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My Scrapbook

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FC: The Scraps From High School and the Past by Michael Del Re

2: Who Am I? I am... | Michael Del Re. That’s my name. I am 18 years old and I live in a small town called Lodi. I have so many great friends. I am of Puerto Rican decent. My family is great to me. I love my mother, father, and my sister. They’ve always been there for me when I’ve needed them most. I can be a fun person to be around most of the time. I love listening to music and playing it as well. I play the drums whenever I’m not busy. Hopefully I will be in a band by the end of summer with a few of my closest friends. Other times I’m a very serious person. I have a great habit of making my friends laugh all the time. I simply crack jokes to everyone I see. If someone is feeling down, I feel like making them feel better is definitely what I have to do. I’ve been told I’m such a huge flirt. Of course the ones that tell me are the girls I actually flirt with. When they tell me, I respond with, “Can you blame me?” Just by saying that I can get them to laugh. I used to play football all the time. It’s one of my hobbies. There are some things that can get me angry pretty quick. I get mad when people talk behind my back and when they talk about my friends. I really don’t like it when my friends are sad because some punk thinks it’s cool to make fun of them. Well, that’s basically me. I’m just a down-to-earth kind of guy. It’s in my nature to be relaxed and have some fun and to just let the good times roll.

3: Oh, yeah,I am cool aren't I? | I did sit on that truck! | What? I like Iron Maiden!

4: If I Had Three Wishes | If I had three wishes I would use them in any way I wanted of course. There are quite a few things I would like to have. Wishing for them to come true would make things so much easier instead of working for them, or even things that can’t be worked for. My first wish would be used to have my favorite car, a 1987 Honda Accord. I need one just because I need to get around instead of walking everywhere. It’s tiresome, and depending on the destination, it gets annoying. I’ve been walking everywhere for the past 4 years. I’m 18 years old and I don’t have a car. Most teenagers do, but not me. My second wish would have to be used for money. Its seems as if that’s the first thing people would wish for. They would use it just to make themselves richer. I on the other hand actually do need it. I need money so it can help me go to a college or a tech school after high school. Besides, in this world, money is a necessity because of the economy. That would leave me with my third and final wish. If I was able to, I would wish for three more wishes. Therefore I would never run out of wishes to make. But if I couldn’t do that, then I would wish for a mini studio complete with equipment for a band. That would make things so much easier for the band because we would have everything we need to start recording and playing professionally.

5: CASH | CASH | AND MORE CASH | My dream car | I love this car | I want that steering wheel! | I love music | Gotta make music! | Oh! I need one of those!

6: My Favorite Things To Do | There are plenty of things I like to do during my free time. When I’m not doing anything important, I usually try to stay active and not really sit around. My favorite thing to do is play sports. The sport of my choice is football. I used to play all the time. I played at a few different positions before I figured out what my strengths were. I played as a linebacker and safety on defense. I wasn’t very good at tackling. On offense I played as a wide receiver, tight end, running back, and quarterback. I was actually good at all of them, but I didn’t have the best eyes for quarterback. The other three was where I fit in. I scored a few touchdowns when I played, but I seemed to be the player that was injury-prone. I injured my ankles a lot when I played. Football is in my blood I would say. My father and grandfather played in Lodi High School. When football lost its luster for me, I would go to play basketball. That too is in my blood because my father played for a while in high school. I’m not anywhere near good at basketball, that’s why I only play when I’m with friends. I did try playing baseball one time, but it didn’t work out or me. Instead I’d rather just play music. Being a drummer is the best thing for me. My dad is a drummer as well and he taught me all that I know. He drummed for a few different bands, including the famous Misfits from Lodi, New Jersey. I wish I could play guitar too but it’s too difficult for me.

7: 4th Down already? | Yes I AM a Chargers fan | CP3 | I wish i had a drumset again | Such a cool guitar | B-BALL! | SWOOSH | 2 best sports ever | Slappa Da Bass

8: My First Crush | I haven’t had too many “crushes” in high school. Yeah there were girls I kind of liked. I only liked them for maybe one week and that would be the end of it. It wasn’t until my senior year that I really liked someone. Her name is Bianca and we’ve been friends since the winter when I met her in my gm class during 6th period. At first I was really nervous to talk to her one on one. We usually only talked if we were in a group of people. I’m usually the kind of guy who is the nervous wreck when speaking to a girl I liked. It took a few weeks but we were finally talking to each other when it was just us. It only took a couple of weeks to start liking her. I finally told her how I felt after two months of knowing her only to find out she had a boyfriend. I felt sort of destroyed after that but we are still great friends. She’s actually the girl that told me how much of flirt I am. We’re best friends now really. We are always with each other in the morning, in the hallways in school, and after school too. We’ve only hung outside of school once, but we both agreed that we should hang out more often than we do. Well, I don’t know if it counts as hanging out but I walk her home almost every week. We’re still going to be friends after I graduate high school cause she’ll still be there. As much as I wish there could be something more between us, I’m just glad to have her as a great friend.

9: Silly girl | Best friend | prettiest girl I know

10: My Friends;People I Can't Forget | My friends are just one of a kind to me. There aren’t too many people as nice and cool as they are. “Pick your friends carefully.” That’s what people say most of the time. Well I did just that, and I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve got. I would describe how each one of my friends are special, but that would take too long. I can only explain a few things about them. The main reason is because I can count on them for anything. They would have my back in any situation. When I need people to talk to, they always open their arms to me. I’ve been in situations where I needed help to get by. They were there for me in my desperate times of need. Another reason is because of the sense of humor they each posses. They make me laugh every single day I see them. Especially when I’m feeling down, they pick me up with jokes. I see them every day when I’m in school. In the morning, afternoon, and sometimes at night I see them. Whenever I see them I can always count on having a good time. I live right down the street from on of my best friends while the others live just a 6 minute walk away. They live around the same exact area which makes it easy to get together. During this summer, I expect to hang out with them all before they go back to school the next September and before we possibly go our separate ways. Whatever may happen, I will always consider them closer than family.

11: pretty cool dudes | a bunch of lobby rats | it's RACHEL!!!

12: I'm Most Proud of... | I’m proud of a lot of things that I’ve done in my life. There a lot of moment I wish I could live over and over again. One moment that will live for ever in my eyes will be when I won a Halloween costume contest. It was back in 2000, when my dad decided to make me a homemade costume for Halloween. At first, I wasn’t into at all. I knew that I would be made fun of. I was supposed to be Sponge Bob for Halloween. I remember when I argued about having to wear it. I hated the fact that I couldn’t be what I wanted to be. I remember watching my father put the costume together piece by piece. He painted a huge cardboard box yellow with orange holes. He even painted the outfit on the box. On the day of the contest, I saw that everyone else had regular costumes, that I would be the only one to have a homemade one. I guess I was okay with wearing the costume at the time, but then I found out I had to have my face painted yellow and that I had to wear fake buck teeth. After I found out, I began to argue with my father about it. He got me to do it by offering me some McDonalds after the contest was over. So I did everything I was supposed to do. I painted my face, wore the box, and put in the fake teeth. After the costume was judged, it was announced that I had come in 1st place. I received my very first trophy on that day. After it was over I did get my McDonalds after all, which to me was the real prize.

13: represents the actual trophy | 1st place is awesome! | well...I deserved it | it's like my reaction when I won | my inspiration | might have been me if I lost | the true prize | a must have for me | it was Halloween!

14: Road Trip! | After high school, some friends and I are going to take a road trip. There are several places we would want to get to. But before we could have a chance of going, we would need a lot of money, transportation, and a secure plan to do so. The trip would only contain the best of friends that could trust each other. We would have to make a complete and safe judgment on where we would go. We first talked about a cross-country trip to California. It is the original plan that we had since our freshman year of high school. That was all we ever talked about and how we would all get jobs and save our money for cars and supplies for the trip. The second place we talked about was Seattle, Washington. The reason we wanted to go there was to visit the rural area of one of our favorite bands; Nirvana. We also wanted to see if people really dressed the way we thought they did; in flannels. We then started to realize that we would have a very slight chance of making it to California or Seattle in a car because a car might not be able to make it the entire way. The chances of our trip actually happening now that we are in our senior year of high school are slim. Only 2 of us have jobs and only one of us actually owns a car. We planned this for so long, and I don’t think we will give up on it.

15: the Seattle Space Needle | what? they're from Seattle | Seattle:the home of grunge music | San Diego, California | San Francisco, California | the Golden Gate Bridge | gonna need it | money=gasoline | going to need an RV to get around

16: The Meaning of Life is... | Life has several different meanings to different people. Depending on who it is, they can have different outlooks about the world and the way life is or portrayed to be. Being just one person, life has a few meanings to me. The first meaning is just to have fun with life. We were given on e and only one life. We need to use it to our full advantage. If there are things that we want to do, then this life is the only chance to do so. We can’t expect to be given a second chance to enjoy ourselves in this world. Life can pass us by faster than we think it can. The second meaning of life to me is all about family and friends. Through the rough times and the great times, family and friends will be there. Sometimes they can give someone’s life meaning. When they do, it’s because there is a bond between them that can never be broken. Some would even go to say that they would put their life on the line for their family and friends. Another meaning of life can be that some are put on this planet for a reason. It depends on factors like religion and belief for that. They may believe that they must do something that alters someone else’s life or to just do something special. There is no problem with believing in something like that. Some people may just think there is no meaning to life. They can think getting old and dying is the only thing life is about. It’s never good to think about it like that at all. But me, I live my life my way, with meaning and fortitude.

17: the meaning of life IS Chuck Norris | exactly what I said! | funny...I Googled it | drive a monster truck before you die! | win at life | do something extremly fun | fight a bull before you die | ride in a hot-air balloon | do something extreme! like rock climbing!

18: The Best of Times | My life has been full of fantastic memories. There are so many times that I’ll never forget. I can thank all of my friends for making that possible. I always have my most memorable moments when I’m with them. One of the best memories I’ll have was when my buddy Devon and I were skating and we were being bothered by a couple of loser fifteen years olds. They thought it would be cool to start throwing rocks everywhere, but when the rocks hit Dev, he decided to strike back. He grabbed a fistful of pebbles and flung them at the ground to insure they would bounce back up and hit them. Of course he ended up missing and the pebbles flung up and hit a car window. The window cracked violently so we all took off with our skateboards. Dev and I hopped a fence and ran straight to my house. We both felt the adrenaline rushing through our veins and we were hyper and out of control after that moment. Another moment that’s still in my head was when my friend Vinnie and I were standing on the roof of his old apartment building. We were there looking down and we saw two gangs in a heavy fist fight. We stayed quiet as not to be seen, but we stayed and watched anyway. The fight ended after the cops were called and they showed up and broke everything up. The greatest memory I have was the time my friends and I went to a concert and I got to see one my most favorite bands of all time; Killswitch Engage. It was my very first concert and also my very first mosh pit. I still want to have more great memories with friends, even the ones that I just met.

19: kind of like what the car's window looked like | we just had to get out of there | looks like the pebbled that just "flew" | similar to the rooftop view me and my friend had | the very 1st concert i went to in 2008 | Killswitch Engage | mosh pits are so brutal...I LOVED IT!!!!

20: This is Who I Will Be... | There are few different things I would like to do in my future. One thing I would do with my life is be an automotive technician. I love cars and other types of vehicles. I’ve always found them to be so interesting. The structure, parts, and performance are things that trigger my interest. A lot of my family members are currently working as mechanics. My grandfather is another person who loves cars. He like mostly the classics. He actually restored a 1955 Ford Thunderbird to its full extent by hand. It took him over four years to finally accomplish bringing his favorite car of all time back to life. Another thing I’ve wanted to do was go to a wrestling school. I’ve been watching wrestling on T.V. since I was about four years old. It’s something that al peaked my interest. I grew up watching the most famous people like, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, the Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. When I was little I told myself and my aunt who is a huge wrestling fan, that I wanted to do that stuff. Now that I’m older, I still want to do that because now I see it as an opportunity to meet new people and travel the world and do something I have always loved. A third thing that I most likely will be doing is being the drummer or singer in a band. I am supposed to start two bands by the end of this summer. I would love to travel and tour with some of my favorite bands. Although I’m not sure of what I’ll be doing, I do know it’s going to be something I love.

21: my grandfather's prized possession | the car has won many trophies in car shows | I would love to work on vehicles | been watching 3:16 since i was little | such a legend | my favorites of all time Edge and Christian | being paid to do what I love? sure why not? | I bet I could take that apart and put it back together again | I can fix that too...maybe

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