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My Kaucnik Family (Copy)

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My Kaucnik Family (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: My Kaucnik Family 1876 - 1985

FC: My Kaucnik Family 1876 - 1985

2: First Edition August 10, 2012 | This book is dedicated to my Kaucnik family from our Slovenian heritage to my life in Aspen, Colorado. May this collection of photos bring our family together as never before. GSu

3: Joseph Kaucnik Born March 9 or 19, 1876 Died December 10, 1940 | Mary Virjent Kaucnik Born October 3 or 7, 1876 Died June 3,1946

4: Certificate of Naturalization for Joseph Kaucnik dated May 16, 1922

5: My Grandfather Joseph and Grandmother Mary Kaucnik with my father Vencle. | Mary and Joseph Kaucnik with an Ms Korenchan.

6: Vencle Kaucnik born May 25, 1905 in Waukegan, Illinois.

7: Vencle Kaucnik at South Bright School House where his children Ed, Charlie, Ken, Leon and I also attended.

8: First row: Vencle, unknown, Molly and Anna Kaucnik | Joseph, Mary, Vencle, Anna and Molly Kaucnik

9: Vencle in a baby carriage with unknown girl and later in a suit.

11: Vencle Kaucnik and Julia Zimo were married on August 31, 1929.

12: Vencle worked on the Goodyear Zeppelin at the Goodyear Zeppelin Company in Akron, Ohio.

13: Aunt Mary Kaucnik and Julia Kaucnik

14: Vencle, Julia’s mom Anna Markovich Zimo and Julia on the back of a tractor. | During the war, Julia and Vencle operated a produce business near Akron, Ohio.

15: I remember Dad smoking his pipe and carrying a small notebook in his bib overalls.

16: I have wanted to bring Mom, Dad and all seven of the Kaucnik kids together in one photo so I created this family montage with Louise, Dorothy, Kenny sitting on the ground, Charlie holding Leon, me and Ed. | The Kaucnik Family Photo !

17: Louise and Dorothy around 1942. Dorothy was born November 8, 1924 The other 6 Kaucnik children and their birth certificates follow.

18: Dorothy Smith Born November 8, 1924 Dorothy's father had several aliases including Smith, Link, and Linkiewicz. It is believed that his name was Linkewicz. | Dorothy

19: Louise Kaucnik Born August 12, 1930

20: Ed Kaucnik Born July 7, 1932

21: Charlie Kaucnik Born January 12, 1934

22: Ken Kaucnik Born August 21, 1938

23: Leon Kaucnik Born June 11, 1940

24: Sue Kaucnik Born April 12, 1943

25: Dorothy took me to a photographer.

26: I remember trying to pull the eye button out of the doggie toy.

27: With my hair in pig tails, I am standing in front of Julia's sister Mary, Grandma Zimo and Julia outside Akron, Ohio. | Julia is between her sister Mary and Mary's husband with their daughter Nancy holding my shoulders.

28: Delighted with my bag of candy, I joined Charlie and Ed as each of us waited our turn to be photographed by our visiting guests.

29: Here I am in my 3rd grade picture wearing the polka dot dress my mother made for me. | I am sitting in front of Louise's pump organ after she gave me a bath and brushed my hair.

30: On a warm sunny day in front of South Bright School, I am sitting front row 2nd from left with Helen Eloranta at far right with white hair.

31: Ken is holding a rabbit next to Leon and I am behind Ken with Pam. | My Cousin Pamella Suett and her mom Anna, Julia's sister, came to visit from New York. Leon, dog Mink, Ken and I sit on our wagon. I have lost my front teeth.

32: Around seven years old I was in one of my shy periods.

33: Outside South Bright School, first row far left is Ken and Leon, Jimmy Hahto is 4th from left, second row middle is Charlie and Ed is hiding in the upper right corner.

34: Sunny springtime picture in 1952 with Grades 1 to 8. I am above and right of the sign, Leon is holding his chin in his plaid shirt and Kenny is wearing glasses next to the dictionary with his arms crossed.

35: As you can see, Leon's enthusiasm for school has not increased.

36: Photography moved from the outside to using a flash indoors.

37: For our Christmas school play we drew a chimney on the blackboard and had a stage brought in. Ed Eloranta is turned toward Ken who plays a judge, Marian has her hand on her chin and Leon is in the corner. | Playmates Ester, Leon, Joan, Gene, Marian and Ervin

38: Louise poses with the skunk Ed shot on Suda's farm. | Ed is riding Peaches next to our dairy barn. Our 33 cows were rated AAA so our milk was top rated.

39: Barbara, Marie, Gloria Kaucnik, Mary Ellen, Lana | I transfered to Holy Rosary Catholic School with Father Krubel in Owen, Wisconsin. The sisters insisted I use Gloria and not Sue.

40: I am 14 in my 8th grade graduation portrait. In the summer of 1957, I posed for a new polaroid picture before entering the convent at St. Francis of Assisi at Steven's Point, Wisconsin.

41: As Aspirant Gloria, I prayed in the grotto and attended Freshman year classes.

42: Here is my Rosary with black beads and a silver cross. During my Sophomore year, I was MC for the 50th anniversary celebration with over 300 nuns in the audience. Dressed as Polish dancers, we drop kicked across the stage.

43: With four older brothers, I was surrounded by their efforts to out do each other. Here you have Leon in his Army uniform, Ed as Mr Illinois 1958, Ken flexing his muscles and Charlie next to me in front of our home.

44: Here is our dog Vatchy, named for Grandma Kaucnik's command to "watch the farm". I'm wearing a dress I made in my Junior year. | Dad and Uncle Joe from Cleveland. I picked the apples from our orchard in front of our house.

45: To my great joy I first met my best friend Carla at her wedding. We are best friends to this day. | Leon Kaucnik | Little Karen stands with Barb Kaucnik. I'm holding Susan. Louise with husband Tom holding little Charlie's hand.

46: Mom let me wear her tiara to Senior Prom in 1961. Darla and I with our prom dates in her livingroom.

47: Don Dillow & I married on July 21, 1962 in the biggest church in Waukegan. And although we had over a 100 guests all the way from New York City, my parents did not come. They were still angry that I had left home.

48: But it wasn't calm for me. His favorite game was to scare me by hiding in the laundry basket, outside the front door or in the kitchen oven. | I’m pregnant here at a New Year's Eve party in 1962. | And then Fred arrived in April 1963. He was very calm and easy going.

49: Don, Fred and I greet Ken, Carla and my parents at our house in Winthrop Harbor. | The house changed dramatically as I remodeled it inside and out.

50: This was a time of major change in my life. While I was remodeling our house I got a job with Carla’s help at Fansteel. Don’s income was unsteady so I borrowed money from the Fansteel credit union to continue remodeling. Then came my divorce which was enough by itself. And although I liked remodeling, it was hard as a single parent Mom. There were momentous changes happening at the time. More so than when I left the farm in Owen. But I had a plan, a job in Chicago and money to remodel the house. I hired people like plasterers who did excellent finish work and it was beautiful.

51: Fred never shied away from the camera.

52: Fansteel supplied components for NASA spacecraft like the heat shields. I first worked in billing. My bosses office had a large window and Carla said, “Go paint something on his window.” She was my promoter. For the next three years, I put up a new painting every month like these Halloween and Easter paintings on the right. My artwork was so well liked, people used to sneak up from the factory to see them. Fansteel even sent me to my first art classes. I was very artistic and I enjoyed creating art. Then a new boss arrived and he didn’t want any pictures on his window so I went to an employment counselor.

54: At the time, Playboy was advertising for a secretary to Art Director Art Paul. What got me that job was my typing and I had an artistic background. I rode the commuter train 50 miles from my house to the Playboy Building on Michigan Avenue. Art Paul was second to Heff and in the beginning, Art advertised for original paintings. I vetted the applicants and their work before Art saw them. If purchased, it was photographed and Art took his layouts to Heff for approval. It was the first time I was really paid a good wage. I worked at Playboy of 3 years. When I worked for Art Paul he would travel quite a bit and I didn’t have enough to do so I switched to a new project organizing the Playboy model releases. I have a kind of photographic memory and what I did was go through all the files from the beginning of Playboy and put all the releases in order. Once I finished that task, I left Playboy to open my own hairdressing shop. | Fred is about 8 or 9.

55: Edd has gotten me this big portfolio. | Edd’s Mom had a salon and Edd and she thought I should take over the shop. I immediately became a certified trichologist. I was able to run the salon and work on a painting while gals came in for their perms. I designed the Second Generation logo and this Christmas card. My salon was quite different from Austro’s. She charged $2.50 for a cut and I got $25. I had my girls trained by the best hairdresser down at Russian Oak. It was a very fine hairdressing shop. | Edd Aboltins and I married May 26, 1972

56: This was a very creative time in my life. One day Edd brought home this incredibly red watermelon so I painted my face to match this melon. The upper photo is from one day when I was feeling naughty. I blackened my tooth to play a trick on Fred and he was so freaked out. | I designed the Second Generation logo and this Christmas card.

57: Oh, the saga of my house in Winthrop Harbor. How many people can say their home, the same house, was taken twice by eminent domain. I had dealings with the State of Illinois over 10 or 12 years as they removed homes for a nature preserve. It was the longest drawn out case. During this time I moved to Chicago with Edd, rented the house and then decided to physically move it to a new location. Before I had left the house, there was a point where the State had bought three sides around my property. They waited until my number came up and I took the the State of Illinois to court. The jury was loaded on a bus, taken to my house and finally a settlement was made. And since I was at a stage where I wanted to move that house, I did. I physically moved that house although I lost the chimney on the way. | This is how it looked after disconnecting the electric and gas.

58: This is the new location in 1984. Edd stayed there until the Waukegan Airport Authority decided to do a runway expansion. | Then for the second time the State took the same house by eminent domain. | Years later the nature preserve became an exclusive marina. My old property was now under water. I believe the State of Illinois knew all along there were plans to build a marina and a nuclear power plant just to the north. Vandals burned the house and it is gone.

59: By the time you see Fred on this page, he has moved with me to Aspen, gone to high school and returned to work at the Dillow Shop. He stayed in Waukegan with Don until he married and moved to Mesa, Arizona in 1996.

60: As Administrative Assistant to the First National Bank of Aspen Comptroller, Fred, cockatiel Joey and I lived in the bank condos just a few blocks from the ski lifts. Clowning around with my girlfriends led us to dress up for any occasion.

61: I married British chef Ian Riseley on June 28, 1981 when Ian was at L’Armagnac in Aspen. Ian went on to teach culinary arts in Hawaii.

62: My girlfriends were curious about the News4 car with the TV cameraman. In 1981 Tom Meyers was living in Redstone and shipped his news stories from the Aspen Airport most days. For years, Tom and I were good friends and would commiserate on how we could not find someone we really wanted to be with until Cupid opened our eyes one romantic evening.

63: I left Aspen for Tom’s cottage on Redstone Boulevard where I immediately began remodeling and sharing secrets with Maude.

64: Now my life allowed me to follow my true loves, creating paintings, practicing my astrology and as always dressing with style even if it was a hike up Mount Sopris.

65: Tom and I were married in our backyard overlooking the Crystal River valley on April 13, 1985.

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