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MY LIFE By Janelle Zakhia

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1: Index 1) Who am I? Pg. 2-13 2) Positive and negative challenges Pg. 14-15 3) Coping strategies Pg. 16-17 4) Support services Pg. 18-19 5) My goals Pg. 20-21 6) Dealing with changes Pg 22-23

2: I am a unique individual. Everyone is divergent to everyone else, our fingerprints are different. I may like something another person may not like: For example I might like swimming and another person might like cricket, you never know, everyone is a unique individual.

3: All about me: Name: Janelle Zakhia DOB:13/02/2001 Birth Place: Bankstown Hospital Sydney Parents birth place: Lebanon I was named after my grandmother which means a precious gift of God.

4: My favorite hobby is traveling. I have been to many countries like, Lebanon, Malaysia, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Greek Islands, New Zealand and Turkey. My favorite place in Turkey was Ephesus where I stood where St Paul preached. The place I love most is Lebanon where my parents come from and try to visit every year so we don't forget our heritage. | This is Ephesus in turkey where St Paul stood. | Where do I come from?

5: can you guess these countries?

6: I have 2 younger brothers whose names are George and Joshua that are very sporty and athletic. I have 5 cousins on my dads side named Michael, Gemma, Mark, Jacob and Christian. I have 7 cousins from my Mums side named Sonia, Selina, Sammy, Charbel, Elisha, Marcus and Nicolas. I talk to Jesus most of the time because I find him to be the greatest helper in my life. | My relatives

8: more info about me!! | Old School captain and I shaking hands. | Last year I had the privilege of being school captain at St Brendan's Bankstown. I was respected and honored by many students and teachers especially the principal. | All the SRC saying a special prayer. | Last year I was awarded with an academic achievement medal in my class. I also was awarded with a maths Olympiad trophy. I came in the top 25% in all of Australia. In the years of primary school, I earned four Religious Education medals and one Religious Education certificate. I worked and trained hard for all of these achievements.

9: more info about My Family | My uncle owns 5 sports shops called Justsport. | My family owns a chemist called Punchbowl Pharmacy. We also own another chemist called Central Pharmacy. | My mum is a pharmacist and my dad is a chemist. My mum has a Bachelor of Pharmacy and my dad has a Masters degree in Chemistry. My auntie also has a Bachelor of Pharmacy and my other auntie has Bachelor of arts and Diploma in Education.

10: I love Christ with all my heart and all my soul. He is the way the truth and the life. I know that the only person to save my is Jesus. He supports me always in whatever I do. | John 14:16 "I am the way and the truth and the Life. No one comes to the father except through me."

11: What do I believe in? I am a Christian and I am very proud of that. I value and love Christ very much and follow his commandments and teachings wherever I go because he is my Saviour. I worship him a lot because in the end I know he is the only one that will lead me to eternal life. | My Christian Values

12: My interests: I have a lot of interests and hobbies. I love playing tennis and swimming and I enjoy playing the piano. They are my hobbies because I enjoy doing them and they keep me fit and healthy. My favorite subjects are Maths, science, PE and religion.

14: Positive challenges: A positive challenge I have faced recently is the starting of employment in our family business. This improved my self esteem and made me more confident in dealing with people. | Challenges: Wherever you are you will find a challenge around every corner. Challenges are all over the place but you have to learn how to deal with them. Sometimes they can be negative and other times positive. | Positive challenges: Another positive challenge I have faced in the last couple of weeks was coming from primary to high-school and coming from a different school to a new school. I dealt with this challenge by making new friends and making myself feel comfortable with the school environment and the people around me.

15: Negative Challenges: A negative challenge I have faced in life was when my uncle fell off the horse and had to suffer from a brain injury for 2 years. We had faith in Jesus and prayed for healing. In the end, all the trouble we had been through was gone. Now he is married and has a baby boy named Christian. | Negative challenges: Another negative challenge I have faced in life was stress. Exam times are very stressful for me because I always think of the worst case scenario that I might not do well. I always conquer that challenge by taking advise from my parents. | This was my uncle before the accident. He was riding his horse in that picture.

16: Asking a family member for help: When you ask a family member for help they can tell you what to do, as they have experienced this before. They can understand what your going through. | Always have some extra sleep: It is always good to have some extra sleep to concentrate and communicate in class. having some extra rest before an exam will help and help you concentrate. | Praying: One way you can cope with high school is to always pray. You can never find a better friend than Jesus. You can pray to him any time you want. HE IS EVERYWHERE AND HE WILL GIVE YOU THE MOST COMFERT AND SUPPORT. | Coping Strategies

17: Watch a funny movie: It is always a good idea to watch a funny movie because it will lift up your mood and make you feel better. | Listening to Music: Listening to your favorite music can calm you down and make you feel more relaxed.

18: Some support services a year 6 student may need coming from primary to high school. | Spiritual Father: Talking to the priest can help you a lot because he knows how to point you in the right direction. | Doctors and school counselor: They are trained professionals to assist you with mental and emotional problems. | Your parents: You parents can help you all the time. They can understand and know what your going through. They might make you feel more comfortable.

19: Taking advise from teachers: When you take advise from teachers you can at least know what teachers expect of you when you're struggling with homework at home or if you're struggling with school work. They can always help you out. | Social media/Internet: There are a lot of websites available that you can refer to in time of need.

20: My goals | Short term goal: A short term goal I want to complete before the end of term 1 is to get a bronze certificate. By doing this I am going to complete my work and get as many merits as possible. | Intermediate term goal: An intermediate term goal I am hoping to achieve is to get band 8 in all my Naplan results. That is achievable by studying all the work I do in class and practice past test papers. | Short term goal: A short term goal I am hoping to achieve is to succeed in every exam I do from now until the end of the term. To do this I have to work and study hard. | Long term goal: A long term goal I want to reach is to get a Gold certificate.To do this I am going to get a Silver certificate by the end of semester 1 and aim to get a Gold by the end of the year.

21: Long term goal: A long term goal I want to achieve this year is to be ranked first in all my subjects. I am going to do this by trying hard to complete every task possible and study well before my exams.

23: Changes and Challenges | A challenge I expect to deal with in the next five years is adolescence which is the transition stage between childhood and adulthood. The changes that I have to deal with can include: 1) Physical development: How my body changes. (Increase in height and weight, growth of hair, pimples/acne.) 2) Emotional Development: How I can develop an ability to manage my emotions and express them in a positive way. (Know when I am angry and accept it, do something constructive to calm down.) 3) Social Development: How I interact with my family, my friends and other people. (Try and have a good relationship with every one around me especially my family.)

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