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My Life In Short

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My Life In Short - Page Text Content

S: My Life in Short

FC: My Life in Short

1: Dedication: I dedicate my book to those whom without, I could have never made this super wonderful mixbook project - my parents.

2: Table of Contents: Setting... page 3 Exposition... page 4 Irony... page 5 Symbolism... page 6 External Conflict... page 7 Theme... page 8

3: Setting - The context and environment in which a situation is set; the background. The most familiar setting of which I have become accustomed lies just beyond the border between Pennsylvania and New York. In the small town of Pine Bush, much of which is inhabited by dense and untamed forest and underbrush, lies the humble five-acre abode of my aunt and uncle. I use the term humble very loosely, and mostly sarcastically, because it is far from humble. As you enter their 300-foot driveway you pass by roaming fields and a full size pond, and you're sure to be greeted by the family chocolate lab, Tobias. Although I don't technically live on 128 Basel Rd., the accumulated hours I have spent on the premises definitely earns me the title of tenant. Each summer I spend my days with my cousin enjoying the bounty of the land. Two years this summer's prior we were being particularly woodsy, partaking in the construction of a woodland fort. All was well in our world; we had just finished building a drawbridge when brilliance dawned upon us. Pillows, stuffed with a soft moss growing on the center tree of our hideout! What could have gone wrong? After hours of chopping and stuffing, we had two perfectly soft pillows. However, it wasn’t until early that next morning, that we had realized our triumphs were misguided and deceiving; the plant we had stumbled upon was poison sumac. I have never been in more pain; however, I have yet to have as much fun as I did when I was infected. Basel Rd. holds many good memories, even if they weren't so in the conventional sense.

4: Exposition - The first part of a composition in sonata form that introduces the themes. My beginning is something that will never change, and will remain unaltered for as long as I am remembered. My mother, Danielle, and my father, Daniel, already had a child when I was conceived, my sister, Emily. She was five years old when I was born, and given the choice my parents decided not to know the sex of the baby, which lead to her believing she was going to have a baby sister. My father, who at the time wanted nothing more than another Emily, gave this prediction. This is something I, to this day, am teased about on occasion. However, in the wee hours of the morning in Holy Spirit Hospital in Middletown, NY, my mother gave birth to me. On August 7, 1998 at 1:21 A.M. I, Jakob Daniel Sanchez, was put into the world. When described, I often times am referred to as a miniature sumo-wrestler, for I was as fat as I was long, and as short as I was fat. To my relief, I was not shunned away for not being a female, but perhaps embraced even more for just completing our family. Emily loved to have me around to use as a doll with her friends, a belief she most likely revoked sometime around the 9th grade. Nevertheless, my family never stopped loving me and made me into who I am today.

5: Irony - incongruity between what is expected to be and what actually is, or a situation or result showing such incongruity. Irony, a word whose correct usage is often thrown by the wayside due to either a lack of knowledge or laziness to find something of actual ironic stature, is rather interesting to think about. When you rack your brain for moments in your life, you may also find a period of time in which something you do now seemed impossible or ridiculous. The humor associated with irony comes from the mock sarcasm it is usually delivered with, to whom it is occurring and what it pertains to, and how well you know the person. My anecdote does not contain mock sarcasm, nor do you probably care or know me very well, despite that fact, your choice to read my Mixbook, so now you’re stuck with me. The story begins up in the northernmost region of Maine; I’d tell you where, but due to the shear minuscule nature of the town it would mean nothing. So, in this speck of a border town in Maine is where I first began to skate. I was three years of age and loathed it! I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to make inside, the place where you go to escape cold, even colder. The day was fraught with torrential crying, streams of mucus, and bruises, and due to my stubbornness, I refused to use the walkers, specifically engineered for people learning how to skate. The tears did not originate out of pain, but instead out of pure frustration. After that day, I wouldn’t accept defeat and practiced at it as hard as I could. I didn’t do this because I enjoyed it, but because I wanted to prove to myself that I could. Nine years later, I partake in organized ice hockey and am proud to say so. I grew to love the game, more than anything else. Despite my initial hatred, if Maine had been an interesting place with more than one sport I might have never started playing. And, to this day, I plan to make it to the NHL.

6: Symbolism- The practice of representing things by means of symbols or of attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, events, or relationships. A wristband is a simple accessory to many. However, to me, I know a wristband can mean so much more. I have a band in particular that holds deep sentimental meaning to me. It was a gift given to me by a dear friend of mine. That wristband rest snug upon my forearm for four consecutive years, only to be removed to get into water. I wore it not because it was fashionable or because it possessed demonic powers, but for the sole reason that I wanted to. The solid black weave background represents the strength of my friendships and bonds, where as the overlying red stars symbolize the goals I aspire to accomplish as well as the heart and ambition and drive of which I possess. I wore the band as a symbol of my loyalty to my friend, but also as a symbol of loyalty to myself. I challenged myself to wear the wristband for as long as possible, and I did not quit despite its decreasing structure. Not unlike my hockey anecdote, I did not give up despite obstacles and challenges faced. I kept my word, and what is man if not for his word? Nothing.

7: External Conflict - struggle between a person and an outside force. Conflict is a paradigm of brother-sister relationships; on occasion, however, my sister and my quarrels turn violent. One particular incident fell on midday on a rainy Saturday. Having been trapped inside all day, tensions were heating up between the two of us. A simple transaction occurred next, but escalated far beyond necessary. I had crawled over to the spot where my sister sat engrossed in a television show and snagged the remote out from underneath her. A fire lit in her eyes as she lunged after me, tugging and shoving me, until she finally prevailed in recapturing her precious clicker. Having just had the crap beat out of me over a remote, I became mad enough to retaliate. I had run upstairs to fetch my wooden bow and arrow, and by the time I returned Emily had already disappeared into HGTV. I drew an arrow from my quiver, loaded it onto the string and fired an arrow right next to her face - these were not point-tipped arrows. I debated whether to flee or fire again, but by that time, I had focused back on reality; she was on top of me. What she said to me, I’m unsure, but after a period of yelling, she resorted to beating me with my recently fired arrow. An arrow made out of oak, tipped with an eraser top-like item, broke over my arm and chest not but a few minutes into the onslaught. She dismounted and went back to her regular programming, as I lay there shocked and in pain. The moral of the story is never fight your sister over TV rights or you will get hurt.

8: Theme - a unifying or dominating idea, motif. Associating a theme to a 13 year olds life may seem a little tricky; however, there seems to be a consistent theme in mine. The theme of my life is persistence, to never give up, to give your all for everything and if failure rears it's ugly face get up and try again. I never gave up on hockey or any other of my sports; if I faced an obstacle, I would try my hardest to bind it. Without persistence, none of my talents or skills would be at the state that they are now. Nor would any of the greatest scientists or innovators have gotten anywhere if not for persistence to try new things and find what works best. When I was learning how to ride my bike, I kept pestering my mother to remove the training wheels, despite having never ridden without them. After she cautiously agreed to remove the only things stopping gravity from taking its course, I straddled the seat and just began to ride. Riding a bike came very easily to me, but it only got easier and better with time. Excelling at a staple part of my transportation wreaked numerous benefits early on and even more so once I began to venture out on my own. Where would we be without the questioners, the thinkers, the people who don’t take no for an answer, where would we be without persistence?

9: You don't deserve any more details. THE END

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