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My trip through canada

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S: My Trip Through Canada: Scrapbook | CLUBS

FC: My Trip Through Canada: Scrapbook

1: One morning when I woke up my mom called me in to the kitchen. She said Ann we are going to take a trip though Canada. We are going to go to every province to visit all the cool places. While one or trip you should take pictures to make a scrapbook

2: The fist place we went to was Newfoundland. We went to visit Gros Morne national park. The cliffs were very high up. I had to be very careful not to fall in. | Next we went to a light house. My mom said that its called signal hill. When we went inside the bricks in the walls are so old that they started crumbling off inside my hand. My dad said not to touch them anymore. | Newfoundland

3: while we were there we seen lots of of great big trees. I wanted to climb up them but mom mom said that I might fall and hurt myself. | While we were in Newfoundland we ate fish every single day. People there catch fish in the day time and eat it for diner every single night. Throughout the rest of the trip I hope there wont be so much fish.

4: Next we went to Price Edward Island. First stop was Cape Kildare. It was right beside the water like when we were in Newfoundland. My mom said that the water is called the Atlantic Ocean. | Next we went to the potato museum. The giant potato was so cool. When I asked my dad why we went to see the potato museum he said its because Prince Edward Island is where we get all of our potatoes from back at home. | P.E.I

5: When we were at the beach the sand was bright red. My mom gave me a little glass jar so I could take some home with me. My mom said that we should take some home to give to grandma next time we see her. | When I asked my mom where are we going next she said New Brunswick. My dad said that to get there we are going to go over Confederation Bridge. I really liked going over the bridge. It took a very long time but I didn't mind because I got to take lots of pictures for my photo album.

6: The bridge connects to new Brunswick so after we go off it we went to see the flower pot rocks. They were very large and i like them alot. I really wanted to try and climb up them but my dad said no. When I asked why are they called the flower pot rocks my mom said its because it looks like they have plants and flowers growing out of them like flower pots | New Brunswick

7: While in New Brunswick we went to the Christ Church Cathedral. My mom liked it alot and so did my dad. I thought the windows were really pretty and colourful. They must have been very hard to make. The church is in Fredericton. My dad said that is th capitol of New Brunswick. Next we are going to Nova Scotia.

8: Nova Scotia | When we got to Nova Scotia we went to Peggy's Cove. It was really pretty. The water was so clear that when you look at it you can see your reflection in it. The sky was pink and blue and the sand was brown. I really hope i can go back and see it again someday. | The next day we went to the beach. The rocks were very round and soft. My dad said that the rocks were sedimentary because they keep growing bigger and bigger every year from sand, fossils and rocks that get stuck to it.

9: While we were on the beach i seen a sunflower that was growing right out of the rocks. It was very pretty. i asked my dad if i could pick it but he said that if i pick it then it will die and nobody will get to see it but if i take a picture i will have it forever.

10: Quebec | Next we went to Quebec. The people were very different than us. They speak a language called French. They also have a very thick accent. When i asked my mom why some people speak French and not English she said it was because Canada has lots of different types of people and it takes all kinds to make a universe. | While we were in Quebec we got to see a school called Chaâteau Frontenac. It looks very different from my school. I wish i went to a school like that. But i wouldn't want to have to leave all of my friends behind in the United States.

11: My very favorite part about being in Quebec was the national park called Mount Du Tremblant National Park. It was very big and beautiful. There were lots of rocks and trees. There where to types of trees there. One kind that looses their leaves and one kind that doesn't loose their leaves, i Like the trees that do loose their leaves because you get to pile them up and jump into them.

12: Ontario | Next we went to Ontario. The first place we went to was the C.N. Tower. Its in Toronto. I really like it because when your on the top and you look down you can see everything thats very far away. | Next we went to china town. I really like that there was so many markets and fruit stands. My favorite part was trying the dragon fruit. I have never seen one before. My mom said its because they aren't in high demand where we come from.

13: Finally we went to Niagra falls. I seen a boy throw a pop can inside of it. My dad said to never throw garbage on the ground because it starts to ruin all of the good places that we like to go and visit, Also in Canada you can get in big trouble by doing that. where i come from we don't get in trouble. | Next we went to the big apple in Colbourne. When i fist saw it i thought that it was just a really big apple but mom said that its just like a big balloon that it strapped to the ground.

14: Manitoba | When we got to Manitoba the first place we went to was the Manitoba legislature. I really like that it was so big and clean. I really wanted to go inside but my mom said maybe another day. | My dad really wanted to go to the sports hall of fame. I didn't really like it because it was only pucks, sports equipment and clothes in cases. next time i hope we don't go there. i would have prefered the hockey hall of fame.

15: The last place we went to was lake Manitoba. I really liked it because the sand was white. i put some of that in a jar to keep with my red sand from p.e.i. The water was very clear and had no seaweed in it. The trees were tall and thin and i really wanted to climb one but my mom was scared that one of the branches would break.

16: Saskatchewan | Next we went to Saskatchewan and when we were driving we seen prairies. I Never knew that land could be so flat. Every other place that we have been to has had hills and mountains. Saskatchewan is defiantly a very original place.

17: While we were driving by we seen a moose on the side of the road. I took lots of pictures with it. My dad said that people come through Saskatchewan just to see this big moose. | while we were in Saskatchewan we seen a coffee pot and a matching cup. My mom seemed to like it a whole lot. But i didn't because coffee tastes bad. But it was still a really nice sculpture.

18: Alberta | Next we went to Alberta. While we were there we went to lake Louise. It was so pretty I think that this has been my favorite lake so far. The water was so clear and the mountains around it were very very big with snow on the top of them. The sides of the mountains were really bumpy. my mom said its because glaciers keep bumping in to them until they leave bumps.

19: Next we went to the art gallery. I really l;liked the outside. It was made completely of very shiny metal. The art in the inside was really nice to but i got board quickly. I never knew there was an art gallery in Alberta and i hope we can come again soon. | Last we went to the Alberta landcomb corn maze. It was made with really tall bushes and trees. I went in all alone and i got lost. My dad wasn't to far a way so he found me. Next time I go in this i hope i can get out all by myself.

20: British Columbia | First we went to Coquihall river. There was lots of plants and trees. I really like it because it had so much stuff going on. The river had very clean water. we even seen a few fish and tadpoles. I hope we can go there again because it was so pretty. This has probably been my favorite river.

21: While we were at lake yoho. We seen some seals. They were very cute. One of them even clapped their hands at me. I wish i could have pet one but my mom said not to disturb them. Next time i will pet one. | Last we went to lake Yoho national park. I didn't really have much to do but look inside of the water at fish. The water was very clean and i wish we could have gone swimming. I hope we come here again.

22: Yukon | While we were in the Yukon we found a bridge. I decided that i would like to try and cross it so my mom said i could. I was wondering my they put a bridge in that area and my dad said its because the water is flowing to quickly to just jump across. I was really scared at first but i finally got across.

23: Finally we went to emerald lake. It was so pretty. The water looked like it had emerald at the bottom. This has been my favorite lake so far. It had lots of trees and bushes around it. At the far end of the park there was HUGE mountains. one day i would really like to climb up one because they are so big.

24: Northwest Territories | Next we went to the northwest territories. It has been my favorite so far because i got to see the northern lights. They were so pretty and vibrant. They don't have the northern lights back in the united states. I hope I can come and see them again because they are the coolest thing I have ever seen.

25: When we were there we went to a lake. It was so pretty and there was an inuckshuck that someone made. They had them all over. I have never seen one before but when i get home i am going to make one on my lawn so everyone can get a chance to see one. | While in the northwest territories we went to Louis falls. They were so pretty I liked how the rock was the waterfalls ledge. I Wanted to know why the rock was like that and my dad said it build over years and years. He also said its called sedimentary.

26: Nunavut | While we were in Nunavut i seen another inuckshuck. The only other place that i seen them were in the northwest territories. They are so tall and big I don't know how people could get all the way up there without falling I also wonder why they only have them in these two places..

27: Next we went to cape corset. It was so beautiful. It was so cold. We seen icebergs floating in the water. I really liked how there wasn't many tress and other plants but a few would have been nice. | The last place we went to before coming home was Ellesmere island national park. It was so cold I really liked it but i wish i would have dressed warmer. This is probably the coldest place i have been to in Canada. My mom said its because we are so far north. I defiantly will dress warmer next time.

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