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My Brotherhood

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My Brotherhood - Page Text Content

S: The love of Brotherhood

BC: Love you guys! | Peace and Harmony | Jane, Don, and Dave! | The Trio, The Asian Gang, The Dang Family, and Little 3Devils!!!!!!!!!

1: There are many memories I remember with my brothers and me. There has been many times when we were best of friends. Absolutely peaceful like the morning sunset! Especially when we ate at dinner-brunch, we would talk about the most craziest things. Like one time we watch this funniest thing in the whole wide world, we talked about it at night. We giggled, gaggle, and gossiped, it was the most relaxing non-fighting day. I wish I could have more of those days with my brothers. Maybe that's why memories were made. Anyway there is more than good times. I remembered the worst day of my LIFE. My brother Don, the 2nd oldest, had a fight with me. I yelled at him, slapped him, and hit him on his SILLY, little head. He was so mad and didn't know how to fight, so he used his long, ugly nails. You know what I'm still mad about that too. HHMPH. To bad I have to forgive them because I live with them everyday, until I'm 18. Well I guess I don't have to anyway. I love them to much, even though I'm mean just out of love. Another story that I have about one of my brothers, is the one about Dave. He's the youngest if you people have forgotten. When I was at my grandparents house with my brothers and cousins, Dave and I had a major fight. Now don't judge me because of this, but I got mad of how he was treating my cousins, his cousins, our cousin, the oldest cousin. They were older than him but he made them cry. Especially the oldest cousin which was 12 1/2 years old. She was telling him to stop and all of that, but no he did not listen. He yelled at her and hit her. She was so mad and stressed out that she started crying. We had an actual fight. I did karate style to him, but it was a fake karate style. It actually worked to my surprised. I was so mad I somewhat flipped him over and pounded him nicely to the ground. BOOM, as if it was the sound of lightning! He was really furious so he attacked me. Very fine grip and all of that wrestler stuff. That was also the worst. Good-bye bad memories! I hope I don't have anymore of those, in a million years. He's better now, it's just like I have to work on my tiger senses!

3: It was a snowy, white Christmas. The snows were falling gently like a feather. My brothers and I were outside playing in the snow. We were all planning to make a snowman. All of a sudden we heard evil laughter. Don, Dave, and I turned our heads quickly to see who it was. "Mr.Dumbface How nice to see you again!" I said with anger in my voice. I couldn't believe my ears. "Hello darling," he responded with a grateful smile. My brother Don, the 2nd oldest hollered, "What do you want you ugly warlock?!" Mr.Dumbface snickered. Dave, the youngest made a fist. "You wanna die today?" Dave asked. He stared with excitement. "Sure you can't do anything. I don't really care." My 2 brothers and I grabbed a handful of snow. It was cold as the North Pole. All of our hands were going to fall off. Anyway, we took aim for his head. I whispered to them, "Who wants to help me aim for the lower end?!" Both of their hands shot out of the sky. I gave a little smirk towards Mr.Dumbface. "What are you smelly, stinky, stenching, smirking little children laughing at?!" Mr.Dumbface yelled with a confused face. I gave my brothers a nod. Their cute little heads gave me a big smile! '1...2...3...-Hey what are you guys doing?" Our hands swung above our heads and through the white, harden snow at the lower end of his body.

4: As I was counting, he interrupted me. "NOW BOYS!" I hurried to grab another handful of snow. Before I did I made sure I heard a, "Humph!" Our aim was a success. Especially becuase it was a trio team. I aim the other snowball right at his face. As I walk up to him I said, "Sorry did that hurt? Here let me give it less pain," I flashed the snowball at his face. "Owwww! How could you?" I just gave a shrugged. "Mom some guy is at our house. He looks really scary." My mom rushed out the door. She gave us the look. "Guys , this person is your dad!" She chuckled, but deep down inside we knew she hated his guts. "Oh, well he sure dresses like a stocker of some sort," my brothers and I laughed with horror. We couldn't believe he was there. After all of that divorce papers, how could he have shown up on the doorstep. My mom was not going to be in a good moon for Christmas. I guess we will leave that was a mystery. Maybe we will they you guys what happens after the fight. Well you can be patient, or you can come over for Christmas and find out for yourself.

5: This is a picture of Dave,Don, and me which is the one in the middle.

6: This is a picture of Don, Dave, and me. We are at a park, waiting to be pictured by our mom. As you can see in the background there are stairs and monkey bars and lots of fun stuff.

7: Dumbly as a donkey. Ouch, ouch, ouch stop scratching me! Noisy that my ears would break!! Dumb like a blind cat Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! When he's mad. Vivid and fast when a little young calf is born. Eek, eek, eek, extremely violent!

9: Dear Don and Dave, I'm thankful that I have you in my life. Sometimes I want to jump off Rapunzel's tower. The sight of you and me fighting, makes me and like a hungry tiger. I would eat a horse, I would eat a snake. Hey those are you guys. isn't that great!? The love that I cherished for you 2 little weasels. The hormones inside me would burst when a sneaky, sly fox is ready to eat. The hormones are great but not too great, you guys are family, but not my love to be. So when you guys grow big and tough, just go easy on your little, old, meanie sister to love. P.S. I love you guys a lot, just don't make the tiger go eat up your brain. Tiger, Jane

10: This is my brother, Dave's birthday and mine! This is what I look like with my glasses! I am so ssssss......! LOL!

11: This is a time when my brother Don faced Adversity. I don't know what happened because I was at this lame, lazy, laugh-able school, doing boring schools work. When I got home my Aunt's cousin came over with her cute, cuddly, crazy, chubby baby. I love her so much. Anyway, my brother Dave got a big scratch on his face. I asked, "Dude! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?!" He shushed me. "NO-blah, blah, blah," I totally blacked out when he said no. Since I didn't listen I thought he actually said, "I scraped my face at school!" And I was like o.k. My aunt found out and she asked, "DAVE! What happened to your face?!" She said with a mean, stern voice. He obviously lied. I wasn't listening so I just agreed to what he said. then after a minute he said, "Don and I had a fight, that's why I have a scar/scratch from it," He said with a; I'm sorry that I lied. My aunt asked my mom, "Sister, did they fight again?" My mom sighed of exhaustion, "Yes they did. They sure did and they are going to make me bomb like a popped balloon!" I felt guilty because I lied accidental. I bet the knife was going to break itself before something happens. Lightning would probably strike them dumb! I know for sure that they are going to cry their eyes out, with my uncle!

12: Dear Jane, | I was wondering why you are so rude, rigid, and red to Dave and I! Of course, I think I kind of know why. I think that were too annoying-ish as a mocking bird that says the same thing, so I was thinking if you were kind enough to, stop being so mean and ugly. For your birthday I was wondering what would you like for your birthday, on Feb. 26? I would buy you it because I have 1 million dollars. Even I was wondering if you love Dave more than me? I was wondering if I wasn't born, would you guys have a better life? I wished that you would have a great Christmas, this year, with Dave and I. Do you like Niver Creek more than your new school? I sure don't like my school because people over there are so mean to me. Including my teacher, who is a brat, no offense! They are big, ugly wilder beast! I hate them, they make me want to fly a broken airplane. | Sincerely, Don, your loving brother

13: Dear Jane, | You are my gaiety sister and my serene sister, because you do awesome stuff for me and Don. The worst thing I don't like about you, is that sometimes you just get mad at Don and I for no reason. You also boss us around and that makes us angry and feel like slaves. I was wondering if you would be nicer in the future!?!?!?!?!?!?! What would you like for Christmas? I would want Sonic Colors. It's so cool because I saw it on the commercials. It was like rainbows and candy land! I love you a lot when you are nice! I'm looking into the future with you! You make me smile everyday, especially when you have a smile brighter than the sun. The sun is just a lame star but you are the biggest star out there, (if not better)! When I'm scared and you are by my side, you are warm as the fire camp! | Sincerely, Dave, your chubby brother!

14: jumping, jabbering, junior! Angry, aggressive, antelope! nice as a dancing kangaroo! Eager, extra, extravaganza girl!

16: I remembered the day when my mom told my brothers and I to get dressed. I asked her, "Mom where are we going?" She smiled. "Honey, we're going to Lakeside with Amy and Ivy!" I was so excited. I rushed to my brothers. "Guys we're going to Lakeside with Amy and Ivy!!" I said with exotic, excitement and grasping for air! They jumped up too. Finally, we were done getting dressed, which took 1 whole year, then our mom drove us. As we were parking and passed the roller coaster my heart was thumping so loud that the whole world could hear it. I had a feeling today was going to be a frighting day for me. Did I ever

17: tell you I've never ridden in a roller coaster? Well that day it was my first. When we arrived to the waiting line to the Cyclone, I was so happy. I thought it was a race car or something with carts! Eventually, we arrived at the front. i was panicking when I saw the roller coaster and the picture of it. My legs were shaking. My heart was thumping, as if it was the end of my life. I stepped into the 3rd cart with my brother Dave. Don and Amy sat in the 2nd cart. Ivy didn't go because her mom was afraid. First, it went all slow. everyone was streaming for some reason, so I did too. My brother Dave asked, " Why is everyone screaming? it's not even scary yet!" I just shrugged and kept screaming. Inside my head I was thinking to myself, what am I doing here? When we got to the slope, my brother and i exchange scary looks. When we got to the top of the mountain I was really freaking out. It finally reached the highest point on earth. The slope was higher than Mount Everest. The tallest mountain created a live. Yeah right, you wish it did, because my friends, brothers, and I are on the Cyclone! The world's gigantic ride, that reaches the sky. Ah yes the pretty, blue, bright sky! Anyhow, the world paused for a while. I referred back to my life, my love ones, and my......All of a sudden reality came and struck my moment. I believed that we all were going to die. Sooner or later, but I didn't want to. I still had some unfinished business. The cart rolled down on the "ice", slipping and slide the whole way down. I knew that this was my last day on earth and on this stupid, non-stabilized coaster. After the ride my stomach was going to blast like a bomb and my mouth would pour out all of the things in my body. The only thing that would be a live is my heart! The unfinished mission on earth!

18: The lovely Don page! Isn't he adorkable?!

19: Ta daaaaaaaa! Dave!

20: Prettiful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

21: The Trio!

22: HAPPY BIRTHDAY.................TO YOU! LOL!

23: mE SO PRETTY? yES?!

24: The Profile of Don Dang! | Hey everyone who knows Don. I'm going to tell some secret, sorrow, sorely, informations. When he was a little lad, he had a mother. Yes a mother, but she was no ordinary mother! She was the abusing kind. She would take a long, hard, plastering bamboo stick. It was green and hard as a rock. If little poor Don did something bad, everything would go to disaster. One day he was lucky enough that his mom let him go to school. Technically he had planned this for many years and now it's time to bust out of jail. He smelt like rotten fish, which smelt like a hobo's arm-pit. He packed all of his stuff at school. Now it was his chance to run as fast as a lightning bolt to Winter Wonderland. There is such a place, it's just that Don has a wild imagination. A very wild one, with unicorns and puppies, kittens and piggies, rabbits and birds, also a family. The one he had always dreamed of. The mom would be pretty and nice. The dad would be bickering and control-able, yet nice. The brothers and sister would look up to him, as if he was the king of the world. Efficiently he was the king of this world. The world of peace and harmony. Every kids dream. His friend were there to support him. Whatever happens to each other and their friendship, they would stick together like glue. They were like banana and the peel. Hahaha, hilarious I know. It wants to make me shed the tears of joy. The world was a success. Each and everyone of them did a fine, mighty job. The whole creative place was a fairyland. Don and his new family were off to a fabulous journey. | Age: 10 (almost) | DOB: March 20, concealed

25: RE;RE;RE; This is a fake story and fake characters, except for Don Dang. Don't be alarmed by the mother. The real mother is a very wonderful mother.

26: The Profile Dave Dang! | Hi and welcome to the future of Dave. He is one of the world's favorite Dangs'. You here that you dumb Satin. Anyhow, Satin was the enemy of this whole game. For the past years, after little 'o Dave was born, Satin had a kid he wanted to compete with him. Dave Insisted! Of course he was going to beat that ugly, red thing, with a horn that is bigger than the world's giant bun. If you are thinking wrong that is not what I meant. Back to the whole magical fairyland disaster. Dave was going to win with his heart and soul. While poor little Satin kid was going to torch someone. Satin boy had hands that was red, blazing, black, blubbering, flaming fire. He shoot it or pointed at something and POOF! Everything is coal. Black and ugly, smells like someone just did some pudding. Dave was outside in the streets, smiling ,and seizing the look out for Satin boy. So far the results are Dave:100pts. and Satin boy: -100pts. Dave was for sure going to bash that little bird. He was charming everyone and one of the people said, " What an adorable thing we got here honey!" She said to her beloved husband. " Why yes, he is cute as you are baby!" She smiled but gave a you shouldn't talk like that in front of babies. Dave gave the most perfect smile a mother would want a child to have. He lite the whole world up, as if he was a million bunch of crystals. The woman picked him up. Dave gave a tight squeeze as if he didn't want to let go of a family he had wished for. This silly game was enough! Dave had to find Satin boy and bring him to these people. Satin boy looks normal, just evil, and he needed to go back to the woman who gave birth to him! The world was going to be normal again. The smell of the air would not be rotten and burning like a blistering meteor. He rushed to Satin boy and he realized that Satin boy had found them. they were huddling and cuddling. Dave flashed like a vampire home. "Mama!!!!!!" He cried as tears were rolling off like a marble. His mother rushed to him like a speed car! everything was happy and beside them was another baby boy. His name was Don Dang. Dave stared at him with curiosity and smiled with glee!

27: RE;RE;RE;RE;This is a fake story for you people who has an imaginable mind!

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