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My South Asian Adventure!

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My South Asian Adventure! - Page Text Content

BC: By: Meredith Batzler 3/4/13 pd.7.


1: p. 2-4...............Bangladesh p. 5-7.....................Bhutan p. 8-10......................India p. 11-13........The Maldives p. 14-16...................Nepal p. 17-19...............Pakistan p. 20-22.............Sri Lanka

2: B A N G L A D E S H | Three places I visited: -Cox's Bazar-this major tourist attraction is found right outside of Chittachong and has the worlds largest beach. Apparently, it measures to be 74 miles long! -Saint Martins Island-it is located in the Bay of Bengal and is officially translates to "Coconut Island" (in english). While I was there, I saw beautiful coconut trees, flowers, and coral! -Sundarban-is a forest/marsh located in Bagerhat. Here, I saw some Bengal Tigers, and copious amounts of reptiles!

3: 10 facts: -The currency of Bangladesh is the "Taka". -The Lily is the national flower -The national game is known as "Kabbadi". -There, you drive on the LEFT side of the road. -Currently, there are over 200,000 people in the Bangladesh army. -The colors of their flag are red and green. -The national bird is a "Doyel". -The national fruit is a "Kathal". -The national fish is the Ilish Mach. -Bangladesh started printing their own money on March 4th, 1972.

4: Lifestyle: Since they don't have much running water there, the rivers are a major part of their daily life. Also, marriage is a very large event in Bangladesh. The process takes about 5 days from start to finish! The celebration of the birth of a child is also a long process. Taking almost a week, the celebrations include "Akika" which is a name giving ceremony.

5: B h u t a n | Three places I visited: The National Library- This library located in Tuinphu, Bhutan, has all of Bhutan's history hidden in it's books. There are thousands of old texts and manuscripts. They___have printing blocks! Taktsbang Lhakhary - Meaning ''Tigers Nest''", this is one of the most famous monasteries in Bhutan. Just like Muslims and Mecca, Buddhists make the trip to this monastery at least once. Ykany Lhakhany - I also took the trip to this monastery. This location has great cultural significance and is the home of many sacred objects.

6: 10 facts- -Bhutan is the happiest country in Asia. -It is the eighth happiest country in the world. -Television in Bhutan was banned until 1999. -Bhutan is overwhelmingly Buddhist. -The national sport is a form of archery. -Less than 16 percent of Bhutan is arable, yet 94 percent of the population is dependent on agriculture. -Another national sport is a form of darts. -The national animal is the Takin. -Bhutan absorbs more CO2 than it gives out.

7: Lifetsyle - Bhutan's government really likes to preserve it's history. For example, the government has made it mandatory for women to wear national dress in public. Bhutan society is focused on Buddhism with a little Hinduism. Here, most woman have more rights than men. Bhutanese names do not include a family (last) name.

8: I N D I A | 3 Places I visited: Mumbai- also known as Bombay, this city was extremely noisy, busy, and polluted. There was quite a bit of poverty there seeing as this is the most populated city in India! Ranthambore-This site is a wonderful National Park! I saw a bunch of Bengal Tigers. It was made in 1955and was first named, "Madpur Wildlife Sanctuary". Ajanta Ellora Caves- These caves are located outside of Aurangabad. The Ellora Caves consist of 34 separate caves and 29 separate ones at Ajanta. These caves are most well known for the fact that they are all man made!

9: Lifestyle: In India, arranged marriages are still quite popular. Also, the oldest male member of the family is considered the "joint" (holds it all together) in a typical Indian family. It is also common to say "Nameste" when greeting someone. Lastly, some popular Bengali names are Garai, Makur, Bhuinya, Chanda, and Deb. Finally, Kheer is a popular sweet Indian dish.

10: 10 facts- -There are 844 dialects spoken in India. -It has 300,000 mosques -There are 17 major languages spoken -During the 17 century, India was the richest country in the world. -Chess was invented in India! -India invented the # system. -India is one of the largest exporters of computer software. -Before 1986, India was the only place where you could find diamonds. -India has the most post offices in the world! -It is the 6th largest country in the world.

11: T h e M a l d i v e s | 3 places I visited- The grand National Museum- can be located in Male in the Sultan's Park. The National Museum has some rare things such as, statues and many other pieces showing the rich cultural historyof Maldives. Thinadhoo, Maldives- located within just 78 kilometers of Male, this resort is EVERYTHING a tourist could hope for. It has so many beautiful, relaxing scenes and is specifically known for its snorkeling! Seenu Atoll- also known as the "Second City", this island used to be an air force base! This location is also specifically known for its marine life.

12: 10 Facts: -Maldives is known by two names- Republic of Maldives and Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa. -It is covered by 1199 islands that are clustered into 26 major atolls. -Maldives was populated in the 4th century. -Maldives is the world's flattest country -Maldives is the most Muslim country in South Asia. -Known for having the highest divorce rates (10.97 divorces per 1,000) -It has also been ranked as the best country brand for beach, rest and relaxation | -Maldives is the second best country for natural beauty. -It is also the third best country for resort and lodging options. -The highest point in the Maldives is only 7 feet 11 inches above sea level!

13: Lifestyle- The people of the Maldives greatly depend on tourism for their employment and income. Also, they depend on the water around them, mostly for food. However, unfortunately, global warming is greatly effecting the reefs there, which brings down the tourism levels. Although, their income from all of the tourism causes them to be able to lead lives like ours. They have restaurants, nail/hair salons and many other things just like us. They are significantly wealthier than for example, some parts of India.

14: N E P A L | -Lakeside, Pokhara- along the side of Phewa Lake, there were plenty of fancy restaurants and bands playing! The musis was so unique that I figured it was their ethnic music! There were also some quieter guest houses for those that like a quieter setting. -Lumbini- this was a very popular site among the Buddhists. It is the place where Gautam Buddha was born. The part that intrigues everyone is the fact that in the sacred gardens, archeologists say that there are many, many hidden treasures! -Everest Base Camp- I didn't go all the way up to mt. Everest, however, I did make the brutal, almost 2 week long trip up to the base camp. On our way there, we passed a Sherpa town called Namche Bazaar, which was very difficult to buy more supplies in because the prices are so high! | 3 places to visit:

15: 10 facts: -People in Nepal greet one another by putting their palms together and bowing their forehead and saying "Namaste" - A popular food is Momo. (Dumplings made from flour and water and filled with fillings like chicken or veggies) -You can see both the Bengal Tiger and the One-horned Rhinoceros here! -Sagarmatha means "goddess of the sky' -The Sherpas are an ethnic group living in mountainous parts of Nepal. -The Lord Buddha was born here. -The Nepali flag is the only nation with non-quadrilateral flag. -‘Himalaya‘ means the home or abode of snow. -The geological age of the Himalaya Mountains is about 70 million years. – Himalayan rivers are older than the Himalayan peaks.

16: Lifestyle: Nepal is an undeveloped country where serious lack of economic development go hand in hand with badf education systems. Since most are unable to read and/or write, a bunch of people in Nepal are not able to get better jobs other than sustenance farming. In the Himalayas, most people still farm, however, the production is a lot slower. On a happier note, a popular food in Nepal is something similar to that of a shish kebab. It is called Taas and it's made out of just meat that has been pan seared with ethnic spices.

17: P a k i s t a n | 3 places to visit: -Karimabad- Famous for its apricots, this town sits "on the seat of the Hunza Valley. This honestly is the capital for western tourism in Pakistan! -Lahore-this is the social capital of Pakistan. There is tons of historical significance here in this city including Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque. -The Karakorum Highway- Opened in 1986, this is the highest road in the world! Connecting an altitude of almost 5000 meters, it's the only way to see the higher tourist attractions.

18: 10 facts:: -Pakistan has 2 international seaports, Karachi and Bin Qasim. -Pervez Musharref is the President of Pakistan. -Popular sports in Pakistan include Cricket and Football. -The national flower of Pakistan is the Jasmine. -The official name for Pakistan is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. -The curreny of Pakistan is the Pak Rupee. -The ethnic composition of Pakistan is 97% Muslim. -The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. -The Pakistan national flag consists of dark green with a white bar. -The prime minister of Pakistan is Shaukat Aziz.

19: Lifestyle : Just like India, Pakistan doesn't have much running water or shelter! This is particularly hard on the children sh they pass the time by playing outside usually or reading the Koran- if they are literate. However, on another note, the people of Pakistan are very spiritual and religious, but fashionable! They are also very well known for their food.

20: Sri Lanka | 3 places to visit- -Negombo- this site is by the shores of a big beach resort on the west-coast north of Colombo. Here, there is a lot of history. For example, there are a few 17th Century churches, copious amounts of hotels, guest houses, and restaurants along this beach. Next to these hotels are some small, simple guests houses. -Colombo-The tourist attractions here include lots of old churches, the old parliament Independence Building and the National Museum of Sri Lanka. I enjoyed all of the deep history! -Nuwara Eliya- This is a resort on a hill, surrounded by tea plantations. The scenery is prime and temperature was a solid 10 degrees Celsius the whole time!

21: 10 facts: -Sri Lanka is often known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean". -The famous writer Michael Ondaatje comes from Sri Lanka -Sri Lanka is the world’s largest tea exporter. -Sri Lanka was the first country to have a democratically elected head of state who was a woman. -Sri Lankas national flag is one of the oldest flags in the world. There are eleven universities in Sri Lanka. -Cinnamon originated in Sri Lanka. -The currency of Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee. -The most common meal in Sri Lanka is a spicy curry served with rice -Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon before 1972.

22: Lifestyle: Sri Lanka has been influenced by its rich, wonderful, history and all of its different of religious beliefs. This country embraces the fine arts, including music and dance. Sri Lanka's lifestyle is reflected by the food and sports as well as their tea economy. Sri Lanka's cuisine is mostly influenced by India because they don't go a day without eating rice! Yum!

23: THE END!

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