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My Memoir

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S: Memoir of Blake Narron

FC: The Staircase of My Life Blake Narron

1: My Parent's Accident

2: One cold December morning, my dad was supposed to travel out of town but decided to stay home to spend time with my mom. It was a normal school day so as my sister and I got ready for school. My parents were making lunches and breakfast awaiting us to come downstairs dressed and ready for the day. As usual, I was downstairs and ready waiting for my sister to finally come down. As she descended the stairs thirty minutes later, my parents were calling up to her as they prepared to have to rush out of the door. Now this was a few years before I got my license so my mom usually drove my sister and I to school. However, on this day my dad was going to go with her since he had postponed his departure. | We piled into my mom’s car and proceeded to school. Our family car rides are always amusing and this one did not stray from the norm. As we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company, none of us imagined anything in the world could possible go wrong. We got to school and carried on with the normal school day. At school that day, I remember enjoying my friends and classmates as usual. My class was taken outside and we had a free day where we played football, frisbee, and other sorts of outdoor games. While running around outside playing games with my peers I thought to myself, wow this has to be the best day of my life. However, the tables would eventually turn. We continued our day through the last class which happened to be study hall. Miss Thompson’s phone rang and the message was relayed to me that I was needed in the office and that I should pack up my things because I would not be coming back to class. Now at this point my mind is franticly thinking of all the possible reasons to which I would be going home for the day. As I approach the office, I am surprised to see that my mom is not the one picking me up as usual but it was my aunt, who I knew was supposed to be working at the hospital that day.

3: My aunt proceeds to tell me that my parents had been in a serious accident that morning on their way home from dropping my sister and I off at school. As my parents were traveling down Harris Boulevard, a women who was strung out on crack crossed the median and accelerated towards my parents vehicle head on. My dad swerved right in order to avoid a head on collision which would prove to save both of their lives. The impact to the left corner panel sent the SUV into a violent roll down the boulevard rolling seven times while also being hit by two other cars. | I had gone all day at school carrying on as usual never expecting that such a thing had happened even though the school had been informed only minutes after the incident and Mr. Ward was already at the hospital with my parents. My sister was the most affected by the news and was an emotional mess all the way to the hospital as we went to go see them. I sat in the back seat comforting her that everything would be okay and that our parents were both alive and that nothing was going to go wrong. I held my sister, Taylor, in my arms in a warm comforting embrace all the way to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, we were taken to my parents room. My mother was already sitting in the waiting room waiting for us because she had been protected from the glass and other debris from my father has he was using his body to protect her. However, he had multiple cuts and lesions from glass and detritus. | We all stayed at the hospital until later that evening when my dad was cleared to be released home. When we arrived home, I set my parents up in their room where they would be comfortable because both had severe bruising and muscle injuries. I rose to the challenge of taking care of my parents during this time by catering to their needs and by keeping everything in the house under control. After the weekend had come to and end my parents were much improved. However, they still had some lingering muscular injuries that are still being battled to this day. They pulled me aside and told me how proud of me they were that I stayed calm, took control of the situation, and ran with the punches while taking on the role as their provider temporarily.

4: Finding Work | As the years passed by, I realized how heavily I relied on my parents financially. I came to appreciate all the work that they did in order to earn the money that I so easily spent. In an attempt to relieve them of that sole responsibility, I decided it was time for me to start gaining some sort of income on my own so that I would not have to go to them for money if I wanted something for myself. When I was twelve years old, I started watching my cousins for my aunt and uncle while they went out. I did this at least once a month and it was the starting place of teaching me the rudiments of money management. It also taught me to appreciate the value of the dollar. Time went on and my responsibilities and commitments grew. As they grew, so did my need for money and a feeling of self independence. I moved on to cutting yards for people in my neighborhood. At first my dad would go with me to each yard to supervise and make sure all went smoothly and that I wasn’t doing a lazy job. I did my best work possible and as I satisfied each customer they would refer me to friends and my small business began to grow. The yards began to add up more quickly and I was in need of a new lawnmower that would be able to sustain the load that I needed it to bear. Buying this lawnmower was my first major business investment and I was scared that it would not pay off. It turned out, however, that the mower allowed for me to cut more lawns in a day which brought in more money, leading me to having the mower paid off very quickly.

5: To this day, I still mow lawns in between other jobs. Last summer, I began another business of my own where I would detail cars at people’s houses for them. This job took much longer than cutting grass, but it also brought in much more money. I would travel to the customers house and set up a tent. I would wash their car and then clean the inside to where it was spotless. I would run over the interior with leather conditioner and ArmorAll giving the car a distinct shine and clean smell. Now it would be time for the paint, where I would clay bar the old wax and debris off of the car and out of the clear-coat. This process brought the true color of the car back to visibility. Afterwards, I would apply three layers of wax, in which to lock in the paint from the damaging external elements. The first layer would consist of a liquid wax to add moisture and a cleanser to the paint surface. The second and third layer would be a thick paste wax that would repel dirt and water. This prolonged process would take up to four or five hours. The time spent led to amazing results and a sense of pride knowing that I had done the work. The money wasn’t bad either. Each car would bring in around one hundred dollars and sometimes, depending on the size of the car, more. Detailing cars was a very good sense of income. However, due to the time required to complete each job, it was not a very efficient job for during the school year. Realizing this, I applied for a job at Hollister Company at Northlake Mall. I was accepted and I have been working for over a year and three months now. Working at Hollister has been a learning experience and the shelter over my life has been removed now being in the same working environment with people from other backgrounds and lifestyles. I have learned to deal with all kinds of people, because they never seem to able to be satisfied. Hollister is a great experience in bettering my future because it is the first job where I have not been able to manage my own hours and work whenever I feel like working. Hollister keeps me accountable and forces me to work well with others which is a necessary character trait for future careers.

6: My HighSchool Years | High School is supposed to be the best years of your life. For me it has had many amazing times as well as some of the most stressful times. Due to the diversity in high school, these years are a major time where students learn about their identities and who they are as a person and how they are capable of impacting the world. A student must figure out how they fit in and how to interact with other students their age. High School students also must learn what situations are beneficial to their character and which they must avoid. My high school years came very easy. I never struggled making friends and for the most part everyone likes me due to my personality. I’m a very easy person to get along with and I am always positive and good at bringing up the mood in a room. I have to say that I have really enjoyed my high school career. It has been amazing as well as having some stressful times as I stated before. Road trips for baseball, parties on Friday nights after football games, and crazy basketball games in the student section. It’s been a blast!

7: I remember one time the baseball team went down to Charleston for a baseball tournament. We were hitting the beach between games and cruising the streets of downtown Charleston after the games, just enjoying our freedom from our parents. One day after one of our earlier baseball games that day we went to the beach to play ultimate frisbee. We played for a few hours until the beach began to become more crowded with people. Our game had to come to a halt as we had to relocate our towels because during one of the plays a small girl was run over by Stephen. She was digging a hole right in the middle of our playing field. We had been playing in that area for hours so why she decided to dig there - it beats me. However, she was leveled by Stephen as he sprinted for the pass and sending both rolling in the sand. The mother of course was furious and chased us off yelling and screaming, even though she allowed her daughter to be in the middle of our playing field. A few of my team mates and I checked on the girl and apologized to the mother even though it wasn’t our fault. We were just trying to be nice, however she proceeded to cuss us out. My friends and I walked away without retaliation or being disrespectful. We finished off the trip with more fun experiences without having anymore encounters with angry parents. My team was able to connect and just enjoy each other’s company away from the stress of school or daily routines. School was back in after spring break and we seniors were back to the old grind. some of us were awaiting responses from colleges that we applied to. College applications by far were the most stressful part of my senior year. All of my past achievements from years earlier and future goals were all being scrutinized by colleges in order for them to decide on my acceptance. I was left without any say in my fate; I felt innocent and like a puppet. | During the applications process, I took charge of my application and I strove to make it the best it could possibly be on paper. I used any and every resource that I could in order to try to show the Board of Admissions that I deserved to be admitted and that I would work just as hard on my school work as I did on my application. On multiple occasions, I was on the phone with an Admissions Representative as I was in constant contact with them. I notified them of every new achievement that I had accomplished and of every educational opportunity that was placed before me. For example, I shadowed an Anesthesiologist at CMC Main. I contacted NC State and told them of the experience I had since my major was going to be Biology with plans to continue to medical school. I applied to UNC Charlotte, NC State, and UNC Chapel Hill; only to be accepted to UNC Charlotte. I do not understand the grounds to which I was denied from the other two Universities. However, I know that God has a plan and wants me to go to UNC Charlotte and will open doors for me and my future. It would be very easy for me during this time to be mad at God for not allowing me to get into my first choice college. However in life I have learned that there will always be let downs and disappointments. I have to move on past them and look for the positive. Senior year is the time to celebrate success and youth. Although college applications will bring some stress and disappointment, the year is still moving forward and time will never stand still. Life goes on and it is up to us to make the best of the time that we are blessed with. I have made the best of my senior year and it turns out that two of my best friends decided to go to UNC Charlotte and we are all rooming together. Things work out in funny ways and it always seems that our worries always work themselves out.

8: Dr. Narron | From a small age, I knew that I wanted to be some sort of doctor when I grew up. I always pretended to be a doctor and act like I knew more about medicine than I really did. One Christmas my aunt, who was a neonatal nurse at Presbyterian Hospital, bought me a toy medical kit which contained a syringe, heart beat monitor, and a blood pressure gauge. To me at this stage, this was the best gift anyone could ever receive. I played doctor with everyone in my family multiple times during that Christmas break until they started to become aggravated. I have a love for biology and have always loved to learn more about the human body and its physiology. This past winter, I was given the opportunity to follow an Anesthesiologist around and shadow them in the operating room. My aunt had become acquainted with the doctor at work while she was working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. On the day of the my shadowing, I was excused from school and had to get up earlier than usual since I was trying to spend as much time with him as I possibly could. My aunt drove me to CMC and she walked with me to meet the man I was going to be following. We finally found him and he introduced himself to me as Raj. Raj didn't falter from his daily routine and he made sure that I felt comfortable at all times. There was never an awkward moment as we quickly became friends. Raj started the day off by walking me around the halls and showing me around, explaining what each department of the hospital does. After our tour, it was eight o’clock a.m and it was time for the surgeries to start in the operating rooms. Raj took me into the five operating rooms that he was in charge of for the day. The first room was a six month old baby who was suffering from Osteoimperfecta, which is a disease where the bones are extremely brittle. The baby was born as a twin and entered into the world with over twenty fractures. As I watched as the surgeon began to operate on the baby, the feeling in my stomach assured me that Pediatrics was not my destination.

9: The case of Osteoimperfecta was the only pediatric case that I had to endure that day, the rest were adult cases. For the duration of that day, I witnessed feeding tubes being inserted, open heart surgery, a colonoscopy, and a shoulder biopsy. I was unaffected by the adult procedures and I was also able to assist with handing chemicals and tools to the anesthesiologist during the procedures. I was at the hospital for eleven hours and this time passed extremely quickly. I enjoyed every minute of this experience and I talked about it for days. I fell in love with the work environment and the urgency of the job, having to be up and moving around while assisting to relieve patients from pain. I know without a doubt that this is the career that I want to spend the rest of my life doing. Not only does it pay well, but it also allows me to interact with people while still having an influence on their lives. After this experience when I returned to school, I was more dedicated to my school work than ever before. Knowing how hard I’m going to have to study to achieve my dream, I need to do my best to make school my number one priority. After realizing what I want as a career, it is easier to be dedicated to my school work as I have encouragement to do my best, knowing that there will be rewards later down the road. I am thankful that my aunt set me up with this experience and I believe that it helped prepare me for my future as I enter the working world. For the first time, because of my achievement I felt like an adult, having the ability to manage my own time and be in control of my future.

10: Love For The Game | My dad, Jeff Narron, has been a major role model in my life. My father has taught me many things over the years of my life, one being the game of baseball. Sports are great character builders especially when you have an awesome coach with great character who is teaching you the game. As a young boy, I played baseball, basketball, and soccer; having my dad coach me in every single sport. He taught me the concept of a team and how to bring others up as you grow. Sportsmanship and being a good loser was never a part of my personality and I was extremely competitive as a child. My dad taught me by example how to act when things don’t go as planned. My father stays calm with a smile on his face always looking forward to the next chance to show his stuff. This tactic has shown to be very effective in my life. Whenever something doesn’t go my way or if someone is trying to aggravate me, I just smile and shake it off and look for a chance to show that I’m unaffected. My dad is an extremely smart man and sometimes his intelligence makes things harder. Nothing can get past my dad no matter how sneaky I try to be. He will always be ahead of me predicting my next move. His intelligence is also a gift in the fact that he is the best athletics coach and physical motivator that I have ever encountered. He is able to push me to limits that I never imagined possible. He has molded me into the gifted baseball player that I am today. My father’s dedication and hard work is reflected in my actions in the way that I compose myself at school.

11: Not only was my dad dedicated to his job and all of his frantic duties, he was always more dedicated to me. He would drop whatever he was doing if I needed his help or even if I just wanted to go play catch with him in the street. On multiple occasions, my dad would push off his house duties to take me out to the ball field if I was struggling with something or if I was frustrated and just wanted to practice. One time in particular, I remember I had been struggling with my throws from short stop and my dad was planning to spend all day on yard work one Saturday. I asked him to take me out to the field and let me take reps at throwing the ball to first from a grounder. He put off all of his plans, knowing that his duties would only pile up and cause him stress. He happily agreed and we were out on the field for hours laughing and practicing, reminiscing back to the days when he was my coach and how he would work with me almost every day. I have many amazing memories and experiences with my father. I have these memories because he was always there trying to become more and more a part of me and my sister’s lives. I love my dad for the effort and time that he has invested into me and my growth and I wish one day to be as good of a man and a father as he is. | Heart of a Champion

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