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1: I guess the beginning is the best place to start... the beginning of your Mom and Dad's love for each other. Your Mom met your Dad when they were both just 18 years old. They were married July 3, 1999 when they were 23 years old. That's when we began to think of our family expanding with grandchildren. Marc and I decided that we'd like to be called "Nana" and "Pop!" You decided that you'd like to be a CHRISTMAS BABY and we were so excited when you were born on Dec. 26th, 2002. Now, I know that might not be the best birthday to have but your were the BEST THING that could happen to our entire family. What a blessing to have a baby boy and what a name...JACKSON JAMES WILSON ROWLEN. You were named after both sides of the family and brought an instant smile to everyone from the moment you were born. I think I could make an entire book filled with pictures from the first year of your life but this book is going to be an overview of your first nine years. Know that I made this with love in my heart for you and that your WHOLE family is always here for you to lean on. Friends comes and go but your family is everlasting and the most important thing. You are totally loved FOREVER by your family here on earth or up in heaven watching over you.

2: So happy and proud!! | Melissa was 13 when you were born. Your Mom was 13 when Melissa was born. | Dr. James Lyle

3: You were born in Brookwood Medical Center on Thursday, Dec. 26th at 5:25 PM. | "“God understands our prayers even when we can't find the words to say them."” -Author unknown. One of your Dad's favorite quotes.

4: You were Baptized on March 1, 2003. | Godparents - Joe and Stephanie Colsant.

5: Yep, that's a dress...well, a baptism gown!

7: Ahhh, your first went everywhere we went - Zoo, Disneyworld, St. Augustine, Eric and Susan's Wedding and THEN were ONE!!!

8: When Wilson arrived on Friday, Jan. 16, 2004 at 4:10 PM, you became the BIG BROTHER. | First haircut!

9: Your family's first house - 5512 Surrey Lane. | WILSON McKAY ROWLEN

10: "“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”" One of your Mom's favorite quotes.

11: For your second birthday, you had a Wiggles Party!

12: Your Puffy. Melissa had one too...

13: Yearly trip to the PUMPKIN PATCH!!!

14: HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY!! BOB THE BUILDER PARTY | Melissa's Zoey - our first dachshund.

15: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! | "Reach for the stars, even if you have to stand on a cactus." ~Susan Longacre

16: Fun at my house... you loved making the tent! | At the beach with my grandsons and daughters - life is good! | The "Thinking Rock."

17: Sweet CeeCee. | ROLL TIDE! | Your first ALABAMA football game. | "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."-Beverly Sills. One of Pop's favorite quotes.

18: ANDERSON IS HERE!!! | Anderson was born on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2006 at 2:02 AM and weighed 7lbs. 5oz.


20: HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY TO YOU AT CHUCK E. CHEESE!! HERE'S TO 2007!! | Your Dad (with your help) built your playground set.

21: First Legos

22: SOCCER TIME!!! First organized sport! | PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA | Lambert's CafÃe - Home of the Thrown Rolls

23: "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." ~Robert Brault

24: Your NEW HOUSE at 1291 Eagle Park Rd. Your walls were painted by Pop and your Mom and Dad. | #1 ROWLEN BOY!!!

25: 5th BIRTHDAY - CHUCK E. CHEESE!!!! | 2008 coming UP! Let's go buy FIREWORKS!!

26: Melissa's Senior Night for Softball at Spain Park High School, more Soccer, MUD RACING and BEACH TIME!

27: I am adding a few of your Mom's beautiful studio pictures of my girls... Zoey, Sophie, Molly and sweet Maddie. Our dogs hold a special place in our family. | Everyone makes mistakes.... | "Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God, do you learn." — C.S. Lewis

28: Melissa started at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and we went to visit for FAMILY DAY!!! | ROLL TIDE!!!

29: First 100 days in kindergarten at Oak Mountain Elementary! | "The only disability in life is a bad attitude." ~Scott Hamilton

30: 6th Birthday Party at Skates 280 and Chuck E. Cheese!! | HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!

31: You go with us to visit Melissa in Tuscaloosa - still building the condo!! | My house - 371 Greystone Glen Circle

32: It is said that what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. On March 18, 2009, we found out that your little five year old brother, Wilson, had Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It is the "best" kind of cancer you can have since it is highly curable, easy to treat and not inherited. That being said, it was very scary and involved lots of hospital visits, operations, chemotherapy and a complete change for you and your family. You were spending more time away from your parents but were strong, brave and helpful. It was a hard year... and your family made it through stronger than ever... SUPER FAMILY!! | "Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” -The Serenity Prayer

33: Our Loopin' Louie Airplane Game!

34: Uncle Dennis MARRIES Heather on June 27th!! | Your whole family was in the wedding.

35: Uncle Eric and Aunt Susan have baby Paige on July 7th, 2009. | Trick or Treating in Tuscaloosa! | First Day of 1st Grade!

36: "Tough times never last, but tough people do!"- Robert Schuller | Your Mom and Dad are AMAZING, you are blessed.

37: Your Dad is such a GREAT COOK!! | TWO birthday parties at Pump it Up and then Chuck E. Cheese! YOU ARE SEVEN!!!!! | Looking forward to 2010!! | With Cousin John

38: Alabama Baseball | We made stepping stones! | The four of us go to Florida, just you and I plus Pop and Melissa. | I just love watching you play baseball and football.

39: First day of 2nd grade. | First airplane ride to Orlando for Magic Moments Give Kids the World Trip. | 80 lb. team with Wilson | First year playing and you loved it! | "Give me the phone NOW Andy, I'd like to talk to MY brother. Jackson and I are like twins you wouldn't understand." -Wilson

40: CHRISTMAS was so exciting with BELLA, the champion Shih Tzu, arriving. BELLA was born on Sept. 23, 2010 and she is beautiful and sweet. | Always need a plan...

41: You had a SPEND THE NIGHT PARTY for your 8th Birthday. | HERE'S TO 2011. | ISABELLA ROSE WILSON ROWLEN | "Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticized anyway."- Eleanor Roosevelt. One of Melissa's favorite quotes.

42: Besides video games, LEGOS are your favorite!! We go to Tuscaloosa for an ALABAMA GYMNASTICS MEET with Melissa and your Dad buys a 2010 Toyota Yaris. It's small.

43: Between going to the pool, your summer was filled with a special trip for just you and your Mom to CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE plus a trip with your brothers to ST. AUGUSTINE. | "We need to buy a doggie toothbrush now if we don’t brush Bella’'s teeth ALL of her teeth will fall out. Yep, ALL of them, Nana said." – Andy

44: You got to watch your Dad go 175 mph on Talladega Super Speedway. | POKER!! | First day of 3rd Grade.

45: Andy's first Alabama Football Game, your second...ROLL TIDE!! | View of the Stadium from Melissa's balcony, taken by your Mom!

46: FAMILY TREE OF Jackson James Wilson ROWLEN | Meredith Norine Wilson ROWLEN | 6/6/76 | 6/14/76 | William James ROWLEN | Norine Harriet Boyle WILSON | Marc Barnes WILSON | 11/27/48 | 5/9/49 | 2/8/11-7/17/75 | 1/1/10-1/5/69 | Melissa Lucile Barnes WILSON | Arthur Hendrix WILSON | Harriet Marie Carolyn Brown BOYLE | Edward BOYLE | 5/24/14-1/25/91 | 9/22/16-3/2/2006 | 12/26/02 | Eric Marc Meredith Norine Melissa Marie | Jackson James Wilson Wilson McKay Anderson Marc | Brandon John William James Dennis Ward | Marc Barnes | Allan Edward Norine Harriet | Audrey Patricia Ward ROWLEN | William Lett ROWLEN | Ellen Elizabeth McKay ROWLEN | James Brantley ROWLEN | Audrey Mary Charbonnet WARD | Dr. James Alto WARD, Jr. | 10/7/49 | 11/2/46-1/12/2004 | 9/10/13-5/20/2006 | 8/16/15-8/27/78 | 1/30/25 | 6/27/20 - 9/24/2014 | Linda Elizabeth Audrey Patricia James Alto III Bruce Gilbert Robert William | James Brantley Jr William Lett

47: This book is a Christmas present for 2011 so it must come to an end. My words of wisdom are rather simple - remember that there is no right way to live your life... reach for your goals and what makes you happy. Be a good friend and you will have friends, SMILE and you will be happy, never lie - admit your mistakes and learn from them, accept what you cannot change and change what you can, a positive attitude is very things in moderation and always call your Mom! You are loved forever and ever and you can always come home!! LOVE ALWAYS, YOUR NANA

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