, and everyone else who was eating or working at the Clear Creek Cafe.

25: I also remember all of our PBIS rewards. Once we had a nerd day, that meant that we all got to wear dorky or nerdy clothes. We all acted like nerds too! One time we had a very big PBIS reward. It was that we got a pajama day, movie day, stuffed animal day, and popcorn! The popcorn was delicious! Although I have had my fun in this school, there are some things I am going to miss. Like being the oldest kids in the whole school. I will miss all the fun and exciting teachers. Most of all though the people I am going to miss the most are the students and our second grade buddies. There are just as much memories as there are things I will miss about Clear Creek Elementary. Those are some of my 5th Grade Memories

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