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My Scrapbook

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S: My Life Experiences from Dec. 4, 1992 to Present

FC: My Life, from Dec. 4, 1992 to Present

1: Table of Contents.. 1. Who am I? I Am. 2. If I Had Three Wishes 3. Favorite Thing(s) to Do; Hobbies; Interests 4. My First Love; My First Crush; My First Obsession 5. My Friends; People I Can’t Forget 6. My Greatest Accomplishment; I’m Most Proud Of 7. Road Trip!; Field Trip!; I’m Leaving [Past or Future] 8. The Meaning of Life Is 9. The Best of Times; Fond Memories; I’ll Never Forget When. 10. This Is Who I Will Be...

2: Who am I? I Am We can add value day by day to our life and give life a true meaning. We can probe our origin. Our ultimate end, our original potentials. We can try to know whether we can increase such potentials. We have some strength in the form of physical strength, moral strength, intellectual strength and spiritual strength. We can increase our strength in each area. The more we try to increase our spiritual strength it is better. Unless we take care of our physical, moral and intellectual strengths; spiritual strength alone cannot be attained. We should also try to know our worth. It can be known from our level of dependence on others and also our contribution to the society in a positive way. We gain our social reputation/recognition by our daily performance and contribution. We gain radiant personality and due recognition comes automatically because of our quality contributions. This is how I feel I should be. | The Real Me

3: I will never really TRULY know who I am, due to the fact that I have a limited capacity to think like every individual. However, this is who I want to be and I will become. As of now I just know bits and pieces about myself and I feel that I am a sympathetic and humble individual, I love my family before anyone else in my life. But I know what I never want to be, the person I used to be before. I want to become a spiritual person. But I am not, I will struggle to become this individual every day. | This use to be me

4: If I had the right resources I would not allow poverty or any natural disasters to occur; food and water would be a surplus in every nation throughout the world. With an infinite ability I could accomplish whatever goals I want to. With my abilities I could discover embedded oil fuel and possibly stop all the turmoil that occurs internationally. Going to Harvard or Cornell would fit into my abilities, only if I have the right knowledge. However, everyone has a dream, a wish they want to fulfill, and hopefully one day these wishes will not stay as a hope, but a chance in life that I can experience even if it’s for five minutes. | The only source of knowledge is experience. | Keep Your dreams alive

5: If I Had Three Wishes This is a simple question, but we always have thoughts about this question in our minds. In theory, we would set up some sort of an infinite twilight zone if we were able to make wishes. Since all teenagers at this time spend most of their time sitting around, hoping something will drop out of t he sky and make life better. I even talk about it, I tell my friends, my family my boyfriend about how I wish things were better in life. But as the stages in life that we confront day by day we all think about how hard it is to turn things around, and at times we all feel hopeless. Sometimes we just need to start off with what we want and what we wish for. In my life I wish I have the right knowledge, resources and abilities, with infinite knowledge I can make myself rich, young, and intelligent. | “My wish isn't to mean everything to everyone but something to someone.”

6: Favorite Thing(s) to Do; Hobbies; Interests One of my favorite hobbies is to play the Sitar because it helps me calm down and express myself in a calm soothing manner. It is played in a lot of Indian religious ceremonies and it can also be played at ones leisure. Listening to music always relaxes most people and it definitely relaxes me because I get my mind off of many things that happen on a daily basis. I like reading a lot. I generally read inspirational and motivational books. I even read novels. I like reading for the simple fact that reading takes me to an entirely different world of imagination; it helps me to be more creative in my thinking and imaginative. I have read authors like Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Shiv Khera and Roald Dahl to name a few. I am also a fitness freak and exercise regularly to keep myself fit and healthy. | Me and a famous Indian Business Man/ Singer

7: In fact one of my personal futures in the near past has been to be able to shed more than 5 pounds of weight and develop a well toned physique. I also love to learn about business and see the stock market increase every day. I enjoy working with different types of people and viewing people’s perspectives on certain issues. Business was always my target in life and I always enjoyed learning about the different techniques in business management and working with various types of customers. Many people feel that if one asks about someone’s hobbies or interests it’s a very personal question and it shouldn’t be asked. But I have many hobbies and interests that I can share amongst a group of people starting from cooking up until psychology. This is a varied world the more you know about different foods, music, and people the better an individual would be in his/her life. | Me Playing the Sitar | Learning from my teacher

8: My First Love; My First Crush; My First Obsession My love at first bite= chocolate! I love taking the wrapper off slowly, enjoying every little tearing sound, and then biting into it like there’s no tomorrow. Who cares how many calories it has? With a chocolate bar in my hands waiting to be unwrapped, I’m invincible. A great man once said to the love of his life, “Everything I do, I do it for you” – I’d say the same to a chocolate bar! At the same time, it isn't health food, so enjoy it in moderation. A simple way to do this is to focus on the quality of the chocolate, not the quantity. Besides, chocolate is comprised of hundreds of different compounds, so gulping it down deprives you of an enjoyable experience. Savor each bite to appreciate the fullness and depth of its flavor. | Chocolate | Delicious chocolates

9: Some key concepts I keep in mind while I eat chocolate. Stress wouldn’t be so hard to take if it were chocolate-coated. Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don’t even need an appointment! I’m a person of many moods and they all require chocolate. There is no chocoholics because no one wants to quit! I never met a chocolate I didn’t like; wish I could say the same for all the boys in my life. Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate! | Me falling in chocolate

10: My Friends; People I Can’t Forget To have a good friend is one of the highest delights in life; to be a good friend is one of the noblest and most difficult undertakings. A best friend is one who knows all about you and likes you anyway. Best friends can communicate and even if they are far apart, they can retain their friendship if they both have value for it. My best friend is a guy and I call him my best friend because he has a tendency to desire what is best for me and himself. He is very sympathetic and honest, perhaps in situations where it may be difficult for me or others to speak the truth, especially in terms of pointing out the perceived faults of one’s counterpart. He has a mutual understanding and compassion. His trust is something I can always cherish and I know I can say anything without the fear of being judged and I can rely on him for emotional support. At first I never felt there was such a thing called best friends or someone I could not forget. I always thought they are just friends that happen to be there, around you, they happen to fit into the situation. They happen to be the ones you find yourself with at that moment. Also, happens that they are the ones that can take your crap at that time. I always felt that once you change locations, maybe move houses or change school or change countries, everything else changes. I used to think that if people were to be termed best friends, then nothing, nothing can change the friendship. I used to think that I could feel much more comfortable telling a stranger my secrets because I know that the probability that he or she will use it to spite me will be very low. But today this is my best friend and I love him with all my heart and can never forget him or who he is.

11: My Best Friend | In the city with the family | Liberty Park

12: My Greatest Accomplishment; I’m Most Proud Of My greatest accomplishment I’m most proud of is realizing that I have a lot more potential than I thought. I realized I must be realistic and honest with myself. If I set goals that I can't possibly reach, I am setting myself up for failure. I will make myself frustrated and unhappy. The essential aspect here is a realistic and honest assessment of one’s potential. In developing ones potential to it's fullest, you will want to become a more efficient person - get more done in less time - so you can take full advantage of the opportunities that you make for yourself. You will realize that most effective, successful people seem to accomplish a great deal. It's true that this is partly due to enthusiasm, but there's more to it. The first barrier to efficiency is procrastination - putting off getting started. Sometimes we know that we are procrastinating. The thing to do is to look at it from a different angle. If it'll have to be done sometime, tell yourself, "why not do it now, and get it off your back." And that's just where it is! On your back dragging you down. Putting things off makes everything harder to do. If you keep putting things off, you'll soon have several things piling up, and then the sheer number of tasks you have backed up will make it seem impossible to ever get caught up. This affects everything you do try to do.

13: Sometimes you don't even realize you are putting things off. You may keep yourself extremely busy doing things of little importance to unconsciously give yourself excuses for doing the things you really should be doing. You say to yourself, "Look how busy I am. I just can't get everything done." But the result is the same as when you know you are procrastinating. It’s like running in place. I feel as if this is my greatest accomplishment because I realized that this is what I used to do and now I have created a new study and work habit that helped me use my time precisely and wisely. | Receiving a 2nd Place award for speech competition | The NHS crew | Receiving an award | Some Accomplishments from not procrastinating

14: I’m Leaving This summer I will be leaving to Vancouver Canada as my graduation gift. This was a dream I always had and I always wanted to experience the natural beauty that surrounds Vancouver and its high abundance of parks, beaches, and beautiful outdoor cafes. My family lives in Vancouver and I was always told that it’s the best place to visit in Canada. It has the best air quality and the environment in the city is so clean compared to the typical smoggy summer weather here in NJ. Many people agree that it is the best place they have ever visited and most people hold it in higher regard than visiting California or Florida. I like to see cultural diversity, a great shopping experience, loads of people, and great food to enjoy. And when I tell this to most of my Canadian family they say that Vancouver is the place for me. | 2010 Olympics were held | Famous bridge in Vancouver

15: In Vancouver you can choose from such dissimilar outdoor activities as skiing, golfing, hiking, tennis, cycling or sailing. Theater, sport, music, art, the list of entertainment is diverse, endless and even overwhelming. I am incredibly excited to go from the crowdie area where I live and warmly go with anyone who has never visited to experience the accredited best place to visit and live—Vancouver. I really want to experience seeing the glorious mountain peaks, the north shore, and the Pacific Ocean from every corner. Vancouver’s scenery is thrilling and many people who live there say that they would never leave Vancouver, not only because it’s beautiful but because of the opportunities it provides and the diverse nature of the City. | Vancouver evenings | Pacific Ocean and Vancouver

16: The Meaning of Life is For some religious individuals the meaning of life is Jesus Christ, Allah, or even several gods. The meaning of life depends on each person’s belief system and how they perceive life. For some, it’s not the concentration on bad things in life, but focus on the good. And others the meaning of life is simply a "circle of Life", you mate, breed, and die, like all the other animals. These are all true precisions. I believe every person is here for a definite purpose. Each person is special and valuable; that refers to me, my family, friends, in fact everybody! There is a loving plan for each of our lives here on earth and there is no such thing as coincidence. Whether you call it fate or destiny, I don't believe that anything in life happens by chance and that every aspect of our lives points to something deeper. We are here to reveal our fullest potential above our beastly lives. We exist 100% in the will to receive for ourselves (self-love) while opposite to us is the rest of nature that is the quality of bestowal. Everything except for us moves toward equilibrium while we just take everything for ourselves without regard for the collective or nature. Myself and many in the world today are waking up to the question about the meaning of life. The answer must be revealed or we will continue to suffer at the hands of nature. We all must become like nature out of own free will or we will be forced through blows which are beginning to happen today.

17: We Live because of our family and their support.. which gives life its meaning | A Loving and caring family fulfills our dreams of existing. They give us the true feeling of life. | Spending time with your family lightens up your day | Brother and sister love!!

18: The Best of Times; Fond Memories; I’ll Never Forget When.. The best times of my life were when I went to India in the summer of ’07. Not only did we get to see our family after five years but we experienced something extraordinary every day that we were there. The best part of going there was that my family and I went hiking in the mountains. We also went to the golden temple a holy shrine that over 300,000 people visit every day. It has a beautiful pool where people can bathe in holy water and lead successful lives. There is so much to explain about this great trip because I got to see my village where I grew up for the first three years of my life. I got to see the maid that worked in our house who raised and fed me. The playground I used to envelop myself in mud and come home every day. | The Golden Temple A religious Holy Shrine in India | A Temple located in the Mountains

19: I remember the time as soon as we drove into our village I had a playback of my childhood days, it felt like I was watching a movie of my life. The scent of my village made me tear because it was something I missed and didn’t realize I missed it so much until I stepped into my house. The smell of food, the smell of rain, the bed I used to sleep on, it made me cry so hard because I felt like this is where I belong. Going to India in 2007 is a loving memory I can never forget and I will cherish it as long as I live. I will definitely tell my kids one day about the house where I grew up and now it no longer exists | My House | GETTING READY FOR THE MOUNTAIN HIKING TRIP | touring in a museum

20: This is Who I Will Be In Everyone’s life there is a goal someone wants to achieve or become a role model for a nation or just their family. I am the first generation in my family to attend college and pursue a career in my life. I have 3 younger siblings waiting for me to pave them a pathway where they can follow my footsteps and achieve in their life. Being the oldest in one’s family is the biggest accountability an individual can possibly have. Starting in morning and helping everyone dress, making breakfast and packing lunch. And then after school cooking again for my younger siblings and making dinner every night. And same routine goes for the next day. This is not the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life, but I want to show my family, This is Who I will Be I plan on going to Pace University this fall and pursuing a career in business administration. Hopefully after my first or second year I will transfer to a better college and graduate from there and receive my bachelor’s degree and start my profession from there. | A Room in my Future House

21: As years go by I will gain experience and higher professionalism in my career and I will definitely look forward to getting my MBA and HOPEFULLY making a six figure salary. As we all know money is usually valued upon how much education one has, the higher the education the more the money an individual makes. I not only plan on being a business women but a role model for my family and relatives. I want to paint a picture for my family and show them I can create a family with good values and prove to everyone that education is worth more than any other responsibility an individual may feel is important. Socializing with others is important but unnecessary socialization is wasteful whereas one can focus on something more important and produce something productive and useful. | Sukhvir Kaur.. CEO of the Trump Tower | You need to Be Confident to Become a Billionare- Donald Trump

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